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    Speaking of which, did anyone spot the picture in the Zman article which was actually not of Anonymous, but of something else that should’ve been mentioned in the article and wasn’t, and the image captioned as an Anonymous ad which actually was made to make fun of Anonymous?

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    I am not sure what you are getting at.

    If you were from a community and peer group in which the norm was not to listen to non-Jewish music, and you had not previously listened to it yourself, do you think your schedule would have caused you to take it up?

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    “Rashi there explains: This is astonishing,”

    should be

    “Rashi’s explanation there is astonishing,”

    (That’s in Chagigah, DaasYochid.)


    “feasting” should be “drinking”

    (That’s in Sotah, DaasYochid.)

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    old man:

    How? I don’t exactly live down the block…

    If it can be Googled, can you give me the words?

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    So, how about that Coffee Room meetup? If enough of us come,

    I think we should be able to maintain anonymity. Well, at

    least if we don’t talk to each other…

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    Thanks, Letakein Girl!

    Mastering the use of the various markups.

    (How could I have forgotten?)

    Using an HTML symbol that no one else has used in a long time.

    Having a subtitle you suggested be given to a poster.

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    the little I know:

    (You assume that both rebbi and talmid are at equal fault here.)

    Would you argue with this? – “This talmid has no obligation to wait for the rebbi to do so first.”

    Or: On what basis do you insist to the talmid that he not go first?

    Is “the expectation that the other has the obligation to give kavod and therefore must humble himself” really a “purely ignorant” “exploit[ation of] honor?”

    You’re not even talking about the rebbi not apologizing at all,

    only him not going first. What’s the big deal?

    Please quote me instances from Chazal of a rebbi humbling himself

    before his talmid, seeing as you believe this to be the correct practice…

    You appear not to take the rebbi’s pride into account, which does not seem sensible. It’s well and good for you to argue your opinion, but what’s going to happen? Who has more face to save here?

    The power thing is also irrelevant. Does the weaker one always need to bow in submission to the bully? What a bizayon!

    Yes, it’s such a bizayon that the powerful are powerful, and the weak are not… I’m being sarcastic, of course. At the end of the day, for whom does it pay to be in the other’s good graces?

    Consider: Which side are we talking to, and whose obligations are you focusing on?

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    When did that happen?!

    Just how often do you switch usernames, Little Froggie? 🙂

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    I hadn’t realized that I needed to ask not to turn it into a

    “What is Jewish music” discussion as well. 🙂 Ah well, it’s all for the best, though it’ll take some time to go through it all.


    Would you mind posting the teshuvah about Shlomo Carlebach as well?

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    The asterisks enclose a point I feel is relevant to the discussion.

    1st teshuva:

    (About the law of listening to songs of idol-worshippers, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, Taf-Shin-Lamed, [something], my friend, the

    honorable Mr. Yerachmiel Pinchas Friedman shlita:)

    Behold, the songs that the Christians sing in their church, it is certainly forbidden to listen to them even by means of a radio and even by means of a phonograph.

    Not only the songs which they sing now but even those that they sang previously, even though they have now stopped singing those songs, it is forbidden.

    Also a song that any Christian composed for a verse from Tehillim in the language that they have translated it into is forbidden, for [stam/without contrary information] the songs that the Christians compose for verses of Tehillim are to sing to their [tiflus/idol (in this context)], which is forbidden.

    *If one knows that the intention of the song’s composer was not to sing [for their service/to their idol] but merely to sing for the pleasure of singing, even though the composer of the song is a Christian and an [idol-worshipper], there is nothing forbidden in this, but [stama/without contrary information], one should assume that it is for their [service/idol] and forbidden, even for the sake of one’s livelihood.*

    (NOTE: Practical discussion stops from here until the last point.)

    See Chagigah, folio 15, that Shmuel answered about a man as great in Torah as Acher having [gone out to a bad tarbus/gone off the derech, in modern parlance] that it was because Greek song did not cease from his mouth.

    Rashi there explains: This is astonishing, for could it be that because of the prohibition against song after the Destruction (of the Bais Hamikdosh), which is a Rabbinic prohibition, he [went out to a bad tarbus/went off the derech]?

    (NOTE: I think this is the end of the Rashi quotation.)

    Also, it is even more astonishing, for the prohibition is only in a place of feasting, per the language of the Mishna in Sotah, folio 48, and so it is in Rashi, Gittin folio 7.

