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    Eshes Lapidos. She told her “bum” of a husband (I quote my teacher) to bring the wicks she made to the Bais Hamikdash. He became a talmid chacham because of that.

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    I agree with you 100%. Nobody is making a killing off of this business. I personally know camp directors who work EXTREMELY hard on the biggest overnight camp in the city. They are not making a fortune or anything close to it.

    Supply and demand. That’s why we believe in capitalism.

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    I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

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    Nope, this is and was my one and only screen name.

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    Smartcookie- I recognized him easily. Just like he is when he argues with everyone in real life.

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    If you first thought the topic said “Famous Misquotes,” say ‘I.’

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    “…why are some girls machbid on only marrying a guy who wears…”

    Machbid = Makbid + Machmir

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    Real sugar will kill you faster than replacing it with splenda will, regardless of splenda’s unknown side effects.

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    Or you can always cancel your internet plan and buy some food…

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    How about slice the apples, apple-kugel-style, mix with a bit of flour and cinnamon and lemon juice (in your case, I guess just a sprinkle of sugar and grapefruit juice???). Top with a mixture of bran flakes and peanut butter. Let me know how it goes 😉

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    I read non-jewish novels, and I actually found The Jewish Kingdom of Kuzar interesting.

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    Call someone you know in another city (driving distance) and ask them to ask someone there to trade houses with you for a few days. Prepare places for them to go in your city, and they should do the same.

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    I did- I emailed an elderly woman with a PhD in something or other, who shared my name (Jewish, of course, not frum). She got sick soon after… I hope she’s not dead.

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    For guitar, there’s http://jewishguitarchords.com/

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    Do what we did. Ask your musician to tone it down. We got so many thank-yous at the end of that wedding.

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    Yes, and I found out I share my name with a name older not-frum lady lawyer. Nice woman.

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    I found my uncle on here, a serious controversial poster (you all hate him) and I told him in person 😛 He’ll probably figure me out from this post. Now won’t that be embarrassing.

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    Volvie, we’re talking DAY camps here. They do not provide food. They do not provide board. They usually do not provide transportation. I think the problem is not being told how much you’re going to be paid. If $400 a month is agreed upon, then what can you do besides negotiate for more (which no 14 year old would do.) You do realize that $400 a month works out to be something like $3.50 an hour. When we babysit, we get $6-10, and the kids are often sleeping!!

    Real life example: I was asked to be a counselor in a day camp, but never gave a reply. I happened to be at the camp on the first day for an errand, where I was given the message “Where are you? Everyone is looking for you! You made a promise you’d work here and now they’re short on staff because you didn’t show up!!” I never made a commitment, I never signed a contract, I was never told how much I’d be paid. I told them this, so they begged me to just stay for the week until they could find a replacement. I very very apprehensively agreed. I was given the title ‘gofer’ which ended up meaning being a fill-in counselor for three days of the week, being a baking counselor for one day of the week (which is literally back braking work) and running errands the last day of the week. Thank g-d the week actually ended. I had to be there at 9am, having finished davening, and I had to deal with obnoxious and bored kids until 4pm. Then I had to help clean up.

    After pestering them for my paycheck for three weeks, they made me come in to get it, and wait an hour until they could see me. I got a check for $50. A counselor makes $100 a week, and a gofer who serves as counselor for 4/5 o the time gets $50. 33 hours work, $50. $1.50 an hour.

    If you ever run a camp and hire girls, please please please tell them how much you are planning on paying them. Then when you find no one wants to work for you, think about increasing wages.

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    If you’re near San Fransisco, go to the bay. Dock K has a bunch of sleeping walruses sure to make you and the kids stare for at least an hour.

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    Here’s what we do, takes 25 minutes:

    1. Unplug the keyboard, of course

    2. Google a layout of a keyboard and print it, or draw one yourself.

    3. Pop out the keys with a knife.

    4. Soak the keys in warm soapy water in a big bowl for a few minutes. Swish around.

    5. Rinse them and dump into a sieve. Shake around to get out the most water.

    6. Put the keys into a big towel and shake it around. Leave it in there for a good 10 minutes.

    7. Wipe down keyboard, with knife and damp shmattah.

    8. If you have compressed air, that does 50% of the job.

    good luck!

    Note: You should probably have someone who knows what they are doing help you if you are going to take apart the keyboard so that you don’t permanently damage it.

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    Shame- I thought this thread was about women who can’t Pesach clean.

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    We dialed our area code-(xxx) 314 1592, and we got the answering machine to our environment minister. What a waste. (we did leave a message, though.)

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    Meh. (translation: who cares)

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    Wikipedia says some people keep March 4, because 14% of the 3rd month has passed. GOSH why are they getting so technical?!

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    Took me a full minute to get to this page.

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    Gimme an ‘S’

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    kaave el hashem

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    Shindy- I’m sure you can find a mossed that will put your nosh to better use. Perhaps a children’s kiruv program that needs to buy nosh anyway? They usually sell it for pesach and use it throughout the year.

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    Yeah, the new system is annoying, being that you can never just shout out to the mods to fix something or another.

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    If we get 30 ‘no’s, i’m sure we can figure something out. Exactly. If moderators do stumble upon something inappropriate, they delete it right away. If not, then if three people click ‘report,’ it’s hidden until mods figure out what to do.

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    Very simple system: 1. Instant posts. 2. Ocassional roaming moderators. 3. Three “report-inappropriate-post”s and the comment is hidden. Sound good?

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    We need a cleanup in aisle seven…. asap

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    I found the same thing this year. A lot of people told me ‘I just can’t be bothered- please don’t come.’ But a lot of people did settle with just giving two things- a muffin and grape juice or something like that.

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    Your opinion 🙂 It’s quite a regurgitated question, but you may as well give it a shot if you’re not drunk.

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    I found that people were doing this on their own this year. Maybe it’s the recession? But people have really toned down…

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    What’s your opinion on women/girls drinking, and to what extent?

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    I totally agree with you. I watched it last night and felt very uncomfortable.

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    You lot of weirdos…

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    Learn Latin. Very useful (for science, that is!)

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    I hear California has the biggest debt of all the states. I guess no one in NY is famous enough to sign cars ;P

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    Fear of long words.

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    First: The moderators are on top of the actual content of the post. Secondly, the fact that the moderators don’t let you exchange names/email addresses/locations means that it’s not possible for the two to meet. If that’s not good enough, what is?

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    I’m pretty sure it will explode if you try blow drying it without taking apart. You may as well put it through a curling iron.

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    Don’t you every get a crick in your neck trying to read the screen?

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    I think I really am in hiding- the topic doesn’t come up with my name as last poster. 😛

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    What am I, chopped liver?

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    Go on, feif!

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    I think the conversation may be skewed in the favour of blue shirts, being that everyone here has internet, which means that OF COURSE it’s for work, which means that YOU WORK r”l!!

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