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    Ya like I said it’s a big mix but ya its not a lot of people who come in with it, and even the ones who do you may not know about it. People don’t make their movie and music status public…. It’s really fine!

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    happym19, I do understand your concern about the music thing, but that is not something that should make you rule out ateres. There were girls who were not on the level that they were ready to give up their music and some that didn’t listen. The bottom line was that they said straight out that they don’t look on each girls i-pods but would not be ok if it was playing out loud. It could be Ateres still may not be the place, just felt I had to clarify that.

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    In my seminary the smoke detectors were way TOO sensitive it started going off at 6 in the morning quite a few times, and we all had to file out half asleep. We had no doubt it would go off if there was really a need! I guess depends on the seminary though…

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    You sound like an awesome person from the way your questions are worded! I’m really seeing you in Ateres more and more! 😉 I understand why you are hesitant to post such questions, but it’s really fine, and I was far from offended in any way!

    So I went to seminary not wishing to have to listen to any goyish music either, and not even having it on my i-pod or anything, and was also nervous. To answer your question I just want to say that I had a very good friend who did so well in seminary, and straight out at her interview she said I’m not sure if your seminary is for me because I listen to not jewish music, and watch videos at home. My principal answered her that she will not be able to have access to videos while you are here which will be great, and about not jewish music, she cannot control what is on other people’s i-pods, but will not allow it to be played in the dorm! So yes there were a few people who I knew had such music on their i-pods not in a sneaky way, just that they were not yet at the point to take it off. It was never a problem for me though. No one ever would turn it on for anyone else to hear, and many girls themselves removed it from their i-pods during the year as well, so although I totally get your worry there, Ateres is not a place where you would have to worry about such a concept!

    I feel the same way about knees! It’s nice to see someone is like me in that way!!! And yes that problem does exist in the most yeshivish of schools and communities! Ateres is an extremely growthful type of place and the halachos of tznius and many other things were talked about bluntly and openly and because the atmosphere was so accepthing and ready to grow higher it really wasn’t a problem either. It was talked about in the beginning of the year how it really isn’t acceptable in Ateres and also through our Tznius Yom Iyun we learned more about it, and by then even the people it was hard for really were doing fine! I wish I can describe the atmosphere, it was really nice how people were able to each on their own level (and there were girls in many different places) make advances and become so much greater and stronger in areas they were having trouble in for sure by the end of the year!

    The questions are so not awkward your are so smart for asking such things, it shows you really want to make the most of your year! It’s so not a problem I’m glad i can help even if it’s not the greatest! I’m always here! Good Luck!

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    I think there was a thread about this before no?

    I could tell you what I did…

    So I had a regular savings account as a minor and my father was really the person in charge. I changed it to my own account joint with my parents, and changed it to a checking account as well. This way I had a debit card, and my parents were able to put money in at their local bank, while I was able to take money out with my card for a few shekel charge. It worked really well! I was happy I didn’t get a credit card because I found that people who had credit cards got carried away much easier then most others.

    You can do the unlimited thing or have a little limited budget it really worked out well for a lot of people!

    Now if she’s under 18 you have to see if you can somehow create a joint account, I’m not sure if there is an age you have to be. The important keys to make it work is having a joint account that is checking or some type of account that will give you a debit and if you want credit card. Good Luck! Hope you can work it out!

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    I know it sounds crazy, but you are describing Ateres very much! Did you ever look into it? All areas you mentioned, teachers being approachable, the academics, and the girls are really exactly Ateres!

    I won’t say that I know about Afikei Torah and Darchei Binah because I don’t. I know there was a thread about Afikei Torah a little while ago… Darchei Binah I know produces wonderful girls! Just don’t know much about the two.

    I applied and got into Meohr and was extremely close to going, but then ended up deciding to go to Ateres for although they are both great places I felt Ateres would bring to the place I really wanted to be. So I do know about meohr because I have done a lot of research.

    Bottom line is, they are going through a much needed change this year. It came to the point where although the school, teachers, and classes were out of this world, their crowd of girls was becoming lower and lower on the Bais Yaakov scale. So you may not be looking for a real Bais Yaakov seminary which is more then fine, but just explaining a main difference between that and Ateres, and that was a big part of the reason I didn’t end up going. I did go a bunch of times, and I found it to be more in towny for sure! There were a lot of girls doing a lot of things that the school was not impressed with, and many were dressing in ways that were not ok. They did not have a uniform. This year I know a lot of rules changed, and that they now have the dress code that all the other Bais Yaakov seminaries have. The teachers and classes are really great though! They only have midterms and finals, but do have reports and other assigments in the middle of the year. They have a lot of class. I know that I thought I had a lot compared to a lot of seminaries we had 3 night classes per week, but I believe Meohr has even more. The principal Rabbi Greenwald is supposed to be the most incredible person! I really enjoyed my interview with him immensely. I hope this helped you a little bit, but I really think you should look into Ateres as well, and not just because I went there! It sounds exactly like you are describing you want! I wrote a lot about it on the other seminary thread so feel free to read it. Also I think Meohr was the number one seminary that most of the Ateres girls had applied to as well! So wherever you decide on for real they are both wonderful and very special places and there are plenty others out there too, but I think you should look specifically at these two! Good Luck, and may it all go smoothly!