    Tosafos there writes that it is proper to be stringent about one who is accustomed (to hear singing [music?]) also when he gets up and when he goes to sleep, which he brings from the Yerushalmi. The wording of Tosafos implies that this is not an actual prohibition, only that it it is proper to be stringent, but in the Tur, Section 560, it is implied that according to Tosafos, it is an actual prohibition for one who is accustomed, but song, there is no prohibition of.

    At any rate, even in the forbidden manner, it is not a prohibition such that this should have any relation to [minus/heresy], as the Maharsho asked in Chiddushei Agaddos.

    Rashi’s intention requires looking into, for it is not possible to explain that this was a punishment for this sin of song, for it is not possible to punish (a man) that he become a [min/heretic] and a wicked man, which is something that is dependent on a man’s free will, and this is not part of the matter of reward and punishment.

    Therefore the Maharsho concludes that it was song of idol-

    worshippers, for this prohibition is of the prohibitions of idol-worship, which are related to [minus/heresy], and if so, we see that it is a great prohibition, {which / for it} can lead chas v’shalom to [minus/heresy].

    There is also [m’meila/included?] as well the prohibition of mentioning the names of idols, which is forbidden by the [lav/negative commandment] of [Lo yishoma al picha/They shall not be heard via your mouth], which is forbidden even in case of necessity, as stated in Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Dei’ah, Section 147 Sub-section 1.

    Behold I am his friend who blesses him, (signature)

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    As it turns out, more people use “pills” than “pill” in the phrase.

    I actually only came across one of the books recently (it wasn’t that one), and wasn’t impressed. I wonder if Popa’s read them? 🙂

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    No. 🙂


    A “drift pan” appears to be a place to practice “drifting,”

    but not a part of your average road, and

    “build a wall” appears to be a paragliding term.


    While I did come across this thread while going through

    a poster’s history, I don’t think that’s stalking.

    (It wasn’t you.)

    in reply to: Is it ever appropiate to talk back to a Rebbi? #1046164

    the little I know:

    (You’re assuming that the rebbi has indeed done something wrong. Anyway:)

    What’s this about obligation to wait for the other person to apologize first? (I’ve never heard of such a thing…)

    What about obligation to apologize first?

    Would it be beyond reason to suggest that the person with a greater obligation to honor the other apologize first, namely, the student?

    Besides, in this case, the school/yeshiva has the power, and they want the boy to apologize. To start a you-go-first standoff seems counter-productive to me. (Call me a defeatist if you want to.)

    old man:

    The minhag hamakom, or the practice of the Ponevezh yeshiva?

    It can’t be both, unless either the makom is the Ponevezh yeshiva, or the practice of the Ponevezh yeshiva is to follow the minhag hamakom, which seems meaningless here.

    So, what exactly do you mean?

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    I take it back, I guess? Now, how about you answer him?

    I think he has a good question: “??? :-)”

    in reply to: Contact info for Mrs. Peska Friedman (This is not a parody.) #1044389

    I wouldn’t consider this topic closed just yet, though.

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    Bold text in a post, especially at the end, often indicates that it has been altered by a moderator. In this case, the moderator who directed the words you quote towards Crazybrit left part of the original post up in a manner confusing to new readers.

    “When calamity befalls the Jewish People we ought to say…”

    “Perhaps we should take David Hamelech’s advice…”

    Perhaps. But Hashem did not tell us that calamities would befall

    us for reasons that we would not understand. He did tell us, however, that they would happen as a result of our sins.

    After all, why leave something explainable up to faith,

    especially if there is a lesson that may be learned?

    Now, Rav Miller himself did not publish the book, although

    I assume he did not leave any instruction not to, but he did

    not confine his opinion on the matter to that manuscript.

    I will b’li neder post my understanding of his opinion later.

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    Popa saying that another poster is a member of his family is not what I would consider believable (so if it was true, I wouldn’t say so).

    If you look here, you’ll see that he’s been registered for six years, so he’s probably a lot older than 16, especially judging

    by how he wrote when he started out:

    in reply to: Will you fast this Thursday and Friday? And will you be mashlim Friday? #1045158

    (I should’ve explained this a long time ago…)

    (I must admit that I had help on this one.)

    And therefore no assumptions should be made about my general

    level of knowledge or scholarship based on this post.

    Will you fast this Thursday and Friday?

