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    um, Kibud Av should be a pretty powerful argument.


    sorry, typing too fast

    *pretty strong CHANCE


    Love them and respect them for real.

    and make sure they don’t just know it, they feel it.

    If they know, not deep down- right up on the surface! That you care for them as your own sister, child whatever, your cheering for them at every step of the way, (talking about teachers here) you got a pretty strong change of them doing everything in their power not to let you down.

    that’s just step one…

    in reply to: $20 for a gallon of gas #867210

    NOT charging money would not be a good idea.

    What you don’t pay for, you don’t quite appreciate as much…

    in reply to: The Longest Seder Contest�How Late Will Your Seder End? #1199601

    Ha! For your extra day of Pesach you only have me to thank…

    – Uncle Simon

    P.S. try the Noda B’Yehuda, not the Maharal although he also was a Rav of Prague

    in reply to: Haggadahs for the seder #1065222

    I second the notion-

    “The Art of Faith and Redemption”- Baruch Chait

    illustrated by Gadi Pollack

    It brings the Haggadah- the shibud, the makos- breathtakingly to life…

    in reply to: Driving Over the Speed Limit #861652

    interestingly enough, when someone I know [:)] was pulled over for speeding, the cop told them that what tipped him off was the fact that he was passing other cars, not the actual numbers.

    Go with traffic and you should be fine.

    Except in those places like Ohio where they are really finicky and pull over multiple cars, while you wait on the side of the highway…

    in reply to: Name "Batsheva" for Seventh Child #859648

    Rishona? Are you serious??

    in reply to: Are Birthday Celebrations Un-Jewish? #859699

    I do believe that the Ben Ish Chai made a seudah- a “party”, as a thank you to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for his life, for bringing him into the world, and for this reason, he said everyone should celebrate their birthdays…

    in reply to: Colored Shirts #985618

    I don’t think wearing a white shirt makes you a better person.

    Having said that, there definitely is something to be said for a “uniform” so to speak.

    Imagine a Admiral in a sweatshirt.

    Even a bellhop in the Ritz Carlton in a Yankees tee shirt…

    Sort of how in some communities, it doesn’t make you a “better person” if you wear a tux to the wedding, but it sure shows how you value yourself as person…

    Someone who would show up there in jeans would be giving off a very l-o-u-d message.

    I think we’re so impervious to these ideas because most of us grew up in a society where the head of state dressed as befitting his position.

    Now we are flashed pictures of the President with his feet up on the desk and the Vice President in shorts…

    in reply to: Crowdsourcing dating #914317

    You write that “the system is working really well”.

    What’s his point? To date as many girls as he can? Is that the bar of ‘how well’ one’s doing in shidduchim?

    So 10+ for him! He’s gone out with 200 peoples wives…

    Bottom line, his goal is obviously not to get married and to find a wife, because last I checked, marriage is not a popularity contest on facebook…

    in reply to: What to Do on Purim #856410

    just want to correct myself-

    It was actually from the Chidushei HaRim who used to say this story

    in reply to: Ten Things Your Child's Counselor Wishes You Knew #953427

    Know that your child’s counselor and camp director work hard to provide fun, exciting and thoughtful activities. They love it when the parent gets excited about the activity too- as this excitement comes right back to the directors and counselors the next day in camp the moment the kid walks in…

    in reply to: What to Do on Purim #856409

    one more thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the same sefer (don’t quote me on that one!:)) that continues and says a story of a man, a total shikur, who for some reason was given the koach of Bracha, and when asked- such koach to such a man?

    The {Tzaddik, Rebbe…} answered that this man was given a this koach habracha and thus lives at the edge of the village and is completely drunk all the time to, so to speak, hide his outstanding koach.

