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Meron Victims: Elhadad Brothers, 12 & 18, Buried Next To Rashbi

Among the Meron victims were the Elhadad brothers, Moshe Mordechai, z’l, 12, and his brother Yosef Dovid, z’l, 18.

The brothers are the son of Reb Meir Elhadad, a well-known travel agent. Despite the fact that the family lives in Jerusalem, the brothers were buried at the beis kevaros at Meron, with the levaya passing over the roof of the tzion.

The father was maspid his sons amid bitter tears. He told the crowd how at first they had left the area of the hadlaka after one of his sons said that he can’t handle the crowding. “And then Yosef told me: ‘I want to go back.’ I said: ‘Okay.’ I wasn’t worried. And Mordechai ran after Yosef.”

“Ten minutes later, Hashem chose them. These neshamos didn’t belong to me, they belonged to Rav Shimon.”

“Yosef, you never wanted to stop learning. You treated every person respectfully and you saw only the good. Yosef Dovid, I can’t part from you, I remember your pure eyes.”

The Chassidish mashpia HaRav Elimelech Biderman was also maspid the brothers as well as the mekubal, Rav Yaakov Ades, who broke down and cried for several long moments.

Yehi zichram baruch.

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[Meron Victims: Elhadad Brothers, 12 & 18, Buried Next To Rashbi]

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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