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    We ignore anything with the word “modern” in it.

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    I’ve been using Techloq for a few years on my computer, and I’m very happy. Never noticed any major slowing down of the computer. Mainly I like that they are very discerning. On many pages they’ll gray over skin tones in images instead of just always blocking the entire page. Also if a page is blocked you can request to have it unblocked, and usually they’ll respond within 10 minutes. So often I’ll request to unblock a YouTube video, and they’ll approve it, and their technology blocks all the other images and videos on the YouTube page.

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    I’ll Whatsapp you the reasons later.

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    And lekavod Shabbos it’s my absolute pleasure to pay $7 for that little square dish containing 3.5 tablespoons of flavored mayonnaise which cost the takeout 59 cents to make.

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    Oh, where to start? I love them all!
    Dill flavored mayonnaise
    Olive flavored mayonnaise
    Onion flavored mayonnaise
    Eggplant flavored mayonnaise
    Pickle flavored mayonnaise
    Mushroom flavored mayonnaise
    and so many more!

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    R’ Yochanan would sit there so the women would see his handsome face. We can assume, however, that he didn’t leave open the top 3 buttons on his shirt, or wear “yira’eh kol zechurcha” pants, to expose other attractive body parts.
    Also, obviously, we are talking about a Tanna. We are treading on dangerous ground when we start to compare ourselves to Tannaim.
    There is a reason why it is largely left to the Rishonim to derive practical halacha from the Gemara.

    in reply to: ‘Eat like Chazal’ #2182683

    Also remember, there were no antibiotics back then. So if you get a serious infection, well… you’ll really lose a lot of weight.

    in reply to: Should girls wait for older sisters to get married? #2177188

    VThe reason given by many for making a younger sibling wait for an older one is that it’s hurtful to the older sibling to see their younger sibling get married first.
    But what I can’t understand is, what kind of sick and selfish person would be ok with leaving their younger brother or sister in limbo like that, possibly for years?
    And I just love it when I read about those “selfless” siblings who give their “permission” for their younger siblings to skip them. Who the heck are they to give or withhold permission? Are they the parent?

    in reply to: Storing tefillin in car #2176967

    I don’t know about the parshiyos, but the leather definitely can be affected by heat. In the past I’ve seen the retzuos become sticky and start sticking to each other.
    I’ve found that leaving the car windows open a crack and putting the tefillin under a couple of layers (i.e. your jacket) will keep the tefillin safe.

    in reply to: White History Month #2168035

    Here are some more:

    Date Holiday
    Abolition of Slavery Day
    Car Insurance Day
    Change Your Password Day
    Conservatorship and Guardianship Abuse Awareness Day
    Day of Remembrance and Respect to Victims of the Communist Regime
    Decorating With Candy Day
    Federal Territory Day
    G.I. Joe Day
    Global School Play Day
    Heroes’ Day
    Holiday Hugs Day
    Hula in the Coola Day
    National Baked Alaska Day
    National Cameron Day
    National Dark Chocolate Day
    National Freedom Day
    National Get Up Day
    National Girls and Women in Sports Day
    National Sean Day
    National Serpent Day
    National Signing Day
    National Texas Day
    Robinson Crusoe Day
    Spunky Old Broads Day
    World Aspergillosis Day
    World Hijab Day
    World Read Aloud Day
    La Poutine Week
    National Patient Recognition Week
    National Patient Recognition Week
    Shape Up With Pickles Time
    Solo Diners Eat Out Week
    U.S. Snow Sculpting Week
    Women’s Heart Week
    World Interfaith Harmony Week
    Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
    African American Heritage Month
    AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
    American Heart Month
    Barley Month
    Beat the Heat Month
    Berry Fresh Month
    Bike To Work Month
    Black History Month
    Canned Food Month
    Celebration of Chocolate Month
    Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month
    Declutter for a Cause Month
    Dog Training Education Month
    Ethnic Equality Month
    Exotic Vegetables and Star Fruit Month
    Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month
    Feline Fix by Five Month
    Financial Aid Awareness Month
    Free Open Source Software Month
    From Africa to Virginia Month
    Great American Pie Month
    Human Relations Month
    Humpback Whale Awareness Month
    International Boost Self Esteem Month
    International Expect Success Month
    International Friendship Month
    International Hoof Care Month
    International Month of Black Women in the Arts
    International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
    Jobs in Golf Month
    LGBT+ History Month
    Love the Bus Month
    Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month
    Marijuana Awareness Month
    National African American Read-In
    National Arts Month
    National Avocado and Banana Month
    National Bake For Family Fun Month
    National Bird Feeding Month
    National Blah Buster Month
    National Cancer Prevention Month
    National Care About Your Indoor Air Month
    National Cat Health Month
    National Cherry Month
    National Children’s Dental Health Month
    National Embroidery Month
    National Enrolled Agents Month
    National Fasting February
    National Fondue Month
    National Goat Yoga Month
    National Grapefruit Month
    National Haiku Writing Month
    National Heart Healthy Month
    National Hot Breakfast Month
    National Laugh-Friendly Month
    National Library Lovers Month
    National Macadamia Nut Month
    National Mend a Broken Heart Month
    National Parent Leadership Month
    National Self-Check Month
    National Senior Independence Month
    National Snack Food Month
    National Sweet Potato Month
    National Therapeutic Recreation Month
    National Time Management Month
    National Weddings Month
    National Women Inventors Month
    North American Inclusion Month (NAIM)
    Pet Dental Health Month
    Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month
    Potato Lovers Month
    Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month
    Raynaud’s Awareness Month
    Relationship Wellness Month
    Responsible Pet Owners Month
    Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
    Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
    Spiritual Teachers Month
    Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
    Vegan Cuisine Month
    Wise Health Care Consumer Month
    Women’s Role in History Month
    Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month
    Youth Leadership Month

