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  • Look at the intro to yabia omer. Maran Ovadia has a huge essay about this topic. Also, the intro to the yalkut yosef kitzur shulchan aruch.

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    Look who’s talking:)

    But you’re right.

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    I hope you are kidding. The question is not about this particular guy, its about his actions in general as they apply to him and others as well.

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    the plumber-Im yirtzeh hashem! The Rambam says though the only difference between now and Moshiach’s time is shibud malchios. (I know its a big machlokes though)

    TBONTB- the italics code is in the sticky threads

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    NAT-You ruined everything.


    1)The gemara in sotah(daf 6a or so) says you are supposed to have an eighth of an eighth of gaava. The rambam also paskens this way. This is clearly less. Ayen point 4.

    2)The gemara and poskim say that you are allowed to be honest about how much you learned, even though you are allowed to say you learned less than you did.

    3)By your ‘gaava’, you are inspiring others to reach greater levels of learning which is clearly a positive thing.

    4)I don’t think it counts as gaava at all, being that I have no idea who you are, and I’m not sure how much ‘gaava’ you would be able to have in such a case in terms of the metzius of human psychology.

    5)You are probably thinking “boy: would this guy be surprised if he knew I actually was”

    Can you please answer my question? I am dying to know. I give you permission to be a baal gaava. I also give you permission to admit that you are normal.

    I am so impressed.

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    Maran Ovadia Yosef says that an Ashkenazi can become Sephardi because the Sephardi mesorah is better, but a Sephardi cannot become Ashkenazi.

    Note the author.

    1.How in the world do you know all of these sources?? You know them offhand or you did some bar-ilan search? I am impressed.

    2.Also, did you type all of these sources by hand?

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    Thanks whichever mod that was!

    You are very welcome.

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    The plural of anecdote is not data.

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    Would you mind changing “thru” to “through”. Also, can you please put a period at the end of the phrase. It really irks me every time I see it.

    -Thanks a bunch!

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    as Torah knowledge

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    For me it is 34 days. (Morasha Kollel)

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    No. The bumper has precedence.

    I am ready to cry after having read through this thread.

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    A cookbook. Has some hilarious effects.

    Endless discussions in Gemara and rishonim center around questions of phraseology.

    The type of phraseology questions that I am talking about are those of why he used word X and not word Y. Those types of discusions are rarely in the gemara/rishonim. I can think of a few examples but they are not common at all.

    Because, he explains- he wrote with Ruach hakodesh! (or something to the effect of ‘divinely inspired’ – don’t remember exact lashon).

    I also write with ruach hakodesh.

    What do all the quotes about improper application of iyun skills have to do with this discussion?

    Welcome to the CR.

    but a cursory reading of many complicated sugyos would not qualify for ‘decently well’.

    I didn’t say to skim it. You need to have basic havana of the shakla v’tarya.

    That’s not learning tosafos.

    True. It is studying tosfos. To learn tosfos makes no sense grammatically.

    which you retain much better than randomly memorizing gemoros.

    False. It’s not ‘random memorization’, and people do retain it better.

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    No.The women were not at har sinai because they are not Jewish.

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    daas torah means torah knowledge

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    To be or not to be-

    it tastes better

    False. In a study where people tasted NYC water and several brands of bottled water blindly, NYC tap was constantly rated as tasting better than any of the other brands, even by people who said they like bottled water better!

    plus don’t believe everything global warming alarmists tell you our oceans are doing just fine

    You’re either ignorant, naive, obstinate, or just stupid.

    Do a quick search on Google about the topic. Actually never mind, because all the articles are going to be written by people who believe there is a problem, so they are obviously not reliable.

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    Speak it out.

    I don’t remember that being in the hakdama. Can you post what page it’s on in hebrewbooks?


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    Thats in the closed threads at the top of the CR.

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    baal tashchis. We only have one Earth.

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    And your kids?????????

    No prob, let ’em live in Arkansas.

    All of you are very smart, obviously you are smart because you can bring out random maareh mekomos (sarcasm intended).

    Don’t worry, none taken.

    But there is prob a good reason you’re on yeshiva world and not in the shiur room.

    Yes there is.

    This discussion is done in my books.

    I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say

    If you have no kavod for gedolum and you’re not machshiv what you’re sons rebbeim are teaching them, please keep it to yourself


    (Besides for the fact that I disagree with both of your statements)

    I’m also shocked to find out I have sons. What are their names?

    It doesn’t matter how many seforim you can quote, you are crum.

    Nice retort.

    This thread should end, being that if yeshiva guys were to read this they can be turned off by a bunch of stupid posters who think they know everything.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t choose to suppress my opinion because others might agree to it.

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    Welcome to the CR, pweiss!

    Little Froggie-it may be safe to return. The smoke is rising and my vision is beginning to become clearer.

    Actually, cancel that. Remain where you are.

    Side note:

    Dear Patur Aval Assur,

    I am astonished at your breadth of knowledge. Truly incredible.

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    You mean he shouldn’t hop back.

    There is no possible discussion for daas torah, it is right, if you don’t believe that, I don’t know what to tell you.

    The discusion would be reguarding these issues:

    1) How much Torah do you need to know to have daas Torah?

    2)Are different level of daas Torah relevant?

