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    I think there’s a big difference between brissim in the US and in EY. Most of my kids were born in EY and I have never seen anyone taking home food from the bris. We serve fleishigs at our brissim and save the leftovers for Shabbos or for lunches for the next few days. If there’s a lot, we freeze it.

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    Mod–I think only chayav inish and a select few were actually fooled. Most of us here are sober enough to realize that it’s a joke.

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    Take a chill pill, sir–or a good stiff drink. Can’t you take a joke?

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    Some people here are very gullible. 🙂

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    Updated list:

    TMB, helpful, Ruff Ruff, Jose, Volvie, Joseph, Sam I Am, gabboim, Bed-Stuy

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    The question was:

    “What should we tell them so that the situation is easier for them to handle, or should we just leave quietly?”

    Where did the OP ask whether or not it was appropriate to go on vacation? Why can’t people just answer her question without giving unsolicited advice about things which should not concern them?

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    I just saw that gabboim gets added to the list.

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    1. Depends what kind of bullying. If it’s physical bullying, I would call someone stronger than me to come help. If it’s verbal, I would tell the bully off.

    2. I would make a joke and a grand announcement about it. Laughing makes it less embarrassing.

    3. Wake up my husband.

    4. I don’t drive.

    5. Funny you asked this, because my husband and I are in a sticky situation with someone right now and we have to tell him the truth. We came up with a diplomatic way of phrasing it to sound like his rejection is because of our unique circumstance and now because of him. You might argue that it’s more courageous to tell him the truth, but it’s not a mitzvah to make someone feel bad.

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    Why does staying in yeshiva necessarily mean that you’re being supported by your parents? Why can’t you just live within your means without them helping you? My husband is in kollel and we have 8 kids and no help from our parents or tzedakah. I run a business from home and my husband tutors at night and we manage. We don’t own a car, don’t go out to eat, our kids wear hand me downs, etc, but at least we’re able to be independent and not worry about being a burden on others. If you’re only talking about a few years, why do your parents have to be part of the equation?

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    My daughters go to a very chareidi school that does not have a uniform because they want girls to know how to dress appropriately without it. I agree with the shita but it’s definitely less convenient for me this way.

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    Cholent: Saute onion, garlic, and meat together. Add barley, beans, and potatoes. Spice with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and a tad of sugar. Squirt in some ketchup. Water to cover. Bring to boil then turn down to simmer. Enjoy!

    Professional–It’s easier to wash the food processor than to grate 10 lbs. by hand. Take it from me–I was too lazy to take out my food processor last week and grated 5 lbs. by hand. By about 1/4 of the way through, I really started to regret it, but I wouldn’t take out that food processor and make it dirty once I had gotten that far.

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    Here ya go. I knew I saw it somewhere.

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    “mil – NO real-brisker IS NOT HIM.”

    First of all, I’m not your mother-in-law. Second, in another thread, one of the mods implied otherwise and that is why I asked.

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    I have 8 kids and no cleaning help and we survive somehow. And I even do the sponja myself, as do most of my friends. Sure, it’s most physical then using a mop to smear the dirt around, but most women are perfectly capable of doing sponja.

    As far as where to find good cleaning help in EY, how about asking neighbors for recommendations? Nobody here can give you much information without knowing where in EY you live, but your neighbors should be able to help out.

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    Bob, which one are you? LOL

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    And there are poskim who hold that even mevushal can have the problem of stam yainam.

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    Total nonsense. My husband and I couldn’t look more different. I’m blond and blue eyes; he’s dark skinned with dark hair and eyes. I’m thin and he’s broad. You couldn’t find anything similar between us if you tried. BH we have been happily married for quite a number of years despite our physical differences. Incidentally, it makes for more interesting-looking kids this way. Each of our kids looks either like one of us or the other–no blends at all–so we have 2 very different looks going on here.

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    I don’t know kapusta, but Wolf is the last one I would expect to do something so childish as to have 2 screen names. It takes a special someone to resort to that.

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    Isn’t real-brisker also him? Why doesn’t that one say Joseph?

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    Not a comedy, but I loved Little House on the Prairie. About as clean as they come and SO good.

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    TMB, how about giving some of your money to Cedarhurst? He’s out of a job and has to feed his family.

    What a ridiculous thread.

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    Is Ruff Ruff the same as Ruph Ruph? I guess that would also make him Cedarhurst?

    in reply to: Your Favorite Color Tie? #808127

    I’m a woman but I’m married to a man and ishto k’gufo so I’m like a man, okay?

