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    I agree with AZ on all of his points. I especially advocate the boys starting the dating process earlier. By that I mean going to Eretz Yisroel earlier and returning earlier and starting to date shortly thereafter, or, depending on the boy, not going at all or going after the wedding.

    As for the girls, can someone out there please elucidate why a girl would get a “no” based on age alone? I am refering to a single,female family member who just turned 23 two months ago. She has gotten “rejected” because of her ripe old age.

    And we wonder why we have a crises!

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    Thanks to every one for the great suggestions. I actually used rubbing alchahol for both (the sharpie and the pen) and they were both effective. The alchahol did ruin the wood a little but the sharpie was more unsightly so I don’t really mind. Thanks again!!

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    When my brother was 3 (he’s now 15) went over to an African American worker in our house and politely said “excuse me, did you know that youre black?”

    The man responded by laughing, fortunately

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    Just this past shabbos, my 2 1/2 year old daughter pointed to my red-tinged roses and said “Oh! The flowers are wearing makeup!”

    Also, if she asks me to do something and I oblige she says “Good girl,mommy…”

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    halelujah-how do you get to the music video? I went onto mostly and i couldnt seem to find the video. I love that song and it makes me cry almost every time i hear it.

    Basically all of Abie Rotenbergs songs -both hebrew and English, are really soul-stirring.

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    My mother is currently in Wurzweiler’s block program (thats the summer program) and she loves it. My mother is a very active student there – she is constantly speaking at the open houses and other functions. She feels that she is getting very comprehensive education there and the staff is helpful and accomodating.

    I dont know what YWN’S policy is regarding giving out info, but if you are interested in hearing my mom speak or contacting her directly respond here and well work s/t out.

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    I do think that if only simchas would have moderators who screen posts and pictures posted ( shomer negiah ones) it would be a great site. Perhaps YWN mods could give moderating lessons (for an hourly fee, of course :P)

    I charge more than they can afford 🙂

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    I have always had mixed feelings about OS untill I saw something that really disturbed me. Someone had a bunch of wedding pics up and on the guest page a person- Presumably male, posted “hey, I dont know you and i am using s/o elses screen name to post but whose that georgeous girl in picture #x”- I am not joking!! then, in that picture he inserted himself using one of the features where a box encircles a face in a picture and has that persons name at the bottom. in this case, he didnt put a picture of himself, rather just the box w / the “fake” sign in name he was using, as though he was “standing” next to her.

    Even if it was a joke, the whole thing was extremely distasteful and bordered on being crass.

    in reply to: Pistachio Nuts #643799

    Hi fellow nut jobs- I am the niece of the aformentioned (on page one) niece and uncle reunion. I figured out that he was my uncle based on the content of his posts and what interests him. We had a good laugh when we made the connection, though! Oh- and it was all done without breaching any personal boundries on YWN.

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    On the topic of pregnancy, does any one here know the mekor for the minhag some have not to go to zoos or other such places during pregnancy? more info on this would be appreciated.

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    Ever heard of Internet addiction? It is a recognized addiction and I heard that the first “detox” center opened up to treat it- i think it was in California. Gambling is also an addiction, yet ppl dont do it the minute they open their eyes. It occupies their mind the whole day and night and they have a drive compelling them to gamble. I deffinitely think the same could apply to cells.

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    Huh? “It is the only time the “gedolim” let people have fun, so they go all out.”

    what on earth is that supposed to mean? You obviously have the wrong version of yiddishkeit being jammed down your throat or you wouldnt have said what you did. Allow me to remind you that Gedolim are essentially the leaders of Klal Yisroel- not some dour dark-ages preists with balding heads!! Honestly!

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    This thread is making me simultaneously hungry and nauseas.Did you notice that every one is divided as herbivores (salad and sprouts) Carnivores (the more meat the better)and omnivores (CHULENT-its got legumes and meat) For the record, Im a milchigs kinda girl -sweet or savory but chocolate is tops. As for Chulent… Hmmm. How can you say “gross” without offending any one here?

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    oomis- i beg to differ. An addictive personality has zilch to do w/ self esteem- it has to do with how the person is wired inside that causes them to react and become dependent, or addicted, to a substance or behavior. You can have two people pick up a cigarette and one says “very nice” and the other is hooked. Nothing to do w/ self esteem. what causes the person to engage in the potentially addictive action in the first place, however, may be because of an esteem issue,but that is a different discussion.