    They were the sixth and seventh of Cheshvan, on one of which

    (different versions exist – vov and zayin are quite similar…)

    Tzidkiyahu Hamelech’s sons were killed (I think it was in his presence), and then he was blinded. Some people fast on this day, or at least they used to. Also, since the date is uncertain, perhaps they would fast on both days.

    And will you be mashlim Friday?

    In a similar case, the Shaarei Teshuvah says

    not to complete the fast on Friday.

    [For future readers: This was posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.]

    This was so that the Hebrew date of those days could be determined.

    This will also either demonstrate that HTML markup works in titles,or make me look like an idiot.

    I tried to make mashlim italic in the title. I assumed

    that either “mashlim” or “<em>mashlim</em>” would appear on the main page.

    Neither, as it turns out. 🙂

    HTML markup won’t activate in thread titles,

    but it won’t appear in them either.


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    hindy caplan:

    Do you know her, and does she know you?

    Your post doesn’t really make sense otherwise…

    Also, you’re asserting the superiority of your intellect in a post with no capitalization, a run-on sentence, no commas, no apostrophe, and “than” in place of “then.” Ironic, don’t you think?

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    Popa is the badchan here. You should not take anything he says

    seriously unless it is either 1) about halacha or 2) believable and sensible. Otherwise, it is only a joke.

    I don’t think he’s joking here, though.

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    It sounds to me like GumBall’s father smoked for about a week

    due to sudden stress, and GumBall overreacted a little. I think

    we can assume he’s fine.


    Care to specify? I think it’s getting more

    difficult to tell when you’re joking…

    (General note – some people are definitely not reading through the thread, although presumably #poster wants us to answer the original question, without consideration of what motivated it.

    Or maybe she also just wanted to know what happened in the end.)

    in reply to: tti college program #1054441

    People might be better able to advise you if

    you told them what degree you want to get.

    in reply to: What would you like to be when you grow up? #1045056

    I’m surprised that Google has only six unique results for “chililug pill.”

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    The way I know what people are thinking sometimes is

    that it’s obvious from what they’re saying.

    Actually, though, Popa might just not have cared

    if RebYidd really thought the same thing or not.

    (Also, this. )

    in reply to: Westboro baptist church? #1044771

    No, Popa is just sure that RebYidd thinks the same thing he does.

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    The menahel may feel that it is not appropriate for a student to talk back to a rebbi, regardless of circumstance. (It’s certainly not a student’s place to make a judgment about whether a rebbi deserves his position or the respect due one in that position.)

    Whether it is reasonable to expect of a verbally abused

    student not to respond is a different matter. Those who

    “hear their shame but do not answer” are considered to be

    on a high level…

    So, I would say that your son should apologize, assuming he is willing.

    This will get him back into class without further conflict.

    Once that is achieved, if there is a problem with the way the rebbi addresses your son, go ahead and take it up with the menahel,

    but I think it would be best not to mix the two issues

    if possible (or, if you already think of it as one issue, to split it).

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    Same to you. –

    #poster, sorry for the noise. I do have an on-topic response in the works.

    in reply to: Sharrup and gerrororeer! #1044328

    The source is the chapter “Memories of the Old Timers”

    in Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski’s Generation to Generation.

    “Their invectives were “Sharrrrup!” or “Gerrorrorreer!” (get out of here).”

    in reply to: #modern Yeshivish #1050234

    Syag Lchochma:

    Perhaps you should find the part of my post which was

    sarcastic, and see if there’s anything unusual about it.

    Your sarcasm took up four words in an otherwise serious post, and was not indicated in the text in any way. Also, seeing as the post you were talking about was rude, and the poster who posted it presumably was yeshivish (who else would make fun of “modern” people?), the only thing you could have been sarcastic about was his rudeness being a result of his being yeshivish. It took me until about 15 minutes after putting up my own post to think of the possibility.

    in reply to: Westboro baptist church? #1044764


    If we identify Jews with Hashem (“Yisrael v’Oraisa v’Kudsha B’rich Hu chad hu”), then Hashem would not tell someone to hate Him/Jews.


    Little Froggie:

    By “(by siding with our murder[er]s – FOR THAT PURPOSE),” you surely don’t mean the purpose of murdering Jews?


    RebYidd, you beat me to saying something again!

