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    (c) To learn secular studies on a regular basis is prohibited, as per the Rama 246:4

    DH: Just a note. That citation of the Rama is from a quote of the Birkas Shmuel (Rav Boruch Ber Leibowitz zt”l).

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    Rav Moshe has a psak about Nusach saying one should not change his parents tradition. The only exception he writes is if your parent or grandparents changed it, you can change it back to what their parents original tradition was.

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    The Torah learning in Eretz Yisroel is unparalleled.

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    if its a long enough line i could duck out and get a cup of coffee and return in 15 minutes without inconveniencing anyone but should i do so?

    Yes, you should. Why wouldn’t you?

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    Itchy: If you wish to spend as much time writing what ought to be a quick paragraph for a forum as you would for a paragraph in your doctoral thesis, be my guest.

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    Well said AOM.

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    Don’t be silly. Even though I don’t live in Flatbush or know Yeshivos well anywhere even outside that neighborhood, there are tons of such Yeshivos there.

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    You’re not writing your doctoral thesis when you post in a forum. Don’t expect others to post as such.

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    Who is comparing? It is for the person to know and act on. Sure it is something to be proud of, but even so no one else needs to be let in on the secret necessarily.

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    Wise move frumladygit. Hopefully others too will come to their seichel.

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    How can we apply it in our lives today?

    Ask any Kollel wife.

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    Yichus isn’t about being unique.

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    Yes, Aramaic (like Yiddish) is holy.

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    A pedestrian jaywalking or crossing the street on when the light is red (with no cars for miles in sight) is also against dina d’malchusa, the same way giving someone a bronfun glezel of schnaps might be according to some shittas of the law.

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    Parshas Bo

    We Have Time

    By Rabbi Label Lam

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    Of course, that’s not even a question!

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    The people living on corners already have more than double the amount to shovel, as they have two sides of the street — including the longer horizontal side of their house.

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    So what have you been doing until now?

    And what prompted you to reconsider your position at this time?

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    When is rehearsal beginning?

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    Birkas Shmuel (Kiddushin #27 p.42):

    “What emerges is (a) that according to the Torah the obligation of Banim Ubeni Banim means you must make your children into Geonei and Chachmei Torah – and not merely to prepare them for life as a Jew. But rather, you must teach them and get them to learn the entire Torah, and if chas v’sholom you do not, you violate the entire Mitzvah of learning Torah as per Banim Ubnei Banim.

    (b) Universities and gymnasiums (i.e. secondary schools) are prohibited because of Apikursus [that they teach]. My Rebbi (i.e. Rav Chaim Soloveichik ZT’L) prohibited them even in war time, and even to save a life, for to avoid violating this, even a Jewish life is to be spent.

    (c) To learn secular studies on a regular basis is prohibited, as per the Rama 246:4 …

    Brothers, please do Teshuva while there is still time, for the enlightenment (Haskalah) has blinded our eyes and weakened us. For we have no benefit in this world at all – both spiritually and physically – except from Torah. All the strength of Klall Yisroel is from the Torah … we should do Tehsuva and repair the Batei Medrashos that have been broken by the Enlightenment.”


    Kovetz Shiurim II:47


    Under what circumstances is it permitted to learn secular studies?


    (a) If you must learn books that contain apikursus, it is prohibited … needless to say even to make money or to prevent a loss thereof.

    (b) If you must sit in school with Goyim, and it causes someone to befriend the Goyim and their ways, it is prohibited as per the Lo Saseh of Hishomer Lecha etc. for the Torah commanded us to distance ourselves from the Goyim in every way…

    (c) If the studies do not cause you to learn Apikursus or to befriend Goyim, and you learn secular studies in order to know a skill to make a living, it is permitted, and it is a Mitzvah. However, this is only in general. But if a person sees that his son wants to learn Torah and he is prepared to be a Gadol B’Torah, in such a case R. Nehuray said: “I will forgo all skills in the world and teach my son only Torah.”…

    (d) If you don’t need the studies for Parnasa, and you just want to be involved in them, there is reason to prohibit because of Bitul Torah, as per the Rama in YD 246, who writes that it is forbidden to learn secular studies on a regular basis… perhaps it is not due to Bitul Torah but rather it is an affront to the honor of the Torah… someone who set out to learn secular subjects indicates that he believes that they have a purpose in and of themselves [besides for parnasa], and that is against the Torah’s opinion. [see above]…”

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    I agree with you popa.

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    I agree with smartcookie. msseeker was right on.

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    If anyone doesn’t think I was joking, they should try it out for the sport of it! 🙂

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    hss: You are funny. In one paragraph you compared Avi Weiss to Acher, right after saying that pointing out that being a Weiss congregant is name calling.

    Anyways, charlie is a proud congregant there, and spreads those hashkofos here. That is a point worth “pointing out”.

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    Midwest – I specifically referred to the FLDS. They still openly practice it.

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    havesomeseichel: Agreed.

    popa: So to understand your position, if she goes to court, instead of beis din, to decide custody based on secular law instead of Jewish law, you would support his decision to withhold the get until she complied with halacha, dropped the court case, and allowed halacha to decide the custody issues. Similarly with asset separation. If she went to court instead of beis din, because secular court will give her 50/50 instead of the halacha that she only gets assets she had before her marriage, you would take the same position on him withholding the get until she complied with halacha and she allowed beis din to decide the asset separation using halacha rather than the secular court using secular law.