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    So like I said before, each seminary has its own maala. Bnos Sara’s is that it completely runs on trust! They have great girls who they are able to do this with. Bnos Sara is a bit of a mix, not as big as Ateres, and not as out of towny as Ateres, but the girls are known to be very good girls as Ateres has also. It’s definetely more textual, and more academic. They have a lot of work, a lot of very hard big reports. I have a very close friend who went there, and she was showing me also most of the classes are in Hebrew, don’t know if that’s something that you can handle or enjoy… It’s a tough place but a great place!

    Tiferes like you know is very yeshivish. If you want a non mixed cookie cutter type of place which is not a bad thing, Tiferes kinda fits that. Obviously not everyone is the same, but it is not a mix at all compared to all the other seminaries. It is not really academic and has more hashkafah then the average seminary except Ateres and Meohr. It is smaller at least it was not sure now, and it has a very nice atmosphere. It is very yeshivish, not a lot of color if you know what I mean which I do not mean in a bad way at all. I had a bunch of classmates there as well and they loved it, and visiting them showed me why they love it so much!

    Machon Raaya is probably the most similar to Ateres then the others you have mentioned. Like Ateres it is very warm, the teachers are approachable, and all that nice stuff. It is for more intelectual people (one reason I didn’t go 😉 It is a lot of work, and busy work! The girls are a little more in towny then Ateres, but not crazy in towny. The girls seem to be extremely nice and it’s a great seminary as well. I’m making the differences seem very small but they really are bigger. These places are all very different I hope you can kinda get a picture of each place. Please take notice that I believe all the places you mentioned are incredible not just Ateres, I just love it and am of course biased.

    Feel free to ask any other questions I’m open!! 😉

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    No problem! Ya try to figure it out… I don’t how or if it will happen though. Are you really looking into Ateres? If you need any more info let me know, and if you are looking for any info about the other seminaries you mentioned before I may be able to help you because I had some very close friends there and do know about them quite a bit. The most important think to keep in mind is that it is all min hashamayim! Wherever Hashem wants you to go, THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL END UP! Things can get quite interesting in that way! I applied to Ateres and another seminary, really wanting to go to the other seminary. I actually got into both! I super close to going to the other seminary and then ended up deciding Ateres would be better for me. I’m thrilled with the decision I made at the end, it was just funny, because for years I thought I was for sure going to the other one! So don’t get too worried about it! Good luck, and keep me posted!

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    Wow! I’m so excited! I love talking about my school! So I would much rather talk about it more personally with you then post here, so if the mods would give you my email address that would be great, but I could start here.

    So, I’m not sure what you call yeshivish, but Ateres is a HUGE mix! If you want a more cookie cutter all the same type seminary, then Ateres is really just not for you. There were so many different types of girls! I will say, even though me as well as many other girls there were more the black and white type, shabbos was a little colorful. They were all bais yaakov girls, but from different places. we had some girls who had gotten into tiferes and hadar, some more bnos chava type, some bya type we had it all!!! No one made me feel uncomfortable in ANY way! It is definitely more on the out of towny side, which I happened to love, for it made everything so warm and sweet, and everyone was yes as you say bffs! We did have a bunch of girls from NY but they were not the superficial type and were very warm so enjoyed the out of town part of it. it went from like 48 girls to 60 and this year is 80 so who knows what it will be for you! I have a feeling it will be somewhere in between 60 and 80. Whatever it is though, it is the warmest place you will find. Every seminary has a maala they are known for, and I believe Ateres is known to have the warmest staff ever!!!! Even though this year is a little bigger then mine, I know it will be just as warm, because that’s just what Ateres is!

    About hard/easy: There is a place for everyone! There are 3 tracks. Actually 3 tracks for the more textual subjects and 2 for the more hashkafah subjects so everyone found their places! There were brilliant girls who were put in class 1 and had lots of prep and reports and stuff then there was the middle class (which I was in) had some prep but you had prep class in the day with navi and chumash tutors which was like 4 girls to 1 teacher and this was one of my favorite classes!!! And then there is a 3rd class which is easier you know not as much prep and all tests in English. They are super flexible and work with you wherever you are!!! It’s really great because you feel very cared for! They have an incredible academic adviser who is actually one of the teachers who everyone loves and she understands everyone and is more then happy to give you extensions or modifications if need be!