    ( )


    Look, everyone, Voos Epes has declared himself young and (presumably) sheltered. Do you really think you’re going to convince him? (Are you doing this just for fun, seeing as there’s not much going on on the CR?)


    voos epes:

    “Ignorance is bliss,” but it’s ignorance (in Torah, “amaratzus”) all the same. Like they say in Hebrew, “Yosif da’as, yosif mach’ov.” The Kotzker said that we have to increase our da’as, even if this causes us pain.

    Anyway, does Yeshiva Bnai Yoel Satmar teach that quotation marks

    can be used to show that you don’t think of what you’re talking about as real? What about the saying “Ignorance is bliss” – do they teach that?


    P.S. RebYidd23 was asking jokingly if “ignorance is bliss” refers even to “the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’.” (I’m just noting this because it’s been both misunderstood and misattributed.)

    in reply to: #modern Yeshivish #1050232

    Avi K:

    You continue to associate having a job with being on the left…

    Of the things you listed, only “knowledgeable in secular matters” is “modern,” and I think it would matter why he has the knowledge, and exactly which secular matters we’re talking about.

    in reply to: #modern Yeshivish #1050231

    Syag Lchochma: Chochom-ibber – that was a pretty rude post.

    […] You must be yeshivish.

    Yes, your post couldn’t possibly have offended anyone, eh?

    (Should I have assumed

    “totally not fitting in with the more appropriate, thoughtful comments”

    to also reflect your attitude toward yeshivish people?)

    Or am I totally-off base? Was your last sentence sarcastic, and intended as satire of his rudeness? It’s a possibility…


    I think I just found a way to express sarcasm without an emoticon.

    in reply to: Westboro baptist church? #1044736

    eek – 🙂

    in reply to: Noisey floating wicks – advice needed #1044829

    My family uses full cups of oil without water in straight-walled glass cups every Chanukah, with the (non-floating) wicks in metal holders. We have had no trouble.

    (I think Flatbush Mother meant to write that the oil should

    be “pure, not mixed,” not “mixed, not pure.”)

    in reply to: needs help. looking for sem #1184702

    No offense intended, but often a mentor/teacher/rebbe can tell us whether we’re actually doing the right thing(s) or just feel like we are. They can also advise us on what’s best for us in our particular situation, which may not be a question of right or wrong.

    in reply to: #Dating a guy who works a behind the counter job #1044264

    The Goq™:

    He might come in for an hour or two so that the store can

    be open, then go to davening after other workers arrive.


    I think you should re-read the post you’re asking about.

    (And that’s not my name.)

    in reply to: Rav Millers Ten Commandments of Marriage #1044314


    But they’re posters on the CR, and so they can be contacted here

    without even knowing their usernames first. Presumably, what kind

    of person Popa is in real life can be talked about without giving

    away his identity.

    (The original poster seems to have taken the saying about truth in jokes and decided that it means that the jokes a person tells say something true about them, rather than that jokes are based on actual phenomena… I suppose that’s true as well to an extent, but it goes without saying.)

    See what I did there?

    in reply to: People coming in to Bais Medrash with no leining skills #1044284


    His point was that just as people can use computers despite not understanding the text (code) that lies under the surface, so can they learn Gemara despite not understanding the actual text itself, so they don’t need to be able to read it.

    If that didn’t make any sense, it’s because

    he was indeed leg-pulling, as usual.

    in reply to: Chanukah Menorahs #1044209


    First question: Good one! I don’t know.

    Second question: No – some neiros always go out before others, so there is no problem. (Or, if that’s not what you meant, whatever neiros are left will still all be at the same height.)

    in reply to: a divine madness #1044805

    The idea that Hashem’s prophecies don’t absolve our enemies is actually not at all a simple one. See the fifth and sixth chapters of the Rambam’s Hilchos Teshuva, with the Raavad.


    When calamity befalls the Jewish People,

    to what else might it be attributed?


    Please post a source for the concept. Also, do you

    count years starting with the first posuk, and,

    more specifically, which posuk did you quote from?

    in reply to: Couplets, haikus and any short poems by weird people #1209847


    Strictly speaking, it doesn’t contradict itself (is that what you meant?)

    – ask any Kotzker chossid. Thanks for the mental workout.

    in reply to: Shtreimels #1045453

    Synthetic shtreimels are available nowadays for much lower prices than those discussed above, and they are not opposed by gedolim (as far as I know).


