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    She lives in Montreal. While I am not intimately knowledgeable re medical jurisdiction, it seems to me a safe bet that Dr. Zelenko could not prescribe his protocol to her; only advise. From the interview it seems this is what he did but the רשעים in Montreal assered her from taking the protocol.

    Maybe you want to ta’ana Dr. Zelenko should have surreptitiously sent her the meds by mail or courier altz לא תעמוד על דם רעך. Efsher. But lichoira doing so could jeapordize his license to practice medicine which also would put Lives at risk. Or maybe he simply didn’t know in real time that she was unable to get the meds. After all who would assume such a ridiculous thing. And remember; tje protocol אליבא דדר זלנקו is only effective within 5 days. By the time he heard of what happened it might have been too late.

    In any case, the bigger point here is that if Dr. Zelenko who has proven himself to be מוסר נפש for the קרית יואל קהילה is the one telling the story. I would be extremely hesitant to ascribe to him, especially wo any basis just hypothetical conjecture , any wrongdoing here. The clear חזקה is כף זכות. The details are really not a concern to me. But since you challenged the בקופיא, this is my stab at them.

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    Sorry ubiq. Dr. Zelenko had shown that his protocol reduces mortality from 10% to 0.07%.

    Screaming otherwise like a madman using decietful pilpulei srak doesn’t change that fact.

    Edited for at least the third time!  That’s enough!

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    You know I come into this site thinking to hear opinions of Torah yidden who are rachmonim bayshonim and gomlei chasidim and I find ghouls vampires and members of a death cult instead.

    כגרוע שבעמים.

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    “Why was a braindead person put on life support if the foetus was no longer alive or viable”

    You’re kidding. The mother is still alive. Why are you assuming she was braindead before being put on life support? And let’s say she was, maybe they didn’t want to let her die. Don’t know if I agree w that but I won’t be mezalzel like you on a person who cholilo is put into a situation where they have to make that choice.

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    Every study ubiq quotes is fraudulent. This has been proven by the fraudulent lancett study which was ignominiously retracted as well the dozens of purposefully misleading studies that don’t use the actual main ingredient- zinc; the hcq is only functioning as a delivery system for the zinc.

    Another favorite trick of ubiq’s friends is to examine people who have been infected more than five days when the whole point of Dr. Zelenkos treatment is to kill the virus early before it replicates significantly. It is a preventative protocol.

    Since so many studies have been purposefully disingenuous you cannot trust any of these studies coming from the opaque ivory towers of cold מנותק professors who have no real world medical experience treating patients- they have shown themselves to be biased and purposefully misleading.

    Dr. Zelenkos study showed a reduction in death rate from 10% to 0.07 % in high risk patients.

    Yes it was anecdotal and not an unnecessary idiotic clinical trial that only the hyper arrogant would require in the current circumstance of a pandemic.

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    Bk613 if you see the interview, It’s with shmuley botach,the woman in question is from Montreal and needed her doctors approval to get the medicine. Dr. Zelenko was in no position to prescribe it to her.

    Shame on those responders who suggested wo any basis that Dr. Zelenko was somehow מעלים עין from her.

    The hatred and zilzul of Dr. Zelenko is really pathetic.

    Then again it is to be expected. רשעות does as רשעות is.

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    In an interview

    Link  removed

    Dr. Zelenko tells of a 29 yr. Old pregnant woman who contracted covid and asked him about hcq etc. which he told her to take. But her local doctor said no. She ended up losing her baby and is now braindead and on a ventilator.

    So she was cruelly denied a path that might have saved her and her baby by the fauci’s and ubiqs of the world and condemned to certain death.

    She is one example of millions around the world.

    Just to massage your
    egos. Nice.

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    Gadol hadorah. Just FYI. The proper way to feminize gadol hador is gedolas hador or gedolat hador. Hadorah is simply gibberish and betrays am haaratzus in basic Hebrew.

    Do you this to be explained to you?

    Is it possible for you to post ‘to’ people instead of ‘at’ them?

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    R Eliezer: health, call yourself sick and not health.

    This is where you are at 74 years old? Nice.