    So about social pressure, I never have seen something so special in my life! There was ZERO negative peer pressure. By saying that I don’t mean that the whole place was nerds and not put together. There were girls that were plenty with it with full face makeup the belts scarves, you know really getting dressed everyday, and then there were girls who were more chilled but everyone was friends with everyone for real!!! I was always amazed and thought I was dreaming because I have never heard of such a thing and just loved it! I don’t want to compare it to other seminaries at least on here, but I would love to give you more information privately! I actually wrote something up for another girl interested in Ateres and would love to email it to you! Sorry I went on a whole tagent. I hope you can read and understand this and please feel free to ask any more questions!

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    I posted on another thread that I actually just got back from ateres. I read the post from WhyamIstillup, and I found a few mistakes… I don’t know you or what you want from seminary, but this is what I can tell you.

    If you are looking for a lot of hashkafa, the places you will find that are Ateres and meohr, but very diffrent. The other seminaries of course have some hashkafa but not as much and do focus on text more. While Meohr and Ateres are both hashkafa based, Ateres is hashkafa that is from a source from text always, and is grounded not anything floaty or in the clouds, which is something I really enjoyed. Almost every subject had hashkafa brought out from it chumash, navi, everything! The reports were also that you had to use seforim and texts, but more mussar seforim, and the topic would be about Ahavas Hashem instead of let’s say the bigdei kehunah which was an example of a Bnos sarah report topic.

    Bnos Sarah, Hadar, and BYA are def a little bit more academic. Machon Raaya is for one who is smart and intellectual and it’s a ton of work! Tiferes is known to be on the more yeshivish end of the BY seminaries, but is NOT academic. It does have some hashkafa also. It is hard to describe crowd, for some of these seminaries are extremely mixed! If you could maybe explain what you are looking to get out of your seminary year, what level of academics you want, and what crowd you would like to be with, I think I would be able to help you more after that. Also I don’t know where you live, but I hope you have a seminary adviser or a teacher that knows you who can help you with seminary stuff, for that will be most helpful. If you give me a little more info, I would love to help you further…!

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    I am thrilled for you that you seem to really know what you are looking for! Good for you! The seminaries that you mentioned you are looking into are very different from one another… It’s hard to give information in a place like this for there are so many different types of people, and we don’t know each other! So what may be considered yeshivish for you may be considered modern for me and maybe the opposite! get what I’m saying? I went to Ateres which I saw is one that you are looking into and would be more then happy to give you any information I you need! I loved it more then anything and could talk about it for days! 😉

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    Some of us are very good about this, and are not lacking in this area! I know for me we have lots of teenagers, but depending on how old and what type the guests are it doesn’t always conflict. We have guests over a lot and love it more then anything! If you are ever in our hood you are always welcome!

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    ya I heard all about that, and as a proud chicagoan, I felt very disappointed with that.

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    onegoal, I like it!!! 😉

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    So I think most of what you said is correct, although most seminaries do not stay the same over such a span so it is still worth it to check out even what you hear

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    Goq I knew from your posts that you had to have some Chicago blood in you! I’m so sorry for you that you had to move! You’re missing out! 😉

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    I think any american rental phone company is a complete waste of money! They will charge you a fortune and give you little minute and are not very flexible in many ways. I think you are better off getting an Israeli plan. They are much cheaper and are not looking to rip money off people as much. I have heard of this 99 shekel plan a number of times and hear its great! If you don’t need so many minutes out of israel, there are tunz of cheaper plans with tuns of minutes!

    Good Luck!!!

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    So I know from what I saw and from the girls I knew that went the year I did, that there are some great girls! There are also girls that come from homes where it is ok to do things that you may never think to have wanted your daughter involved with. Then of course there are those few more rebellious girls as well… I’m being a little blunt and laying it out this way just because you asked this way. I don’t mean to offend anyone, and I’m sure it is a great place for certain girls! It really depends what a girl wants and what type of girls she wants to spend her year with… hope that helped a little bit, I just don’t want to say that much more for I don’t know you or the other people who may be reading this… Do you have someone you know going? thinking of applying?

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    Hi so I did not actually go there, but do know quite a bit about it! I’m not sure if me answering your questions would work, because we each have different perceptions of what these terms are. It is not considered a Bais Yaakov seminary, so there are factors that come along with that good and bad. I actually stayed with one of their madrichot and she is incredible!!! I don’t know for sure if she is going back, but if she is that would be an awesome plus!!!

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    There are plenty of of teenagers who never go to bed earlier then 3 or 4… Also for those of us who have gone to seminary, we have a whole year of sleep to catch up on, but not enough time to make it up! It’s quite complicated! 😉 I know for myself though that I can get tunz of sleep but still be a zombie! I’m always tired!