    Josh31- No one is saying to bar cellphones- they are just trying to alert you to the potential dangers. just as noone is an advocate of banning cars, there has to be a certain responsibility that comes along w/ owning a cell phone.

    if all phones were purely talk (like the original “car phones”) I dont think there would even be a discussion.

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    it does not matter if not EVERY girl shrieks or not, the fact is that some (or even most) do, and they are wrong. As far as the coffee room and talking to members of the opposite gender, I do hear your point but there is one small difference. Im sure this has been said a million times but if you text s/o there is a very likely chance that you know them on some sort of personal level ( their name, number and so on) making it more personal, while here it is completely (and rightly so) anonymous.

    Another point- people who have addictive personalities and have a cell and can text, surf or do whatever else are just setting themselves to become hoplessly hooked. In todays world of modern technology we are ironically staying in touch more and communicating less.

    in reply to: Girls & Cellphones Yes/No? #1040606

    The one difference why a GIRL would be worse off having a cell phone is that people tend to talk much louder on a cell phone, broadcasting their conversation to all unfortuante enough to be in their proximity. When it comes to a girl, it is plainly not tzniusdig, especially when acompanied by shrieks and loud laughter.

    That being said, for some reason ppl think that if you text someone it is not the same as having a conversation with them- wrong!! I know girls who would NEVER (sarcastically said) talk to boys, yet see no problem w/ dropping them a message or two.Even if that doesnt lead to going off the derech, it stills invites arayos and is therefore assur.

    in reply to: Thank You Mods & Editor #954772

    I agree that the mods and eds are fantabulous- but, does anyone know if they are equally as great at responding to inquiries via email? how long should i wait for a response before i get agressive (only 40 email an hour-nothing they cant handle):p

    in reply to: Problem to Look at X-Mas Lights? #1204879

    FYI- Yoshka was born on cratzmech and his bris is NEW YEARS!!! So to all those wondering if its ok to celebrate new years…. no.

    in reply to: Zoos #636054

    if youre into aquariums the Camden aquarium is beautiful. also, the six Flags safari in Jackson, NJ. It is really cool, seeing the animals so close up!

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077950

    Brooklyn 19-

    1- bill clinton

    2- harry s. truman?

    3- dunno – licoln? ( i guessed it cuz he had a beard)

    4- was it taft?

    5- dubya bush

    6-no idea- maybe harding? he was the most corrupt prez.

    here are some- 1.who was the only prez. to never marry?

    2. which prez demanded that all his family members, pets included shared the same 3 initals as he did?

    3. who was the shortest prez, height wise?

    4. which prez had red hair and an equally red temper?

    5.which prez would bark like a seal a few times a day to improve his voice?

    in reply to: Who’s Your Favorite for Moderator? #653080

    i dont want to be accused of ignorance, but do the guys who report news stories double as mods.or eds.? cuz if they do, just read a news story and see who reported it and try to match a name.

    I see the moderators are enjoying all this cloak and dagger secrecy about their identities, but my neighbor once mentioned that her cousin is “part of YW” staff. Hmmmm… guess i’ll have to make more inqueries and post my findings. You have been warned, YWN Mods:) 🙂 😛

    in reply to: The Riddle Thread…. #1068016

    ICOT- i am guessing that the “murder” that took place on Yankel’s front lawn was a cat killing a bird or a squarrel, which is “nothing special.”

    i cant figure out the ransom part, though. Did he drive by Ford and see that they were ransomed,er,bailed out by the gov.?:)

    seriously, please post the answer. i abhorr math but i love word games.

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077858

    well, i did learn the song in fifth grade so here goes:

    washington, adams, jefferson, madison, monroe, adams, jackson, van-buren, harrison, tylor, polk, taylor, fillmore, pierce ,buchanan, lincoln, johnson, grant, hayes, garfield, arthur, cleveland, harrison, cleveland, mckinley,roosevelt, taft, wilson, harding, coolidge,hoover, roosevelt, truman , eisenhower,kennedy, johnson,nixon, ford, carter,regan, bush, clinton, bush, and……O(y)BAMA!!

    its been a while since grade 5 so if i made a mistake, please cut me some slack!!

