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    Note to everybody: The mods let me post my name because it is only a first name, without a surname, and hence it is not considered information that can track who I am.

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    (there are many words I’d use to describe you. I don’t think serene makes the top ten :))

    And that is after a third of my posts are deleted!

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    The neighborhood is in a safe?

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    He had a different girsa?

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    I said my name sounds serene.

    And either way, just because I have a stormy exterior, does not mean that my insides are similarly churning. I am like The Great Sea, whose surface foams and froths, but who’s inner being remains undisturbed and entirely serene throughout the millenia. Due to the nature of this illusion, I may appear like The Big Sun in its ephemeral but inspiring moment at the height of its daily power. Know however, that in reality, I am only like The Little Sun, who hides in the shadow of his Bigger Brother.

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    I think the easiest way to do that would be to pickle my veins, and then all the chlorophyll inside of the veins will be pickled as a natural result.

    A lot easier than pickling just the chlorophyll. And much more economical as well.

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    It can also be an other’s name.

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    WOAH! You are acting like it is a hypothetical name. It is not true. It is as real as my heart.

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    I like pickled subtitles also.

    And lead picks.

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    but you are a flower

    A pulsing flower.

    Hence the name PulsingFlower. Because I pulse. And I am a flower: A Pulsing Flower. SO… I pulse.

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    Because it is not true.

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    Pulsing Flower is what I have always been called since the days of my youth on the prairie. It is short for my real name. My full name is Flowing Moon Tranquil Deer Pulsing River Howling Flower. For some reason, Pulsing Flower stuck.

    After a great amount of deliberation, I decided to spell it PulsingFlower (without the space between Pulsing and Flower) to put the word in its proper context given that SpacesAreAVeryModernInve ntionAndIDidn’tWantThemToSoilTheSereneSoundOfMyName.

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    Hopefully zero.

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    Ah. On the 42 thread.

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    You’re one the internet. Use the google.

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    Or a mongless cheese.

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    No. A cheeseless mongeese.

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    Can you explain please?

    And that quote is from….

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    Why don’t we edit maseches niddah?

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    Never believe what mascara says. They make up everything.

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    That is not true.

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    I love pickled chlorophyll.

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    I don’t get the subtitle.

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    I like being mekarev coffee crumcakes.

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    I don’t chap.

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    Never mind. A better place would be in his mind, or etched onto the tablet of his ever-pulsing heart.

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    if someone wants a real opinion he should be getting it from a live source.

    I am very much alive! My heart is always pulsing.

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    He can put them on the floor.

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    The secular Israelis, the Hareidim, i.e. the Satmar Rebbe, and most of the world attribute the Israeli victories to having better trained, better led and better armed soldiers.

    1)There is only so much one can attribute to skill. To get some facts straight, Israel fought against:




    d.Arab Expeditionary Forces


    f.Saudi Arabia







    The IDF consisted of 275,000 troops, compared to the 456,000 soldiers of the combined Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian and Egyptian armies. The united Arab forces also had a decided edge with regards to weaponry and military equipment: they had more than double the amount of tanks, and close to four times the amount of combat aircraft.

    Think before you claim that it is natural to win such a war.

    2)A story: My 8th grade rebbe, when he was serving in the American Army (he didn’t grow up frum), was studying military strategy in the military academy. They examined strategies of many wars, but never any of Israel’s wars. My rebbe, who was very proud of being Jewish, asked the commander why they never studied Israel’s battled. The commander, a typical stonehearted muscular guy, barked at him “FRIED, MEET ME BEHIND THE CAFETERIA AFTER CLASS!!”. Obviously, my rebbe thought he was going to get beaten up or the like. What happened, instead is amazing. The commander said in his gruff voice “the reason we don’t study Israel’s battle strategies is because we can’t. Israel does not fight like everybody else, according to the normal laws of war, they should have lost every fight they fought. But they don’t. I have no explenation for this, nor do any of my colleagues. They have something out of this world that is helping them.”. This is what this agnostic commander said.

    3)Another related story: The Satmer Rebba, as is well known, denied that the war was a miracle. Rav Goren, when he heard this responded: “With all kavod to The Rebba, Hashem does not need his permission to do a miracle”. Think about this line deeply, not on its superficial level.

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    I have an idea. Learn to spell/use grammar.

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    Ever hear of a jew-harp?

    (NOT related to harping on a Jew)

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    Yes. I like being mekarev everybody. Even ‘crum’ people.

    On a related matter, what should the goal of learning be? What should one try to achieve? I am not asking how to learn, but rather what is the goal.

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    4 mistakes in 3 words. Nice.

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    your all stupit

    Oh, the irony!

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    He was a Dutch chasid with a British accent.

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    Torah can also be a profesion. See Brachos 12 and Sotah 42 about Toraso Umnaso.

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    Be more tzanua.

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    Try eating a chasid.

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    we submitted them at the same time.



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    You could also try the following:

    Buy a new knife for Rosh Hashana. After you use it once, burn it within 24 hours. Take the ashes, mix them with chai rotel, and then shmear the whole mess onto your sister’s hair. Make sure to have the proper kavanas as she is yelling at you, otherwise it won’t work. (Due to the nature of this forum, I can not elaborate exactly on what those kavanas are.)Then eat an etrog,regurgitate it, and when it comes out, gather that into an opaque bag. Then, exactly 5 nights later, cut the hair of your sister where the shmear had been. Take the hair and put it into the bag with the etrog, and shake hard at 350 degrees. Let it fester for some time with fruit flies. Afterwards, wait precisely 18 days, 18 hours, 18 minutes, and 18 seconds, and begin to drink the whole mixture, making sure the whole procedure lasts exactly 72 minutes.

    That should work.

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    Try getting married. That usually does the trick.

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    so don’t.

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    ad bias goel

    The last night. What did you have for the last supper?

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