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    I don’t think you can get a regular mat for it, not sure 100% though… What I do know is that the mats of the Jewish ones seem kinda junky and many people I know have had theirs break within the first month!

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    “Sorry to say i know of a case where a woman had an affair on her husband and she married that guy. Had 3 children from him then had an affair on him with another guy. Then they got married. So in this day in age I am sorry to say Rabbonim dont care. People knew about it. No one cares. You move to another town where no one knows you and you start over. And hope the past doesnt catch up with you.”

    I know this is going a bit far back, but that post just made me sick!

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    There are many girls who come home from seminary with their feet rooted firmly on the ground. They are in a great place. Some girls are less grounded as time goes on. But then again you are right there are times where girls come back from seminary kind of floaty, but just keep in mind it really is not all!

    Just reminded me my teacher in seminary always said You all want your husbands to be a Rabbi Akiva, but are you willing to be his wife Rachel? I think that is just brillian!!!! but not ness. the point here just had to mention it! 😉

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    I mean a passuk maybe about The command of helping out a fellow brother in need… Something that you actually have a source for… something you can cite.

    But thank you these were helpful!

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    I think you have a very valid concern, but I do believe that everything is so min hashamayim that there is so no need to let it eat you up, which trust me i know is easier said then done.

    Now I do not think anyone from my seminary was brainwashed at all especially with a mindset like that! But I really could only talk for myself. I went to a very frum Bais Yaakov Seminary, and The number one stressed point was TORAH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD! from this we were taught that it is something you truly need to build your life upon. My seminary was a mix though, and so there was no cookie cutter command saying you are bad if you do not marry a full time learner! We were shown the importance of marrying someone who has chashivus hatorah and who loves torah more then anything else! THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN A FULL TIME LEARNER! I believe it is a mentality and mindset. There are girls who are not ready or built to give up enough to have a full time learning husband, but are still amazing great girls. They also may not have support from their parents, which is a whole other story…. My point is that I think it is important to marry someone who considers torah most important, but that can mean learning in the morning seriously before work and having a set shiur and chavrusah at night. It’s not how much time they are spending doing each task, but which is more important and which they are living their life upon! I feel like I am really not clear, but I think you have nothing to worry about as long as you are someone who loves learning and understands that your torah is your main job and that your physical work is just a side and part of olam hazeh… it is not which is receiving more time, it is which is more loved by you? Which is your focus in life? Good luck in all you do!

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    I make a really good schnitzel recipe that is fast, easy, and tastes great!It’s a bbq schnitzel.

    Mix brown sugar and Ketchup together, until thick brush or pour over the schnitzel and cook it for and hour give or take a little!


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    Hey! you forgot my favorite one!

    200 D for PG in the G of M

    Now can anyone figure that one out???

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    Hi I got this from my seminary the summer before I left! I didn’t look through it, so don’t remember if it was too much or anything, and I don’t know what type of person you are, or what sem you are going to, so use some common sense, and dont get too overwhelmed! This was in different colors and stuff but since I just copied and pasted, there were comments from girls that were originally in a different color then the item and it may be a bit confusing, so sorry in advance! I hope this helps, and if you want the colorful clear original, maybe there is a way I can email it to you, and I wish you the best of luck and a great year!

    ‘Packing List’


    2-3 sheets

    2 pillow cases

    2 blanket covers

    2-3 towels

    2 washcloths

    Blankets, pillows

    Mattress cover (Some girls said: “The beds are fine, if harder than at home; one matress cover won’t make the difference.”)

    ‘School Clothing’

    Minimum that should be necessary

    6-10 sweaters

    3-4 pleated skirts for daily wear to class, plus non-pleated for out of class wear.

    8-10 long sleeved collared oxford shirts

    A lot of shells

    I always seemed to run out and have to do laundry..Also I brought wayyyyyy too much clothing-you really only need 5-6 weekday tops, a few sweaters, 2 sweatshirts, 2-3 weekday skirts (at most 4- people tend to wear the same 2 long black skirts every day.)


    4-5 Shabbos outfits (Though by the end of the year, I was pretty much wearing the same Shabbos outfit, it was nice to have pleanty to choose from.

    Shabbos robe (A shabbos robe isn’t a necessity. I only wore it in the dorm, and rarely on Friday night. It was good for Shabbos afternoon, but if you have one long shabbos dress that was really comfortable, that can be worn as a robe. I never brought my robe with me for out Shabbosim.)

    Overnight bag for Shabbos away, garment bag for Shabbos – (Many people used wheelie suitcases. I just used used the backpack I brought. I thought it worked better since then you didn’t need to worry about rolling it on the bumpy and crowded sidewalk. Due to the israeli streets the wheels might not survive, but its definitely worth it to bring. Also bring either travel-size toiletries or a toiletries bag with bottles.)

