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    Sigh. I said

    (not necessarily all the members of each Shevet)

    to make clear that this was not an absolute statement.

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    You ask two questions.

    One: We would live differently if we knew we were going to die. Why, then, do we not live differently, given that we could die anytime?

    Two: Why are we not in constant fear of death?

    Constant fear of death would be too taxing – we therefore (subconsciously) prefer not to believe we will die (answer to Q2).

    Once we do not believe we will die, there is no need to act differently (answer to Q1).

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    Yes, I know. The fall was on Simchas Torah, and he was niftar the following Tish’ah b’Av. (Right?)

    Actually, is that story historic?

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    I think I read/heard from Rav Avigdor Miller that there’s a guarantee that no Shevet will ever go out of existence.

    The Gemara says (Megillah 14B) that Yirmiya haNavi brought back the Shevatim before the destruction of the First Bais haMikdash (not necessarily all the members of each Shevet).

    The story of the Baal Akdamos crossing the Sambatyon is apparently a legend – according to the story he could not return,

    that not being pikuach nefesh, but he is known to be buried… I forgot where. A known location. So says Hamodia Magazine.

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    Sam2: I thought the legend of the Chozeh’s death was that he was somehow thrown from a window while attempting to hasten the coming of Moshiach, not that he was upset about another tzaddik being killed and jumped.

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    Sam2: I was referring to DaMoshe’s direct reference, not assuming

    that HaLeivi’s mention of exorcists could only have been inspired by the film.

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    He’s trolling, as far as I can tell.

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    What was the title of this thread again?

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    Sam2: That’s nice, but I’m not a boki in Moed Katan!

    LittleFroggie: I’ve found one attribution to the Chofetz Chaim with Google, and about ten for R’ Yisrael Salanter. (This time I included Chofetz Chaim in the search terms.)

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    If they’re creating a thread virtually identical to their own thread from yesterday, or maybe even the day before,

    I think we can draw the line there.

    Perhaps an “old thread” should be defined by a certain amount of time having passed since anyone posted in it, or by which page of the Coffee Room one must go to to find it.

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    Is that a question? My name was created in tribute to Jon Schweppe’s online handle and the comics character Fantomex

    (this was a loooooong time ago). I think it serves me well, and

    I enjoy both the American and British meanings of “random.”

    in reply to: Does anyone have information about a good exorcist #1031458

    Well, that just had to happen, didn’t it. 🙂

    Disclaimer: I have not seen that film, and even if you did, you

    probably should not acknowledge the fact.

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    HaLeivi, please quote that Noam Elimelech, or at least post the location – I own one.

    A Google search brings up a good number of variations on this quote. As I expected, none are attributed to anyone other than R’ Yisrael.

    Lich’oira, influence moves a person’s nekudas habechirah. Thus, the effect of a certain influence might be that a person will not consider a particular choice, though he is still a free agent. Anyone?

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    Mazel tov, mazel tov, chosson kallah mazel tov…

    Does anyone else here think we did NOT need a Jewish version of the Gummi Bear song?!

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    Welcome to the Coffee Room!

    (Ignore “popa_bar_abba”‘s words, unless you find him funny – he’s not serious too often.)

    Here are my two cents (it sounds like you’re a first-time mother):

    1c) Go easy on cleaning – don’t do anything not absolutely necessary – and cooking – keep it simple.

    2c) Get as much rest as you can. “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” and

    consider getting someone to take care of the baby for an hour or two during the day so you can nap.

    Oh. I just realized Derech Hamelech pretty much said the same thing. Consider this an affirmation.


    Okay, seriously, DaasYochid? A kimpeturin says she is overworked and has no time to relax, and you tell her to be sure

    to let her husband know how much she appreciates him,

    and that this will make her feel better?

    (I see no indication in her post that she feels unappreciated…)

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    Rails: My sister was there last year – post your question and I’ll ask her.

    in reply to: What is wrong with me?? #1031426

    Each time you skip, ask yourself: “Will I always want to skip this song?” If the answer is usually yes, delete that song next time you get the chance (practical version of RebYidd23).

    If the answer is usually no, you might want to create playlists

    to fit specific moods or purposes.

    And what’s this discussion of sharing? Isn’t that assur/illegal?

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    if the mazal tov is for you then a girl should answer brucha tehai and a man would answer boruch tihiye.

    Actually, whatever your gender, you should answer “brucha tehai”

    TO a female and “boruch tihyeh” TO a male.(Yes, I know. Probably.)

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    Does anyone remember when a certain rabbi published an article about how George W. Bush was Gog?

    By the way, Gog will be the leader of Magog – the war is not “Gog vs. Magog.”