    in reply to: What is Your Hashkafic Affiliation? #626953

    yup, canatoresq, it does sound to me like you are my nunc!! i guess the next ywn thread will be entitled “looking for family members…”

    seriously, its nice to hear from you. and regards from your niece’s daughter who is named after your grandmother!!

    in reply to: What is Your Hashkafic Affiliation? #626947


    i asked you this once before but the thread got closed before you could reply- you sound exactly like my uncle and, to clarify, i just wanted to know- what type of law do you practice? Please answer,

    from your almost niece in lakewood.

    in reply to: Repurcussions of Mumbai #626636

    mountain educator-

    my thoughts exactly. may all the families of the kedoshim have a nechama and may we merit to greet these special people with the coming of moshiach.

    in reply to: Dating: Parents or Girl? #652082


    That the mother stayed in an abusive relationship is her perogative- the circumstances may have been beyond her controll. that said:

    1 – children with messed up family situations do go on to maintain successful marriages

    2- maybe such a mother will be able to pick up on red flags -more so than a lay person (the child, another adult etc.)

    3-in such situations professional help is a must.That doesnt mean that all of a sudden a child’s mother has zero judgement when it comes time to shidduchim!

    so yes, i do think that such a woman’s judgement is valuable for her 18 year old.

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171733

    The first Jewish Female gets elected president of the U.S. She calls her mother in Florida and invites her to the inauguration.

    “Vell, I am not sure I can make it”

    “Why,Mom? This is a big deal- you have to come”

    “Vhat am I going to vear?”

    “Mom, I am going to be the President- my private dress maker will make something especially for you and it wont cost you a dime”

    “I dont know, air fare is so expensive…”

    “mom, you dont have to worry about that- air force 1 will be there for you- on the house”

    “and accomodations- vere vill I stay?”

    “Mom, you dont get it- Im going to be living in the White House! You can have any room you choose!”

    “MMMM… Ok- I’ll try to come”

    “phew, Thanks Mom”

    At the inauguration, An elderly woman in a spiffy new dress nudges her neighbor and says “You see that lady up there by the podium? The lady with the sign President? Yeah, you see her?”

    The person nods.

    “Vell, her brother is a doctor”

    in reply to: Dating: Parents or Girl? #652074

    I got married young(just turned 19) and am BH HAPPILY married for over 2 yrs k”h. I was always mature and marriage minded- the parents have to know their individual child. I just want to clarify some of the thoughtless comments- the reason that so many 20 year olds and young couples are divorcing is due to issues which were never addressed – be it unmedicated mental illness or a character flaw such as abuse. These are ligitiamte grounds for divorce whether the couple marrying is 20 or 200. No one should have to suffer in an abusive marriage. since i am in the age bracket of all the “young” divorcees, i know many personally and have never heard that they got divorced due to imaturity on the part of either spouse.

    in reply to: Respect For One’s Stepparent? #626465

    i dont know if this is too personal or not but cantoresq you really sound like my uncle!! its weird how so many things i read about you fit the bill but at the same time my i doubt my uncle would frequent this site. one question- what kind of law do you practice?

    in reply to: How old are you? #870259

    21 in age, double that in maturity and intelligence! (joke!!)

    it sounds like every one is admiting to some compulsive tendencies over here…. ever heard of internet addiction? seriously, though, i think YWN does a great service by providing a kosher atmosphere for venting, arguing or just stating your opinon.

    in reply to: How do Violent PC Games Affect Our Kids? #626198

    Say what you want but you can spot a child who is exposed to TV,movies or video games a mile away. It manifests its self in their language, actions and reactions. A few years ago my younger brother, who is not exposed to any such media, was playing with a gun shaped object. Instead of saying” pow pow” he said… “shpritz shpritz” he obviously associated the shape with something he was most familiar with, in this case, a spray nozzle.

