Rockland County Executive Visits Hasidic Business Owner Harassed By Anti-Vaxxers After CNN Interview [PHOTOS]


Rockland County Executive Ed Day made a surprise visit to an indoor children’s play center in Spring Valley, to show support for it’s Orthodox Jewish owner who reported harassment and threats following public comments he had made on vaccination.

As reported on YWN, Shimon Singer, owner of TurtleBoo, was interviewed on CNN and shared his thoughts on the ongoing measles outbreak and the need to vaccinate. Singer, a father of 4, expressed frustration because his now 3-month-old daughter, Malki, is too young to get vaccinated and must be kept home. He also reported about 40 families had canceled birthday parties at his business because of a fear of measles, despite there being no confirmed cases at the location.

As a result of that interview, Singer told News12 he was targeted with hundreds of angry phone calls (in both English and Yiddish) to his home and workplace, and both he and his wife received dozens of angry emails after an email blast encouraged followers to harass the family. “If you know him or her, call them up and say how disgusting and unethical this interview is, especially as a Jewish family,” the email said.

Singer was not at TurtleBoo on Tuesday, but County Executive Day spoke with store employees and expressed his support and solidarity. Day wrote on Facebook, “in simple terms … I got their back.”

The visit came the same day Rockland County officials declared a third state of emergency in an effort to combat the measles outbreak, mandating anyone infected with or exposed to the measles stay home or face fines.

Health officials also reported there are now 254 confirmed cases in Rockland County.

The order also affects more than 20 schools and day care centers where students must show proof of vaccination or a valid medical or religious exemption.

County health officials say their actions are working. They say more than 21,000 MMR vaccinations have been given in Rockland since the outbreak began in October, and they say that number has increased by more than 4,000 since the declaration of the original state of emergency. “When you have a situation with this kind of consequence to it, that can be damaging in so many ways to health, economy, you don’t let up. So we’re going to continue on our way,” says Rockland County Executive Ed Day.


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  1. why dont you show the hasidic business owner they say they interviewed? i only see a jewish looking guy with a bright blue kippa

  2. Though it’s several months before we even think about Yom Kippur, I believe all anti-vaxxers should start planning their Tefilos very carefully. I came up with some guidance for anti-vaxxers to think about at that time (if they determine that fasting and going to shul would be gainful or hypocritical). 1. Ashamnu (we have trespassed against the health and well-being of others, creating a dangerous situation for others). 2. Bagadnu (We have betrayed frum businesses, shuls, and yeshivos by verbal attacks, insults, and dishonesty in our ways). 3. Gazalnu (We have caused frum businesses to lose a portion of their parnasah by giving them a bad reputation or threatening boycotts and lawsuits). 4. Dibarnu Dofi (We have have slandered fum businesses by dis-truthful nasty reviews, threats of boycotts, lawsuits, public embarrassments for our selfish ways). 4. Heavinu (we have caused others to sin by causing them to become ill on shabbos, yommim tovim, also causing Hatzolah to put in their efforts to save others on Shabbos and Yomtov, while it could have been totally preventable. We have caused them to miss davening, learning, and performance of mitzvos).—- I can go on and on with each and every Averah caused by Anti-vaxxers.

  3. Kudos to all these politicians and people that support him!
    We should all be supporting him for doing the correct thing and standing up to the anti vaxx mob!

  4. @shuni
    Read the article……

    “Singer was not at TurtleBoo on Tuesday, but County Executive Day spoke with store employees and expressed his support and solidarity.”

  5. A couple of things – Shuni of comment #1 – It’s not necessary to comment on the person in the picture. What does the color of his Yarmulke matter? Had you stopped, thought and perhaps asked if your comment would bring any light to the world – you may have decided that your comment was hateful and bigoted.
    Also – How shameful of the people who harassed the owner! There is no justification to call, email etc. Especially since you probably maintained anonymity. Do you really think The RBS”O shines on you for harassing this fellow and his family? What Bracha do you think doing that will bring to you and your family.

    So many times I read an article and then the comments – and so many times I am saddened by the lack of compassion and the overage of nastiness, pettiness, judgementalism – and all forms of negative behavior. Please – Yidden, don’t be so quick to tear a person apart – online, or in any other way.
    Thank you –
    S. W.

  6. THAT’S TERRIBLE! Why can’t the ant-vaxxers live and let live? If they don’t want to immunize their children, that’s one thing, but to harass people for supporting vaccinations? Hashem is watching.

  7. To Yeshiva World
    Can you confirm please.
    Last night Fox News reported that they found trolling and anti vaxxers postings by a group of Russians with intentions of scaring people and spread of false news related to cancer if vaccinated.