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    Syag: you know what I’ll do you the Tova:

    If they are willing to defame a drug which can potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives bc of their hatred of trump this would be a gross lack of integrity as a doctor and a horrible indictment as to their character. Indeed someone who is an accomplice in any form to mass death is quite בזוי מאוד, no?

    And yet in that sentence it was you, not me who entertained such a possibility? Wasn’t yesterday Tisha b’av?

    טול קורה מבין עיניך

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    I have to say that both charlie and ubiq hate trump so much that i don’t know if i believe rhey can have ahonest view of hqc, but i also know thst there has never been any reason to question their integrity as doctors

    This sentence is a סתירה מרישא לסיפא. Do I need to explain to you why?

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    If the thousands of doctors who claim hcq has enough evidence to be used clinically are right hundreds of thousands of lives would have and still might be saved. If they are wrong, people are out twenty bucks.

    If the death cult is right, nothing happens. If the death cult is wrong they are coconspirator in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands.

    Just to hurt Donald Trump.

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    Americas Frontline Doctor Summit

    Ubiq vs. these doctors who actually care about saving lives? I’ll take these doctors.

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    Ubiq the sources are out their but totalitarians bent on having more people die will deny anything.

    Your best source is the lancett study which was retracted bc it was shown to be fraudulent. And the lancett debacle and the others which left out the main ingredients or studied patients past 5 days infection show that truth is being forcibly suppressed and any study ‘disproving’ hcq is הוחזק כפרן and maliciously can be assumed to be maliciously decietful. But you have enough rottenness to obnoxiously and
    smugly taunt sources please.

    Just like the doctors who represent 1000’s of others whose video was banned from you tube etc. (One was fired for expressing her medical opinion in order to cow other doctors from speaking truth) are not sources for you either. Neither is qdr. Zelenko’.

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    Sorry syag. People who desire more death in the world need to be called out. Being a חסיד שוטה is not an eitza.

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    Ubiq. When you obstinately ignore tje ramifications of 1000’s of people being treated successfully w hcq it is not a scientific opinion anymore. When you ignore studies that show vastly reduced rates of morbidity among hcq takers this is not science. It is your preconceived bias. If you are indeed a doctor you are much like doctors who I’ve seen in NYC emergency rooms who treat their patients like nuisances and basically ignore them. They have no interest in healing people just in strutting their title. “Look at me I’m a doctor and I know more than you so bug off, stop nudging me for help about your worthless know nothing relative. I’m too important for that”

    On such doctors נאמר: טוב שברופאים לגיהנום.

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    $0.02: When lancett publishes a garbage study against hcq that they have to retract , yes I guess it is indeed a political issue so much so that it has corrupted the experts whose opinions and studies against the treatment is worth as much as German experts scientific claims of Aryan superiority.

    When studies deliberately misuse hcq – not w the other 2 drugs and after 5 days and based on that make false claims – yes I would say “science” has been corrupted.

    When Dr. Zelenko and others all around the world successfully heal thousands of patients who tested positively for corona w almost 0 deaths and greatly reduced numbers of seriously ill only to be told we need more proof. Yes , the “science” against him is psuedoscience.

    Or when fauci first says corona is meh! and then on a dime decides it’s the modern black plague. Or that masks are just meh! and might only stop a droplet becomes wear a mask all the time or be fined for reckless endangerment.

    Or when the initial reason for this panic was claims by leading scientists at least we were told they were leading that there would be millions of deaths by may which turned to be a hoax which they admitted being horribly off on. (Here I am critical on Trump for falsely claiming credit when in fact it was all a lie to begin with)

    The who who are as reliable on kungflu as the musical the who comes out and says asymptomatic don’t transfer and all of a sudden someone didn’t like that and 3 days later they change their mind.

    Or the nejm telling us that no evidence exists that masks do diddly. But we are still being fined. Haven’t heard a retraction on that one yet but if yes it wouldn’t exactly inspire confidence in science.

    Or 100 Israeli doctors coming out last week in a letter stating lockdowns are pointless. And then stating what anybody is not a mindless programmable robot should figure out for himself wo the need for 100 Israeli doctors to echo:. The only sensible way to deal w the virus is to protect the vulnerable. How dumb and/or easily manipulated the while world is that they can’t figure it out?! And btw in the same letter these Israeli doctors said they felt the same way the first round of idiotic lockdown but were silenced.