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    Yes, blueprints, it was said in jest. And eclipse knew it and took it in humor. People like cookie lack a sense of humor. Especially from certain people. Perhaps cookie should try what eclipse did for, say, a month or two. Maybe she’ll smarten up on some humor.

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    In NY it’s illeagal to have a religious marraaige without a civil marraige


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    Name me a place that is even close. There is none. This is despite the fact no a accurate statistics exists about Orthodoxy on any issue one way or another.

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    Ruff: Clicking is not love.

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    If it is goyisha fairy tales, very negatively will the child be affected.

    If they are jewish fairy tales that demonize goyim , then they will feel like the goyim are completly beneath us and are always out to get us that will affect them positively, and let them know not to mingle with such people.

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    Actually, I believe it is age 6, not nursing. Thereafter it is boys – father, girls – mother.

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    That’s because the Yiddish speaking Gedolim of the past 1,000 years have written their Seforim HaKedoshim in Loshon Kodesh — which isn’t an everyday spoken language.

    in reply to: Frum Jews and College #1073141

    Yes, but I don’t know what that has to do with this thread.

    It explains your above (and in other threads) “hashkofos”.

    This may well be true! If you look at the many pre-20th century university-educated gedolim I have listed, every single one was a talmid chacham *prior* to embarking on university education.

    Okay, so make sure all the college applicants are a Talmid Chochom already first, and we may be able to bridge much of our divide.

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    I’m also quite sure that the current fundamentalist branches of the LDS church cannot use “freedom of religion” to get out of polygamy charges.

    The FLDS has practiced polygamy for over a hundred years, and still do so openly without prosecution. The authorities can’t interfere with a religious marriage, due to freedom of religion, even if plural. They purposefully do not obtain multiple civil marriages.

    in reply to: No Women On The Seruv List? #746836

    If one has unfairly gotten the courts to give him or her the kids, why shouldn’t the other party use their leverage to get the other spouse to be reasonable?

    popa, using your logic that its okay for the wronged party to the revenge their wrong, you shouldn’t have any complaints if one withholds or refuses the get because the other party did something bad/wrong in the divorce process. That is what your logic would indicate.

    I’m not commenting if that is fair, but is that what you are saying? Otherwise it would seem hypocritical.

    Additionally, if I recall the halacha correctly, custody is halachicly given to the mother if the child is nursing — until he/she stops nursing when he/she goes to the fathers custody. Children above nursing age are halachicly in the fathers custody.

    Furthermore, on the issue of asset separation in halacha, the wife takes any assets she had from prior to the marriage. Any money/assets accumulated during the marriage belong to the husband.

    I suppose if one wants to get a get per halacha, they should need to follow the halacha of the gitten process in all its areas.

    in reply to: Communities for Baalei Tshuva #723937

    For anyone in shidduchim, Brooklyn is the way to go.

    And there are more single BT’s in Flatbush, then anywhere else in the US. So there is your answer.

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    or to give less money.

    The amount of money he must give is specified in the Kesuba. To demand more is wrong of her. To give less is wrong of him.

    in reply to: Question Regarding Dating #723888

    For sure if he’s on a date with someone else you don’t interfere.

    in reply to: coupons on dates #723216

    Always use coupons. Why waste money unnecessarily? Plus it shows you are money-wise.

    in reply to: top 5 character traits #723213



    Talmid Chochom

    Yirei Shmayim

    Baal Chesed

    in reply to: books on respecting people #723226

    Mesilas Yeshorim.

    in reply to: a jewish president #723853

    Hopefully there will never be a Jewish president. Otherwise all the problems will be “the Jews” fault.

    in reply to: Sister's husband keeps her away from family #723953

    It sounds like you are overreacting. Obviously she speaks to you, if you notice she is happy when speaking to you. And if she’s happy, what’s the issue?

    And what makes you think it is he who is keeping her away? Also, it may be what goes around comes around. You admit that the two of you keep a distance from your parents. Where is the kibud av v’eim here? This may be the just reward from Hashem.

    Additionally, you shouldn’t mix into your sister’s shalom bayis issues. If he wants a distance, that’s between him and her.

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    real-brisker: As a Jewish mentor and a community activist who has had this discussion with Rabbonim and mechanchim as well as sitting in on lectures they gave on this very same subject I can clearly and without a shadow of a doubt say they would all AGREE with you.

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    “AB 119: This law mandates that health insurance must cost the same amount for men and women. (Even when childbirth is not included.)”

    Is it the law for both health and CAR insurance? Hypocrites.

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    Maybe try it for another week?

    in reply to: Keeping in touch with old friends, who are Non Jewish #723362

    However I am sure that a non jew is not the same inside on a soul level, and fear that I am really communicating with a monster with a soft smile?

    You could not have put it better. Your feeling are accurate.

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    Because of the countless Torah learnt in it by Gedolei Yisroel for over 1,000 years. And the fact that it was the lingo franco, common tongue, of Klal Yisroel for a thousand years plus.

    in reply to: Gift For My Niece #723737

    yechezkel, 10 year olds love learning about the Torah. And it is applicable already to 10 year olds.

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