    in reply to: White History Month #2168030

    If you wonder why these “awareness” and “commemoration” days and months have become such a joke, see below for a partial list of upcoming “holidays”:

    Black History Month
    American Heart Month
    National Bird Feeding Month
    Library Lovers Month
    Senior Independence Month
    Children’s Dental Health Month
    National Time Management Month
    2nd Groundhog Day
    3rd Wear Red Day
    6th – 10th Pride in Foodservice Week
    10th Umbrella Day
    13th – 19th Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
    14th Valentine’s Day
    19th-25th National Engineers Week
    20th President’s Day
    21st Mardi Gras
    22nd School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

    American Red Cross Month
    National Women’s History Month
    National Social Work Month
    National Ethics Awareness Month
    National Nutrition Month
    Irish-American Heritage Month
    Mustache March
    National Colon Cancer Awareness Month
    Youth Art Month
    3rd World Wildlife Day
    3rd Employee Appreciation Day
    6th Dentist’s Day
    8th International Women’s Day
    8th Registered Diatician Nutritionist Day
    12th National Girl Scout Day
    12th–18th Patient Safety Awareness Week
    12th-18th National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
    13th-17th Long Term Care Administrators Week
    14th Pi Day
    14th-Apr 3rd March Madness
    17th St. Patrick’s Day
    19th Certified Nurses Day
    19th-25th National Poison Prevention Week
    20th First Day of Spring
    21st World Down Syndrome Day
    25th Earth Hour
    19th-25th Health Information Professionals Week
    24th World Tuberculosis Day
    30th Doctor’s Day

    in reply to: ChatGPT #2164093

    First we gave up having real relationships and talking to people in real life for chatting with people in cyberspace. Now we’re going to cut out talking to humans altogether and just chat with robots…

    in reply to: I Worked For The State… #2158578

    And what makes you think that the jury system is, according to the Torah or for that matter by any standard, a just system? A system in which a panel of civilians, unversed in any laws and of unknown ethics and morals, decides the fate of the accused?
    A system in which people are convicted, in essence, by a poll?

    in reply to: expensive foods #2158299

    There is no problem with affluent people spending according to their means. There are many examples given in the Gemara of wealthy people living lavishly, and they aren’t criticized usually.
    The problem is the less affluent pretending to be affluent, and living accordingly.

    in reply to: Stupid Planes #2155474

    Wow, this thread is still alive….
    Zaphod, I’m sorry I mistyped a letter.
    And I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. But while people obviously don’t come into the CR to make constructive use of their time, they also don’t want to completely waste their time. And posting nonsensical topics meaning and saying nothing does waste the time of those who click on it.

    in reply to: Stupid Planes #2154339

    I think it’s time YWN put it place age restrictions on commenters. Let’s start with ages 8+ and go from there.

    in reply to: Gmail spell check #2146229

    It’s Big Brother. He’s always watching you.

    in reply to: Is a Kashrus Agency the Moral Police? #2143153

    ” Is bottled water not heated at some point during the process? ”

    No, it’s not.

    in reply to: Is a Kashrus Agency the Moral Police? #2143050

    Funny how it’s none of the business of the hashgachos what goes on in the establishments they are certifying, but it’s everyone’s business how a hashgacha runs its own business.

    in reply to: Can anyone recommend a mover in Flatbush? #2141003

    Sorry, I only know shakers.

    in reply to: Have you ever received a traffic ticket that you did not deserve? #2133786