    Or that rioters are immune to covid.

    Or that you need to wear a mask in a restaurant until you start eating bc you can’t infect while chewing.

    Whats in the public sphere being called science re kingflu is just politically motivated bunk no different German scientific proofs of Aryan superiority.

    Calling something science impressed all the dolts out there but the few remaining non robots will still use basic common sense know when trickery is afoot in the name of science.

    You know, as eineklach of avrhom avinu we are supposed to be the ivri on the other side – not get swept away by obvious propoganda like the rest of the world.

    But the ibberchochoms at the coffee table have more of an interest in preening and looking smart and high fiving themselves over their latest snide כפוי טוב remark re Trump bc the best way for mental midgets to feel good about their own intellect is to put down others than they do about actually saving lives. Saving lives means nothing to them.

    you need to keep these posts much shorter or they may get deleted

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    And of course Charlie ignores the harm done to ny in the meantime edited!

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    You call it political bias. Not really. It is a concern over the dangers these lockdowns pose to America. Which both parties seem to ignore. The kungflu immune riots which after 2 month show no signs of abating and were obviously made possible by the lockdowns.

    It is a shame that you feel this is a political issue. I guess on some level the great depression was a political issue as well as it gave rise to fdr and Nazi Germany.

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    Nom so apparently your philosophy is: when you have nothing to answer a snarky personal attack is the way forward. Nice

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    Lockdowns, mask orders are all pointless.

    Their purpose is to prevent spread of disease. They do no such thing.

    Case in point comparison:

    Sweden’s population is ~1.13 times the size of Israels.

    Swwden did not impose any ridiculous rules on society.

    The results:

    Sweden’s infection rate is ~1.2 times (as of yesterday) that if Israel .

    And day by day now that discrepancy is getting smaller and smaller. Why? Bc, as some weizmann institute (i.e. doron lancett) non brainwashed scholars have shown, the virus spreads in waves and there is nothing much that can be done about it. Sweden experienced it’s second wave in June and is now past it. Now it is Israels and other countries turn to have a wave.

    Over 100 Israeli doctors have signed a letter to the govt. Telling them not to do a second lockdown bc it is pointless. They claimed to be of the same opinion the first go but we’re silenced.


    More examples:. Jordan and Egypt and the p.a. – have actually much lower infection rates than Israel but I am not sure what kind of lockdown policies they have there although they are most probably less ridiculous than Israel’s.

    So the lockdowns and mask mania just create misery for zilcho toeles.

    Agav, the nejm in May stated that there is ZERO evidence that masks do anything. So fauci 1.0 was the better version before he became a little Napoleon and started getting his kicks controlling hundreds of millions people’s lives

    The only question is why does Israel BH/poo poo poo have such a low death rate, not even remotely matched by any other country. (Except the pa who use Israel’s health system for their sick…)

    1. Siyata d’shmaya

    2. The best health Care system in the world bar none. Including an attitude toward life unparalleled any where in the world. Having seen the cattle car attitudes of NYC doctors and emergency rooms where people in tzaar are treated like annoyances, it is no surprise that the NY met area is responsible for half the deaths in the us. New York is a city of rotzchim. Life is worthless there. For all we know they are deliberately knocking off the old just to cut medical costs for bankrupt systems.

    2. Israel has a very young population w over 50% being under 30.

    3. The disgusting ‘nursing home’ culture if the United States where the elderly are gotten rid of in the most inhumane manner possible is almost non existent in Israel. Of course around the world half of the deaths have been in nursing homes which should not surprise anyone as factories produce what they are intended to produce. In Israel as well. Just in Israel there are not that many nursing homes

    Last point:. These ridiculous lockdowns, school closings etc. are b’geder גזירה שאין הציבור יכולים לעמוד בהם.

    As such they were not followed properly and did more harm than good esp. when you take into consideration that most people were infected by other family members which is why infection rates were so high in haredi areas.

    Had there instead been גזירה which the tzibbur could follow: i.e. stay away from the vulnerable. It would have been taken seriously and the death rates would have been less than half of what they are today.

    The stupid lockdowns, besides causing unnecessary misery and non kungflu deaths to millions also caused more kungflu death than would have occured wo them.

    תפסת מרובה לא תפסת.