    *Shabbos shoes (When it comes to Shabbos shoes, you might want to avoid heels!! They’re totally unnecessary, and especially uncomfortable if you plan on walking just about anywhere, being that Eretz Ysroel is an exceptionally hilly country! (Why hurt your feet more than necessary?? Have some mercy on your toes!!!) Not to mention the fact that most young girls there don’t wear heels, and you’ll probably stick out if you do… Also, don’t bring your favorite pair that you’ll want for after seminary…. due to all the walking and the streets in israel, they’ll be ruined by the end of the year.)

    (Shabbos coat)

    General Notes:

    Good outfits might very easily get ruined because the water and detergents are different.

    When you are sent to families for Shabbos, chances are that they will not be well-off so don’t dress extravagantly.

    For Shabbos take into account the summer weather, then regular weather and then winter weather. That means two mamash summer outfits, two outfits that can go either way, and two outfits for winter.


    Do not bring a thousand pairs of shoes!

    Shoes get ruined and worn out very quickly in Israel – nothing too dainty – the dust will stain them.

    Comfortable flats- a few good pairs, 2-4.

    Boots for the rain

    Shabbos shoes* (see above)

    Slippers for around the dorm and flip flops*- like cheap kind for the shower- VERY USEFUL!

    Water shoes with backs- so helpful for all of the water hikes, even a junk pair of sneakers so you can hike as well.

    Walking shoes*


    Stockings/tights/pantyhose/ Socks

    There is good hosiery in Israel, but it costs between five and six dollars a pair. So don’t worry about getting stuck, but bring from home, enough that will last you. That means you know yourself, if you’re the kind of person who rips or gets runs a lot- bring enough stockings to last you till November and then again- starting a little after Purim time.

    Between November and Purim, you need tights.

    Tights: I’m assuming generally rip less often- it’s just annoying to try to find in Israel, and it’s more expensive.


    long, full skirts that you can hike in comfortably *hiking shoes (see above regarding water shoes) 6-8 pairs of knee socks

    cap with sun visor



    Just to emphasize the canteen for tiyulim… I brought a camel back with me to sem, it’s basically a knapsack that holds around 3 li. of water in it!! I’m not saying to get one of those (though i would recommend it,) but it saved my life when we were hiking up the snake path on Masada as well as the stairs in Tzfat, plus a hundred more times on other tiyulim… water is a MUST on tiyulim and a canteen is DEFINITELY A GOOD IDEA!!!)

    bathing suit and bathing cap and a tzniyus cover up

    Canteen isn’t needed. We all carried our water bottles around in out backpacks, and left ones not needed on the bus.

    ‘Dorm Life’

    2 sweat shirts

    3 pajama pants (bring thin and thick)

    4 shirts Or Long nightshirts

    Note: students may not leave their dorm rooms in pajamas. A robe or skirt must be put on top.

    Comfortable clothes, sweatshirts

    *Shower/beach slippers

    *Slippers to wear around the dorm

    Bath robe



    Don’t bring too much dry cleaning or hand wash stuff (especially hand wash stuff) people lose patience with it, never do it and that means never wear it and that means waste of space.

    Laundry bag (fold out laundry bag definitely advised over a laundry bag- it gets annoying.)

    Maybe some detergent tablets (though you can buy detergent in Israel. Don’t bring detergent! Bring some in a small bottle for when you want to spot clean/hand wash something. You can buy detergent right by school)

    mesh bags

    Iron (you can buy there, or borrow from a friend. There will always be someone who buys one, or gets from a sibling. It’s best to all chip in and buy one I would suggest, however, not to bring so many outfits that need to be ironed. You can iron it right from the drier, and it gets wrinkled in your closet, and you can’t wear it when you want to.)

    Bounce Sheets (the water is hard and makes stuff crunchy!)



    They sell these in Israel! Don’t pack for an entire year unless you are very particular about your brand.They even have the American brands like Head and Shoulders and Pantene, but a little more expensive than the Israeli brands.


    Contact lens, solution, case, and bring your glasses (maybe even a spare pair!!! Bring lens solution- 1-2 Costco size bottles should DEFINITELY DO. It cost so much more in Israel.)

    Bring a small bottle of mouthwash and a small bottle of purell – as well as a bigger bottle of both, so that you can refill the smaller ones and keep the small ones with you for tiyulim and Shabbos.

    FACE WASH! You can barely find in Israel and it’s a fortune.

    Sunscreen- the same. It’s expensive.

    Aloe- in case you get burned, and you are likely to.

