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    HisRoyal… what you just quoted from Sefer HaChinuch perek 239, is that for only someone that wants to come closer to G-d?

    No. The Sefer HaChinuch says what was cited applies to all.

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    The requirements to give Tochachah are:

    1) You have to first assess that there is at least a reasonable possibility of the person listening to you. (Sometimes there are Halachic ways of assessing this.)

    2) You have to give the Tochachah in a non-aggressive manner, and never in front of people.

    3) You have to make the person understand that the only reason you are giving him the Tochachah is because you care about him, and it is for his good, so that he can get Olam Habah.

    It also says in Sefer HaChinuch perek 239 that you should give someone tochacha privately and in a nice way; but if they don’t listen to you, then you should embarrass them in public so that they will do teshuvah.

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    Wishing a Chag Kosher V’Sameach to all my legions of friends, fans, admirers and subjects!

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    aries: You were absolutely correct.

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    Tochacha is supposed to be given ONLY from a proper authority

    Everyone is obligated per halacha to give tochacha when necessary and proper, not just an authority figure.

    a reason NOT to get involved and butt into things that are not your business.

    Like mw13 eloquently pointed out, it is everyone’s business.

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    Some of the other Best Posters that posted recently are HaLeiVi, Daas Yochid, and Derech HaMelech. There are many others on the awards list that either haven’t published a lot lately or I missed them.

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    Your Majesty

    I am merely a Prince. This addressing is an affront to my father, the King.

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    And how would he know it is his Kallah if he is?

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    Why, thank you ICOT and 42. Both of you are too on my list of favorites.

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    oomis, I thought your shvigger wasn’t frum (from your previous comments that your husband being a bt)?

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    The Orthodox Jewish population doubles every 20 years.

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    To all those I may have hurt, please be mochel. To all those who have hurt I am mochel b’lev sholem.

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    I have a solution. I think the girls should all boycott marrying the boys. That ought to set those nasty mom’s straight when they all realize there’s no one for their son’s to marry!

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    pba Re: Posters who are pointing out that many women put on weight after kids anyway.

    Most guys I know think that is a reason to insist on an even lighter girl than they imagine they can be attracted to. They think that if attraction is borderline now, then after kids they will not be able to handle it.

    So this argument usually backfires. Don’t tell it to a guy who is concerned about a girl he is dating.

    mom12 already addressed this point by saying:

    I was a size 12-14 many years ago..and most of the boys I went out with didnt want to continue cuz of my weight- my mom was more upset than I was. and I kept saying whoever is only interested in my looks, and not what I am really all about..they are not for me!

    Well at age 20something I finally got married to someone who saw what I was really worth! and got pregnant..

    surprize-surprize during pregnany I first lost 11 lbs and then gained bak 16 lbs. so after birth instead of a bulge i had a pit in my stomach. and after that i went down to a size 6 (which my mom said I would never be) and stayed that way for quite a few years even during pregnancies. after a certain age it did not go down so fast though.. but by that time I was almost starting to marry off my own kids..

    just as a by the way I got feedback from a few of the guys I met, they married skinny girls and as soon as they had a baby they beacame very overweight well guess who had the last laugh!

    I know quite a few girls that became very thin during pregnancy and stayed that way!

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    Why, thank you.


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    Well said.

    Now brace yourselves for comments like “well the Christians think they’re correct” and the like.

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    It is a mark of aristocracy that select usernames are zocha to. Some others are merely relegated to being listed as “not” qualified for this mark of distinction.

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    The Last Supper?

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    Hashem provides for all children. Even if the help is provided via government. Better than illegitimately using money as a reason to suppress life and not accept what the creator sends you. I’d rather marry a sibling of 13 from a family that clearly values life.

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    mdd, don’t blame it on those who learn. If a girl knows she will be marrying a worker, not learner, than you would be maskim she should not go to college? No, then you’ll blame it on the “need” for “a two income family”. And nisht stam a two income, but two high incomes. So don’t bring up learners if you’ll have other excuses if they’re not available to blame. Most (frum) college girls do *not* marry full-time long-term learners.

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    Obviously there strategies are successful as they’ve been continuing them for many many years. May the RBS”O continue to bless them with much success in their Avodas HaKodesh in alleviating the suffering of the aniyim in Klal Yisroel.

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    There’s a huge misconception in “chilul Hashem”. Honoring Hashem means doing His Mitzvos/commandments. Neglecting any is a chillul Hashem, new-age definitions notwithstanding.

    Well said truth be told.

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    Err on the side of distance and not on the side of being polite. The potential consequences of otherwise are too great to contemplate.

    Ofcourse: Rabbi Menachem Friedman, Rov of the Agudah of East 23rd. The same one popa mentioned supports the bochorim discussed on the billboard thread.

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    In the OP you indicated a place where you can sit.

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    If you owe the IRS money, you need to pay it by April 15th (actually April 18th this year) even if you file for a 6 month extension. Otherwise interest will be added. The extension will only avoid penalties.

    If you are due a refund, you can claim it for up to 3 years, even if you do not file an extension.

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    Date in Sprinkles or Sweet Choice? That’s gotta be a joke. No one would dare.

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    Who ever goes on a date locally, where the yenta’s all are?

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    It’s very true. The exact message she got was “Slow down cowboy; you move too fast.” Nothing controversial at all. Just very talkative. 😉 I wonder if she’s from Texas.

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    adorable – the message you got called you a cowboy. What color is your hat?

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    My Dear Shticky Guy,

    I know you must feel bad,

    And be real sad,

    That I defeated you at your game,

    And you are merely trying to keep sane.

    Now please log out,

    And when you regain some streghnth,

    Look again at the count.

