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    Google the term Cold Reading.

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    You should check them out if you’ve never heard of them.

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    I take it you are a fan of I Fight Dragons?

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    Jewish music fans are usually too much of one and not enough of the other.

    Basically they seem to only like music that was most likely the soundtrack to a pogrom.

    That said, I would love an 8 bit version of Od Yishama for my wedding

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    “Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people. Its origins are credited to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, originally as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry.[1][2][3] SpeedDating, as a single word, is a registered trademark of Aish HaTorah. Speed dating, as two separate words, is often used as a generic term for similar events.”

    Is Aish HaTorah not Jewish enough for you?

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    Actually Satmar engages in some Holocaust Denial…most notably how the Rebbe was saved and by whom and what their affiliation was.

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    The passuk says that before moshiach comes,

    ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?’ ????? ??????”

    “The sun will turn into darkness and the moon blood [red]…”

    This is the passuk that Dr Stanz and Dr Zeddmore discussed in Ghostbusters while trying to figure out why they had experienced an increase in supernatural activity around the tri state area

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    Why is everything so overritualized in yiddishkeit today?

    Getting engaged is a moment of personal growth, why does it need to be filtered through whichever “hashkafa” the couple is part of?

    Can’t it just be a special moment between two people who are going to start a family together?

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    I think the question should be “How many of us ashkenazim are really decendant from Khazzars?”

    The Sephardim did/do a much better job of protecting their bloodline.

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    @Avram in MD

    Compare “simcha klezmer” to “simcha rock” and the distinction is miniscule at best. I’m guessing the ba’alei simcha is more concerned with being perceived as “too modern” more than the actual musical quality occuring.

    Ahh the old “rock music is 3 chords” canard. I would argue that a large amounts of “rock musicians” from the 70’s and 80’s could teach college level courses in advance music theory.

    Pick up a song book of a edited or edited

    album and see if you can keep up with the time signature changes or the massive amounts of chord changes used in a single song.

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    “The Romanian influence is, perhaps, the strongest and most enduring of the musical styles that influenced traditional klezmer musicians. Klezmer musicians heard and adapted traditional Romanian music, which is reflected in the dance forms found throughout surviving klezmer music repertoire (e.g., Horas, Doinas, Sirbas, and Bulgars etc.)”

    Klezmorim were respected for their musical abilities and diverse repertoire, but they were by no means restricted to playing klezmer. Christian churches sometimes asked for their services, and some Italian classical violin virtuosos received their instruction.[citation needed] Local aristocracy held the best klezmer in high regard and often used their services.

    So at best, Klezmer musicians were the “borscht belt” comedians and entertainers of their time. Not exactly the “helige” music and history we all tricked ourself into thinking.

    in reply to: Good CD for a Simcha, to replace a band #1005176

    “I don’t want something too rocky – just Yeshivish” do realize that by Yeshivish you mean more “klezmerish” which was the rock music of the goyim back in de alter heim.

    So by trying not to be are still being goyish. And if goyish music is an issur of some sort, it might as well sound like it came from this century rather than the soundtrack to a pogrom.

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    Lonely Man Of Faith, Halachic Man, Making Of A Godol, Sacred Monsters.

    in reply to: Parnassah Expo 2014 March 25th-26th #998245

    I hope someone has a booth that is going to be selling the hottest new sefer….Sefer Asurey HaMelech

    in reply to: RCA sides with apikorsim #998537

    @zahavasdad +1 “like”

    in reply to: Shimon Peres great great grandson of Reb Chaim Volozhin? #994469

    And most of us are descendants of Khazzars

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    Your account is being inactivated for a week for repeatedly trying to get past moderation. I recommend all posters reread the rules of posting in the CR. -127

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    that response is legend..wait for it…dary!!

    by the way, that mitzvah can be fufilled by teaching your son to fill out forms for public aid nowadays.

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    Ok fine..I’ll amend my joke

    The one that can pass for a yungerman would be the one that…..sits on the bench reading the baseball rule book instead of playing the game, then insists that the owner pay him enough to have a similar lifestyle to the superstars.

    Is that more apt?

    Oh and then the casual fans insist that the rule book readers are on a higher level then the actual players that play the game day in and day out. Then the next generation of children are raised to believe that reading the rules of the game instead of playing it is the way to go, until there is no one left playing.

    in reply to: What to look for in a shidduch #983784


    Who and what exactly am I labeling? I was making fun of the ridiculous labels people try to classify themselves as.

    in reply to: What to look for in a shidduch #983776


    Typical response.

    I point out that there is a flaw in something I.E. the frum caste system designed to keep “undesirables” out of the gene/yichus pool and you take it as an “attack on frum people”

    All I was pointing out that the subdividing and artificial strata among Jews (all Jews..not just “frum” people) has a huge negative effect on the next generation. People live in absolute terror of everyone and everything affecting their shidduchim and it borders on lunacy. So yeah I’m not happy about it and not afraid to comment either.