    Hair brush, ponytail holders, bobby pins, cute clips, headbands, chappers


    Soap: antibacterial, hand, face, body


    Toothbrush-and toothbrush cover or case


    Shampoo- (I would NOT suggest bringing shampoo and conditioner from home- you can buy in Israel. It’s a little more expensive, but it doesn’t pay to bring from home because of weight and room and the chance it can explode in your suitcase (it did in one of my friends’ suitcases, and yes she did wrap it in plastic bags.)


    (It’s a good idea to have travel size for going away or containers you can fill.)

    Mousse, gel, spray

    Shavers, cream

    Personal items

    Tweezers, nail clipper, nail filer, compact, makeup bag




    Other: Off, after bite, Orajel, Neosporin, lip balm, acne wash, Vitamins, Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl caplets, Benadryl spray, Band aids, Debrox, Peroxide, Air freshener



    Warm waterproof jacket


    Hat, gloves, scarf


    Jacket wise- I suggest a light spring jacket, a big thick sweatshirt and then a winter coat, and some form of rain jacket


    Remember: 220 Voltage

    hair iron or blow dryer

    Digital camera and rechargeable batteries

    (You will need an adapter or you can buy rechargeable batteries in Israel. If you are buying a digital camera before seminary, BUY A WARRANTY! Most girls (even the most cautious and careful) had something happen to their camera. Don’t think it won’t happen to you because you don’t want to be stuck without a camera or paying a lot of money in the middle of seminary.)

    Adapters – (I bought in Israel, was easier for me that way…)

    Alarm clock


    Flash light

    (you might be best off buying the right adapters in Israel)


    Two Views:

    They sell food in Israel!!!! Don’t waste your suitcase space with cans of Tuna!!

    Bring your favorite snacks, really hard to find food, or just some stuff to tide you over till you have time to shop (tuna cans, American cereal, peanut butter, instant oatmeal)

    ‘Dorm room’

    Pictures of friends to hang up

    (a picture calendar is the cutest idea!!)

    A throw, pillows (might be better to shop around in Israel for these things)

    shoe organizer (It definitely helps. The rooms are small, and the hook onto the sides of the beds just fine. It keeps the floor look clean and not stuffy.)

    Collapsible drawers and shelves-check out target, crate and barrel, linens and things…. Buying collapsible drawers and shelves are great, but there isn’t really so much room. Organizer baskets are great for your closet, but you don’t get much of your own floor space.

    Organizer boxes (One for under the bed is great because that is space not normally used.)

    Small rug to put by your bed so your feet don’t freeze in the morning

    (You won’t need a rug, because most people don’t like to walk barefoot on the floor, so you won’t feel the cold!)

    A basket or hanging thing to keep your shower stuff in is useful because of the lack of space.

    Foldable Boxes for stuff like socks, etc. (or you can buy baskets in Israel)

    Siddur (A Siddur that fits into your purse I found to be a lot more travel friendly when going to the Kosel.)

    ‘Books for school’

    Hangers-get the kind that you can hang multiple things on: skirt hangers-you won’t find them there!!!

    Hooks-the kind that you can put in the bathroom, on the back of your door, etc.

    Safety pins. Carry them with you everywhere. And if the girl who gave me a safety pin outside Tachana HaMerkazit reads this– know that I am still very grateful to you, and intend to adopt your safety-pin-carrying habit next year! I thought that very clever of you.

    Paper clips, rubber bands

    Can opener and peeler- and be sure to hide them well because people like to borrow them. (Can opener/ peeler aren’t really necessary. We hardly ever used cans except when baking for something, and then we were in the big kitchen. Maybe a sharp knife or bowl or measuring cups if you want to bring.)

    Plastic Tupperware containers- or you can buy them there but you’ll definitely need them. (I never used Tupperware containers. I don’t even know why you would need any. They are not necessary, and if you really want some, there stores that sell them in Israel.)

    If you don’t think you’ll like the taste of the water- and most of you probably won’t, bring some sort of ice tea mix to flavor your water because you NEED to drink in Israel, even when you’re not thirsty and it’s not a particularly hot day, you don’t realize how much stronger the sun is there, and I can’t even count the number of times friends of mine have fainted from not drinking because they weren’t thirsty. (In America suggested amount to drink is 8-10 cups a day, in Israel the suggested amount is 12-15)

    Earplugs: if you plan on going to bed one day before 1 am, and you’re not one of those people who can fall asleep at a concert then bring ear plugs- an eye mask is also convenient, because sometimes you’ll just need an early night, and your roommates might still need the light on….

    Journal Being back from my year in Seminary, it’s so much fun to sit and and read all the journal entries I wrote. It brings back so many fun memories!

    Fun games taboo, bananagrams, set…

    A calendar

    Extra watch

    A small hand held mirror is handy to have. For checking the back of your hair, or doing your make up when the big mirror is being used.