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    Sorry it took me so long to respond, PAA, but the word “b’kolah” in the posuk refers to Sarah’s greater level of nevuah, according to Medrashim quoted by Rashi.

    in reply to: Do people with Ruach HaKodesh exist today? #1031146


    As far as I can remember, I haven’t had a nevuah during the last 9 years.

    So, uh, what about the years before that (assuming you’re not nine years old)?

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    It is certainly interesting to note that we have a situation where Hamas can claim their rockets are a joke.


    PAA, many things are not explicit in pesukim.

    (Someone’s got to be the straight man…)

    in reply to: What are the Signs that Moshiach's arrival is imminent? #1031073

    The Chofetz Chaim was niftar 81 years ago. Clearly, ikv’sa d’M’shicha is not a short period, and who knows how long it may last?

    It is more important that we want him to come than that we know when he will be coming.

    in reply to: When people replace truth with "spirituality"… #1030400

    “Clipped and saved.” Thank you, choice.

    in reply to: Has anyone heard of this supposed quotation? #1030340


    B’ikkar, he holds that our enemies were empowered by our attempted violation of the three shavuos.

    What specific actions? The boycott? Immigration to Eretz Yisrael?

    in reply to: Isis vs. klal yisrael #1030376

    Sam2, do you mean 000646 or someone else? Either way, why hasn’t he been banned/blocked? Or is that not forum policy?


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    000646 seems to be of the opinion that much of what we do does not actually emerge from our sources, but that we interpret our sources according to current external standards of behavior.

    I am not sure that view can be countenanced in Judaism.

    Our system is self-regulatory to ensure that the rules are applied as will be most beneficial in a given situation.

    Example: When murder became more common, we ceased to judge capital cases.

    (Some of the rules are not meant to be practiced, but to teach their lessons. Where circumstances will cause these rules to be put into wide practice, we stop applying those rules.)

    Essential idea from an article by R’ Moshe Grylak, explaining why secular Israelis need not fear a full chareidi government of Israel (killing them for their sins).


    I must note that “coffee addict” claimed to be disingenuous in

    his/her original question, meaning that he/she did not mean it sincerely. Take that how you will. Has that also been the case with others in this thread?

    in reply to: Isis vs. klal yisrael #1030349

    Is that so? ISIS gives everyone a choice of becoming a tributary, leaving, or facing battle? That’s not the impression I’d gotten.

    In the original conquest of Eretz Yisrael, led by Yehoshua bin Nun,

    we were commanded NOT to give anyone choices, but to wipe them out.

    ISIS intends to conquer areas and impose their own law on them, not

    to entirely destroy the native populations and replace them.

    in reply to: Is the Devorah Weiner who was recently nifteres the author? #1030289


    in reply to: Has anyone heard of this supposed quotation? #1030328

    yerushalmi in exile:

    DaMoshe said:

    Satmar needs to remember that Reb Yoilish himself was saved by a Zionist. Show some hakaras hatov!

    To which you responded:

    If someone was saved by a priest or nun, do you think he should become a Catholic for hakaras hatov?

    Do you always completely misrepresent what other people said when

    you respond to them? It’s an annoying thing to do and makes you look stupid.

    Things like refraining from blaming a group for the deaths of millions of Jews is hardly becoming a member of said group.

    I don’t like the idea that Zionism and Catholicism are comparable, either. (Please don’t respond to that point. Becoming a Zionist is undeniably very different in halachah from becoming a Catholic. )

    [Drafted before writersoul posted. Not about to waste it.]

    DaMoshe: This week’s Mispacha featured a letter with an account of a dream in which Dr. Theodore Fisher’s mother appeared to him and told him that the transport would not be successful unless the Satmar Rebbe was on it. He arranged with those in charge of the transport for it to include the Rebbe.

    The letter ends with a quote to the effect that it was the Rebbe who saved the Zionists. (Just throwing it out there – this is obviously not historically establishable fact, but hey, we’re used to that.)


    Okay, having thought about it, they do mean to blame the Zionists for the War (including, presumably, the Holocaust) – but “starting” and “causing” a war are different things, and “ongehoiben” means started, not caused, throwing me off because I was getting angry about this guy accusing Satmar of saying the Zionists started the war. A boycott doesn’t constitute starting a war. I’ve changed my comment to read .

    So the theory now becomes as follows:

    1. The Zionists antagonised Hitler with their boycott.

    2. This caused Hitler to plan the Holocaust and start World War II to execute it in an attempt to revenge himself on the Jews.

    3. The boycott was an act of war against Germany, a violation of the 3 Shevuos – therefore Hitler was enabled by Hashem to kill many Jews.

    You know what? That’s pretty much nuts.

    While there is a report of Hitler being angered by the boycott,

    1. Hitler had previously hated Jews – this is obvious.

    2. Hitler had previously wanted to expand Germany, and it is very shver to say that Hitler’s motivation for the war was to kill Jews (though that would seem to have been Hashem’s reason for the war).

