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  • in reply to: Smoking vs. Bochurim on the Internet #638848

    I feel it is equally as wrong for a bocher to be online, and a 45 yr old…

    Yochanan, was a Kohan godel, and he became a tzidokee at 80

    age is not an issue when it comes to these things

    if a/t the younger you are the more chances you’ll change for the good, the older you are the more prone you are to keep on doing what you are doing…

    in reply to: HUMOR: Funny Mother-In-Law vs. Shadchan #645927

    i agree its the parents that make the issues when it comes to shidduchim,

    i remember when my brother was on the shidduch line, and my mother asked him what type of girl he’s looking for,

    His responce… “shomer shabbos”

    in reply to: PHONY CALLS #623153

    maybe its some goy or freiya yid who wants to form some loony article in the papers..

    if you heard about the ny journal article u would know what i mean

    in reply to: Timche es Z’ Amalek: UNBELIEVABLE #620377

    matisyohu 28

    of course emunah should not be based on stories

    but it should definetely become strengthened

    in reply to: Treatment of teens off the derech #1160070

    i have a friend who is currently going through tough times. She feels like she has been forced to lead a frum life. But she wants to actually choose to live the frum life.

    Unfortunately she is not satisfied enough being raised religious and all…she feels she has to make the decision on her own. It does say that we have B’chirah on how we want to live–and she feels like she wants to check out whats out there and then choose.

    I as her friend, and the rest of my friends are there to listen and keep up w/ her..the most we can do is to keep up w/ her—like this we keep the connection

    children growing up very restricted may reach a point where they feel like they’re being choked, instead of being happy they are FFB and seeing the beauty of Yiddishkeit.

    in reply to: Divorce Crisis #697185

    parents have got to mix out of their childrens lives and give them independence

    in reply to: Jewish Music (is it either)? #642598

    speaking about music

    if any of u listen to nachum segal

    they played yesterday a new song from a new singer yossi mayer—-i’ve got to say it sounds nice

    in reply to: Tuna steak #619948


    i make for friday night this recipe–w/ the teryaki sauce—-i also first smear olive oil

    the mikee sesame teriyaki sauce is amazing—-so are the rest of the mikee product their fantastic

    in reply to: People Who Can’t Write Properly #665837

    Is this a free course?!(lol)

    in reply to: Mitzvah Tantz, what the prob’ exactly? #620476

    the reason why we chassidim wear shtreimlech and bekitches is bec. of TRADITION

    not Because we care what we look like outside!!!

    u might want to calm down by the way

    in reply to: Women Davening on Train #620503

    i believe Hashem hears us anywhere…

    of course its more proper to daven in a makom Kodesh, but we women don’t pray at shul—-at least not during the week…

    in reply to: A Thread That is Not Really About a New Cd by Boruch Levine #1026329

    chaim berliner


    in reply to: Shidduch Solutions #1099667

    a shadchan is simply a shliach

    though its definitely not simple to be that shliach

    i mean i have tried and i was very fast discouraged

    in reply to: Timche es Z’ Amalek: UNBELIEVABLE #620362

    very inspirational

    This is like the story of the man who was robbed of his money…by a man who his father has stolen money from…

    this is a story that should strengthen our emunah—-it proves how Hashem has a cheshbon for e/o and e/t is planned out exactly!!

    especially in todays generation when things are difficult to understand, we need to know that Hashem planned this all with reason..and when we ask why? we should know there is a cheshbon!!

    Thanx nameless for writing the story

    in reply to: How to increase Tzinius #1086286

    This site is definitely addictive. But if u think into it, its great for those ppl that fell into this addiction—better this site than any of the other that can treifen our souls—-better then chatting w/ who knows who and who knows where…

    this site is discussing issues in our community that we can all learn about talk about, nothing wrong about in my opinion..i only see good in it

    its a healthy outlet

    in reply to: Kids surfing the Web #620311


    u were saying that u dont think u have seen a topic inappropiate for a 13yr old

    check this one out:

    “Are frum couples perhaps divorcing a bit too quickly??”

    i think the topics should be rated

    in reply to: How to increase Tzinius #1086276


    they say practice what u preach

    now if u don’t want to practice it then please don’t preach it–sorta looks silly

    in reply to: Tznius: a woman’s issue #623819

    can somebody explain why BY graduates will insist that their husbands stay and learn leolam va’ed but they find nothing wrong with dressing very skimpy—tight tops, and slinky skirts that do a wonderful job attracting men on the street?

