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    The slichos of the first night contain the words ?????? ????? and ??????, so it is not appropriate to say it in the morning.

    In a multi-week scenario the same Selichos are said on the second Sunday. I don’t recall any midnight Selichos for the second Sunday.

    in reply to: Halachos of sharing recipes #1033068

    FL-122 discusses copyrights in regards to recipes. (I have no idea what FL stands for.)

    For further information about copyright, see Circular 1, Copyright Basics. Note that if your recipe has secret ingredients that you do not want to reveal, you may not want to submit it for registration, because applications and deposit copies are public records.

    Deposit requirements depend on whether a work has been published at the time of registration:

    • If the work is unpublished, one complete copy
    • If the work was first published in the United States on or after January 1, 1978, two complete copies of the best edition
    • If the work was first published outside the United States, one complete copy of the work as first published
    • If the work is a contribution to a collective work and was published after January 1, 1978, one complete copy of the best edition of the collective work or a photocopy of the contribution itself as it was published in the collective work

    in reply to: Kashering Cast Iron #1196256

    My point was that Kashering off the seasoning requires less than Kashering a griddle that became non-kosher in its use.

    in reply to: Kashering Cast Iron #1196254

    Dash, my Rav told me that’s enough.

    But he was talking about Kashering off the factory seasoning which is applied as a liquid and not heated directly on a flame. For such an application Libbun Kal is enough.

    in reply to: Kashering Cast Iron #1196249

    A griddle sounds like it would need libun gamur. Put it in a self clean oven on self clean, for an hour.

    Is that hot enough? Self cleaning ovens heat to about 500 Celsius but incandescence only starts at about 525 Celsius. This seems like self cleaning ovens would only be good for Libbun Kal.

    I never put a skillet in self cleaning oven to see if it would glow.

    in reply to: In my five years in Yeshiva I developed #1031737

    So is it a good thing or a bad thing if the sheitel covers the knees?

    It depends if it just covers the knees or reaches 4 inches past the knees.

    in reply to: Would you rent your apartment to a financially stable divorcee? #1031869

    The federal fair housing act prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender and familial status.

    But there is an exception for owner-occupied buildings with four or fewer rental units.

    in reply to: bitcoins #1030647

    I’d be extremely hesitant to do business if the only payment method accepted is bitcoin.

    in reply to: Kashering Cast Iron #1196241

    Yes, but it might require Libbun Gamur.

    in reply to: How can I contact or meet the Kalover Rebbe in Brooklyn? #1030895

    He’s currently in Brazil but you can call his Shul at 718-782-4553 to make an appointment.

    in reply to: NEW FEATURE: Share YWN Stories On Whatsapp! #1030345

    Dear YW Key Master, it would be very helpful to many of your users to switch the CR to a Mobile Friendly platform. We would really appreciate it. Thank You!

    Switching platforms is not trivial. Better to wait until bbPress

    has better mobile support and then bug the admins to upgrade.

    in reply to: unlocked cell phones #1030011

    Cell phones in the US work on a different frequency range than in Israel so it also needs to be a world phone, eliminating the cheap phones.

    in reply to: unlocked cell phones #1030009

    Don’t bother with an unlocked phone unless he wants to use it with multiple carriers. He should just get a phone from the provider he intends to use.

    in reply to: Einstein Was Smarter Than You Thought #1027813

    He never memorized the speed of light, his reasoning being that it was a waste of effort for something printed in every physics book.

    in reply to: remove simcha from OS #1029343

    yentingyenta: What’s wrong with using the contact us email?

    Apparently it’s as effective as the “Contact YW” link.

    in reply to: The missing cookie #1024622

    Actually, the way WP works is that the site name is a setting.

    There is a big difference between how sites should be coded and how they actually are coded.

    I’ve seen enough programs that look for “C:Windows” when they should be looking for “%SystemRoot%”

    in reply to: The missing cookie #1024619

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the URL is hardcoded too many times in the site, so making any changes would break too many “features”.

    in reply to: Just testing the various “allowed markup”s ☑️❎🆙 #1212850

    EDIT: “a” is apparently not for linking, as at least links to YWN pages are linked automatically.

