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    “Whats the simian for it?”

    As we are not related to the apes, we cannot know what words, or sounds, or signs they have–if any–for blackeyed peas, or any other siman. Maybe Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall wrote it down somewhere.

    BTW, my m-i-l, she should live and be well, always ate the fish eye but would leave one for whichever grandchild wanted it, as long as there were no fights resulting in blackeyed kids. She is over 90, k9ahara, so maybe there are unknown benefits to this custom. Can’t hurt to try it, right?

    Gefilte fish, so you should be filled with blessing throughout the year.

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    In the back of Torah Times or the Link there’s usually an ad for a service that will do it for you.

    in reply to: Does every family have an element of Dysfunction? #812570

    We put the fun into dysfunctional.

    THis may not be what you are looking for, but one of my eyes turns out. I wear glasses for myopia but nothing to correct the other condition except force of will. As I get older it is harder for me to keep my eyes focused together when I read (which is often) and sometimes I have to close one eye or it is just too distracting. I have not yet been prescribed bifocals,though.

    On the plus side, I can see double whenever I want to, and make faces at my kids that they (b”H) can’t duplicate.

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    Don’t they advertise, “Deals for Millionaires”? Such a rich clientele expects that kind of service, and the rest of us benefit.

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    Jayson Blair–remember him? Prizewinning NYT reporter who actually made up most of his stories? Thomas Friedman, whose “unbiased” position on Israel makes most of his articles seem like fiction? and the list goes on. Staff like that is not an occasional aberration; they are backed by the administration. They are not afraid of being sued; that’s why they have a good legal team.

    in reply to: What is the meanest thing you've ever done? #812219

    NYBD, why didn’t you start this thread off by telling the CR the meanest thing YOU ever did? WHy ask for bad memories? This reminds me of a guy I dated for a while and right after he called it off, he asked me what was the most humiliating thing I had ever done. Like, right, I was going to tell him. and I’m not telling you, either.

    (Ok, I’ll say this post is the meanest thing I’ve ever done. That’s a lie, though.)

    AlanH923: mommamia didn’t even say anything to her sister or her date, she just wrote what her feelings were at the time. She deserves credit for not revealing those feelings until now.

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    Chas v’shalom! I was not insulted

    And regret any shame that resulted

    In fact when I read

    What your teacher had said

    My unrhyming brain just exulted!

    Please continue your joybringing posts

    YWN should be proud they’re your hosts

    Again I will plead for

    And rue there’s a need for

    Forgiveness from all, coast to coasts.

    Kesiva v’chasima tova!

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    Shticky Guy:

    see #7 on this page, “There was an old man of Dundoon…”

    There was a limerick that did not scan

    Concerning a strange sort of person

    Whose words always rhyme,

    All of the day

    No matter which way his thoughts went.

    in reply to: I am very sick. Please daven for me. #920002

    OOmis: “I am now at home with a PIC line …”

    Refuah sheleimah!

    in reply to: :) ;) :-) #931806

    What does IIRC stand for? Is there a scratching your head emoticon? (Not exactly related, but I’m too lazy to search for the proper thread now, sorry.)

    in reply to: Good High schools in Brooklyn… #811848

    The new one run by Rebbetzin Kalmanowitz, Oz something. I can get the name tomorrow, b”n, but ask about it; I have heard it’s excellent.

    in reply to: Judgment day #809332

    The previous post was a typo.

    You don’t have to worry about the general acquittal rate, you have to worry about your personal acquittal rate. What you seem to be saying is, “I’ve gotten off so far, so I’m betting that this year I’ll also get off easy.” That’s a pretty cavalier attitude.

    Evidently death is the last punishment you are expecting, but what about illness? Unemployment? Financial hardships? Loss of your home, your possessions, your business, your friends, your good name?

    “honestly, out of the hundrets of thousends of jews judged last year how many” suffered from those judgments?

    Everyone is judged on their own merits or lackings and gets a custom sentence. I just wish my fear would push me to change for the better rather than just make me tremble at the thought of punishment.

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    I have a similar issue with one of my kids. as much as we want friends for them there are people they are better off not associating too much with.

    Be prepared, your son most probably will NOT forget about the call and will ask you to follow up.

