The Jewish Agency Is Providing Emergency Aid For Meron Victims’ Families

Jewish Agency Chairman Yitzchak Herzog (l.) and Acting director of the WZO Yaakov Haguel (r.) light yahrzeit candles for the Meron victims. (Photo: The Jewish Agency)

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The Jewish Agency is providing emergency aid grants for the families of the Meron victims.

The grants were made possible by donations from the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Keren Hayesod foundation. The grants of NIS 4,000 are intended to cover the cost of the levaya and shiva expenses.

“Over the past few days, The Jewish Agency has received a constant stream of messages from around the world, sending heartfelt condolences to the families of those killed at Mt. Meron,” Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog stated.

“Unfortunately, The Jewish Agency has decades of experience in working with individuals and families who have suffered trauma, both in Israel and throughout the world.”

“Once again, with thanks to our partners from UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and Keren Hayesod, we are mobilizing efforts to help the victims’ families through this unthinkable tragedy. This expression of unwavering support is a true example of how all Jews are responsible for one another.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)