    He ties it into Purim- the “Ad Delo Yaddah” sort of covers up our true koach of the day! Use it! Don’t squander it!

    any if anyone can correct me on the story, mashal, nimshal, source, it would be much appreciated!

    in reply to: What to Do on Purim #856408


    “Kol haposhet yad nosnim lo”

    I saw it brought down in a sefer, though not sure which one (perhaps Rav Pincus?) that just like if someone asks- poshet yad- to us, nosnim lo- we (are mechuyav to) give

    so too

    Kol Haposhet Yad to Hashem, HK”BH says, Nosnim lo!

    what this really means, I don’t think I’m on the level to understand…

    in reply to: Sources for this story… #853259

    sorry so long!

    in reply to: Sources for this story… #853258

    got it in an email like this:

    In March, someone packed a car with 100 kilos of explosives and parked it at the CineMall in Haifa.

    It was parked near a supporting pillar. Had it exploded, not only would it have destroyed that pillar, but other cars in the lot would have caught fire causing the gas tanks to explode. In that very popular mall, the consequences would have been too horrendously tragic to contemplate.

    The explosion did not happen.

    A passerby spotted some smoke coming from the car and alerted the police whose sappers were able to come and defuse the explosives.

    Even Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister at the time, recognized this was a miracle, although he attributed it to the alertness of civilians.

    Here’s what really happened:

    Several weeks before this event, a girl in Haifa who had been sick and went for tests was told she had stomach cancer. The tumor was so big, and had metastasized, and there was nothing the doctors could do. They told her to go home for her final weeks.

    This non-religious girl and her non-religious parents pleaded with the doctors to try. They begged them at least to make an effort. The doctors finally agreed and told her to come back the next day for surgery.

    She was assigned a young, inexperienced surgeon. They felt it would be good practice for him, and since there was nothing that could help her, it didn’t really matter.

    The night before the surgery, this non-religious girl pleaded with Hashem. She said to him, “HaKadosh Boruch Hu, when we had the Bais HaMikdosh people could bring you korbanos to plead their case. Now we have no Kohanim, we have no Bais HaMikdosh. But I still want to bring you a korban.”

    She went to her closet and took out all her immodest clothing and took it out to the yard and burned them.

    As her clothes went up in flames, she cried out, “This is my korban!”

    The next day this girl went to the hospital in her nightgown. She had burned her entire wardrobe and this was all she had left.

    She had the surgery. The giant tumor had not metastasized, as was previously believed. It was totally contained. It was easily removed. And it was benign.

    She told all her non-religious friends about the miracle. When the girl had recovered enough to get out of bed, her friends brought over all their immodest clothing and made another fire and threw in their wardrobes.

    Left with nothing to wear, the girls needed new clothes. When that bomb was supposed to explode at the CineMall, these girls were inside buying themselves new, modest clothing.

    A miracle that a civilian saw some smoke?

    Or a reward for Tznius?

    in reply to: cry no more #852928

    Maybe the Pesach there is referring to the bombing in the Park Hotel in Netanya, 2002, which was during a Pesch Seder…

    Or maybe Pesach, because we know:

    “B’Nissan nigalu, uv’Nissan assidin l’higael”, thus ending with the the Haggadah in the video, “This year in Yerushalayim”

    in reply to: Is it mutar to be an organ donor? #853601

    <i>a heimish mom: i suggest you learn more about the over 200 orthodox rabbis that allow organ donations. please visit teh halachik organ donor website which identified them. you will find that calling them fringe rabbis is really a big mistake.</i>

    Take a look.

    I recognize Rabbanim there, although the major poskim are missing from this website, authorizing it.

    And this is not a simple topic any way you looks at it.

    in reply to: Trivial Question on???? ???? ? #748036

    uh, is the title supposed to be

    “trivia question”

    or TRIVIAL?


    in reply to: Urgently need ideas of what to do this summer #688397

    I know neither your age nor gender, or personal interests for that matter, however, these are some suggestions:

    ? Night pre- teen/ teen age camp for kids in the city working- something for them to do after camp.