    I got pulled over while driving with my wife. Cop says we weren’t wearing seat belts. In fact we were. We went to court, hoping somehow we’d get lucky. We didn’t. Cop showed up and lied through his teeth. Cost us almost $400 and I think some points. Welcome to traffic court, where you are guilty until proven innocent.
    How insane is this system that with no evidence but the cop’s word, you get fined hundreds of dollars?
    If there had been an anti-cop riot going on then, I likely would’ve considered joining in.

    in reply to: Junkyard World #2133120

    It’s called capitalism in a secular world. People try to fill the void in their souls with toys and senseless distractions, and other people are happy to make money by making those things, so they themselves can afford to buy their own toys. And so on…

    in reply to: At first I thought, what are the Libs thinking (or are they?) #2126595

    You can have all the sympathy in the world for these poor people, but facts are facts. And the fact is that the United States is a sovereign country with laws. The US government’s job is to enforce those laws, and anyone entering the country illegally is breaking those laws. So as far as the government is concerned there would be nothing wrong with putting illegal aliens on buses and dropping them off right across the border.
    Another point: I don’t think the immigrants who were shipped to Massachusetts were victimized. Governor Desantis said they have signed consent forms, and the immigrants were provided an actual map of where they were going. But even if everything the hysterical left said was true, and the Venezuelans were lied to, this doesn’t automatically make it wrong. The border towns are dealing with a massive crisis, and if they think that doing could help spur action, then they have every right to do this.

    in reply to: Shidduchem in 2022 #2123830

    If only that were true. Most young people’s shiduchim are handled by their parents, and the sad fact is that they often are unrealistic in where they are looking and what they are looking for.

    in reply to: Help with my literacy please #2123828

    I suggest you simply read. Read English books, newspapers, whatever. You don’t need to learn to write like Shakespeare, you just need to be able to write simple and coherent sentences. For that you simply need more exposure to English writing.

    in reply to: Paskez Chew chews and other extinct nosh photos #2123604

    While I understand the nostalgia aspect of people wanting Chew Chews to come back, I would oppose it if only because there is enough dreck being put out, no needs a reason to eat more candy.

    in reply to: Shidduchem in 2022 #2123596

    I put the OP’s letter through Google Translate, and I think this is what he’s trying to say, or at least the parts I understand:
    It seems he is either not learning or not learning in a “mainstream” yeshiva, and his shidduch prospects are negatively impacted by this. He seems to be upset by the fact in general someone in a mainstream yeshiva, although he may not be doing much actual learning, will fare better in the shidduch world than someone not in a yeshiva.
    Definitely a valid complaint. I’d comment on it, but my brain is too stressed from struggling through the letter.

    in reply to: what advice do u wish you’d have received when you were younger? #2118673

    I didn’t have a lack of advice; it was the lack of willingness to follow it.

    in reply to: misuse of lights and sirens #2115810

    I don’t know whether the accident involved L&S or such, but while we’re on the topic, I’ve got my two rants to add. I’m stuck of having jerks in BP turn on their obnoxious sirens just to try to get ahead in traffic. Aside from being a pain in the rear and stealing other people’s time, they endanger lives. I’ve come to the point that I almost tune out sirens from any car that isn’t a Hatzalah truck. I’m sure I’m far from the only one. That means there will be actual Hatzalah members who will find that no one will move aside for them due to all the tunas that cried wolf.
    Asid litein es hadin.

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    Ok let me try again, maybe it was the title, which I don’t get, but ok
    Disingenuous as usual. NY and NJ, which is where most of the frum population lives, have renewables of under 30% and 10%, respectively.
    How’s that? Or were my previous posts deleted because I’m not pushing climate change disinformation?

    Calling people obnoxious names (what you call a title?) is something most people recognize as inappropriate. Why you are finding it to be such a mystery is beyond me. 

    in reply to: I got a tesla (model Y) #2107464

    Please enlighten me so I can try to stick to the rules.

    in reply to: I got a tesla (model Y) #2107463

    Of course. And the comment is deletable why again? Was I not being polite?

    in reply to: I got a tesla (model Y) #2107395

    I couldn’t figure out why in the world you block most of my comments, so I figured it was my username you didn’t like.
    Major kudos for knowing how to track ip addresses….

    when the same deletable post shows up under 2 different names there is no need to track ip addresses.

    in reply to: Halacha Headlines Show Contact #2107390

    Dofi: Listen to ALL the Headlines shows, and tell me that him is wrong

    in reply to: Halacha Headlines Show Contact #2107389

    Good one.

    in reply to: I got a tesla (model Y) #2107263

    Funny, the first time you posted this it was under the justlookingin username. One per customer.

    The mods

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