    If you type a full URL such as it will turn into a link but if you want it displayed like Yeshiva World News – Frum Jewish News you need “a” tags.

    in reply to: Is there less CR activity than there used to be? #1024175

    And more specifically, did use of YWN+/CR go down after the Big Event and/or follow-up events?

    Get the timeline straight. The Big Event was cancelled in February of 2008 ( but the coffeeroom only opened in June of 2008.

    in reply to: Straw Hats #1023869

    Some are paper.

    The likelihood of them being paper depends on what region it is manufactured in. Asian hats are likely to be made of paper (toyo or shantung) while American (North or South) hats are likely straw.

    in reply to: Reminder: Gedolim had personalities #1038536

    By the way, did you know that you apparently don’t have a profile?

    It’s because he’s an anav.

    in reply to: Confusing Halacha, Minhag, Chumra, Shtus #1206411

    Assuming that the content was “demeaning Torah, halacha and gedolim” I was just quoting the aforementioned Rabbi’s response to R’ Ovadia Yosef’s psak.

    If the quote is what I think it is, it just shows Bar-Hayim’s narrow-mindedness. While I usually don’t quote the Forward on YWN, I think they got this one right:

    in reply to: Confusing Halacha, Minhag, Chumra, Shtus #1206399

    Ever heard of R’ David Bar-Hayim?

    Is that your best example? He isn’t Ashkenazi, what he practices is what he believes was practiced before the exile.

    in reply to: Drugged Perfume Samples? #1021905

    What if someone gets ideas from the hoax?

    An idea isn’t enough, they’d have to get a drug that’s powerful enough to knock someone out but still be able to handle it without hazmat gear.

    in reply to: Who is Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel #1191190

    I think much of orthodoxy is in the same position as you. He is associated with JTS but was more traditional then them. Since they can’t accept or reject him, they simply ignore him.

    in reply to: Orchos Tzadikim and Rambam #1023626

    I Thought it was Tikun Middos HaNefesh, not Mivchar HaPeninim. As far as the wording goes, the Hebrew translations came later.

    in reply to: Revolutionary Kavanah Tactic #1021761

    Sam, chukas akum? 🙂

    Seriously, what issur?

    Orach Chaim 96 discusses holding objects while praying.

    in reply to: Orchos Tzadikim and Rambam #1023623

    The Rambam is quoting Ibn Gabirol. The work known today as Orchos Tzadikim is primarily based on Ibn Gabirol.

    in reply to: MP3 Players with Radio–Your opinion! #1021429

    how do you block the radio from a ipod nano 7th gen

    Fill the headphone jack with epoxy and only listen with a bluetooth headset. The radio cannot be used without a headphone wire as an antenna.

    in reply to: Doing teshuva for forgotten debts and personal wrongdoings #1100113

    I do worry about items that come from tzedaka campaigns – am I obligated to pay for the book – even if I didn’t want it, and my budget doesn’t include books.

    (b) Any merchandise mailed in violation of subsection (a) of this section, or within the exceptions contained therein, may be treated as a gift by the recipient, who shall have the right to retain, use, discard, or dispose of it in any manner he sees fit without any obligation whatsoever to the sender. All such merchandise shall have attached to it a clear and conspicuous statement informing the recipient that he may treat the merchandise as a gift to him and has the right to retain, use, discard, or dispose of it in any manner he sees fit without any obligation whatsoever to the sender.

    in reply to: MP3 Players with Radio–Your opinion! #1021414

    Most MP3 players with radios are FM only while most news stations are on the AM band.

    in reply to: Oorah's Million Dollar Raffle #1049171

    It doesn’t bother me that they have overhead, but if someone else can do the same job with less overhead, that’s where my money will go.

    in reply to: Oorah's Million Dollar Raffle #1049169

    Why would someone in this category not give just because there is a fancy campaign? If it is a worthwhile tzedaka, what does the fancy campaign have to do with anything? If anything, they should be happy that a worthwhile tzedaka is getting its name out.

    I’m not saying that all my tzedakah is lishmah but I want as much of it as possible to be used for whatever the goal of the organization is.

    in reply to: Celebrating a Sports Team #1030748

    How do the international sports work do they all speak spanish (brasil)or english?

    Why would they speak Spanish in Brazil? Just about any international sport has rules regarding language.

