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    My son is a lefty. The only problem he ever had was trying to play the violin. All of them are made for righties (with the chin piece on the left). So instead he learned the clarinet. That should be the worst. His safrus is amazingly gorgeous.

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    To quote a Rav I heard a while ago, “Some people have 613 problems”.

    At any rate, we love our kosher lamps. Use them all week.

    in reply to: Tipping goyim before the chugga #720420

    Any idea on the proper amount to tip a schoolbus driver? I was thinking of taping a $10 bill to a large chocolate bar but maybe that’s too cheap. (there are no other kids at our bus stop to split it with).

    in reply to: If You Could Be ANYONE For One Day,Who Would It Be? #720726

    Myself! If Hashem chose me to be me, then who am I to (want to)choose otherwise?

    in reply to: North Dakota – For SJS and others #717025

    I think they may have (had) a shchitah out there of geese. Not sure which city, though.

    in reply to: Naming A Child After Someone With Weird Name #1121114

    Henchie …. Henchele…. di host gezehn mein henchkes? Just kidding. I think the name is kinda cute.

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    The easiest way is to put them into a closed container filled with amonia and leave them covered overnight. The black stuck-on soot falls right off without any scrubbing at all. The only downside is the smell. Reeks to high heavens. (but works like a charm.)

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    Whether the weather is cold

    Or whether the weather is hot

    We’ll whether the weather

    Whatever the weather

    Whether we like it or not!

    in reply to: Things Kids Said/Did #1185139

    My 5 year old daughter always loves to share her “song of the week” with me, usually having to do with the parsha or upcoming Yom Tov. A few months ago, about a week after Chanukah she came home crying. I asked her why she was crying. She told me that she cannot share her “song of the week” with me that week because it’s assur to say Mommy’s name, and the song was about me (Mommy). I told her that the song was most likely about Sarah Imeinu, and not about me, and that she should go ahead and sing it to me. She brightened, and having received my permission to sing a song with “my” name in it proceeded to sing all about “Asara B’Teves”!!!!!

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    Smadar & Chefzibah: Classmates

    Yishai: Two friends married two Yishais

    Machlah: Lives right here in town

    Osnat: My niece

    Deuel (one of the nesiim): Friend’s son

    Matthew (Matisyahu): my nephew

    Genendel: Daughter’s friend’s sister

    Emanuel: Co-worker

    Yachet: Relative’s middle name

    in reply to: Relocating #671622

    West Hartford is not far from Waterbury, and they have a Mikvah. Most mikvah locations can be found at

    in reply to: Yeshiva Delay – Children Sitting Bored For Week At Home #657131

    ICOT: Have you ever considered writing books? The least you should do is submit to newspapers/periodicals/magazines. I’ll be your first customer! You’ve got amazing talent that should be shared with the world at large. (not just Yeshiva World).

    in reply to: Yeshiva Delay – Children Sitting Bored For Week At Home #657094



    ps cute address. especially the zipcode.

    in reply to: Yeshiva Delay – Children Sitting Bored For Week At Home #657088

    ICOT: I don’t see where I gave any personal info. Having gone through such a nisayon I came across several boys in the exact same situation. (According to some Rabbonim the number of boys without a yeshiva is in the hundreds! at least.) Many of them end up in Yerushalayim. On second thought, though, you’re right. ‘B”H we found a yeshiva’ would have been sufficient. I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.

    in reply to: Do Kids Need Electronic Gadgets? #658793

    I let my daughter get a nintendo DS never dreaming how addictive it would be. She could play 8 hours straight if I let her. Once school starts I’m limiting her to half an hour a night and then taking it away. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable.

    in reply to: Yeshiva Delay – Children Sitting Bored For Week At Home #657081

    ICOT: I’m so touched that you remembered the trouble I went through looking for a yeshiva last year. Baruch Hashem, after several MONTHS of searching…. he finally found his place in an excellent yeshiva in Yerushalayim. (chassidish levush… litvish havara…and most important: ehrliche yidden with midos tovos.). We think we found this yeshiva for him but, in actuality Hashem found it for him. No different from looking for a shidduch, I think. You just have to be patient until the right one comes along. And have Bitachon in Hashem.

    in reply to: Yeshiva Delay – Children Sitting Bored For Week At Home #657075

    Why can’t all yeshivos follow the same schedule as my boy’s yeshiva…. START WITHIN A DAY OR TWO OF ROSH CHODESH ELUL!!! no matter when Labor Day falls out. (Actually I thought that was what they all did until I read this topic). The English studies start on Sept. 8th. So until the 8th they come home an hour or two early and there is no transportation but hey…. there’s no bitul Torah either.

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    in reply to: The Weather #655517

    Probably Spring Valley. (10977)

    in reply to: Airport Security and Religous Jews #710893

    I also once got caught with a piece of fruit (a pear). I begged them to just throw it out and let me get on with my life but NO….. they made me wait on the side for almost TWO HOURS until they let me go. I told you Hashem loves me 🙂

    in reply to: The Weather #655420

    noitallmr: the first weather is a verb. To weather means to “bear up against” or “survive” (as per ms. Webster).