    If I “hated frum people” I would go hang out on other sites where they hate frum people and we could all live happily ever after. However I comment and say things because I care deeply, the yiddishkeit that I grew up with is rapidly disappearing in favor of an ever growing amount of extremisim and trying to “build the ghetto walls higher then ever before.”

    But go ahead, label me a hater of Torah or a rasha or whatever else you call someone who doesnt toe the line.

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    Is there proof that having a beard and sitting on the bench somehow contributes to the mazel of the team?

    in reply to: What to look for in a shidduch #983773


    I think a father knows what to look for in a wife for his son. I think what he might not be sure of is the specific labels that seem to dominate frum life nowadays.

    Because HaShem forbid that if you are a “Yeshivish But With It Hemishe” type family and you accidently indicate to the shadchan that you want a “Yeshivish Modern Kind Of Chasidish” daughter in law.

    With the caste system that has been set up, it’s easy to accidently step down a rung in the social order. Hence the father trying to crowdsource the decision.

    in reply to: Which Red Sox player could pass for a yungerman? #984645

    Whichever player doesn’t really contribute to the teams success but still collects a paycheck.

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    It isn’t indicative of anything! See in every generation, there have always been skeptics and doubters and people who find value in the community that being frum offers while not connecting with the underlying dogma.

    Only difference now is that the internet has made people a little bit braver to talk about these things. And then along comes AMI magazine and publishes a textbook example of “yellow journalisim” about a charedi posek who doesn’t believe. All of the sudden, everyone starts seeing orthoprax people everywhere like they are some sort of vermin that need to be eradicated.

    I said before, these people dont recruit. They keep up apperances to keep families together or be allowed to have a relationship with their children, or even to just keep their social life alive because they enjoy the sense of community.

    The existance of orthoprax people is indicitive of nothing because there will always be individuals that do not buy into the program. Emunah declarations and ad hoc beis dins will solve nothing.

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    The OP (most likely a troll) is saying that insidious orthopraxy types are going to subliminally deter people from frumkeit. And that we as a frum community should go on some sort of crusade against community leaders and teachers suspected of being “Orthoprax”.


    Oh no! you called me orthoprax!! I think I’ll go cry about it.

    All I was doing was saying that without some techniques made famous by Toreqemada, you can never really acertain someones emunah. Seems to me that would be a major turn off for people. The whole process of needing to get tourtured physically in order to take a low paying job teaching unruly 11 year olds.

    in reply to: Orthopraxy #981969

    Unless you want to resort to an Orwell like surveillance level in every frum community, this would be impossible to ascertain.

    What would you do? Hire private investigators to dig through peoples lives and put all of your evidence before some newly established beis din? Or just put a gun to every Rav and mechanechs head and have them declare their loyalty to Hashem?

    By the way, Orthoprax people are “off the derech” in private, they don’t recruit and in no way rock the boat. So before you start a witch hunt, realize that there are bigger fish to fry in the frum world.

    in reply to: What is a cattle prod? #1062000


    That is your take on it.

    I happen to think that there is something rotten at the core of the institution.

    I also happen to think that people are more upset at the negative press the “heimishe oilam” is getting, rather than a group of “rabanim” acting like charchters from Goodfellas.

    And I am thankful to the J-Blogosphere for continuing to expose these people. Because maybe people will catch on that there is no such thing as “sweeping it under the rug” anymore and start behaving accordingly.

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    Thats too convenient a cop out. To just say that the bad apples weren’t really authentic apples to begin with.

    Look up “No True Scotsmen”

    The leader of the group had been a long time advocate for Agunahs and I guess now we know why.

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    This news story is one of many recent events that can qualify as an

    “The emporer has no clothes” moment.

    The children of klal yisrael are not stupid by any stretch of the imagination and there are only so many of these stories that can happen before a generation is lost.

    But keep banning things and complaining about the shidduch crisis, seems to be working.

    in reply to: Shidduchim for children from broken homes #978385


    Because they have an added stigma in the world of shidduchim. People pay lip service to the concepts of t’shuva or rising above your upbringing. You hear heartwarming stories of it but as soon as a shidduch is suggested to a parent with a “normal” child, the parents get all gun shy and say it’s “not shyiach”

    It’s a wonderful caste system we have set up. And as we know, everything we do has been done since Har Sinai so dont bother trying to suggest a change to it.

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    Read the numerous posts decrying everything about the MO world (aside from their bankrolling of “charedi” institutions)

    They are likened to every enemy the Jewish people have ever had and are treated as such.