    Consider calling the mother (when you are very calm) and ask in a friendly way if perhaps there was a miscommunication, maybe her son didn’t give her message across properly, etc. Practice your opening lines so you don’t sound desperate or angry or like you are going to cry. If she is not immediately hostile or unfriendly, invite her son to your house, where you can supervise the boys’ interaction (to see if her son might be mean to yours). Also, she might be nervous to host your son if she has no experience with his disability. If it is feasible, and you think this friendship is worth pursuing, would you consider inviting the other kid’s family over on Shabbos or yomtov to get a feel for each other?

    Have you discussed with your son’s teacher from previous years which boys might be good candidates for playdates with him? Usually they can tell from the kids’ interaction in school who would be a good shidduch and who to stay away from.


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    in reply to: What's up with the kookie glasses? #810011

    Toi: It would be interesting to see you wearing two monocles at once, but it might be uncomfortable for you, as (I think) they are held before each eye by the pressure of the muscles around your eye. Perhaps a pince-nez would be more comfortable, plus it is bound to offer more of a choice of styles.

    in reply to: Working with guys. #809134

    Have you read “9:00 to 5:00”, on the halachos of tznius in the workplace? These things are not so pashut. Speaking as someone who has been in a similar situation, if you felt uncomfortable, you did right to get out.

    (But there are people who could use a good-paying job, so did you tell anyone about this opportunity?)

    in reply to: Who Said It? #808542

    Actually, Abraham Lincoln said “You can fool all of the people…” (phrased a bit more wordily, though).

    Begin? Abba Eban?

    “Just remember: wherever you go, there you are.”

    in reply to: Dear Teacher, #806673

    Oh, aries, I wish! Your kind words (and, btw, caring posts on other threads) are appreciated.

    Thanks, bomb, you really are an inspiration.

    Hatzlacha, blabla, may this year bring you healthy growth and happiness.

    in reply to: Dovid Hamelech #806376

    Sorry if I came off harsh or priggish.

    I googled “Dovid HaMelech middos” and among the many items that came up was the rothschild family blog with a bar mitzvah speech about Dovid Yaakov, which discusses

    “the middos, character traits, of both Dovid ha Melech and Yaakov Avinu. .. Dovid ha Melech represents the midda of bitachon baShem, because without placing his trust in Hashem, Dovid would not have been able to overcome such adversity. He also represents the midda of malchus, kingship, which requires spiritual strength that is maximized through the midda of bitachon baShem….”

    There is more there if you look. hatzlacha.

    in reply to: Dovid Hamelech #806371

    I’m trying to say that if this is your friend’s assignment, she should be doing the work. But, since you are doing (part of) the work for her, and those sefarim I suggested have the information she needs, try to get them. Go to the school library or borrow them from someone who is likely to have them. Really, Ishei HaTanach should do it.

    Or, try to find the info online.

    in reply to: Dear Teacher, #806670

    Dear Students,

    I am your future teacher. I am also a person, with a life outside of school. When you look at me perhaps you think you see an insensitive, uncaring adult who is here only to push the material into your heads and yourselves out the door in a few months. Perhap you are afraid to approach me, believing that your problems are too shocking or horrible for my hard ears or heart to handle.

    But I too was once a student, with a life outside of school. A difficult and different life from that of many of my schoolmates.

    I am not in the classroom to tell you my story, nor am I here to delve into each one of your stories. I am here to teach and you are here to learn.

    But I will try to teach more than the material, I will try to teach the students. While that is happening, stories tend to come out. And I expect to learn, as I do every year, from my students, the true lessons of life.

    I wish only the best for each one of you. May Hashem make it that we are a good “shidduch” for each other.

    in reply to: Dovid Hamelech #806367

    “how he used them” –interesting phrase to employ here.

    For one thing, if Dovid HaMelech had a job to do, he would do it himself, not throw it onto his friend and a group of strangers (no matter how friendly).

    Look into Yishai Chasidah’s “Ishei HaTanach” in English or Hebrew, “Footsteps of the Prophets” volume3?, the one that focuses on Dovid; any meforshim on Nach.


    in reply to: Watch out!!! someone is looking!!! #806108

    Not to minimize the mussar value of this thought, but if our lives and aveiros will be on view, so will everybody else’s, right? Those in the Olam Haemes before us will have gone through this themselves and those who haven’t will be thinking about when it will be their turn.