    Official languages

    1. English, Spanish, French and German are the official languages of FIFA. English is the official language for minutes,

    correspondence and announcements.

    2. Members are responsible for translations into the language of their Ccountry.

    3. English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese are the official languages at the Congress.

    Qualified interpreters shall translate into these languages. Delegates may speak in their mother tongue if they ensure

    interpretation into one of the official Congress languages by a qualified interpreter.

    4. The Statutes, Regulations Governing the Application of the Statutes, the Standing Orders of the Congress,

    decisions and announcements of FIFA shall be published in the four official languages. If there is any divergence in the

    wording, the English text is authoritative.

    in reply to: YU #1019098

    So that’s pretty choshuv for yu

    Most people don’t realize how much YU contributed to American (and world) Jewry by helping to bring European Gedolim to America.

    in reply to: Lakewood Bus Drill #1019338

    The majority of children will not be eligible.

    I don’t have the numbers but find this hard to believe. In most of the country schools are located in the residential neighborhoods they serve but in Lakewood many schools are located in industrial zones or other municipalities.

    And many of those who are will have intolerably long rides,

    I don’t believe that either. What makes bus rides long is the number of stops, not the distance traveled. Even with reduced bussing, Lakewood will still have much more eligible students per square mile than the national average.

    in reply to: YU #1019095


    My first post didn’t make it through, apparently due to the link so here it is again but without the link.

    The YU website lists him as a Rosh Yeshiva but I’ve been told he was only a Visiting Scholar because he was still Rosh Yeshiva in Grodna.


    in reply to: Lakewood Bus Drill #1019335

    The only letter I saw has no letterhead and no signatures. Are there any other letters out there?

    Also, being that the letter encourages all students to be transported by car it can’t be an accurate reflection of what will happen if some children are denied bussing.

    in reply to: Confusing Halacha, Minhag, Chumra, Shtus #1206393

    Halacha: Stand while a Sefer Torah is carried.

    Minhag: Stand while the Aron Kodesh is opened.

    Chumrah: Stand for the entire Kriyas HaTorah.

    Shtus: Stand for Obama’s prayer.

    in reply to: MAZEL TOV: YWN CR Reaches 400,000 Comments #1137015

    Where are we up to now?

    This is post 524624

    in reply to: Do you have a oicture in your mind 2? #1017522

    When I first searched Google for oicture, this thread was the 9th result for oicture. Now it is the 7th result for oicture. I wonder how long until it’s the first result for oicture.

    in reply to: Do you have a oicture in your mind 2? #1017513

    What’s an oicture?

    in reply to: How do I convert? I want an exit strategy! #1018568

    Establish a permanent residence in a Sefardi community. The big question is what community has the halachic status as a Sefardi community.

    in reply to: Rebba Sauce #1016596

    Sorry, we’re still not letting it through. Moderator-100

    What am I missing? Don’t unapproved threads simply disappear?

    That depends on whether the moderator deletes it or approves and edits it. -100

    in reply to: Confusing Halacha, Minhag, Chumra, Shtus #1206377

    I’m not sure what your point was, but entirely covering the knees is halachah. Tefach is regarding krias shema, and hair covering according to R’ Moshe (which is misunderstood by many, as an aside).

    I’m going to hijack this thread to ask the following. What is the source that a women must cover in public, that which needs to be covered for a man to say Shema in her presence?

    in reply to: Shaos Zemanios #1016583

    The way to accurately tell time at night is with star charts, almanac, and astrolabe. I don’t think the general population had easy access to these items.

    in reply to: Chassidim Making Bonfires #1017654

    Of course I did, that’s why it was in blockquote tags, but I don’t recall anything objectionable.

    in reply to: Chassidim Making Bonfires #1017653

    My earlier post on the importance of towels didn’t make it through. Maybe due to copyright issues but I can’t be certain.

    I’m assuming you cut and pasted or you wouldn’t be wondering – 29

    in reply to: Pizza #1016264
    in reply to: Abbaye vs. Rava and Rav vs. R' Yochanan #1039354

    the rule that Rav vs. R’ Yochanan halacha keR’ Yochanan would pasken that maariv is in fact a chov

    The rule only applies when the gemara brings down the disagreement.

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