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    If it’s the same thing as kinetics, I’ve heard of it and tried it. The “doctor” waved her hands in the air to diagnose all kinds of nonexistent ailments and then cured them with another wave of her hands. She was amazed by the progress she had made (detected by yet another wave of her hands) and wanted us to come back again the next day for another treatment, but I deferred. She was undoubtedly a quack.

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    Wolf, I heard otherwise from one of the biggest poskim in Yerushalayim. He said that if one misses a few words, they can read it themselves from their sefer until they catch up. I was once in a situation where there were many, many children in shul and I had to keep reading to myself to catch up. I asked a shaila afterwards to see if I was yotzei and the psak was that I was, as long as I hadn’t read more than a certain percentage of it (which I cannot recall right now).

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    My kids don’t go online at all. And we have a filter on our computer plus a password which only I know to turn on the computer.

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    One of my good friends still uses dial up because it’s cheaper. I have DSL. Wireless.

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    Chayav–Tip #1: When changing your user name, choose something less obvious that won’t be a dead giveaway as to your true identity.

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    I can’t tell you how I know this without blowing my identity, but BJJ has not even sent out their letters yet. Chayav, it’s not very considerate of you to get people into a frenzy for not having received their letters yet. You should really think twice before starting a thread like this.

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    I used to have the same habit but I managed to kick it. It does help to put on Vaseline because you can’t “get a good piece” when they’re not dry. It’s very difficult not to pick dry lips. Mostly willpower is what made me stop doing it, but keeping them moist definitely helps.

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    “therefore there are chronic overdosage syndromes associated with high doses.”

    I’ve often wondered how common it is to have an overdose of vitamins. I’m pregnant and I don’t take prenatals because I’m too lazy, but I use vitamin ovedosing as my rationalization. Is it really safe for pregnant women to take such high doses of vitamins?

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    Ah, excetra. I knew that. 🙂

    in reply to: PLEASE HELP – Need ideas for a gift for my wife #738324

    BPT, I try hard not to be the grammar/spelling police, but I’m going to point this out just once since I’ve seen it in multiple posts of yours. Et cetera is abbreviated as etc., not ect.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program. 🙂

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    Those who think they are perfect are annoying to those of us who are.

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    “i hesitate to tread upon delicate ground, but it would be easy for women to check whether such a razor is as good as a real razor. “

    In my experience, there is no electric shaver that comes close to a razor. I once borrowed my husband’s Lift and Cut and there was no way it compared.

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    BPG, it’s about his son who was born with a very severe heart defect and had to be flown to the US for emergency surgery to save his life. The story is full of hashgocha pratis and is told in a fascinating way.

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    I think it’s more strategy than luck. You have to know how to play the roll smartly. It does happen though that the roll of the dice is the deciding factor in a game. But it’s more fun when the player with the better strategy wins.

    in reply to: socializing #731988

    I am the type who doesn’t say hello to my neighbor, but I’m still fine with being here. There’s a big difference between talking to a live being in real life and typing words onto a screen.

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    The Goq–I’m good at backgammon too. Thanks for reminding me. Nobody here wants to play me anymore because they’re all sore losers. I play the computer a lot.

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    She posted today but under her new name, watermelon.

    in reply to: Endoscopy–what to expect #731285

    Thanks, anon. Hopefully they’ll schedule us for early in the morning, because she loves food and is miserable from the time she wakes up until she’s fed. I don’t think it will be too easy on her.

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    Health, your first comment is both rude and inaccurate.

    Nolashonhara–If nursing is something you think you would enjoy and be good at, go for it. I decided to go to nursing school because I’ve always loved medicine but a doctor’s life is not compatible with being a mother. I started nursing school but soon after that my child got sick and I had to spend the next few years being a mommy-nurse so I dropped out. After I lost my child, I didn’t have the mental energy to go back to school. My kids’ pediatrician says that I’ve learned in the School of Life more than most doctors and nurses will ever know, but that doesn’t help with getting a job. (I ended up opening a BH very successful business from home, but medicine is something that will always be near and dear to my heart.)

    Mod 80–Out of curiosity, what kind of physician are you? I understand if you don’t want to answer.

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    Thanks, everyone. Gefen, refuah shelaima to you too.

    On the ball, I don’t know if my baby will need the cleanout for an endoscopy. In any case, she seems to do her own natural cleanout every time she eats. 🙁

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    Watermelon, you’re right–it’s on Variations 1. My bad.

    in reply to: Show off your talents! #1005432

    I can sing. It’s mostly a wasted talent in a female, but as a kid I had solos in pretty much every school concert or choir. Now I only sing to my kids.

    I can also cook well. And eat well. 🙂

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    Watermelon–I’m terrible with names but that’s from Destiny. It’s the song that’s to the tune of the Cat’s in the Cradle. About Little Boy Dov.

    in reply to: The Joseph Thread #734536

    Why does Eees say Joseph under it then?