    You may want a clip on lamp for when the lights go out. Girls bought them there, did without, or used their flashlights to navigate the room. A small book light though would have been nice, for reading or writing when already in bed.

    A hot water bottle- with a nice fluffy cover!!!!!!!!! It was the best for those cold winter nights!!!!

    ‘School Supplies’

    For school supplies: either decide to go Israel all the way, or bring over ALL your stuff from America, which can be a shlep.

    They sell them in Israel but they are slightly more expensive so….Also, binders and paper-the loose-leaf paper in Israel has different holes so if you are going to bring your own binders then bring enough paper!

    Because of the amount of classes and the fact that we only had them once or twice a week, most girls found it more useful to have a binder with looseleaf and dividers because their notebooks didn’t get filled up. you can buy those in Israel or Americ, but anything you buy in America, you won’t be able to buy the same size/type in Israel if you need more or you change your mind.

    Notebooks are better to get from America because they’re cheaper- but not necessary to bring from home.

    Highlighters, pencils for marking things off in sefarim or whatever is a good idea. And I would suggest lead pencils with a large supply of lead.

    Whiteout in America works better (especially the pen kind) so if you are into whiteout bring a few bottles/pens.

    Scissors, Mini-stapler, paper clips, pencil case

    Blank paper of all varieties

    Tac, tape, permanent marker

    Folders They don’t sell folders in Israel. If they do, they are really hard to find and/or expensive.

    Fun Stuff!!

    Markers, crayons (If you like to draw bring a sketchbook, pencils and anything you like to use because Israel is great for sketching)



    Some extras to bear in mind

    Tishrei:white clothes, Non-leather shoes, Machzorim, enough elegant clothing for five days of YomTov/Shabbos during a week when you can’t do laundry

    Three day Yomim Tovim this year!!!

    Nisan: enough elegant clothing for five days of YomTov/Shabbos during a week when you can’t do laundry

    Rosh Chodesh clothing.

    Some small hostess gifts for Shabbos hosts (You can buy your host gift in Israel…. people usually buy candy or a cake)

    Sephardi girls may wish to bring a birkat hamazon with zemirot for in Shabbasos.


    Purse, wallet, credit card, passport, checks, student visa….Money

    ‘Things I should not have brought!’

    1. A desk-lamp. We had no desks in the dorm.

    2. Lots of sefarim. There are English-sefarim libraries in Israel.

    3. Even a very subtle Purim costume. Girls don’t dress up at all.

    4. A small plug-converter: pretty much everything I wanted to plug in required a big voltage-converter.

    Things to make sure you do before departure

    Book ticket!!! (And when you get it don’t lose it, my sister did and the day before she left it was crazy!!!-we finally found it in the garbage!)

    Make sure you have transportation from the airport. (If you are coming with the group flight, you will be met and transported to the dorm.)

    Figure out with your parents what you are doing about a credit card, cell phone, etc. and make sure you have it figured out before you go

    Get addresses and numbers of relatives and friends that you can stay at for Shabbos or that you need to visit at least once

    Come with a positive attitude and try to hang onto it during the first adjustment days. Kol haschalos kashos! But it is going to be the most awesome experience of your life!

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    nice to see myself up here… haven’t been on in ages…!!!

    in reply to: Shidduchim: Girls & Size Zeros #880389

    Wow! I am sorry but I am so not ok with that line!

    in reply to: Please Daven! #804392

    Thank you all again!!! And gefen yes I have actually known who you are since that blizzard thread and seriously I would have known anyways your posts make it quite obvious as well as your screen name…

    And mustangrinder amen 1000 times over!!!!

    in reply to: Please Daven! #804388

    Thank you sooo much to everyone!!!!! Can’t tell you all how much ur words meant to me and my fam! Wanted to post earlier but wasn’t quite over till very recently bh it was successful and all is well! And after a really long and stressful day I can say it was knowing that so many people davening that really helped me get through today! Thank you all again for all your support and tefilos!!!!! May we only have simchas and much good news!!!!

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    hey musser zoger got you! does your name have anything to do with an agudah convention speech you went to with my father? 😉

    and Midwesterner have absolutely no clue who you are wanna give me a hint?

    in reply to: Please Daven! #804373

    thanks so much! yes my father is really amazing!!!! and ya the way he decided to do this is amazing, but the humble way in which he is doing it is even more amazing!