    When you pretend to know have the answers to everything and are in control of everything more than Gd (the only attitude from which these idiotic lockdowns spawn) you usually make things worse.

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    “Were the Nazis hypocrites for hating Jews?”

    This is not a really crucial point since you seem to agree that the left is evil which is my main point, the vehicle how I expressed it is if less importance, but for the sake of clarification:

    If the Nazis had written in der shturmer how unfair it was that Jews suffered so unfairly in Europe for 2000 years, and we need to pay them all the learn in kollel or something to make for it and pretend to be reformed and make themselves a name and getting kovod for being an enlightened bunch and using that newfound title of being enlightened to score points in various arenas, yes they would be hypocrites.

    But in a certain sense they were an easier enemy to deal with bc it was so obvious that they were evil. They kind of ruined it for there ideological heirs: the modern day left who always has to be hypocrites and pretend to be for love and peace anf whatever when in reality they are just modern Nazis. But the subterfuge enabled them to win hearts and minds like the shikelgruber never could.

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    But me & a lot of Frum People, enjoy the Welfare State!

    I thought you were a Doctor

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    Maybe you had no success bc you’re an incompetent Doctor. You know that there are quite a few quacks out there.

    All you seem able to do is impugn zelenko based on zero evidence. Sounds to me u r just jealous of his recent notoriety.

    In the meantime, unless you are calling him a liar and if you are please come straight out and say it, he has treated 2000 patients w his prescription and only 2 deaths . He says when and how it should be used.

    OTOH, we have you the armchair party pooper who tried to squash discussion based on your being a doctor. You are seeing patients early on like zelenko? You claim to be a nephrologist. Who goes to a nephrologist within a few days of catching a flu? You go to a nephrologist when your primary thinks you’re having kidney issues. Not within a few days of catching the flu. You sound very suspicious.

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    Arguing just לקנטר is not a positive trait.

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    Maybe not legally binding but you really don’t want to break an engagement. This can leave scars on the breaker and breakee. The time for clarification is prior to engagement.

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    I haven’t read the study and have no idea what it proves.

    But, the fact that when during a supposedly dangerous pandemic a certified doctor comes up with a recipe that he claims will effectively treat the disease and the response is … Meh! And no govt institution state or federal seek to verify or disprove his claim leaving him to write his own study w no outside help and no serious studied were done besides his own is a disgrace.

    And it seems that those who are disparaging Dr. Zelenko as not having proved anything are just naysayers. If you really have a hoot, since you are a ‘doctor’ and understand this stuff – go prove definitively one way or the other if it works.

    When a bit of hope is offered – rational response – let’s look into it.

    The jerk’s response:. You haven’t proven anything so wake me up again when you have.

    By acting like Ceasar giving the proverbial thumbs down shows you are not serious people. Just interested in showing off your ability to engage in sophistry.

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    Truebt : so when chazal say אין מרחמים על מי שאין בו דעת it was loshon horo?

    I am not picking on a specific person or group but condemning a theoretical behavior. Sheesh.

    You can agree or disagree with how I feel about the theoretical someone who obstinately refuses to see what is happening around him but no need for you to get on your loshon horo high horse.

    The issur of Loshon horo was not meant to be a convenient,
    self serving excuse to shut down discussion.

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    Nom, you seem just to be arguing just for the sake of arguing otherwise known as לקנטר but I will answer your “stira” anyway.

    Truly hopeless= one who can’t see the potential disaster facing the u.s.

    Why can’t you see this disaster? Precisely bc at this very given moment or at least what you have gotten used to your whole life- bc life in America has been so good.

    So in short:. life being so good in America has made you truly hopeless to seeing any dangers are coming down the pike.

    Life for many in Poland was also very good – this blinded people to the dangers that were just around the corner. In 2020 Hashem is being quite overt in demonstrating the potential dangers. For that reason one who cannot see them is truly hopeless.

    It is puzzling why this even had to be explained

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    There is systemic racism in the u.s. but it comes from the progressives, not the conservatives.

    All of the blacks problems stem from the welfare state which came into being in order to prevent them from integrating into society.

    Progressives since the late 60’s have built the ghettoes- physical and mental – that prevent blacks from the living normal lives they might have achieved after the civil Rights victories of the 50’s and 60’s .