    Then log back in,

    And notice the overcount by one,

    For those who posted unto this thread.

    And good luck for the next game!

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    My Dear Shticky Guy,

    I don’t know why,

    Considering you really do try,

    That you’d assume you got the jackpot,

    When all you hit was a crackpot.

    If you were after #500,

    You’ll have to try again,

    On a ‘nother thread I would presume,

    Cause on this thread I did get,

    The fifth hundred post you wished to boast.

    Being humble as I am,

    I wish you luck as best as I can,

    To reach this 500th milestone I’ve just achieved,

    On a new thread where you can have a run.

    Everyone must have “his Rov” who is the final arbiter on all shailos.

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    Why is it that we only always look at the flip side. Why do NON-frum Jews always have to accommodate us frumies but WE don’t have to accommodate them?

    Because the Torah, which equally applies to use frummies as much as to those non-frummies, says no Jew can violate the sanctity of the Sabbath. At penalty of death.

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    Nickname and Display Name.

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    “+ 1/4 mil. commuters”

    Minus + 1/4 mil. commuters out of Brooklyn.

    Why would you deduct the outbound commuters? Both the inbound and outbound commuters could be on the road at the same time (going in their respective directions) in the 12×12 mil area. That would necessitate inclusion of both. Rav Moshe included the inbound commuters and did not deduct the outbound commuters.

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    The problem is not so much the inadvertent contact between the volunteers with other volunteers or patients of the opposite gender, as much as the frivolous conversations and dress (and worse) that openly occur in MDA between opposite gender volunteers when they have free time, as Mother in Israel related.

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    It can only occur if the thread was opened by the member before it was closed or deleted, and the Post message box is showing.

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    Attempting to post in a closed or deleted thread generates a different message than what adorable received.

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    You tried posting more than once in 30 seconds.

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    David –

    Most apply the criterion to the street.

    Only to the streets the eruv covers? IOW, you are saying that the other poskim would allow an eruv on any streets that don’t have a shishim ribo/600,000 within the eruv coverage area — irregardless if there’s shishim ribo in the city itself?

    If they never defined it why is Rav Moshe’s definition a “chiddush”?

    The number of people who actually commute into the borough to work that I have seen tallied is 235,000 people.

    Where is that figure coming from? Also, you are not accounting for tourists and for guests of family and friends.

    BTW, although the most recent census counted over 2.5 million in Brooklyn, in previous census’ (perhaps used by Rav Moshe) it peaked at 2.75 million (also prior to adding in the undercount and prior to adding the guests/workers/tourists).

    Now only factor the 12×12 mil subset of Brooklyn and the tally would be even less.

    You’ve said this before, but it doesn’t answer the point. You started with over 3 million in Brooklyn. How much of Brooklyn’s population do you lose when you only factor the 12×12 subset? Perhaps the 12×12 covers the vast majority of Brooklyn, and although it doesn’t cover the entire Borough you don’t lose enough population to bring the count to under 3 million. You haven’t demonstrated any proof the count falls sufficiently.

    Why don’t you ask Rav Dovid himself? He is easily reachable by phone or in person at the Yeshiva. How does he explain what you think he is being inconsistent about.

    The most recent published census at that time was the 1970 census, which enumerated (prior to adding any of the earlier discussed required adjustments) 2.6 million. In any event, does Rav Moshe write how much he believed the population was and how many workers he counted in? Where are you getting the population figures you are citing as what Rav Moshe believed when composing his p’sak?

    Rav Moshe believed that that both Boro Park and Flatbush contain a population of over shishim ribo.

    Why would this even be a factor? The 12×12 mil encompass a lot more area than either Boro Park or Flatbush.

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    Yes we are.

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    Health – that was in the diabetes thread because of how that 72 saw you express responsibility for folks own health issues.

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    David –

    How do the other poskim you refer to understand shishim ribo?

    (However, those who understood that shishim ribo applies to a city would have to explain what halchically defines a city.

    Considering that New York City — of which Brooklyn is a part of — has a population in excess of 8 million, seemingly the other poskim you refer to would to have to prevent an eruv in NYC.

    FWIW, Long Island, which Brooklyn is part of together with Queens Nassau and Suffolk, has a population of over 7.5 million.

    Moreover, as Rav Moshe admitted there were cities that erected eruvin that contained a population greater than shishim ribo.)

    And how did Rav Moshe explain why those eruvin were permitted in those cities with a population greater than shishim ribo?

    Why would we exclude the summer tourists and guests? My understanding is that Rav Moshe uses the highest population day of the year.

    And most importantly, even after we agree we don’t include the entire Brooklyn (since it is greater than 12×12 mil), what makes you confident that the 12×12 subset still does not exceed 3 million? Brooklyn’s counted census sometimes came to 2.75 million. Then you must add the undercount. And you must add the workers/guests/tourists. Surely that is well in excess of 3 million for Brooklyn as a whole, so even a subset may contain 3 million on its own.

    And why then did Rav Dovid shlita, while allowing it in Chicago, still oppose it — even now — in Brooklyn?

    And perhaps the 12×12 mil subset for Chicago has a smaller population than the 12×12 mil subset for Brooklyn.

    Which metzius/facts are you asserting Rav Moshe was mistaken about? Brooklyn’s population? Brooklyn’s workers/guests/tourist count? And whatever facts it is you assert he was mistaken about, what was the correct figures and what figures did he assume? (And on what basis do you believe he assumed the figures you claim he assumed.)

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    Aries: She has the whole CR behind her.

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    Let’s all make a toast with some Dr Pepper upon his return.


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    So they lecture. Just ignore them and continue calling Hatzalah first and 911 second.

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