    A more potent mussar would be for us to imagine that our intercoms are on all day, or our windows are open, or the front wall of our houses are not really there, or the camera on our computer is actually beaming what is happening in our house out into cyberspace, and everybody in THIS WORLD is seeing and hearing what we think we are doing in private.

    in reply to: Catskill Nostalgia #805391

    Ah, memories! I went up to Ganz last week to drive my family member home and also to keep a promise to my sons that they could visit “the” bungalow colony this summer. Everything was exactly as I remembered it, except that the cornfield was just a plain field now. My sons (who obviously are easily impressed) really liked it there.

    (Not to worry, always here, I still don’t know who you are in real life. But then, sometimes I don’t know who I am, either :))

    in reply to: single peolpe are marriage counsellors? #807284

    The same way that most of us who have children were much better parents before we had them than we are now.

    in reply to: who are the mods #804908

    Who says we are real people? I’m not, and I’ve got my doubts about you.

    in reply to: How can I change my attitude #804489

    Are we only speaking of frum men here? If a regular goy or someone of a particular sect, like the Amish, did that, would you feel the same resentment? You would prefer they walk close to you and stare? They think they are preventing a possibly uncomfortable situation, they may not realize they are creating one. Maybe you could tell yourself to be flattered, they are acknowledging you as a frum Jewish female.

    in reply to: Who is your favorite member, responding to threads? #807106

    Lacking the time and the memory cells to note everyone whose posts entice me, I will instead mention those to whom I must be makir tov: among others, alwaysrunswithscissorsfast, for starting interesting threads and appreciating my humor; to always here for her sensible enjoyable posts and for going to Ganz (my family calls it “Ganz Eden”); to kapusta for her acute analyses and diplomatic posts; to minyan gal for keeping up the limerick thread and for her unique perspective (and for living in Canada, where we have some wonderful friends).

    I prefer not to note by name the numerous non-female posters whose posts I enjoy, but would like to be makir tov coffee addict and bsd for their support in my subtitle quest, and shticky guy for the search sticky and for keeping up the limerick thread.

    Also, thank you Goq.

    in reply to: Yente?!?! You gotta be kidding me! #805578

    According to Alfred Kolatch’s Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew Names (which may not be that reliable), Yenta is a form of Henrietta, which in turn is a form of Harriet, which is from the Old ENglish, meaning “mistress of the house, ruler, lord.”

    So, you probably don’t like the name “Baalabusta,” but, if you check with your LOR about this info and it is correct, you could go with Malka or Adira or even Bayisya (for ‘lord of the house’, jk :))

    There is an opinion that if you don’t want to use the actual name, you use one that has the same or nearly the same letters, like Akiva instead of Yaakov. Tanye?

    Please be sure to tell us your decision, even if you don’t invite us to the kiddush!

    in reply to: Yente?!?! You gotta be kidding me! #805566

    Goq, could you please stop hijacking threads with your vendetta against aries? This is not what we come to the CR to read, especially on Rosh Chodesh Elul.

    May we each be granted a good eye to see the good in others and in ourselves (and in the name Yenta, too).

    in reply to: Keeping on my Trousers #1051128

    Good for you, ronrsr, you need not fear wardrobe malfunctions then.

    @OP: For little boys, they make pants with buttonholes that match buttons set around the hem of the shirt. You could have your pants tailored to have buttonholes in the waistband lining, and then sew buttons correspondingly on your shirts.

    But suspenders seem easiest, plus they are a fashion statement.

    in reply to: Keeping on my Trousers #1051115

    Now you know why your mother told you always to wear clean underwear.

    in reply to: Catskill Nostalgia #805390

    Wow, I am shocked. My family at Ganz told me that for the first time, they were told the season officially ends this Friday. When I was a kid the season ended when we left, and we left as late as we possibly could. If school started Sept. 7, we went home Sept. 6.

    in reply to: Please Daven! #804364

    Refuah sheleimah to both. What a wonderful thing your father is doing.

    (Not to nitpick, ayc, and evidently here it is not the case, but they could have the same father.)

    in reply to: best/worst compliment???? #802876

    “Wow, your house looks great! How long ago did the cleaning lady leave?”

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221721

    On Rosh Hashanah will be decided our fate

    Whether parnassah will be small or great

    Our dress He’ll determine

    Cheap rags or ermine

    And if we’ll be healthy or c”v “the late.”

