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    theres also a new building right up the block. I will look for the contact info today

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    nofei eliyahu are 6 buildings of aprox 30 apartments each. the first three are in use for a while. the fourth is being moved into. im not sure numbers 5 and 6 are sold out

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    check out if the two nofei eliyahu buildings still being built are totally sold out

    in reply to: Struggling Kids and Insensitive Mechanchim #982965

    Superme: keep trying to find the right person who can help you. Yes it’s true that not everyone who is teaching is meant to be. That’s the fact of life. It’s a reality and you’re not going to change that. But try to find one of the few individuals who are teaching for the sake of teaching and not for the money or job title. You will feel better and understood and it won’t matter to you what anyone else will say anymore

    in reply to: Warning teachers about there future students #971200

    I never taught and don’t plan on starting. However, from a student’s perspective, I can say I strongly disagree with giving over any info past basic family situations (dead parent etc.).

    When I was in 9th grade, I was an (almost) failing (read: low 70’s) student. My teachers treated me as a dumb kid, which I’m not. By the time I reached 10th grade, I became much more serious about school, and became a high 90’s student. Had my teachers asked in advance, and heard that I was a dumb, failing student, I would not have had the motivation to try and would have remained a failing student through high school.

    For those who do ask, please do your students a favor and NEVER show them that you know ANYTHING. Treat them all equally. Give them a chance!

    in reply to: Teaching a baby to drink from a cup/straw #964696

    Torah: when’d you have a baby…?

    Seriously though… my dear daughter is going to turn 9 months in 2 days. She drinks from a straw (can’t say beautifully cause she likes to take it into her mouth and squirt straight back at me sometimes 🙁 At least she’s cute) I didn’t have to work to hard to teach her. The first time I just sucked the drink up the straw and then put it into her mouth so that she’d realize the drink can come out of there. Then I just put the straw into her mouth and waited till she sucked on her own! I bought her a sippy cup that works with a straw and it’s an absolute pleasure!

    Hope this helps

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    Firstly, I want to commend you for trying to work on it. It is a middah that if not worked on will just grow and develop.

    One idea might be to channel it properly. Be jealous of things that will make you grow. Kinas sofrim tarbeh chochma.

    Another idea is to look at it as something that you cannot possibly attain because you are in a different position. I will explain. A twelfth grader can be jealous of chessed head, editor in chief, and valedictorian. She will not be jealous of the 5th grader who just got a main part in her class play. Because she understands that it is not a possibility for her. She thinks the chessed head was a possibility. But since she doesn’t think she can get a part in a fifth grade play. She’s not jealous.

    think of it in terms of a car stuck in traffic. When you see a car in the next lane moving smoothly along, you get jealous because you think that you could be in the next lane. But you don’t get jealous of a bird flying overhead and getting there quicker – because you can’t fly. But you can’t be in the next lane either. It is not yours.

    If you realize that something which is not yours is just as unattainable as flying or a part in the 5th grad play, then you cannot be jealous.

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    I apologize for the ignorance, but which trial?

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    Sorry patriot,, but I actually think they are right (not for ignoring, but for talking.) My family is super sensitive to my baby’s needs. They will whisper when in her room, take care of her, etc. But when we get in the car, yes we do talk. Myself included. You cannot ask 5 adults to remain quiet because you don’t want to spend 3 hours taking care of your child afterwards. Its not fair and will ruin they’re trip for them.

    in reply to: Split classes by age #960579

    Don’t know anything about the studies being referred to, and don’t think it interests me either. But for anyone who is curious, I was born in October, one of the youngest in my class. I managed to be editor in chief of my high school yearbook (a major job in my school) and valedictorian in seminary (one of top 4 marks; second if anyone is curious). I don’t feel too hurt by the fact that I was younger than most. Not that it means anything, but just an anecdotal evidence

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    One of my teachers used to say “we’ll speak it out tomorrow”

    I cringed every time…

    in reply to: Badatz Beit YosefIsrael #959354

    are you sfardi? they have different hilchos shechita than Ashkenazim…

    in reply to: Yummy Pizza Dip #959449

    I think the Fresh and Easy cookbook by Leah Schapiro has the recipe

    in reply to: Teacher appreciation #959381

    I’m always amazed at the power a teacher has even though she’s an ordinary person like everyone else! (hence this thread…) Please do not make this political… just keep the stories coming!