    Updated list:

    TMB, helpful, Jose, Volvie, Joseph, Sam I Am, gabboim, Bed-Stuy, TheChevra, so right

    in reply to: Shin on forehead??? #730583

    When I saw the title of this thread, I read the word “shin” as part of the leg and wondered how anyone could put their shin on their forehead.

    in reply to: The Joseph Thread #734535

    Updated list:

    TMB, helpful, Ruff Ruff, Jose, Volvie, Joseph, Sam I Am, gabboim, Bed-Stuy, Eees

    Eees is not Joseph. Neither was Ruff Ruff (who now has a new name). (Dont ask me about RuphRuph and RuffRuph, They were blocked simply cause of their names). You did, however, forget to add TheChevra and so right (and a host of older ones which we will not get into now)

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    “so the girl can be 10? no such thing as regardless of the girls age”

    Me who–According to the posek I heard this from, a 10-year-old girl can bathe with a boy under 3.

    in reply to: Endoscopy–what to expect #731277

    Jesse, care to elaborate on that? I’ve had other kids undergo anesthesia before without complication, so that part isn’t what scares me. (One of them was an absolute maniac when he woke up and he had to get something to calm him, but eventually he was back to his sweet little self.)

    in reply to: Endoscopy–what to expect #731271

    Thanks, everyone. Health, she has been dropping percentiles consistently and is below the charts now. She seems to have a dirty diaper after every meal and I won’t talk about the smell. She had some blood work done which was not all normal–there seems to be some absorption problem. The GI wants her to have an endoscopy to see if we can figure out what’s going on with her.

    in reply to: bath together #731529

    I was told that it’s okay until the boy is 3 regardless of the girl’s age.

    in reply to: popa_bar_abba = mod 80 ? #813015

    Mod, don’t you think you should let up on chayav a little? I know it’s fun when someone buys every word you say, but I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him.

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833812

    Daas Yochid

    And Moderator 80

    You know as well as I do

    That Chayav’s not a lady!

    in reply to: popa_bar_abba = mod 80 ? #813010

    Chayav–you’re pretty young, aren’t you? Mod 80 is having a grand time with you today.

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193948

    Blinky–Someday we will all be together by MBD.

    in reply to: popa_bar_abba = mod 80 ? #813005

    It’s quite simple, chayav. Popa decided to pull a fast one and pretend that he’s Mod 80, so he posted something as if he were him, and then posted again “Oops. Wrong user name.” Mod 80 decided to play along and referred to Popa as his other user name. That was it. It was all a big joke which most people realized right away because otherwise they wouldn’t have been so obvious about it. Don’t feel bad though–there were a few others that were fooled. They just came around a little more quickly than you.

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    Feif Un–You’re really good at this!

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833784

    Sometimes we write “LOL”

    When we think something is funny,

    But this time I really did LOL,

    Because Daas Yochid is right on the money!

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193929

    Bad Hair Day–Is that really old? Yisroel Williger sings that and he’s not what I’d call old.

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193925

    You’re both right. 🙂

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193921

    1. “Then he threw me to the floor, then he pushed me out the door”

    2. “When Hashem is at our side, every door is open wide”

    3. “Though I may not be as smart as you, there is something you should know is true.”

    in reply to: What's your favorite Jewish newspaper? #730901

    I think there’s already a thread about this. I don’t know how to search for it though.

    in reply to: Poetry Thread #833777

    What about a thread

    For those who cannot rhyme?

    I keep on trying

    But fail every time.

    in reply to: The Joseph Thread #734528

    Joseph, are you lacking adequate attention in your real life? I find it surprising that you’re not hiding your head in shame after you’ve been outed this way.

    in reply to: Worst Chore #731721

    1. Dishes.

    2. Putting away laundry. I don’t mind folding it, but distributing it to the various closets is what I despise.

    3. Windows.

    4. Ironing. I have an iron just for show.

    in reply to: Chayav: Bochur turned Bubby? #733612

    “and don’t right in textish on discussion boards.”

    Oops–I meant “write”, not “right”.

    in reply to: Chayav: Bochur turned Bubby? #733611

    Chayav sounds like a young, very gullible bochur from the other threads. And grandmothers generally know how to use punctuation and don’t right in textish on discussion boards.

    in reply to: popa_bar_abba = mod 80 ? #812991

    Chayav–I don’t think they hoped it would go over this well. You’re the only one still fooled though.

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193908

    Feif Un–#3 is 15 Synagogues from Destiny.

    Bad Hair Day–#3 is from Destiny but I can’t remember the name of that song. It’s about a guy who was addicted to the internet until he decided to throw his computer out the window. Waiting for the name to come to me…

    in reply to: Name That Tune! #1193902

    1. “That is all it takes to mend a broken heart.”

    2. “We are your prisoners no more.”

    3. “Well the town hadn’t seen no rain as the year was going by.”

    in reply to: popa_bar_abba = mod 80 ? #812983

    Bed-Stuy–Or all dogs, or everyone in Cedarhurst, or all gabboim, etc.

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