    3. It’s hard to conceive of a boycott as an act of war – also,

    there’s Reb Moshe to consider here – see above in thread.

    4. The boycott can hardly be blamed exclusively or possibly even specifically on Zionists. See the “Anti-Nazi boycott of 1933” article on Wikipedia.

    So what’s up with this nonsense they’re teaching their kids?

    (Please don’t tell me the Rebbe taught this. He certainly didn’t teach, as a Satmar newspaper recently printed, that all of Israel’s wars have been preventable.)

    in reply to: Has anyone heard of this supposed quotation? #1030324

    PAA: Yes, you should trust my translation over the “official” subtitles. I’ll repost my comment from YouTube here

    (line breaks get messed up due to line size differences):


    I didn’t see the subtitles when I first watched this and then wrote up my own translation, but now that I have, it’s more important to me. You see, the subtitled translation is often false – as an example, it starts with “The cursed Zionists” when the only word actually spoken is “They.” Likewise, the kid NEVER SAYS that Hitler blamed the Zionists for the war – it’s a whole-cloth invention of the subtitler. The guy must figure Yiddish-speakers aren’t going to be watching,

    because the falsehood is obvious (his username Shekker actually means “falsehood”). So, here’s my own close to exact translation (he’s just a kid, and he has problems with his delivery of this speech someone else obviously wrote):

    “They [the Israeli government] declared a decree – “draft of the bnei yeshivah.”

    They want to drag all the bochurim into the military,

    which/as everyone knows [starts stumbling],

    they have previously made decrees.

    They have already made many decrees…

    [??] until now, they have made a decree

    that all bochurim must enter the military

    and no bochur may remain in yeshivah learning.

    Every bochur must take a gun in his hand and

    go to war against the Arabs, by which they transgress

    the three oaths which Hashem has sworn us to,

    about which oaths the Almighty said that if we will not

    obey these oaths, he will let the non-Jews

    kill us like deer of the field.

    The Zionists started the Second World War – [ed: he’s mis-speaking],

    it is interesting that Hitler then said the same words.

    The Zionists {made a boycott against*} the Arabs [corrects himself]-Germany,

    and then Hitler said that he would kill the Jews like deer of the field.

    [ed: I couldn’t find that on Google. Anyone know of a source, or is it made-up?]

    Then was fulfilled what Hashem had said, that when the Jews would

    wage war with the non-Jews, they would kill us, and so indeed it occurred,

    and much Jewish blood has already been spilled over this.

    May the Creator help that the State [of Israel] should go under already,

    and Moshiach should come already, ‘quickly in our days, amen.'”

    If it’s not in this comment, it wasn’t in the video – ask any Yiddish-speaker to confirm.?

    *Literally: “The Zionists started, The Zionists made a thing, that no one was allowed to do business with”?

    in reply to: Has anyone heard of this supposed quotation? #1030319

    Yes, I’m the editor presuming the mistake. The speech was given by a young boy who pretty obviously didn’t write it and had issues with his delivery. Search Google or YouTube for “Satmar Camp in NY”

    and watch it – you’ll see what I mean.

    By the way, does anyone know if Satmar holds that joining the IDF

    violates these shevuos? I haven’t heard of anyone else opposing it for that reason, and they are a self-defense force…

    P.S. Yes, I was talking about Hitler using the “deer of the field” metaphor – I was aware of the Gemara and of Hitler’s anger at the Jewish boycott of Germany.

    in reply to: Is Rabbi Yaakov Hillel a mekubal? #1220980

    Yes, he’s a mekubal.

    in reply to: ??? ???? ?? ???? – For women only! #1029322

    <OK Sidi, Does this meet your approval?>

    Is this some kind of game, bumping random old threads? Come on…

    in reply to: Machshava #1029297

    I think “I think, therefore I am” was Descartes’ proof of his own existence – he had to be there if he could contemplate the question. I don’t see why that would be assur, Sam2.

    in reply to: Hearing me #1026873

    I think I remember reading in Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen’s sefer on the subject that one should not sing during the Nine Days (except on Shabbos).

    As far as listening to your own recorded singing, why would that be any different than listening to other people’s? And yes, rabbanim have written that one should not listen even to unaccompanied singing.

    Hey, if your songs have original lyrics (that is, you wrote them), would you be willing to post them?

    in reply to: Saddest Moving Cantata #1026853

    There should be a rule about bumping 3/4-year-old threads.

    in reply to: Famous Personalities who are Jewish #1027172

    The following musicians you have likely never heard of are Jewish (whether my source followed halacha, I don’t know…):

    Alex Skolnick

    Ben Weinman

    Eric Bloom

    Donald Brian “Buck Dharma” Roeser

    Joey Kramer

    Leslie West

    Steven Adler

    Jay Jay French

    Adam Dutkiewicz

    David Draiman

    David Lee Roth

    Evan Seinfeld

    Geddy Lee

    Jordan Rudess

    Gene Simmons (okay, you might have heard of him)

    Paul Stanley

    Marty Friedman

    Mike Portnoy

    Scott Ian (Rosenfeld)

    Tracy “Tracii Guns” Richard Irving Ulrich

    Dee Snider

    in reply to: acapella in the 9 days #1026866

    Hey, Sam2!

