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    Imma and Abba.

    What about when the in laws also are called Imma and Abba (and both grandparents are still alive K’H), how would/do you refer to each set of parents?

    in reply to: MBYHSFGO? #1005959


    1)boys names- menasha, baruch, yehuda, hudi, simcha, farfel gavriel, osniel

    2) girls names- menucha, batya, yehudis, hanna, shosh,faigey, gabi, orpa.


    3) My Bashert-Yanki- Hasn’t Showered For Generations Over

    4) Miami Boys Choir Has Such Funny Girly Outfits

    5)My Boys Yesheva High Schools Fahert, Got Obliderated

    6) Modernish, Bais Yaakov,Hassidut, Sefardi,Frum, Goiyish, Observant

    7)My Bais Yaakov Has Served Fish Goo Occasionally

    okay ad kan.

    What can u come up with?

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    It says in Vi’ishai Yisrael (a halacha limaisah tefillah sefer)that one should not say the words yaale viyavo out loud during their silent shmone esrai. The reason he give is because it disrupts other people’s tefillah.

    in reply to: Jastrow or Aramaic-Hebrew-English Dictionary (Melamed)? #1082837


    (the best is when you get Jastrow Bonuses or Jastrow Jackpots depending on which yesheva you went to.)

    Also the Practical Talmudic Dictionary is also up there for one of the greatest dictionaries.

    in reply to: BARUCH DAYAN HAEMES!!! #763632

    A friend just pointed out that this all happened on the same night/day that Hitler was announced dead and Yom Hashoa.


    Hodu Lihashem Ki Tov

    in reply to: BARUCH DAYAN HAEMES!!! #763631

    Sha na na na, Sha na na na….

    in reply to: BARUCH DAYAN HAEMES!!! #763616

    I agree with emlf.

    It could turn into NPT (nisht pashut times).

    Those terrorists Y’s may step up their game.

    As always, we need Hashem’s help.

    in reply to: Which Shmura Matzoh was thinnest this year? #762084


    You got to go thick. It’s the Bomb!

    Whole wheat is usually the thicker stuff.

    Whole wheat Shatzar=Mein Olam Haba.

    I got Shatzar (yes, they still exist). And our boxes rarely had broken matzos in them. There were even some boxes that all the Matzos came whole.

    B’h it was a great year.

    Q-If on T’u Bishvat one davens for a good esrog, when does one daven for good Matzos?

    Maybe Pesach Sheini?

    in reply to: Nissan_shift the way you move #756688

    Deiyzooger- your first post was more correct than the second. I was trying to hint that Nissan (the month) is a time to think how we can be better people.


    in reply to: what made you choose your screen name? #889509

    The personality that I strive for and ppl have said I have.

    in reply to: Does anyone know whats happening in gaza? #752371

    says there are no IDF soldiers in Gaza now.

    in reply to: hcopahaniv uh (vinahapoch hu) #749037


    yad eno rof sdrawckab etirw ot erew enoyreve fi enigami

    (sdrawkcab daer)

    in reply to: Wedding shtick #767222

    A fireworks show upon introduction of the chassan and kallah. Just make sure they are not the kind that blow up in the air into different colors. Like do bottle rockets and cracklers, and maybe ground fireworks, the kinds that just shoots sparks up in the air.

    (Make sure you get a vidoe of it, it can look really cool if you pull it off correctly.)

    in reply to: something is really bothering me…. #745341

    Personally, I think it depends on the atmoshphere one is in. But all in all, NO ONE should be getting to a point where they are too sick. It just looks unappealing and probably not what the chachamim had in mind. If the underaged kids are in an atmosphere where the seuda is totaly focused on growing in torah, yoddishkeit, middos etc, and there is a rebbe (and rebbetzin) there that have control of the situation, than it shouldn’t be a problem (because the problem won’t exist). If one is in a situation where there is total hefkairus, than under-aged kids should not be drinking. For example, in Israel, when you’re by your rebbe’s seuda, things don’t get out of hand too often. However, when in America and the seuda is with friends, it’s more of a recipe for nisht pashut times, especially if the kids there are going in with the mindset (kavana) that they are going to get smashed and do stupid, immature things.

    Purim is supposed to be a holy and special time, DONT SPEND IT IN THE HOSPITAL (C’V) OR LOOKING REALLY SICK! ENJOY IT RESPONSIBLY AND BE BE’SIMCHA (you can’t be be’simcha when you’re too sick). SHOW THE WORLD WHY WE WERE SAVED AND WHY WE SHOULD BE BE’SIMCHA!

    in reply to: Purim Katan Ideas #742243

    Go to school at night, poor water on the floor, and open the windows.