    The racism of thz slavery and Jim Crow eras is indeed gone. Today’s racism is from progressives who want to manipulate blacks as a monolithic vote black and cynically adopted policies to prevent from ever leaving the modern day plantation.

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    If you cant see american society crumbling around you and at least start to think about maybe its time to you are truly hopeless and deserve evertrhing coming down the pike. You will be like the 80% who never got out of mitzrayim cuz life was too good there to leave.

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    SB:. Oh I don’t know, it just seems like they all graduate Congress with a level of wealth that is completely disproportionate to their 200k salaries.

    But that would never ever be bc of influence peddling, or insider trading ….

    Didn’t they all jump to condemn those senators who were caught getting rich on the market from the kungflu?

    But don’t fret; all is good in Jonestown.

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    SB:. Oh I don’t know, the fact that they have written laws to protect themselves from being sued or prosecuted for sexual assault?

    You know, like Joe Biden and Tara Reade.

    Do you really think Joe Biden is anything but the tip of the iceberg?

    He hasn’t been the only one to be accused you know. They all come to his defense or at least not press the issue – Dems and repubs alike – bc it’s you protect me and I’ll protect you.

    How many pre election promises do these guys keep?

    I can’t believe you even ask such a question.

    And if common sense is not enough: see chazal who say : make yourself unknown to the רשות cuz they only serve themselves.

    Chazal do carry weight with you, I assume.

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    SB: oh I don’t know, is the US not 24$trillikn in debt? Is anyone doing anything about it? Anyone dealing re the social security bubble?

    But don’t mind me. Go on enjoying how they pander to you; it makes you feel good, so keep on drinking the koolaid. Thesee are really irrelevant problems that are beneath our revered and scrupulous congressmen to deal with.

    How long did the US stay in Iraq/Afghanistan for no reason at all? How much lives and money were wasted?

    Anyone make a peep?

    But no worries matie, It is the right of our overlords to use blood and treasure that belongs to them anyway as they see fit

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    No: you mean there was another Holocaust before 1939 I’m not aware of?

    You are making an incorrect understanding of what I wrote. . I never said that a crumbling society would = genocide.

    But would you want to live in a dystopian society? (Of course there might be genocide in a dystopian society or Soviet style shmad or who knows; it’s dystopian.)

    The comparison to 1935 was insofar as not see the writing on the wall. My great grandfather left Poland for the us For this very reason. He said :. We cannot survive in a society that hates us. None of his descendants were killed in the Holocaust and most are Torah Jews to this day. Can’t say the same for his complacent neighbors. He was a חכם הרואה את הנולד. Hopefully American jewry can be that way too if the current trajectory continues and not be a like an אין בו דעת שאין מרחמים עליו on this site who proclaimed his obstinacy in remaining in America until the geula comes no matter what.

    The left hates the Jews as viciously as the Europeans did throughout our history. If they gain control which is very possible…

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    SB; vast majority of senators and congressmen are good people?

    How naive can one be. שמר פתיים השם.

    On second thought stay in uhmerica. We have a rotten. Knesset as it is and don’t need more naive people here who are too naive to change things. (I’m not being serious, come w all your naivete, the dangers to America are actually quite real and more imminent than previously thought)

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    The dor hamidbar was in golus also but punished for rejecting Eretz Yisroel, nonetheless. If you have no she’ifa to move to Eretz Yisroel right now and by saying we will wait for Hashem to call us shows you are completely unserious about kibbuz galuyos – when you say ולירושלים עירך תשוב or וקבץ נידחינו מארבע כנפות הארץ you are making a cynical joke since you have no intention of doing anything to help make that happpen (do you wait around for Hashem to miraculouslyyou parnosso?) you are no different than that dor who rejected Eretz Yisroel and the imminent geula of that day. They had terutzim also. Mitzrayim was a much better place to live. No 31 melochim to worry about etc. And yet they were condemned to die in the midbor bc they were not rejecting Eretz Yisroel but Hashem Himself. They were waiting for Him to ‘call’. Or is it ‘dont call me, I’ll call you’?

    For 2000 years Jews dreamed about living in Eretz Yisroel, and today when it is finally possible: nah, Brooklyn and Monsey have much more kedusha. Well, if not kedusha, at least much better gashmius. Yankees and mets. Well, not anymore.