    The second weather is a noun. (the state of the atmosphere).

    We’ll weather the weather. We’ll survive and triumph against the atmospheric conditions, no matter what they be.!

    in reply to: Airport Security and Religous Jews #710891

    My luck! A few years ago there was this sniffing dog (one of those long dachsund types wearing a sweater that read dept. of agri. & something else about illegal drugs) that was sniffing through eveyones luggage and came to a halt by none other than MY luggage! You could just plotz. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up as everyone was staring at me with these “We know you’re hiding drugs” looks. The officer was this big, burly… “you don’t want to tangle with me” type of guy. It took forever to convince him (after he went through everything that I owned) that it must have been the apples that had been in my bag before the trip. Apparently, there was still a slight scent of apples in the bag.

    If embarrassment is a kapparah… then Hashem must really love me 🙂

    in reply to: The Weather #655417

    a cute limerick:

    Whether the weather is hot

    Or whether the weather is cold

    We’ll weather the weather

    Whatever the weather

    Whether we like it or not!

    in reply to: Kupat Ha’ir- Miracles??? #627540

    Aren’t there halachos involved in the priority of whom to give tzedaka first? Aren’t aniyei iricho kodmim? (the poor of your own city take precedence).

    in reply to: Please Share Recommendations For Children’s Fiction #670088

    For boys: The Cheery Bim Band Series.

    For girls: The Bakers Dozen Series.

    Also: Chaim Walder’s Kids speak books as well as Rabbi Juravel’s books.

    in reply to: Television: A Cry of Anguish and Appeal to Our Jewish Brethren 📺 #1192855

    If TV is a free ticket to Gehinnom then kal v’chomer the internet!!!

    in reply to: Jews Owning Dogs? #1012992

    If it’s wrong to own a dog then why are there all these halachos about feeding your animals first… and not petting them on Shabbos (muktzah)…. etc. etc.? I don’t think it’s assur. It’s just not the norm.

    My kids went to visit at the home of a very frum Teimani this past Shabbos and were shocked to see that he owned a HUGE German Shepard. They were even more shocked to see that the dog understood everything he was told to do… sit…beg… etc. I thought it was quite amusing.

    in reply to: Why Yidden are the BEST! #1166374

    I think you are all comparing apples with oranges!

    in reply to: The Yetzer Hara of Bitul Zman – Online – Internet Addiction? #1076979

    BYM: Where is Sha’ar Hatorah? Who runs it?

    Joseph: That just may be the answer!

    in reply to: The Yetzer Hara of Bitul Zman – Online – Internet Addiction? #1076974

    Joseph: I’m so impressed that you remembered my random question!!!!! It’s very heartwarming to see that another Yid actually listens and cares. I’m sorry it took so long to reply. I’ve been refreshingly away from the computer for a while.

    Unfortunately we are still stuck in the same situation with no progress (yet!). Perhaps I should have been more specific that #1: we are looking for a Yeshiva Gedolah (not mesivta) and #2: If we’re talking Brooklyn, we’re talking a place that has dorm facilities. The few “combination” yeshivas that we found (like Veyelipol… Tal Torah… Noveminsk) were on too high a level. The other yeshivas that we looked into were either too litvish or too chassidish or too modernish…Ideally we prefer a small yeshiva. He still needs a bit of hadracha. When yeshivas hear that he is at home and not learning anywhere they immediatly assume that something is wrong and turn us away. There is nothing wrong with him. He’s the type of boy that any yeshiva would be proud of. His middos are exceptional. The only problem is that he is not a straight A student and will probably need a tutor. Does that pasul him? We are very quiet people and don’t have any “protectzia” anywhere. Then again, I remind myself that we DO have protectzia. The best one can find. And that’s, of course, Hashem. Hopefully, he will find his place soon.

    in reply to: The Yetzer Hara of Bitul Zman – Online – Internet Addiction? #1076954

    Dveykus613: You are describing me to a T. Sometimes online banking and ordering things from websites rather that going to the stores SAVES time. But overall…. too many hours are spent online…. and the house is falling apart.

    in reply to: Black Friday #1192238

    I was burned with Cyber Monday. I researched on Sunday just what I wanted to buy on Monday. Although the prices seemed good on Sunday, I had no doubt that they would be even better on Monday. Hah!!!! I ended up paying $20.00 MORE as a result of waiting. Prices were HIGHER on Monday. Not only that, I wasted HOURS shopping for the best price. Live & learn.

    in reply to: Repurcussions of Mumbai #626635

    We are all heartbroken and cry together b’lev echad k’ish echad. May we soon rejoice together with the coming of Mashiach.

    in reply to: What is Your Hashkafic Affiliation? #626912

    born: 1/2 ashkenazi, 1/2 sephardi and married to ashkenazi chassidish who attended litvish yeshivas.

    in reply to: How old are you? #870274

    I was born in the year 3239, which, if you do your math, makes me 2,530 years old. I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Arden’s anti wrinkle cream. Now…. if they only sold something that would reduce my green tinge….