    The rules set up by chazal were to help us feel the loss, not to give us […] exercise to circumvent the halachah.

    I don’t think you can argue with that statement. Can you find a Rav who would disagree with that?

    Suppose we could find something that had the effect of music on people, but would not be halachically considered music, would it not be inappropriate? Is the reason really irrelevant?

    (Is it the cheftza, or the gavra?)

    Inappropriate might not mean assur, but it’s something, and that’s something people care about.

    Also, I really don’t think this was meant as a personal attack on the OP, just a lament about how people think and feel nowadays.


    NLNSH, your title was “a cappella in the 9 days” – did you mean the Three Weeks? As far as there being no clear-cut answers, several rabbanim have spoken negatively about it, though there may be no p’sak that it is an issur gamur. I salute you, though. 🙂

    in reply to: Just testing the various “allowed markup”s ☑️❎🆙 #1212863

    Having looked up the Aeolian harp, I understand. (I had assumed it was simply a harp tuned to the Aeolian mode.)

    in reply to: Good CR Quotes #1117086

    Good quotes are hard to come by. How about funny quotes, whether intentional or not? Like this one:

    The Zohar says that many who escaped the destruction of the Tower of Babel did so by

    relocating to Inner Earth. Inner Earth has long been said to be the domain of the fallen

    angels and the Nefilim mentioned in Genesis 6. Inner Earth is said to also be the domain of

    many animals which we have long considered to be mythological, such as the unicorn, the

    phoenix, the minotaur, centaur and dragon (ref. Hesed L’Avraham 2:4).

    Edit: OK, turns out this was quoted (although quoted seriously)

    from an article, written seriously, by… someone. You can Google the text. (Actually, I’d heard of him before, and actually listened to one of his lectures!) The article presumably goes on to posit that Gan Eden is located inside the Earth, which you in fact should not dismiss before reading “Mysteries of Creation”, a sefer by Rabbi Dovid Brown, which is quite interesting.

    in reply to: No mourning this year? #1024914

    I wouldn’t get too excited. The Chofetz Chaim said it was Ikvesa d’Meshicha, and he was niftar in ’33. Now it’s ’14.

    guardmytongue: Even if a legal setback for a rasha counts as a miracle, have they not been happening since bri’as ha’olam?

    in reply to: Just testing the various “allowed markup”s ☑️❎🆙 #1212861

    Gamanit: One post demonstrates my HTML ignorance, the other demonstrates a little knowledge about code formatting and the ability to analyze HaLeivi’s “<a href="http://ww...">click Here</a>.”


    You can google HTML escape code.

    I’m not sure who or what you were responding to, but that would

    require you to know the meaning of “escape” in relation to code, which I’d assume the average user does not.

    BTW, shouldn’t your subtitle read “Aeolian harp by ear”?

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    Well, there are a lot of babies here, and many babysitters too.

    As the Baal haTanya said to the innkeeper, “Don’t you think the RS”O can take care of one more”?

    Also, I don’t think “borninthebronx” is correct about non-“black-hatters” not fitting in. It depends on neighborhood, I think.

    in reply to: No mourning this year? #1024911

    Really, 29?!

    Yes, really. My achrayus is to concern myself with both the words spoken, and how they can be interpreted by people on a public website.

    in reply to: PAA's not-always-in-context Coffee Room Report Card Comments #1156498

    One question: How many of those quotes came from the “rant about b’iyun” thread?

    in reply to: the shidduch system #1203088

    My father wears an up hat because he doesn’t look good in a down hat. However, this

    Because he has always worn it, because his family is sort of heimish and isn’t thrilled with the idea of changing his hat just because some girls are superficial.

    doesn’t seem to make sense: If his father wears an up hat, it’s normal for him; but if he doesn’t, why does his son? And why resist changing it?

    in reply to: the shidduch system #1203087


    Wiktionary definitions for typical:

    1 Capturing the overall sense of a thing.

    2 Characteristically representing something by form, group, idea or type.

    3 Normal, average; to be expected.

    So, typical can, but does not necessarily, mean”typical of something.

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    ???? ?? ???: ???? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???

    “Acquire a friend for yourself” – Some explain this to mean sefarim

    and some to mean a friend, literally.

    in reply to: The Laboratory II – Try Your HTML & ASCII Art Experiments Here #1054210

    Edited: yours came up as “bumped&trade”.

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