    That’s all fine to a point But that gashmius is now blinding you to the crumbling of the society around you and the effect that most probably will have on you and based on last 3 weeks events much sooner than I personally had initially thought.

    Hashem is calling you. Don’t go deaf from all the fat stuffing your ears. He generally leaves room for בחירה חופשיתso if you ignore his nudges and wake up and warning signs – it’s on you.

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    Ok, so you have no problem having a man in a dress teach your children. Or having a man forcing himself into a ladies mikva bc he claims to really be a woman (this happened in l.a.) Or that you can thrown in jail or fined (I know not yet but coming quickly) for ‘misgendering’ .

    None of this is a problem in ey. And no hooligans are rioting either and there are no inane calls to defund the police. And in a 180 degree difference, the right is gaining strength every day as opposed to America where AOC has a good chance of becoming President once she is able to start trying (even if she loses once, she can run again and again being quite young and energetic). This last point is the most crucial. The direction of the country.

    Yes, the mapai/mapam origins of the Medina are not fully destroyed yet but they are getting weaker by the day. But America is running headlong in the opposite direction for many years now – on the trajectory away from liberty and towards fascism/communism. And to make matters worse, the only force stopping it – trump- is demonized by his own side. Maybe Trump and the normal part of America will succeed in reversing the tide, maybe not, so it is only common sense to be prepared for what has a good chance of coming to fruition.

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    Surely European Jews were saying the same thing in 1935. They at least had an excuse cuz nothing of the sort had ever happened before. You have none and you are totally irresponsible. Shame on you.

    Stop being an ostrich. If you are not aware of the cultural rot around you then you are truly lost.

    Ken zein, the normal people will push back and things will be ok. But the direction of the country right now is away from freedom. That you are foolish enough to not support the only force doing any push back – Trump is a sad commentary on your cognitive dissonance. Reminiscent of the Novi decrying the yiddenwho clung to their pesolim as they returned thier neshomos to their Creator.

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    Someone Monsey:. Without a doubt, there is a cultural shift occurring in this country….

    U seem to change opinions mid post. First, the conservative pundits are ‘overstating’ but in the end u say that – sooner or later we Jews will have to make choices cuz the country will become inhospitable.

    So I’m confused by your answer .

    I actually movef to ey a number of years ago bc I didn’t like the trajectory of the us and thought it highly possible that my children or grandchildren would be living in a Brave New World (alduous Huxley) kinda society.

    But I honestly didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. The events of the past 3 weeks are only getting worse. And the moral rot of almost the entire youth is growing larger like a cancer everyday. Are there enough normal people left in America to reverse the tide? Believe me, I write this w great pain cuz I really love the American people, the malchus Shel chesses that has enabled Jews to live like Kings. A nation founded on Gd given rights. Nisht poshut bichlal.

    But even if Trump wins, the radical left ideas have seeped so deeply into society I honestly don’t know if America can recover. (If Trump loses , I should pack your bags asap)

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    Bob Grant was an institution, indeed. Mario, azendeme…

    Fake fraud phony, Get off my phone!!

    But what’s the point of this post, eh?

    Kill Saddam Hussein!!!

    in reply to: Say “NO” To Trump’s Peace Plan #1873034

    Uhh.. have you ‘oticef that we don’t really ‘own’ p’aces like ramala or shechem or Chevron and will not until moshiach comes? What r u gonna do w the million arabs that live here? Do you plan on forcefully kicking them into the sea?

    Wake up , genius. The Arab occupied areas are here to stay until further notice by the One Above. In the meantime the smartest thing Jews can do is formalize our hold on whatever placed Jews live in in order to prevent expulsions a la aza in the future.

    Being Messianic before the Messianic era is a very dangerous and idiotic way to live. I’m not satmar but they do have a point (albeit way way way overstated) that you can’t force the geula.

    Be practical. Whatever part of ey Hashem has given us to live in is a tremendous brocha. How bout appreciating that?

    And appreciate that you have a true אוהב ישראל who is trying to work w Bibi and assumes Israel’s rights to ארצינו הקדושה and is doing something to cement those rights in realpolitik

    in reply to: Why does the frum world have no clout? #1873030

    See ליקוטי מוהרן חלק א תורה א

    in reply to: What Did I do?! #1873023

    Salem: By1212: amalek and the 70 umot are nationalities not race. I actually do not know what the word race actually means.