    ? volunteer in an organization going around to hospitals- doesn’t pay monetarily, but the dividends you receive are priceless. Also if you have camp experience, this can be put to good use. (Chai Lifeline, Mekimi…)

    ? make a camp-after-camp. Camp for between the end of camp and beginning of school for younger kids. A lot of parents are busy getting their older children ready for the school year and would appreciate it. I did it for a week and a half one year, and was per-day for the kids- it worked out great!

    Will try to think of more!

    Any more details available?

    B’ Hatzlacha!


    in reply to: Books or Sefarim that have inspired you #689098

    Rav Pinkus’s Sefer on Shabbos was really inspiring.

    I think advertisement said something about “guaranteed inspiration” or something like that- what ever that means, but it truly uplifts your Shabbos.

    Rav Pinkus’s other Seforim- particularly on Adar, the new one on Emuna…

    Rav Pinkus just had a way of speaking- relating to everyone, yet delivering penetrating insights.

    simply amazing!

    in reply to: Respecting People: A Rant #971729


    let’s keep our posts true to the title of this thread:

    Respecting People

    in reply to: Inexpensive Family Vacations #769290

    Long Island is not far from Brooklyn and has many nice places, including boating. Look in Queens too- I think Flushing Meadows Park has boating, and that’s for sure not far from average Brooklyn!

    B’Hatzlacha! ?

    in reply to: Cheap Flights to Israel #685073

    I would suggest looking into “easyjet”.

    I don’t know where you’re flying from, but it departs from all over Europe- and goes to Eretz Yisroel. Even if you’re coming from NY area, it might be cheaper to take two flights.

    Not so sure about the reliability thought!

    in reply to: A Job in Israel? Any Ideas #684264

    And obviously, you need to find out what is needed near you. Because even if you haev a creative idea, if it’s already used…


    in reply to: A Job in Israel? Any Ideas #684263

    I know someone that’s very fond of saying

    “Hishtadlus for parnassah, especially for (an American) living in Eretz Yisroel, has alot to do with one word: CREATIVITY”

    for example:

    1. A couple living in Yerushalayim, who came from the US started an adorable cookies business. They marketed it to people living OUTSIDE Eretz Yisroel (website, brochure ect) to send an arraignment of cookies to a sem or Yeshiva student learning in E”Y.

    Brilliant! No degree, just creativity and a learned skill.

    2. On a totally different end… Menashe Sophers Airport service. A father living in Yerushalayim- Telze Stone created a huge network of airport services of all kinds- transportation there and back, expedited VIP service, service for groups… Once again, Brilliancy with creativity!

    in reply to: Smoking Habit #670632

    I now feel tense every time i hear the word “smoking”.


    I was recently standing at a bus stop, and noticed a boy, about 8 years old, dragging something as unobtrusively as possible, on the ground, with his foot.

    I looked down, and saw that he was rolling two cigarettes (used) on the floor, with his shoe, obviously going somewhere.

    I was curious to see what he was doing, as I didn’t really think an 8 year old was cleaning up the sidewalk…

    And then i saw him reach a small wall sign where it’s possible to hide behind, pick up the cigarette, AND TRY TO SMOKE!

    Ribbono Shel Olam, he’s eight years old!

    A minute later, I see he’s hanging around a yungerman, whose just standing there, waiting for the bus. And then I see why. He’s also smoking. And he’s waiting for the young man to drop it on the floor so he can have a puff. The little boy also keeps looking at these 2 woman police men. They too are smoking. He’s waiting for theirs, too.

    He’s just waiting for them to innocently drop it on the floor when they are done, so that he too can feel cool, and “take a smoke”.

    If you would like to kill yourself, I can’t stop you.

    But must you provoke our children too?

    I’m sorry if this came about a little too strong, but i saw a little boy smoking because he was trying to copy YOU. He’s watching you. He’s waiting for your cigarette so he can do it too…

    in reply to: Compliments! #720991

    sunflower- i totally understand your dilemma.

    i just wanted to say two things-

    …1. when I was in high school I remember someone who was about 2-3 years older than me, and the way the person Davened was so inspiring! such kavanah, such an obvious connection, such pureness!