    That is until one of their own is considering leaving yiddishkeit..then out comes the love for their MO bretheren and they say things like “You dont need to give up everything! Just become MO! need to throw the baby out with the bathwater!!”

    But it’s too late, their child has heard their parents and teachers call MO people fake Jews, and therefore do not see MO as a viable life path.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1183307

    Love the honesty by @Shanifirst

    We all know that the frum world views MO as a lesser form of OTD

    They are not considered members of Klal Yisroel in good standing.

    in reply to: So is Zev Farber an Apikores #977009

    Everyone is so quick to label someone an Apikores.

    Similar to a classroom full of 7 year olds, trying to be the one to tattle the most.

    Attack ideas on their merit, and not hide behind some “label”

    in reply to: What is the Ner Yisroel college program #1159509


    Why do something if you are so ashamed of it? Is it that you want to live a middle class lifestyle but you want people to think that you are a “hard core kollel family”

    Why not just be proud of the fact that you take your familial responsibility seriously?

    in reply to: Ami's article on gilgulim #1117421


    You would be suprised what crept into the mainstream curriculum and even into mainstream practice.

    Do some research on’s kind of eye opening.

    Monogamy wasnt even a mainstream concept until Yidishkeit found itself in Europe and offending Christian sensitivities.

    The notion that Judaisim has been unchanged for 3000 years is a very childish one.

    in reply to: Any first-hand accounts of miracles or Ruach Hakodesh by Gedolim? #1030825

    To the OP

    This kid figured it out..let him go and just chalk that one up as a “loss”

    You aren’t going to win him back with ancedotal stories with zero sceintific proof.

    21st century yidishkeit has become a Gadol worshipping contest..seems like we were influenced by Christianity a little more than we would like to admit.

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    He learned it from either one or all of the following

    A Lipa video, The Jewish Press, The Beacon, VIN, Michael Savage, The J-Blogosphere, The Forward..etc

    Or my favorite reason why anything bad ever happens..the toyevahnicks or women with hemlines too short.

    in reply to: At what point are you officially one side or the other? #983392

    And here we see another wonderful example of “MO” being used as a “slur”

    in reply to: At what point are you officially one side or the other? #983388


    *thumbs up*

    Now watch as every responder calls you names and claims that you are distorting the “mesorah”

    in reply to: Sandy Koufax and Yom Kippur #975074

    There was a punter or kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers who was asked if he was planning on playing on Yom Kippur when Sandy Koufax didn’t. He replied “Yes I am going to play, Koufax had someone to take his place in the rotation, I dont.”

    The Steelers lost that game.

    My father who was in an office football pool, was the only one to pick the Steelers to lose and was the only one to get it right! One of the other partners claimed my father cheated since he had inside information.

    in reply to: Not too yeshivish but not to modern #974642

    I’m wondering if we are ever going to see the word “modern” stop being a slur

    …probably not.

    in reply to: Artscroll Controls Chareidi Hashkafa #974524

    Leaders are always fearful of certain kinds of knowledge.

    This all culminated when R’Shimshon Refael Hirsch and The Tiferes Yisroel were deleted from the “Mesorah”

    But yeah, we all know that only “certain Rishonim” are appropriate..because “They could say it..we can not!”

    in reply to: Should we observe 9/11? #974134

    I think we should observe it, considering it was our fault and all

    in reply to: Chassidish Minhagim and which Chassidus does it #972663

    Dress like 17th century European goyim…all of them.

    in reply to: Kares #972231

    Let me try and translate the OP’s question

    “Why hasn’t Hashem killed off all of the people that aren’t as frum as me yet!!?? Doesn’t he love me??”

    in reply to: For the Jewish Metalhead (I know you're out there). #1023439


    “And to be an all out “metal head” is really sad. The metal ideology and culture is so morbid, some (or most) of these players / singers are associated with drug overdose and psychological and personal instability.”

    Let’s not throw stones when we ourselves live in a glass house. Talk to a pharmacist in a “heimshe” neighboorhood and see how many anti depressant perscriptions are being filled.

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    “these genres are for the musically illiterate”

    How incredibly bigoted of you! Most lead guitarists in metal bands could teach college level classes in music theory, some on the level of Stratavarius.

    In order to play with that kind of speed and precision, you need to understand how and why certain paterns and teqhniques are applicable. To call them genres for the musically illiterate is just as wrong as me saying that every Jewish musician with songs on mostlymusic is a hack that just stole lyrics from Dovid HaMelech.

    in reply to: Which organization should I volunteer at? #971514


    in reply to: Wendy Runge has been released! #971608


    She received that “harsh sentance” because she was completly insincere in her allocution to her “non violent crimes” and then went on the internet and blogged about the anti semetic judge.

    So in a sense she stuck her tounge out at the judge and the judge cut it off, and rightly so.

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