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    ultimateskier: that’s exactly what I had in mind. you learn so much from such spontaneous actions!

    anyone else?

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    writersoul: you’re reminding me of a teacher who gave me back a test that I didn’t see a mark on. Then I noticed it was in microscopic handwriting in the corner. I asked her to tell me my mark. She used her roll book – not the paper in my hands…

    in reply to: Comments on Tests – for the high school students #957190

    I graduated a few years ago 🙂 but I used to read and reread and dissect the comments if they were there.

    in reply to: Internet and the younger generation #957185

    I think there are both pros and cons to the internet. I don’t agree with those who say it is only bad because I think it is very useful and helpful in many ways. I don’t agree with those who say it is only good because it has many pitfalls that are easy to fall prey to.

    in reply to: Keeping on touch with high school teachers #956270

    That makes sense, and I’m sure is the case by many students. You just graduated recently. and you only call them when you need advice/references. As time goes on, there will be new people who know you and you probably won’t be calling as much.

    in reply to: Keeping on touch with high school teachers #956267

    when you say “keep in touch” it can mean many things. It can mean speaking once a week and catching up on day to day life. It can mean texting every week to catch up on day to day life. It can be speaking when something major comes up – like if you get engaged or are going to be moving etc. It can mean speaking if you need to consult with her about a personal issue. It can mean saying good yom tov before yom tov. And it can mean saying a gut yor before rosh hashana. Which are you referring to? (Its possible there are more – these are the ones I could think of offhand)

    in reply to: Thoughts on Someone Selling His Olam Habah on Ebay #971249

    they took it back down

    in reply to: Makeup on Shabbos #956374

    Anyone know anything about the Shabbos makeup sold on 13th and 42nd?

    in reply to: Makeup on Shabbos #956331

    notasheep: thsts who they officially created it for.

    in reply to: Makeup on Shabbos #956319


    1: no – its still tzoveiah cause it’s a color. and its smearing

    2: no – also a color. about coverup ask, some poskim give heterim

    3: yes, and you can use soap too

    just fyi, they sell Shabbos make up which is in line with r’ moshe feinstein

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    yes shopping please do

    in reply to: Good Forwards (Emails) #1059631


    in reply to: YWN News #954535

    Torah: Why are you saying that?

    in reply to: Pictures before or after the chuppah #957075

    It’s an option but then the chosson/kallah have exactly 10 minutes in the yichud room before they’re whisked away for pics. A different option that most photographers today offer is to take all family pictures and individual pictures before the chuppa. Then, they take just chosson kalla pictures after the chuppa and add them in digitally to spaces that they leave in the family pictures

    in reply to: Bride with 25,000 wedding guests #954401

    She does not get a 40% gift ratio, most people don’t give gifts. and im sure “the chasidus” would write the thank yous

    in reply to: Bride with 25,000 wedding guests #954371

    Just for the information of all the “experts” here: the kalla covers her face by mitzvah tantz at ALL rebbish chasunas. It is not a halacha. No other belzer kalla covers her face by mitzvah tantz. But she was marrying the grandson of the rebbe, not a regular belzer chossid. No one asked you to do it. Why do you mind that she did?

    in reply to: Bride with 25,000 wedding guests #954341

    I watched the chupa live from my porch and the meal and mitzvah tantz via satellite hookup. it was amazing!

    in reply to: Bride with 25,000 wedding guests #954336

    The wedding was amazing and the kalla did NOT wear a veil the whole time. She wore it from kabalas panim until she got to the yichud room, where she removed it. It then stayed off when she went to the ladies for the meal and dancing, and was put back on before she went in for mitzvah tantz. Both by the chupa and mitzvah tantz, the only reason her face stayed covered was because she was in front of so many men, for tznius purposes. they do the same at every “rebbish” chasuna – not just belz

    in reply to: Ten things your teenage babysitter wishes you knew #1098594

    nfgo3: this is in response to the 5 points you mentioned above:

    I currently live in Israel. The girls here are looking for work so that they can have some pocket money, and so that they can purchase things that they want and are not necessities. Finding a babyisitter is easy: just knock on any neighbors door. All the girls want the job. They are therefore willing to work. And you can say that if they don’t want the job, let someone else do it.