    Wait musser zoger and midwesterner now i gotta try to figure out who you are i dont like it that you know me without me knowing you! 😉

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    well ya that’s like for bentching and things like that… but davening??? shacharis? mincha? maariv?? from an ipod or phone??? people can carry little mincha maariv booklets that can fit in your pocket… I mean what did they do before they had their ipod?

    in reply to: seminary-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! #803287

    Actually even though I am going to seminary just like what is expected, I am going to a different type of seminary, which is more of a mix, and not the typical for my school! I cannot tell you about the slack and the comments people have said. It’s so stupid! At first it really bothered me, but now I kinda realize that this place is amazing, and it is the best place for me! Also its not like I only am going because dont have anywhere else. I got into the other place I wanted to go to which is a bit more typical and it is almost unheard of to be accepted and say no, but I think at least hope I did the right thing. But I think that girls end up loving whichever sem they end up in so hopefully all will go well!

    in reply to: Ahhhhhhhhhh-8th grade!!LOL #811819

    I wouldn’t worry! 8th grade is such an amazing year in whatever school you are in. You rule the school, and it’s great! I’m sure you’ll have fun with which ever job you get. Just make the best of it, and do your best to have a blast!

    in reply to: Tefillah Downloads on YWN #803811

    I do have to add though, that although it is great in some ways, maybe for birchas hamazon, tefilas haderech, ect… I see sometimes at weddings that there will be a minyan and a good percentage of the guys davening will be using an ipod or blackberry! I do not like this AT ALL!!!!! i mean i think there is a line that is being crossed like there is a certain something to actually holding and turning the pages to the siddur in your hand! I dont know maybe i’m being a little judgmental, anyone else feel that way?

    in reply to: Tefillah Downloads on YWN #803810

    yup! have a siddur, tehillim, 5 Chumachim, and kashrus food check kinda thing on my ipod! It’s great!

    in reply to: seminary-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! #803285

    ya it isn’t mandatory, but where I am from there is almost a pressure to go to Israel for seminary. I sometimes think if a girl would do better in a sem in the states? or not going at all? I never understood why she needs to stick out like a soar thumb, and have everyone wondering what’s wrong, and why she isn’t going. I personally would probably have gone in any case, but of course I dont know what i’m getting myself into, so I’m going not so excited, but i’m sure i’ll love it when I get there!

    in reply to: seminary-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! #803282

    ya thanx that’s true idk i’m just not so into this whole deal. I just hope I like it a little bit when I get there.

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    ya but this good attitude is a lot easier said then done! Especially when you are so nervous!

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    thanx!!! we need all the tefilos we can get! and ursula momish, they are not siblings it is my mother’s sister and B”h my father was found a match!!!

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    um pba just wondering…. why are you always the first to jump in on these seminary threads? Its just kinda weird but ok….

    and yes def know the anxiety, stress, and nervousness! we’re all in the same boat here with you! Right now I feel as if only a miracle will get me packed and on that plane! Good luck with your prep! hope its going smoother than mine! 😉

    in reply to: Please Daven! #804362

    Thank you!!!! and wait am yisrael… you only knew that they weren’t siblings from the names i posted right? or do you know me?

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    We just got our yearbooks!!!!! It is quite a mazal tov, because we were supposed to get them after we graduated mid June!!!!

    in reply to: Haifagirl #881502

    hey haifa girl now that you have a thread named after you, its time to see if i really know who you are at the end! I have been so sure for so long!

    in reply to: Kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira Stabbed To Death #792377

    I know we don’t know the exact reason for the happenings in this world, I just wanted to share something that I heard, that was so true, and really was just very special. Our gedolim we have in this world no matter how far away, are the pillars that hold our world up! We need to understand and remind ourselves of this at all times. When 3 gedolim left our world at the same time so suddenly, yes, some of us were shocked at the moment, but life went on as usual. They are far from us (at least some of us) and we dont understand their worth completely, and the shmirah they give to the world! Now that they are gone, we lost that shmirah that they were supporting the world with! The world is falling fast without them! The disgusting and inhumane murderers that took place by fellow jews, are far from natural! we need to understand how great of a loss these gedolim were to our world, and always keep ourselves on track knowing and respecting our gedolim keeping to their takanos no matter how strange or harsh they sound! Doing this will hopefully help keep the world supported, and keep such horrible and unnatural things from happening!

    Sorry so long this just really helped me put this into perspective…. Hope it can help others!

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    ho hum at home writing a 5 page paper for college….

    in reply to: Girls and Davening #790251

    adorable! i really know exactly what you are talking about! Since I finished school, I have such a hard time motivating myself to daven, and when I do it’s like you said not so special. I am kinda at a loss of how to deal with it but its good to know a lot of other girls are in the same boat. I was talking to a friend of mine and we were trying to figure out can be done about this. Some ideas are to find a nice place to daven and daven there every day! She said she likes to daven outside in her backyard. I still haven’t found a solution though, so if anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it! And those who dont have such a problem- I understand that it is really not ok, but please dont judge it is very hard!

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