    in reply to: Getting your Child Into a School in Lakewood #620945

    not accepting children in schools bec. the parents arent good enough just pushes the parents even further away!!

    u know Bobov today is very heimish–black hats, and white socks wasn’t always like that..

    the fathers of those first boys in the yeshiva post WWII wore white hats—-which was really modern—e/o had television

    but the Bobover Rebbe had in mind the childrens chinuch—-and eventually all the fathers became more heimish—-they looked at their kids and they wanted to change for them and be like them…

    in reply to: Expensive Holidays???? #619824

    well i say if you have the money for that vacation, go ahead and enjoy…if u feel that you are popping ppls eyes out and your staying home—-then kol hakoved….but hello if you have money for vacation–go have a grand time—-but don’t brag a word about it to your neighbors especially if they have no funds for such

    in reply to: Expensive Holidays???? #619817

    if you are giving your share of tzedakah why not?

    in reply to: Daveing with Crocs #620718

    is this really whats impt in life? crocs?

    please, as long as its tzniyusdig what really is the problem? its not like its assur or s/t?

    are we trying to run away from subjects that are really impt in life?!

    in reply to: Smoking Cigarettes #619803


    the idea is original, but i don’t know how practical?!!

    in reply to: Smoking Cigarettes #619798

    my father has been a heavy smoker for 30+ yrs—-He stopped smoking one pesach when he heard there was a chshash on smoking cigarettes on pesach

    B”H a hasn’t smoked since.

    does any one know of any other stories that got ppl to stop smoking, i know s/o else that smokes and i wonder if there is anything that could get him to stop?

    in reply to: Why Yidden are the BEST! #1166301

    my answer to the question,”why Yidden are the best”:




    B’nei Oilem

    Zichron Shloime



    the list is forever

    just listen to lipas tizke l’mitzvas song(after tisha b’av)

    in reply to: Stealing your neigbours cleaning lady! #1154663

    Mrs. L?

    how do u have the strength to get on your hands and knees and do the perfect job?

    i don’t know, i look at my house and i say, ok big deal, what should be so hard

    and it takes forever, and i lose my koiches too fast!!

    i find that the fastest way to get my house clean is to invite s/o over and before you know it its spic

    do you have better advice?

    in reply to: Daveing with Crocs #620652

    you know this talk is reminding me of a beautiful story i once witnessed

    my family was once driving home from the mountains, and my father stopped at the gas station and saw like 3-4 yidden there and he was thinking maybe they could have a minyan there for mincha..anyway this bareheaded man comes over to my father and asks him if he should arrange a minyan–shocked my father says sure great..neways he puts on a hat that was in his car organizes a minyan….and end of the story is my father says he was amazed by his kavana

    so i don’t think its about the crocs, the suit, the hat or whatever…

    in reply to: Terrible side effects of the bungalow colony movement #619752

    cherrybim–very dramatic!

    i did not comment that i hear no evil-there is evil—and this evil exists by ppl who have no yiras shamayim!!

    and this should not have any affect on the rest of our jewish community that are B”H very ehrlich..and want to have a healthy vacation

    in reply to: Terrible side effects of the bungalow colony movement #619750

    i would really love to go to the country in a few years from now, when i will have kids to enjoy it along w/ me. It is very impt to get that break of routine, and have a time to refresh from one year to the next. In the city it is difficult to get that same break. So if you could afford a nice little 2 bedroom bungalow in the country why not. There is nothing like the mass of grass and delicous fresh air, and the cool breeze and shade in the catskills. I think its wonderful. And its not some new modern idea–it’s practically a tradition by now.

    The men in the city are working so they can cover the summer expenses…the may work til late not having the pressure to be home on time..or they are going to extra shiurim or they are spending time w/ their friends—-is there anything wrong for the men to socialize w/ their friends—aren’t we women doing that in the country?

    if there are bad stories going around—then these are ppl w/ extreme issues–not the avg oilem

    so take it easy ppls and enjoy your summer

    in reply to: What’s Your Favorite Restaurant In Town? #666609

    talking about sushi..there is this place in Aventura, Florida by the waterways called China Bistro..they have this amazing fried sushi-Futa Maki-whoever is on vacation in Miami and likes sushi should go try it out

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