    So let’s make good use of our time!

    Do mitzvos and steer clear of crime

    Pray with full heart

    Make kindness your art

    And may we see forgiveness sublime.

    If any posters have had feelings hurt

    By my postings, long-winded or curt

    It was not intended

    May fences be mended

    To other’s senses I’ll try to be more alert.

    in reply to: What Crazy thing have you done today? #1023187

    Refuah sheleimah, always here!

    About 35 years ago a tree fell on the front porch of our bungalow. Mr. Ganz was chainsawing it into pieces and accidentally cut himself. I was hoping he wouldn’t do it again.

    in reply to: BREAKING NEWS! #802477

    “i also know soomeone who posponed their wedding until wed night”

    Any night someone gets married is “wed night”.

    in reply to: Limericks! #1221715

    our sweet little kids in their beds

    slept the night through with drips near their heads

    if they wanted a drink

    no need for the sink

    it came straight through the ceiling instead.

    Baruch Hashem no great disaster

    Was incurred through the falling of plaster

    It narrowly missed her

    Brothers and sister

    But soaked one who should have moved faster.

    in reply to: About ice cream trucks I do shudder #962701

    They are still common around here but I can see the connection (even though it’s been DECADES since I saw that last). Benny Hill as a hero?!

    in reply to: seminary for women as an adult? #801257

    Check out Ohr Naava.

    in reply to: Voluntary blurred vision? #801028

    I can voluntarily see double (i let one eye drift to the side, like a Picasso subject). When I’m tired and need to read without my glasses on I have to cover one eye because it is too tiring to continuously drag my eyes together to focus on the page.

    Who commands you to do this? Command them to stop.

    in reply to: If I had my life to live over #801051

    I would have spent less time in the CR and more time making coffeecake for my family.

    in reply to: Does music trigger memories? #801399

    So do certain odors/aromas, or colors, or anything that was associated in your mind with a strong feeling or memorable happening, even if at the time of the occurrence you did not consciously notice those details. Why do they play happy music when you walk to the chuppah? Why do theatrical performances rely on certain types of music to set up the listeners on what to expect in the upcoming scene? Because in our minds certain kinds of tunes are already associated with certain kinds of events (or vice versa), or we want them to be.

    Refuah sheleimah!

    If you want to get to be able to listen to the tape again without getting sick, maybe when you are in an exceptionally good mood, with a good friend around, listen to one song, then stop and do something you really enjoy. Kind of retrain your brain in regard to this CD. Hatzlachah!

    in reply to: Catskill Nostalgia #805384

    potato, kasha knishes! The truck even had a mustard dispenser and a salt shaker.

    The tuna pizza knish at Mom’s hole-in-the-wall was a gourmet treat. Then we would go down to the banks of the Neversink to digest it, although that wasn’t as relaxing as the Loch Sheldrake lake behind Beachcomber. There, you could rent a rowboat or a canoe and really spend a fun afternoon, if you didn’t fall out of the boat. If you timed it right you could make the first movie, too, in the “air-cooled” (ie, no air conditioning) theater.

    I think the dairy in Woodbourne was Lucky Dip.

    in reply to: "wiggers" #800326

    600–Those are good answers in the Ukraine, but they don’t pass in BP. A shaitel (generally) looks neater than some snoods. However, if a chassidishe woman who only wears a shpitzel or a hat-and-horsehair works there, or a woman who prefers to wear a hat and ponytail snood, they have to accept it or they are liable for the same kind of lawsuit that Disney faced regarding religious haircoverings. So they also have to accept a snood-wearer if there is no other reason not to hire her.

    in reply to: "wiggers" #800315

    I used to work for two separate heimishe organization, both of which strongly “preferred” that married Jewish female employees wear sheitels, as opposed to hats or snoods, on the grounds that it was more professional. They had to make exceptions, but they didn’t like it. It still seems to me like an unreasonably discriminatory policy.

    in reply to: Catskill Nostalgia #805365

    Sullivan’s department store. The radio ads read by the lisping announcer on the local station. The ads in the Loch Sheldrake

    theater before the movie, “Pop-in to Popin’s Pancake House!”. Beachcomber shakes, before we all became chalav Yisroel.

    Liberty Lanes, without our parents.

    A lot of the people I grew up with still go to Ganz. (I would too, if I had my druthers.)

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