    Queen Esther

    in reply to: Kugel, Anyone? #759650

    My potato kugel is not what it used to be and I’m not sure why. It doesn’t come out as mushy as it used to. I bake it on 450 degrees for the first 45 minutes, and then on 350 for about an hour. That way it gets really done inside. Not only the texture, but the taste seems to be different. I’m hoping it’s just the latest crop of potatoes. (wishful thinking?) My neighbor adds an onion. She also “fries” it on top. Maybe I should try that. Does anyone have experience doing it that way?

    in reply to: Where Do You Live? #626540

    I live in the palace in Shushan. Where else would you have expected? 🙂

    in reply to: Women Driving #1161716

    I could never understand what was not tsniusdik about women driving until I went to seminary in a little town in the negev. In this little town NO women drove cars. I lived in that town for two years. During my second year there we had a french lady teacher who commuted from Yerushalayim. Everyone was shocked and embarrassed every time she drove into town. Actually, most people pitied her for being so modern and quite simply “not getting it”. Several years passed. Upon visiting this town once again some 15 years after having left… I got the shock of my life. About 90% of the women were driving cars! The women who did not drive became the minority. Driving suddenly became the “in” thing to do. I was so saddened.

    Go explain a feeling to people. To this day I do not drive. Either I walk to where I need to go or I take a car service. Is it an inconvenience? Sure. Difficult? Absolutely. Frustrating? Often. But who ever said that life was supposed to be easy? I only go out when I have to go out. Otherwise, I’m quite content to stay home. Some women have a hobby of “window shopping”. It’s a sickness. And it’s very, very sad. Others find nothing wrong with going out and eating in restaurants. People have a misunderstanding that eating is a matter of etiquette. Eating has nothing to do with etiquette and everything to do with TSNIUS.

    I’m sure you are all going to come down on me with requests of proofs. Prove it… prove it… prove it. Where exactly is it written???? I get that all the time on this website. Is it so unheard of to have an innate feeling of what is right and what is wrong without having to prove every dot, comma & period?

    in reply to: Black Friday #1192194

    To: I can only try: I’d like to get a GPS for my husband but don’t know where to begin. I’ve heard that Garmin and Magellan are good, but don’t know what’s better. I’m lookin in the $200 – $300 range. Something that can stick onto the windshield and easily remove. Something easy to understand, easy to work with, and has clear instructions. Don’t need traffic & weather reports (although traffic reports aren’t a bad idea). Main features: SIMPLE, CLEAR & DEPENDABLE. He doesn’t want to end up in Timbucktu an hour before Shabbos. Any suggestions?

    in reply to: What to Do with My Etrog? #628991

    Make Esrog Jam and eat it on Tu B’shvat.

    in reply to: Screen Names #1175372

    Because my middle name is Esther.

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077668

    Shindy: I think it’s a matter of halacha. Not opinion. She should NOT be on first name basis with any man other than her husband (or brothers). And the same goes for men addressing women other than their wives. Mrs. so and so only.

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077658

    We’re doing as much research as possile and as quickly as we can. But sometimes it takes time for people to get back to us. You’d be surprised how many brick walls we’ve run up against just trying to get our foot in the door to speak to the Rosh Yeshiva, or the person in charge of accepting new boys. Hockerinbklyn: V’elipol is also on the list. Thank you. And thank you to “I can only try” as well as the rest of you for your kind brachos and helpful ideas. Let me clarify that we are looing for Yeshiva Gedola (not mesivta). And if anyone knows…. what’s the difference between Chasam Sofer and Chasan Sofer?

    in reply to: SYMS Thanksgiving BASH Begins Nov. 20th #626105

    I’ve been living on the East Coast for over 40 years and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what SYMS stood for. I thougnt it was some kind of roshei tavos. Maybe if they wrote it Syms instead of SYMS more people would “get it”.

    We try to patronize the frum stores exclusively. It’s worth the extra money not to be bombarded by all the pritzus.

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077649

    Joseph: Stolin is it’s own chassidus. A bit too different for him. But you’ve certainly got the right idea.

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171703

    And the answer is……

    He woke up “oily” in the morning. 🙂

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171701

    I can only try: “two-tired” belongs to a bicycle. Not a car. Your other two answers were cute. But not the one I had in mind. Any other guesses? I’ll answer in about 10 more minutes.

    in reply to: The Bowling Alley #625505

    SJSinNYC: Have you ever heard of a “menuval b’reshus haTorah”?

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171696

    Hint: it’s not a gross answer.

    in reply to: The Bowling Alley #625503

    I can’t believe that on a Yeshivishe website people are condoning going into a bar. You are all rationalizing something that is obviously WRONG!!!!!

    I wonder what your reactions would have been to Chushim ben Dan (the guy who chopped off Esav’s head) had you lived in his generation.

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