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    ???? ?? ????? ???? ???? ??

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    I never noticed that search option before.

    But it doesn’t seem very helpful. I searched for ‘smartcookie’ and only got old threads.

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    ROB: I think they close a thread when the bombardment of posts-to-delete gets too high. If you ask them nicely for stats on that thread, maybe they’ll give it to you.

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    You are not ‘at the mercy’ of the moderators. You choose to post on a moderated site.

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    like your new subtitle, ICOT.

    See, they managed to ‘kasher’ it.

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    Frummy “If you know of R’ Keleman’s proof, which follows your line of reasoning, we can skip several steps and boil his ‘bomb’ down to the fact that no other religion has ever made such a claim as ‘national revelation’,”

    No, I didn’t understand R’Kelerman in that way. National revelation itself is the proof. The fact that no other religion claims ‘national revelation’ is no *bomb*, nor proof. It’s a result of them being unable to make such a claim.

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    lesschumras: “Are pogroms,expulsions,massacres ,the destruction of two Bais Hamikdash and thethe holocaust examples of Hashem not letting things go wrong?”

    It’s all there in tenach – the tochacha and other places.

    Hashem said He would punish us, but never destroy us.

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    Sam2 – hmm, I think I made a fool of myself, there. You’re joking, of course.

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    Sam2: Unless I’m misinformed, the bugs in broccoli melt under high heat. There’s also a Sfek Sfeka to rely on if they don’t.

    That’s very interesting – something new to me. But it can’t be universally accepted, or broccoli wouldn’t be considered so difficult to check. Do you have a source?

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    sam2: “I don’t understand the whole problem with broccoli. Soak it, rinse it, then boil/cook it and it will be fine. “

    What will be fine? The boiled bugs?

    Curiosity: if it’s a speck, then it’s visible.

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    Hey, folks, you’re going OT. The OP asked *how* to learn Yiddish, not *whether* to learn Yiddish.

    I agree with RebRY – you need to be around people who speak it, and speak it yourself. That’s how I did it. I found someone to speak Yiddish with me – I would visit them once a week and speak Yiddish (I really broke my teeth).

    You may find it easier to speak with children. Their speech is simpler and I found myself less self-concious than with an adult.

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    popa: I’m surprised at that. The building may be non-flammable, but the contents are very much so.

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    OnlyTheTruth: You may be right that it isn’t the greatest concern, but it isn’t a minor concern, either. And a single smoke detector will not help in a large building. You need many of them, one at regular intervals.

    There is an appalling lack of interest in smoke detectors in residential buildings as well. I have put some up in the stairwell in my building, but I have never seen any of these in any residential building I have visited.

    In the UK, the fire department will install these for free. They should do the same here in Israel.

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    I mentioned above using Vicks VapoRub on nails.

    I have just read that it “contains camphor which is toxic if swallowed or absorbed into the body” so use it for toe-nails but not for finger-nails.

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    Some of the litvishe world do.

    it is *very* economical, but that’s not why it’s done.

    I guess it’s to emphasise the peyos.

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    what story is that?

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    i’d tell them to listen to Rabbi Kelerman’s ‘We are never alone’. It’s hilarious. That should cheer anyone up.

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    DrG: “Home remedies for nail fungus have very little published data proving their effectiveness.”

    But their low cost and risk make them worth trying. Particularly since it’s a cosmetic condition.

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    Englishman: I knew you would pick up on that. I’ve assumed that it was because if you prick the skin with an infected scissors then that would be enough for the fungus to penetrate into the skin.

    Googling, I actually see a wide range of opinions from not contagious, not very contagious and highly contagious. So it sounds like I’m wrong. That wasn’t what I discovered when I researched it a few years ago and that’s not what I found to be true personally.

    But I still don’t believe that toenail fungus can infect another toenail if the skin is unbroken.

    Another way of infecting the toenail was as Health pointed out – if the skin gets infected that can lead to toenail fungus. *Skin* fungus most definitely is contagious.

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    spiral: synthetic = acetic acid, not naturally fermented vinegar. I use the 5% vinegar which is what they sell here.