    Uh…למשפחותם. the Torah clearly states that the 70 ummos are racial. I.e. they come from common ancestry which the Torah goes thru the טירחה of listing Each even has specific מידות רעות as per chazal.

    Until sancheriv , there was no difference btwn race and nationality. Then בלבל את האומות, and you had a restructuring of national identity removed from race. So today עשו or אדום had morphed into Rome which in turn morphed into the western European countries. אגב this is what בלעם was referring to when he said:. אוי, מי יחיה משומו קל. See. Rashi. בלעם understood how awful it was when your national identity is obliterated and instead of a racial identity you have an ersatz fiat/fraudulent “nationalistic” one.

    How you can claim that Amalek is not a race is absurd. And betrays a tendency to knee jerk react. How does one become an Amaleki? Only by being born into it. That is racial. You can’t get Amaleki citizenship on your own and become liable all of a sudden to being annihilated by the Jews. You must be born as part of the group. Sheesh. Must every obvious idea be explained? Indeed there is no seichel left anymore. Just. An idiotic lack of common Sense. How stupid we have become.

    Maybe you think race only has what to do w skin color. I assure you it does not. It refers to common ancestry. (Caucasian anybody?) Which is why people of one race generally have similar physical characteristics.

    Now even being Jewish is essentially a racial thing bc the Jewish nation started w אברהם יצחק and יעקב and the שבטים. Now it is not totally racial since what ultimately defined us as a nation was maamad har Sinai and that bris is open to gerim as well. Nevertheless, a ger a absorbed into the race of the avos/shvotim. We are still a distinct race. Just one that accepts outsiders who also sayאלקי אבותינו אלקי אברהם אלקי יצחק ואחרי יעקבbc our race became intertwined w an idea that overrides our race.

    Btw , we even have racial division within klal Yisroel – i.e. the 12 shvotim. This has caused problems. Like the אפרים מנשה bqcivil war, the refusal of the majority of the Jewish people to accept Dovid as melech…. Even today in Israel people who belittle morrocans etc are calledגזענים. And of course the morrocans in turn are גזעני to the תימנים. And the תימנים, well…שמים פס על כווולם. Lovely aint it?

    in reply to: What Did I do?! #1872956

    Charlie: The concept of race is completely absent from the Torah.

    Really. So Amalek is not a race we need to exterminate, Moav Amon and Mitrayim are not races with restrictions on entering klal Yisroel.

    The concept of 70 ummos haolam – למשפחותם ללשונותם is not a Torah concept.

    Ok. So we see that you are a complete stranger to Torah but a very good friend of your בויך.

    in reply to: New Seminary, by Popa #930252

    how much is the application fee?

    Masa? Pell? Tap?

    in reply to: Seminary #908833

    all hear say . . .

    Meohr- very warm if you have questions they will answer, very involved staff, not heavy text but text

    Macho Ray- ou of the box BY- for the creative/intellictual type serious text

    Mesoras Rochel- a yeshiva w/o daf yomi the new “bjj” more updated aspposed to BJJ which I hear has the same curtains as it did when my mother was in sem. . .

    any one hear about bnos chana / azamra ? being that they r ou of town- do they cater to an out of town group?

    any feedback on keser chaya?

    in reply to: Seminary #908826

    What makes it so hard is it seems to me that almost all the sems sound the same on paper, many have the same teachers who go from sem to sem- so it’s the girls who really give the sem its flavor

    I could know a bunch of girls who are applying but how do I know who is going to go in the end?

    how do you decide?

    each application fee is $100 or more!

    in reply to: Seminary Options takeoff #2 :) ? #906324

    to trying my best:

    What was it like in Beit Shemesh? Did you feel out of it?

    How many times did you go to the kotel? what did you do for yom tov?

    in reply to: another seminary post????!!! #910474

    like Bnos Chava? that’s intresting wasn’t my impression

    Anyone hear of the new sems in Beit Shemesh? Bnos CHana,(halichos it’s the same school) and Azamra?

    What are they? what’s it like to be in Beit Shemesh?

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