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    I actually wrote that before. I knew you wouldn’t believe me.

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    I read somewhere (online) not to believe anything you read online. It don’t believe that.

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    Golem… Such an appropriate name!

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    Mekabel?? Is that a Mod or YW employee? I don’t recall seeing that name here..

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    a mamin: how do you do your guests? Cooked or fried?

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    Be careful. There were two tanaim that asked this question. Did not fare them well. (somewhere in kidushin-rashi too)

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    And I am the Editor!

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    Att: “make your post shorter -73”

    Do you know where I too can order such a stamp (or sign)? Maybe I’d use it in shule, when the chazzan goes off…, y’know “make your post shorter – Golem”. Same with the gabbai – mi sheberachs…

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    Not really amusing, but I got a tzedakah letter claiming the father had three fatal heart attacks. I kid you not.

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    I’m looking to hire ladies, just recently fired. (hold it, did you donate yet?)

    in reply to: Israeli flag flown at Ponavez? Why? #945216

    Silly people. It’s connected to a generator – wind operated. That’s all.

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    Of course I exist. Arnold Fine said (says?) so.

    in reply to: Dikduk that drives me crazy #946414

    Sure. In my dikduk class we learned about Paul Bunyan.

    OK poel & binyan)

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    Oh no. Not one of my books will get tossed. Take a look what happened to just the preface to Vol. 1, it had the whole place here (hear, hair, hare) on wheels (“Can a Golem Speak”).

    No, no – it’s going to be a bestseller. My (worthless) word.

    in reply to: BUMP #945931

    They already paskend you can only bump where it’s the norm (i.e. NYC.)

    we need a DEfender here

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    Much, much too many.

    And as I’ve noted elsewhere there’s these few more to add

    The Golem Speaks Vol I

    The Golem Speaks Vol II

    The Golem Speaks Vol III

    Echoes of the Golem

    In the Footsteps of the Golem

    Reflections of the Golem

    Will keep you posted…

    in reply to: The Size of Man #944968

    size of man? generally shorter than Golem.

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    so many people know me?!?

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #945074

    Uh, Nu?

    (if a golem could speak, it would translate to “hello, how’s everything?”)

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    What is my shoresh neshamah?

    in reply to: Where is Shnitzy? #946204

    Oooh. I’m so sorry it took you three days to analyze my response.

    You b’kitzur wanted to know what I was talking about? (oy vey, imagine have such troubling thoughts, three days straight!!)

    ok, I’ll try (again, it’s like explaining a joke)

    I was playing on NG’s comment. That’s all. meant no harm.


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    pba, no, according to some it’s only a dream. Hyper-theoretically (or whatever that fancy word is). If I were, those seven ways. I’m sure that’s why they say the mishna starts of with golem, but then switches to chacham, and ends with “and the opposite a golem”. I’m sure they say ’cause maybe there isn’t such a thing. no?

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    in reply to: Why I Hate Yom Ha'atma'ut #944342


    with all due respect, don’t you think Hashem’s holidays and chazal’s commemorations are on a different level than these ??? ??? ???? ?

    in reply to: What should I do instead of lurking here? #944723

    ICOT, Sorry, I’m not a ‘someone’, just an unfinished golem. So of course you’re not sure. Maybe if you study the seven ways how to become one… (oops, there goes my secret..)

    in reply to: How Was Vashti Killed? #944363

    Haleivi, the Undo concept was a recent invention, patented by Windows.

    in reply to: What should I do instead of lurking here? #944720

    ICOT, how do I respond to that? “Sorry I wished..??”

    But at least I added the suggestion to smile (pending medical clearance, of course)

    in reply to: How Was Vashti Killed? #944357

    I don’t have seforim here, if I recall, megillah only states “ashem lo savo vashti”, she was baninshed. Rashi says “lefikach neherga”, therefore she was killed. Again I’m speaking off my hat, could be I’m wrong. (I am the …)

    in reply to: A"T BAS"H and 5 Iyar #1066509

    And I’m just saying that if the Rabbanim Geonim who instituted this great Yom Tov would have known how much animosity and rift it causes between klal yisroel… they might have held back.

    ?? ???? ?????

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    Oh, I do hope you get better before I put out my books The Golem Speaks Vol. I, II, III, Echoes of the Golem, In the Footsteps of the Golem, Around the Golem’s Table…

    in reply to: What should I do instead of lurking here? #944715


    What a golem I was!!

    I forgot to wish you a refuah shlaimah, b’karov!!