    However, where I grew up, in New York, it was different. As a girl, I did not specifically have any interest in babysitting. I did not want or need anyone else’s money, because my father gave me whatever I wanted. I was babysitting as a favor to those who asked me, only because they begged and I knew they had no one else. The money was just extra. I was not desperate for the job. But it made no difference to me whether my homework was done in my house or my neighbors, so I went. No, I did not mind if a baby woke up crying. That’s what I went for. But I didn’t agree to go if I knew the kids would all be up. Because I wanted to talk on the phone and do homework. When I said no, the people were upset. So stating that it wasn’t a favor and I wasn’t being paid to do homework isn’t true either.

    in reply to: Israeli Cell Phone Rentals #1051479

    When do you plan on going? If it’s in the summer, maybe you can find a sem girl who will give you the phone she used all year, and then you can cancel the plan right before you leave. A plan that was used all year should be very cheap.

    in reply to: Pig Latin Sheila (Weird topic, no?) #953224

    maybe pronounce it with the “ay” sound that you have in “maybe” not the sound that you have in “hi”

    in reply to: Can I ask parents a question? #953469

    Danish: here’s a question for you:

    When you work hard on something, and invest energy and effort, do you like to see results? Or do you like to see the project fail. Or even with a test. When you study for a test, do you like to do well, or do you feel good if you fail?

    Presumably, you like to do well, and accomplish your goal. Whatever that was.

    Every parent has a dream. They want their child to grow up b’darchei hashem. And in the ways of our mesorah. They invest all their energy and effort in trying to ensure that this happens. they spend time and money. they give of themselves emotionally and mentally. all in order to achieve this goal.

    When they see their child not following the path they would have liked, of course it pains them. Because they put 16 years worth of energy into you. They still love you. I’m sure that you’ve learned that ???? comes from the root ??, which means to give. Love is created through giving. And they gave. A lot. Whether it was obvious or not. They may not have an easy time displaying their love and feelings openly. So it may be hard for you to see that they are constantly giving. But even if you think of it just in the physical sense, they’re giving. And that creates love. So they love you. The more they love you, the more painful it is for them that you are not going in the path that they would have liked. That doesn’t change their feelings towards you. But I’m sure that they are in a lot of pain and davening that you be able to resolve the internal conflict you are having and that you should have the menuchas hanefesh and menuchas haguf required in order to follow in the ways they would want.

    in reply to: Cute Quotes #1046944

    Gossip is like film: it starts off as a negative, then is developed, and often enlarged

    Teachers are like newspapers: they have all the information, but you can’t always trust them

    Family is like fudge; mostly sweet with some nuts

    in reply to: OOC: Who's Joseph? #953104

    Shticky Guy: your spelling let you down a lot earlier than with psychopath – you were looking for what OOC could stand for and other than the first (out of character) the answers you gave were all for OCC

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    Saks fifth avenue is really expensive but they have their “fashion fix”, discounts that they give every day for 48 hours. Maybe you can check it out. I’ve gotten gorgeous designer stuff

    in reply to: Embarrassed by association #953005

    I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed of their behavior. Feel bad for them that they’re so far away and daven that they come back to their senses.

    in reply to: The difference between Matan Torah and Kabolas Hatorah #952852

    I could be wrong, but here’s what I think: Matan Torah was on vav/zayin sivan when HKBH gave the Torah to Bnei Yisrael and they accepted, but by force. Kabolas Hatorah was purim when kimu v’kiblu hayehudim – they voluntarily accepted, out of love

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    Why can’t you just use your password to unblock the site?

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    who or what is garak?

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