    But because of the awkwardness of the situation (the person was older than me ect.), I never did it.

    I wish I can now remember who that was so that I can tell them how much they impacted my davening- until today!

    …2. When a friend of mine was in sleep away camp, in the older teen division, it was a summer with a lot of conflict in Eretz Yisroel. My friend decided to try to say one Tefillah with real Kavanah, maybe even shed a tear.

    Later, that night by an activity, a counselor tapped my friend on the shoulder and said- “You really inspired my davening today. I couldn’t help but noticed the way YOU davened. Thank You.”

    The friend was so moved, and it’s impact was long reaching…


    It might be a little hard or slightly awkward but do it!

    type a note!

    write with your other hand… whatever!

    But know, that one single compliment, can shake the heavens and move the earth, and not only will she have impacted your kavanah, you will have impacted hers

    in reply to: Chol Homoed Destinations Sukkos 5770 #662272

    coke not pepsi:

    the ‘Trenk’ part

    in reply to: Washing Your Car on Yom Kippur #813730

    really nice!

    fourple points for it not being so long- hence i didn’t just skip over it!

    in reply to: No Makeup on Wedding Day? #1135366

    tznius, as one teacher summed it up

    (and i know i just might get rotten tomatoes for this one, but couldn’t resist ;))


    attractive, not attracting

    She was speaking only to women

    (as someone before so aptly put it, ” I’m ducking!”)

    in reply to: Mistaken Lyrics #1087662

    ok here’s one that never fails to make me laugh.

    We were teaching a song to a bunch of kiruv kids that goes like this:

    “I’m a Jew, it’s my identity,

    my name, my soul, my life”!

    Only to overhear some kids singing it later:

    “I’m a Jew, It’s my identity,

    my neighbor stole my wife!”

    I REALLY hope they became frum after that…!

    in reply to: Mistaken Lyrics #1087637

    oh my oh my!!

    thanks for the laugh is right!!

    as mentioned above:

    “ashen stone”

    “yet one image lingered”

    now why oh why would a citadel want to mash stone?

    in reply to: No Makeup on Wedding Day? #1135353

    rwndk1: i second that!

    If you are a responsible parent and sent your daughter to this school, then you obviously know the rules and Hashkafa.

    As for the rest of us…

    How do they say it?

    “Don’t make mountains out of molehills… especially if they are not yours!”


    in reply to: Questioning by customs #658601

    jphone… that sounds farmiliar!

    we had to go through the canadian border on a camp trip years ago, and they warned us a ton of times, that another division went a week ago and got stuck for 10 (!) hours at the crossing because some camper made some wisecrack…!

    chacham from the manishtana…

    in reply to: Glasses #1012427

    Great mashal!

    but as they say,

    “no kaasha’s on a mei’seh!”

    Good Shabbos!

    in reply to: Dating Rules Question #665385


    this one turned funny!


    in reply to: Dating Rules Question #665363

    funnybunny- agreed!

    I think it comes from the fact that you are dating this person to check “compatibility” and to see if this will be your future spouse.

    But as long as it’s not- why become too comfortable?

    but once again, in different circles, things work differently, quite obviously!

    (and you know what?! That’s the beauty of Klal Yisroel. We’re all shooting for the same goal; you can do it in your style, and that’s just fine! We’re so not judgmental!)

    in reply to: New And Returning Members! #856119


    was that directed to me?


    cute names!

    in reply to: Choosing a Seminary #852732

    Don’t know much about Machon Raaya, but the girls who went there from my community were very warm, open, spunky and interested in growth

    in reply to: New And Returning Members! #856110

    A600KiloBear: it’s funny how you can learn so much about a person from his posts…

    Who are you?

    Name: Itzik ? some sort of bear?


    Well, the first thing that stands out strongly is honesty. Only someone who is honest, drop dead honest, would do what you did- say your leaving, “this is my last post” ect. and return and say straight out with a B”SD at the top- “I’m rethinking”. Wow…

    I 1000% agree with arievim- “you can teach me a thing or 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5…)”

    only, i would take away the parenthesis. and the “or”.

    and i don’t think there is much left to say.