    Feel good. Smile too, it can’t hurt (unless some medical complication r’l interacts negatively to your smiling)

    in reply to: What should I do instead of lurking here? #944713

    Maybe get (or create) a golem. He cannot speak back at you. (trust me)

    in reply to: Unofficial Official Coffee Room Rules #943680

    And that means… (talmud lomar..)

    in reply to: Let's Talk About #943546

    We have spoken, we have made our stance very clear on this very pressing matter.


    in reply to: Copenhagen Conference #1060818

    As their official spokesgolem, I’m glad to report, there has been an reversal of direction. Our council of climate control has agreed that there is enough ice in the farrukte corners of this planet, so that we can resume the normal season changes. We will allow for a spring and summer season, this year. Of course, we will be closely monitoring the rising CO2e levels of the planet, CFCs and any other unidentifiable substances in our atmosphere.

    Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.

    in reply to: Why daf yomi #943437

    If you daven more, then you get a better head. So you could still cram in two hours’ worth into one. (Torasan mishtameres…) But then again, if you’re learning you’re not davening, so you don’t get that benefit.

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #945033

    What a golem I am, to have started this whole controversial thread… by speaking (oh, do I exist?)

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #945007

    old man: Exactly as you wrote, the great people actually CREATED a GOLEM using combinations of Shem Hashem. No sleep, no dream. A real live kicking (not talking) human form. Kindly read what you wrote.

    “Even for the believers..” – Truly, truly, I believe in everything Torah says. Includes Torah sheb’al peh.

    (And why would you be fighting a golem? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ????)

    in reply to: [closed] NOT #943090

    not a good idea to get into their cross-hears

    in reply to: Where is Shnitzy? #946201


    1)be careful! to enter into another’s conversation is to be a Gxlxm (really?!?)

    2)What I am talking about? Read the other thread if a Golem can talk.

    3)then read the “Boruch dayan emes” one.

    4)then realize I’m just picking on NG’s spelling. (We ALL fall in at some time. Your hare me?)

    5)we all need you – ???? ?????!!

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #945002

    tzaddiq: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #945000

    Sam2: You’re right, not documented, recorded. There’s a reason for that, if I may. One who is indeed capable of creating one, would not trumpet his greatness. ?????? ????. And yes Nitpiker, I’m aware of that controversy. But it neither adds nor detracts from the great stature and holiness of the Maharal. His many seforim testify to his vast greatness.

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #944997

    I’ve no idea what the old man is writing. What Rashi?!?

    Can one just laugh at sugya like that. Chayav – no, it was really patur, only in a dream it appears chayav.

    Gemarah repeats a few times where tzadikim would create a creature on erev shabbos lkovod shabbos. (by holy forces, intoning the names of Hashem) Sure, one might laugh, a dream, they thought they were learning and creating, they dreamed they were eating and enjoying. Sure. And the gemarah sees fit to record their fantasies for posterity.

    in reply to: Can a Golem Speak? #944992

    Old man: ?? ????? ???? ????. There were plenty of reported instances (of real ones)

    Me? maybe I’m a Golem d’Rabbanan. (????????? ?????). Only a d’rabanan because it comes from a limud, ???? ?? ??? ???? ???. (really?)

    in reply to: Good Forwards (Emails) #1059629

    Shticky Guy – VG

    I would add – Only where APPlicable.

    in reply to: Where is Shnitzy? #946199

    I didn’t either go on hear. (Actually, to be a bit serious, solemn, according to those in the know, one poster – obviously a favorite of many – is no longer among the living, scary thouoght)

    But I am hear now. Actually I speaks..

    in reply to: Rosh Chodesh April Nidche #942913

    What is far fetched? The beard or the thumb?

    (whoops… seems that I forgot to preface my piece, to indicate it was solely an attempt at humor.. I thought my s/n would suffice.. What a golem I must be to have thought so..)

    in reply to: How many times did you take the road test? #942817

    I passed b”h on my first try. The second one, however…

    in reply to: Tzitzis in or Tzitzis out? #984349

    Rabbi Perfect- Why are you thanking him?

    in reply to: Rosh Chodesh April Nidche #942910

    Since it’s “tzarich talmud”, I’ll explain.

    (It’s almost like explaining a joke)

    “Rosh Chodesh” means the first of the month (generally speaking Jewish ones). First of April is known as April First, fool day. Since it came on Yom Tov, we hadn’t an opportunity to observe it properly.

    I suppose the character in the CR known as Popa (who is obviously adept at fooling people, pulling their bluff) has a field day, a “Chagiga” on that day.

    This “shtikel” should be learned (and chazered) with an upside-down thumb motion, beard (if any) in the other hand (talmud-like)

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