    The point is that parents who condone such forms of entertainment are doing their children a tremendous disservice. It rots brain cells, kills imagination and promotes negative behavior. But hey, if it “babysits” their young ones then why not?

    in reply to: The Riddle Thread…. #1067863


    i must say, i am bitterly dissapointed!! could have been a real good one. maybe you want to revise the riddle and give it an answer?

    in reply to: Screen Names #1175370

    at the end of the day, differences and titles aside, are we not all a chasid of Hashem?

    in reply to: The Riddle Thread…. #1067829


    Did you ever post the answer to the SS# riddle (way back on page 1)? i am absolutly DYING of curiosity to know the answer and how you get to it. PLEEEEEEAASEEE POST the answer!!!!

    in reply to: Random Questions #1077689

    sorry to disturb this discussion, but i have a real “random” question. What does “ibid” stand for when quoting a source in a newspaper?

    in reply to: Postpartum Awareness #622436

    every one goes according to their individual experience. i for one had major abdominal surgery (otherwise known as a c-section) and my husband was AMAZING!! the house ran beautifully and he was very supportive. i had no other help besides him- my mom and mom in law couldnt come help me so i just want to say that maybe the men are simply unaware of what it takes to have a baby- physically and emotionally.

    a lady should lay down clearly what she needs and would like from her husband (within reason of course). i defy you to tell me which caring husband would not comply!! the key is communication

    in reply to: Black and White #622669

    have you seen the ties men wear nowadays? they do go for color and it certainly makes a statement about them!

    in reply to: Shidduchim & Weight #625327

    somehow this is turning into a diet forum but another thing in regard to pashuta yids meal plans: you write that there is nothing wrong with a bagel or two for breakfast. ill tell you whats wrong; 1 bagel is equal to 4 slices of bread so a breakfast of two bagels (and whatever else is on the bagel) makes a whopping 8 slices of bread- and thats just breakfast!!!! talk about a carb overload!!

    in reply to: Is 3 Cups of Coffee a Day Too Much? #803333

    my personal reaction to even one cup of coffee is heart palpatations, dizziness, sweats and shakes- not pretty. i love the taste though, so why not drink decafe?

    interesting fact: you know what they do w/ the caffine extracted from decafe coffee? they put it in “non drowsey” meds- true fact!! next thread will be aboute OTC abuse….

    in reply to: Kosher Hangouts #634485

    teenager- i do not mean to attack u in any way. i totaly understand you as someone in my family is going thru the same thing. i just want to ask u- if s/t were to happen to ur bf. chas v’ shalom and he lived but was disabled as a result ( paralized, brain damage etc.) would u feel the same about him or bail out? i would assume u would bail out (eventually) as he has nothing left to offer u. if u were married and had built a relationship beyond the physical, this would be a MUCH tougher question to answer.

    my point is that as much as you think you are in love with this guy, it is not a solid relationship. as much as you think its what you both want, it is ruining your whole take on what a healthy marriage relationship is. for that alone, it would be worth it to stop the physical aspect of ur relationship. if you can do that and remain “just friends” thats great. other wise, quit now- ull be doing urself and your guy a huge favor. good luck!

    in reply to: Is 3 Cups of Coffee a Day Too Much? #803320

    i am not a docotor or any thing but i was told by a certified labor coach that drinking 3 or more cups of coffee a day increases the risk of a miscarriage buy as much as 50%. important for woman to keep in mind

    in reply to: A Humorous Item #1171569

    heres one:

    an arab terrorist is seen with a belt of explosives around his waist. on his lapel is the lable ” instructor” of a terrorist training camp. his students looking on, the instructor takes the detonater in his hand and says “watch closely, im only doing this once”

    in reply to: Trying to Find Owner of Car #622095

    i live in lakewood and i saw mordechai1’s ad in one of the weekly circulars and i have to say i was impressed. we are in this world to correct our wrongdoings and especially now that its elul we are doubling up on our efforts. yasher koach to you for doing the right thing!!!

    in reply to: Why not Obama? #715105

    Leaving his middle name aside, Barack O. is pure and simple unqualified to lead the most influential country in the world. His lack of experience is appaling and quite frankly, democrats must be stupider than any one gives them credit for since they are aware of this and STILL nomitated him.

    Think of it this way: if you were CEO of a company and were looking for a replacement, would you hire the likes of Obama based on his (paper thin) resume? why then, should he be hired as CEO of our country?

    then there is the topic of his anti-semitic, terrorist leaning, american hating associations…. but i digress!

    Still not convinced????!!!

    in reply to: Lycra long sleeve shirts #645807

    folks, we can all agree to disagree but the way tznius works is not by putting up one master list of every garment and material of clothing and listing assur or mutar.

    a lycra shell that is two sizes too small on a woman is not tznius. a lycra shell which fits her properly (i.e room to breathe)is fine same goes for ANY material.

    what i dont get is why would a person where something so tight that you can see their dinner digesting?

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