    Because i’m talking to someone who made such a turnaround (many times over apparently) with such courage and conviction in doing what’s right, that i’m just left quite speechless…

    I sort of feel like… who am i to say anything to you?

    Did I sit through 7 years of classes and then become frum?

    Do i struggle to keep kosher 100% in an area where it’s hard to even find a kosher symbol?

    and there obviously is so so much more.

    But, (pause) I do have one thing to say.

    Yes, you might be the only one in the world in your unique situation.

    But you know why?

    Because you are the only one CAPIABLE of surviving it.

    Not I, your neighbor or the friend next door.

    Your pain is strong, But SO ARE YOUR STRENGTHS!

    they are so glaringly strong…

    Jump over and run!

    with flying colors!

    Because we need you…

    Klal Yisroel needs you…

    in reply to: New And Returning Members! #856108

    you know, there are screen names, and there are screen names.

    areivimzehlazeh- You ARE your screen name.

    I can’t help but stand in awe…

    in reply to: No Makeup on Wedding Day? #1135243

    i think this topic has sorta exhausted itself… we’re going in circles!

    no matter!

    jphone- just to recap if you didn’t see above: yes, this is a real Sem, and quite a prestigious one too!

    It’s officially called Darchi Rochel, otherwise known as the Snif. This is a real rule, although not new at all. In addition, this rule is not really in existence any more… 😉

    More importantly, because we (i don’t THINK you go there if you don’t know the name of the school :)) DON’T go to that school, and DON’T send our kids to that school, and DON’T understand the mentality in the slightest bit, we really don’t have much concreate to stand on, to say they should abolish it, it’s assur, they don’t know what they are talking about…

    in reply to: No Makeup on Wedding Day? #1135241

    uhh A600KiloBear…

    did you have something to drink tonight? all those posts…


    in reply to: Choosing a Seminary #852719

    Chachmas Lev was ‘made to be’ (started to be?) a drop more yeshivish version of Darchie Bina,(although it’s not really that much more) and as stated above, more Hashkafa oriented as apposed to textual.

    It’s a great Seminary, very warm and the girl are very much striving to grow.

    hope this helps!

    and as everyone said, if possible the best thing to do is speak to the 12th grade teacher that deals with seminary (if there is one) because they are usually really very well acquainted with the Seminaries.


    in reply to: Touring Camps In Israel #754595

    whew! A600KiloBear- you got me hooked!

    that really gave me a rel good laugh!

    sunflower- As the summer gets closer, if you pick up the Bena and the Mishpacha, they each have MANY different options advertised.

    SSE- Summer Seminary Experience: geared for Bais Yaakov girls who are not going to seminary in E”Y- heard to be AMAZING!

    Ashrienu: Also a Bais Yaakov type camp

    Sdei Chemed- I’m not exactly sure what type of girls go there, but they have a website.


    in reply to: Why Yidden are the BEST! #1166571


    that’s really something special!

    in reply to: Do Kids Need Electronic Gadgets? #658789

    just an interesting, personal point…

    When i was in high school I didn’t have a cell phone, but when i moved on to further schooling which was further away from school, I got one.

    Although it was very convenient to have one, as mi keamcha yisroel said exactly:

    I really notices that it took away from my learning.

    At first, I would never bring it to class, but as time wore on, and the first time i had to go somewhere directly from school, I started bringing it to class on silent…

    and so on…

    and boy was it so distracting!

    not that a cell phone is a electronic gadget… well, on the other hand…

    in reply to: No Makeup on Wedding Day? #1135221

    is it really our place to judge these people?

    smartmom- very good point. I don’t think they are concerned about makeup per say, as much as they are concerned HOW it’s being used.

    and merely a bystander: while you might be a bystander, that was a mighty good idea! although if they are discouraging makeup in the first place, i don’t know if it would fly…

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