    Come back the next day for a full day of ICE SKATING!

    (dont forget to bring your skates!)

    Be sure that the custodial staff is cool with that move. Tell them you will mop it up.

    in reply to: Carlebach Kabbalas Shabbos #742512

    Also, there is no better carlibach minyan than those that are packed with people who all want to be there!

    in reply to: Carlebach Kabbalas Shabbos #742511

    Love it!

    HOWEVER, one should not only be focusing on the tune. This is a huge problem that comes up when dealing with a Carlibach minyan. Some (or most) people, just go for the singing, which is probably halachikly not so pashut. When doing carlibach, one should pay attention to the words and their meanings while listening/singing along.

    But also one has to take into acount of other people/family members.

    If other family members are not into it, than why put them through tzarus?

    If one is having guests over, it may not be smart to go to a carlibach minyan (unless they come with you) because you will probably keep your guests waiting.

    in reply to: ???? ??? ???????? #741379

    A couple weeks ago, my friend was mugged. The Ganav walked (ran) off with my friend’s phone in hand. My friend was really distraught and didn’t know what to do. Two mornings later, a kid (possibly the Ganav) walked up to a random Yid and said, “Give this to whoever it belongs to and say I’m sorry.” Seconds later, my friend was reunited with his phone.

    The likelihood of having your phone stolen and then returned to you by someone (possibly the Ganav) are slim to none, especially in certain neighborhoods.

    Chasdai Hashem!

    in reply to: Good Shabbos! #1135649

    “It’s time to say good shabbos, Cause all your work is done. Gonna spend the day together with the Holy one….”

    GET PUMPED!!!!

    Dance around the house, B/c shabbbos is coming!!!!

    Have a Rikud outside your house!

    Add a little simcha to your shabbos!

    in reply to: gmail buzz #739175

    I agree with shlishi

    The idea of the buzz is the same as facebook.

    But you also have to ask yourself, What is the whole point of it?

    Is it just another one of those “waste your time technologies”? What good can come out of it?

    How does it further/help your ability to serve Hashem?

    Also, how much time do you spend on it?

    in reply to: Jokes #1201561

    what about saying that the vaccum cleaner was battery powered?

    in reply to: Jokes #1201559

    mbachur, i was surprised you didn’t kill the joke!?

    in reply to: Jokes #1201552

    yup, you just killed your own joke!

    but don’t worry, it seems you have a streak of doing that (2-2).

    so no need to see a psychologist.

    he’ll just tell you-“you are a joke killer.”

    and I already told you that. So no need for you to go!

    just playin around!

    keep it going! it’s fun!

    in reply to: Jokes #1201550

    lol. good ones,

    you’re on fire.

    in reply to: Jokes #1201548

    way to go mbachur, you killed it!

    completely gave it a proper shechita!

    (Is it Bedatz or OU? or Aidus Charaidus?)

    in reply to: Jokes #1201543

    A)theoretically speaking

    B)on who’s phone is he going to call his service provider to cancel his service (he doesn’t have internet)?

    C)and B heard about what happened two minutes after it happened and quickly sent that text.

    in reply to: Jokes #1201541

    Cont of “They live among us”

    A’s phone is stolen. B hears the news and is very disappointed.

    B decides to text A saying- “A, Sorry to hear your phone was stolen. That really stinks. Have a good night.”

    The Robber (C) texts back and says-“I think you got the wrong number, this is not A.”

    They live among us


    in reply to: how do you improve your middos? #747376

    Keep a journal each day.

    start out by making goals for yourself of what middos you want to grow in. Then each day, write about where/what you felt you grew in, what you didn’t do so well at, and why you think your results were like that.

    It could also be used as a calming down period before going to bed.

    You will see that your days are filled with opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. You will probably also feel more accomplished when the day is done.

    in reply to: Just curious . What does everyone do for a living? #1119667

    @not I- “I didn’t know you get paid for being an Eved Hashem.. Definitely not in this world! “

    THAT IS NOT TRUE at all.

    Ayin shema in the second paragraph where it says Hashem will give us rain and good crops for our animals if we love Hashem with all our souls and do His mitzvos. That seems to be reward in this world.

    in reply to: Just curious . What does everyone do for a living? #1119627

    But first and most importantly, you’re an Eved Hashem.

    That should be EVERYONE’S first answer and then you can say whatever you want.

    in reply to: I can't fall asleep #735301

    1-True, that’s what i meant.