    I don’t think halacha includes a maximum amount one

    may spend on one’s wardrobe or any item in it. Generally,

    fancy clothing is spoken about in the context of middos.

    (Also, the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch is not the last word in halocho.)


    Ah, yes, it’s a shame the heilige zachen had to wait

    until so recently for us to take advantage of them.

    You would think Moshe Rabbenu… oh, right! 🙂

    Actually, does anyone know when Yerushalmim started wearing them?

    in reply to: Why Do You Post? #1043493


    Several of my posts have been misconstrued as pointless negativity,

    or so I claim. See here (I had not seen it when I made the post above):


    As with my post here –

    my (edited) post above was not meant as criticism of

    Little Froggie’s Yiddish but for the sake of those who don’t speak Yiddish, as I pointed out with the address. (Of course, potential misunderstandings in hilchos Shabbos are far more important than potential misuse of Yiddish phrases.)

    in reply to: #1043837

    Letakein Girl:

    What makes the ability to affect your emotions a problem?

    (Are any “negative” emotions caused by music, such

    as the example you gave of anger, “real?”)

    Music affects your emotions, and emotions affect your spiritual state. However, those emotional effects are temporary, perhaps even momentary – perhaps the spiritual effects, if any, also are?

    Your personal feelings about non-Jewish singers are arguably admirable [that’s a positive statement 🙂 ], but cannot be used as an explanation of why listening to non-Jewish music is objectively wrong.

    in reply to: Sharrup and gerrororeer! #1044325


    Good! But if you don’t know the source, the third line to you. 🙂

    in reply to: #1043835


    You didn’t answer the questions, so I’ll ask again:

    Even after everything you’ve said (I’ll talk about that too), would you say that even when (according to you) most BY girls have probably listened to non-Jewish music, it says more about a girl than what seminary she went to, which you don’t think should

    matter so much?

    And what was that about “girls who did the right thing looking worse?”

    As for your points about music (I wrote this before LFS posted):

    A. You don’t have to give them money to listen to them on the radio, online, or via illegal downloads (though I don’t know if those are muttar either).

    B. I challenge you to name something else that we don’t take from

    non-Jews so that we don’t come to admire the one who makes it.

    (I’m not sure about that issur. “Lo sitein lahem chein” does mean that you are not allowed to say anything admiring about them, but even this must have limits – the Chachamim used Dama ben Nesina as an example of Kibud Av.)

    C. I think people listen to music for different reasons, and non-Jewish music is generally better suited to those listening for some reasons. (This has to do with the “system” that produces the music, and in fact, the non-Jewish music that comes from the same type of system that most Jewish music does is also not well-suited to those listeners.)

    Also, some types of music in fact don’t really exist in the Jewish music world, or there’s not nearly as large a variety of them as there is in the non-Jewish world.

    in reply to: #1043834

    lookingforsem (We’ll assume for a moment that you’re not trolling):

    Before we talk about music, I want to make it clear that I was quoting Healthcrazy before, not giving my own opinion. Now:

    You did a pretty good job of countering Healthcrazy’s points there, actually. You’ve clearly given the subject thought.

    So, you say:

    1) “i happen to listen to it bc i feel like its the norm”

    2 “i personally dont understand y people DONT listen to not jewish music!!?! and most frum girls i kw listen to not jewish music bc where in the torah does it say not to listen to not jewish music?”

    3) “not listen to not jewish music which is not required by the torah”

    4) “and this is another reason y i listen to not jewish music”

    which probably referred to “There is no such thing as Jewish music that is not influenced by Non Jewish music.”

    (Those last two were in my “Dilemma…” thread.)

    5) “their just isnt enough […] jewish music so when i get bored of [it] i listen to not jewish music”

    We can talk about whether it’s right in the other thread.

    Here, I just want to ask a few questions.

    1) You and the girls you know – do your parents also

    listen to non-Jewish music? What about your brothers?

    2) Do you really think that the average girl who’d describe herself as “super yeshivish” or “a very good yeshivish girl”

    thinks this way about this subject?

    (Maybe this has something to do with you being from out-of-town.)

    They don’t where I come from, and I don’t think the girls in the very yeshivish/academic sems do either. You might not fit in there, as at least one person has already pointed out.

    in reply to: BJJ class of 2033 #1043451
    in reply to: #Dating a guy who works a behind the counter job #1044258

    Sorry for the delay, Goq™. I meant that he

    might not have davened before coming to work.

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