    By the way, you should not use the same pair of scissors to cut both infected and uninfected nails.

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    There are black cabs in the airports and train stations but they are very expensive. You probably won’t find many in the streets to stop.

    You are better off ordering one. Where are you going from?

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    shmoel: toenail fungus is notoriously difficult to get rid of. For starters, it takes as long as the nail takes to grow out, which may take months. No overnight cure will help for toenail fungus.

    I have found success with vinegar. It’s a cheap, easy way and it’s worth trying before going for something more expensive/invasive.

    see my method here:

    Useful Lice Removal Tip

    It will take a few weeks before you see results, but then you will notice the clear growth from the base of the nail. You need to be consistent and keep at it for a few months, until the nail has totally grown out.

    google for more details.

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    welcome back to Derech Hamelech

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    more: i don’t think anyone can help you here based on the few details you gave, besides for saying ‘perhaps’.

    If you are concerned, you should be speaking to someone who knows her personally.

    OOM: what do you mean?

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    what happened to logician?

    in reply to: Becoming a troll… #891210

    also, i don’t think you can call him insensitive, though I doubt he prides himself on sensitivity. In fact, the post that made me a popa fan was a sensitive one, not a funny one (though I doubt anyone noted it)

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    syag, perhaps it depends on whether or not he respects them

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    squeak: clever.

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    “Is it ludicrous? I think it is perfectly intuitive. “

    in reply to: Choppy #890447

    “Sorry, I judge the rebbi by the talmidim. That’s how the ball rolls. “

    That is utterly ludicrous

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    popa, don’t bring Rav Avigdor Miller into all this.

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    not Health. Very different style.

    How do you expect to get them all banned? You know that we’ve been through all that before. It got *very* messy.

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    so am I.

    I can see this thread quickly falling into thread-oblivion.

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    choppy, thanks for the source.

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    choppy; where do you get that definition of ‘tiflos’?

    Too many unknown variables. I ain’t going to lose any sleep over it at the moment.

    The theoretical halachic side to it is very interesting, though.

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    shlishi: are you the husband or the wife?

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    The Goq: I remember that. But why did you change? ‘The Goq’ is more unique.

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    Does the ad mention being woken up 5 am every morning by the mosques calling moslems to prayer?

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    pcoz: what’s the source for that?

    in reply to: Infallibility #888130

    How about someone actually reading the OP.

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    Goq: “The Wagon welcomes back chocandpatience! “

    Just saw this now. Thanks Goq. Nice to be noticed.

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    paragraph breaks!!

    paragraph breaks!!

    (I’ll do soleik’s job for him)

    in reply to: We All Have Links! #887901
    in reply to: Lot's Wife becoming a Pillar of Salt #1026659

    there are apparently many salt pillars in that area. I doubt we know which one it is.

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    Gavra: I was just trying to understand Zdad’s comments. (I’m not aware that the Gedolim prohibited leaving. They just didn’t get everyone to emigrate en-mass.)

    Are people here actually saying that had everyone emigrated, 6M Yidden would not have been killed? [Besides for the impossiblity of such mass emigration].

    If yes, then that’s what I’m asking about where they factor G-d in.

    in reply to: Shaas Shmad in Israel #887543

    Zdad: a few questions about your pre-holocaust emigration comments:

    1) why do you think the gedolim were mistaken?

    2) you know very well that the Germans very nearly reached Palestine. The Jews there only very narrowly missed joining their European brothers. So why mention emigration to Palestine?

    3) Where do you factor G-d into all of this?

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    I’m with WIY on this one. We are *supposed* to be sad in the 9 days, not try to find thingst to be happy about.

    We should be doing this ‘seeing the good’ exercise when something we consider to be bad happens to us.

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    ZD: why would the student be Einstein? He was an atheist.

    in reply to: And all you do is bash #887229

    yeshivishsocrates: Bar Shattya’s point seems to be that people don’t actually read posts. His rant about trophy wives may or may not actually interest him, but if it does, it’s a side issue.

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