    3)If somebody has daas Torah but also has a secular education, would you consider his words to be solely based on torah? (That’s what daas torah is)

    4)What are the sources for daas Torah: Why does it make sense that just because somebody knows Torah, he also knows psychology and how your finances should run, and what you should invest in…etc….

    And as pulsing flower said, the tosefos harash is not just a “better writer” than tisefos. That’s ridiculous. To think rishonim are just wasting their time is basically apikorses.

    Why is that apikorsus? Show me in the 13 ani maamins, or in the sefer haikarim, or anywhere else that this is apikorus. Why is it apikorsus to believe that certain individuals were granted more talent than others? Do you think that John Q. Jew living in the 1200s has the same skills as rashi? Is it apikorsus to not believe that as well?

    No. So why should it make a difference if John Q. Jew is Rabeinu Tam or your Yankel Am Haaretz-they don’t have the same skills as Rashi?! (Note:Rashi was picked as an arbitrary example)

    Just becasue the Rishonim lived awhile ago does not mean they are perfect. The reason that we highly value their words is because they are closer to the authentic mesora. Not because they are naturally smarter or better writers.

    Also, I never said that the Rishonim were wasting their time. If anything it would be a waste of their time to go over their manuscript 50 times to make sure every word contains some huge chidush, which they don’t. In your worldview though, they probably wrote whatever they wanted the first time with no editing, because editing implies that they are human which is blatant kefirah.

    This thread should end, being that if yeshiva guys were to read this they can be turned off by a bunch of stupid posters who think they know everything.

    You have it backward. If the only method to learn was the method that you described I would have stopped learning all together. And for a while I was considering that. But when I realized than in order to learn, I did not have to make illogical assumptions, I once again began to enjoy learning. (I am not saying that learning is not a chiyuv if you don’t like it-L’fum Tzaara agra)

    Translation of of part of the maharals rant:

    People believe that one can develop into a Torah scholar only through the mental gymnastics of pilpul, which posits theories of halakha and then analyzes these empty contrived hypotheses. They create new explanations of Torah that are unfounded, claiming that this method is necessary to sharpen the mind. How can they think like that? A person should tear his heart out over this practice of turning truth into falsehood in order to sharpen the mind! Such a thing should not be found in Israel – to sharpen the mind with falsehood or to even spend time on falsehood – for the Torah is a Torah of truth. Indeed, as a result, they become more foolish, rather than wiser. It would be better to learn carpentry or another trade, or to sharpen the mind by playing chess. At least they would not engage in falsehood, which then spills over from theory and into practice…

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    That’s not true though. And even if it is, ayen my second point.

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    Sam2 is correct.I don’t know how it applies to cocunut milk, but the SA states by almond milk that it is assur to serve it with meat unless there are almonds floating in it. The same thing applies by fish blood. It is assur to drink fish blood unless it has fish scales in it showing that it is fish blood and not other types of blood which are assur.

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    Being that it is only May, I am only around 1.5 feet tall now. I’m waiting to hit my growth spurt.

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    kedushaskohen-Welcome to the CR!

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    the plumber-not true. Not all kiddushim have alcoholic drinks (a bar), while all kiddish clubs do. Therefore it is more mistaber to say that she is talking about kiddush clubs.

    Additionaly, The Goq mentioned that these people are going to a bar not shul. This applies by kiddush clubs. By kiddushim, they go to a bar and shul.(on the tzad that kidushim are also bars, contrary to what I said above. Therefore it is proved that The Goq is talking about kiddush clubs meema nafshecha)

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    Mutar. Many prominent rabbonim have done it. Absolutely kosher.

    However, there is an increased chance of genetic diseases in the kids due to the similarity of the DNA. Also, many people wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, but there is nothing wrong with it.

    If I’m an am haaretz, I won’t die. I don’t go to a JCC.

    What’s wrong with unfiltered internet? I’ve never heard anybody say anything against it.

    What could possibly be the problem? The internet is very kosher in its raw state.

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    Patur-I am glad you have aspirations. How are they coming along all this time later?

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    Where to I put the backtick?

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    Hey what happened with all the spacing? How do I fix it?

    Put a backtick (” ` “) before and after. -100

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    ___,-' '-.___
    | , /|_,| |
    | ,
    _' '' o',/_
    . |
    | / _/ o o_ |
    | | (_|(((9 9)))|_) | |
    | | | o o(_) o | | |
    | | _.-- o ___ oo/--._ | |
    | .'-.__ '-.___.-' __>--. / |
    |,---/ _)
    (_ ---.|
    /____| | |_______________| | |/____
    |/ '-'-' _________ '-'-' |
    / _,-' '-._
    / ,-' '-.
    / _____ _____
    / ,' '. ,' '.
    / ' ' ' '
    /_ __.-._.--._ ___ _.----.__ __,----.hjw
    | '--' '--' '---' '-' |
    | ,--, | | | | | |
    | / __ ,--. |- | | | ,--. | | |
    | ( |(---' | | | | (---' | | |
    | '--' '--' '--' '--^--' '--' '- '- |
    | ,---. | | |
    | (____ ,--. ,--. ,--. | | |
    | ) ( )( ) | | ' ' |
    '--' '--' '--' ' ' o o

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    Dear PBA,

    All my friends hate me because I toast bananas. I don’t know what to do! Is my behavior normal?


    Ostracized by a banana

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    You sound like all those drinks that put cranberry in everything. Cran-apple, Cran-milk, Cran-Grape. 🙂

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