    2-It’s all a din in your kavana. If you take a sefer or an audio shiur to bed with you with the intention that it will put you to sleep, that’s a problem. However, when your intention is to learn and then you end up falling asleep, that would be okay (but not Lichatchila).

    So for some people to post saying take a sefer or shiur to bed, that is not so okay (i think).

    in reply to: I can't fall asleep #735284

    Learning is not supposed to be something that makes you fall asleep!

    It is how we talk to Hashem. Learning is supposed to be done with hislaavus and excitment.

    My suggestion is, as my mother always told me when I was younger- get into bed, close your eyes and think about the beach (you’re the only one on it so no pritzus problems) or other peaceful things.

    in reply to: Tzedaka on the Choo Choo?!?! #734664

    I guess the same question can be asked about those people who play (and attempt to play) instruments in the subway.

    Do you give those people money?

    Do you do that because of Kiddush Hashem/Tzedaka, or because you got Hana’ah out of it (i.e. you thought they were playing well)?

    in reply to: Frum Overnight Boys Summer Camps #733975

    On the east coast you got Dora Golding ( Within Dora Golding there is a devision called Yaalozu (mountaineering) which is higly recommended for boys going/coming out of 9th grade. If you want more modern you have Morasha and Mesorah (going farther to the left- you have Lavi and others).

    In the midwest you have Yeshiva Hakayitz (go to

    I can only speak for CDG and Kayitz and they are both amazing camps with a great staff and great atmosphere.

    in reply to: Good Morning Mr./Mrs. ….! #733119

    @ The Wolf

    Are you Dr. Doolittle?

    Just playing around!

    Your Mehalech is an interesting one.

    in reply to: Good Morning Mr./Mrs. ….! #733118

    @chayav inish livisumay

    I am NOT from New York!

    Have a great Shabbos EVERYONE!

    in reply to: Sweet Potatoes – #733016

    Sussie Fishbein has a receipe with alchohol/whisky and brown sugar in one of her cookbooks. They taste really good, but more like a shabbos food. Don’t worry, you will not get drunk if you eat them, the alchohol gets cooked out.

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Stories #1227498

    @chayav inish livisumay

    NOT AT ALL! just playing around with the words.



    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Stories #1227489

    iyhbyu- i was just told that the story happened but curb your enthusiasim did there story based off of it.

    i heard the story from a reliable source, one that probably has not watched that show. in addition, the person said it happened many many years ago.

    in reply to: In town vs. out of town #732112

    When first hearing the term (and being called it) it was sort of annoying (you know, catagorizing another jew…) but eventually it became something special, something to hold onto, something lav davka to make a big deal about.

    As you’ve seen, many people have different views about it. Therefore, I think that Ny’ers who talk that way, shouldn’t use that term freely. If they know the person, and they know that person doesn’t care about that term, than use it till it dies, but if they are talking to someone who doesn’t prefer that lashon, than why instigate hatred?

    In addition, I’m pretty sure there was an artical about living “In town vs. Living Out of town” in a recent Mishpacha artical. In that artical it defined in town and out of town. Ayin Sham for details, but the Yisod was that In town would be a place where you dont have to take a half an hour trip to buy everything you need. You can make one quick stop and pick up everything you need on one block or at one big supermarket.

    Maybe nowadays these terms should be chucked out the window because of this.

    but iyhbyu, you make a great point about there is a world outside Ny.

    but your post is a Tolda (subcatagory) in regard to a larger discussion- the practice of people catagorizing other jews.

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Stories #1227483

    Here’s a Classic, and sorry if someone already posted it.

    a story from many many years ago, but still a good one.

    Jewish Guy goes skiing with his date, and they get stuck on the ski lift and it begins to get dark. Because of (the) yichud (monster), the guy jumps off and breaks his leg.

    Ouch! Well at least he escaped an issur!

    [a) what happened to that couple? no clue. b) what happpened to the girl? no clue.]

    in reply to: Lookng for a sefer #730054

    I made a mistake. Its really recent, like within the last 15 yrs. Guess it’s not an Achroneshe sefer.

    in reply to: Lookng for a sefer #730053

    Daas Yochid- Could you mean ??? ??????

    Shkoyach, but the sefer I’m looking for is really recent and it comes from Bnai Brak.

    in reply to: Are we really squezzing out every ounce? #723807

    My friend influenced me to really think about this matter. Just giving credit where credit is due. Hakaras Hatov – a big thing in Yahadus!

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