    I like ties in shades of gold with some kind of nice pattern. I don’t go for solid colors. My husband also has a nice light blue tie that I like, but his gold ones are definitely my favorite. Not a shiny gold, just a nice matte shade of gold.

    in reply to: Eating Disorders Developing In Seminary? #1007358

    I haven’t noticed this problem at all in my 2 years of seminary. What I did notice is that often the meals are pretty bad so the girls nosh on all kinds of garbage in between meals and gain weight on that. I don’t think anyone in my seminary struggled with anorexia or bulimia.

    in reply to: getting over someone you dated #725017

    I know you’re not supposed to explain jokes, but I’m sitting here scratching my head about the poor people and their food and not getting anywhere. Care to enlighten the slow ones among us who could use a good laugh?

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    I rest in my own bed after birth. Nothing can beat it. True, I have to take care of my kids and run my house at the same time, but I’m not relaxed when I’m not in my own home. I would leave the hospital an hour after birth if they would let me just so I can get back to my family.

    in reply to: Ladies would you consider homebirth? #782422

    Hospital births do not necessarily mean high intervention or unnecessary medical procedures. I had all of my babies in hospitals (several different ones) and never had an epidural or any other medications. I did have a fetal monitor on and I believe that helped us to avoid unnecessary intervention since one of my babies had decelerations in his heart rate and we were able to keep a close eye on it and watch to make sure he recovered each time. I would never opt for a home birth, as one of my children survived only because there was a neonatologist waiting there who revived him and got him breathing within a minute or so of his birth. These things aren’t always available at home.

    in reply to: Should a Yid own a Dog? Woof Woof! #1168830

    Just pointing out that dogs and babies can be a very dangerous combination. There was a story in the news about a year ago about a dog, who was supposedly house trained and loves kids, who took a newborn baby out of his crib and ran with it deep into the forest. The baby was found in critical condition with his head ripped open and needed a prolonged hospitalization with multiple surgeries.

    in reply to: Kol Isha #723312

    In the sefer Avenei Yashpei, it says that if a bus driver plays music with a female singer, it’s best (I’m not sure if he says that it’s a must) to ask him to turn it off. I think that by law he is required to turn it down so that only he can hear it if passengers request that.

    in reply to: Should The Wife Have Total Control Of The Home Internet? #973296

    TMB–Many men run off with women who are paid to do what they are doing. These women might be with a different man each day. The numbers are not necessarily even.

    in reply to: Should The Wife Have Total Control Of The Home Internet? #973287

    PY, thank you for that tip. I’m going to go check it out.

    I don’t mind that it blocks You Tube. I use my computer to run a business and don’t use it for much other than that and an occasional visit to the CR.

    RuffRuff, as a female, I honestly do not have any desire or interest in seeing or reading things that I shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s like aries said or maybe it’s just my nature. If I accidentally stumble across something, I immediately close it without a second thought and delete it from my history so that nobody else should accidentally come across it. My husband does not have extra time and does not want to do anything he shouldn’t, but he happens to have been born male at no fault of his home, and he himself has told me not to trust him in this area and to do anything I can to safeguard him. We’ve had this system in place for years and it’s been working beautifully.

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    I have no time for trouble. Nor do I have any desire to get into trouble.

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    I have K9 and it does not block everything it should. No filter does. I spent some time once testing it by entering all kinds of words into Google and was able to access a lot of things I would prefer not to have seen. That’s why only I have the password and my husband doesn’t. We’re both calmer this way.

    in reply to: BNOS CHAVA INTERVIEW!!!!!! #744272

    I don’t remember much about my interview, but one question that Rabbi Geisler commonly asks is what you want to work on during your year in seminary. He told us that that tells him what the girl’s strength is, since human nature is that a person wants to work on what’s easy for them. So if you say you want to work on tefila, or tznius, or whatever, he’ll understand from that that you excel in the area.

    Otherwise, I think it was pretty comfortable and nonthreatening. Relax. Hatzlacha.

    in reply to: Chinuch: Would you allow a game console (Wii/PS3/XBOX) or not? #719730

    I have no idea what this item is, but most of these contraptions tend to be very addictive. If I would let my child buy one, I would set very strict rules regarding how much time he could use it.

    in reply to: Inappropriate Opposite Gender Interactions in the Workplace #1075613

    I had to quit a job once because my boss couldn’t keep his hands off of me. It wasn’t what would be concerned inappropriate to the general public–he used to tap me on the hand or the shoulder a few times a day. He knew that it bothered me and promised me he would stop, but it went on and on until I felt I couldn’t stay. He also used to talk to me about very personal aspects of his life which I had no interest in hearing about.

    in reply to: Regarding calling people by nicknames #719803

    Someone I know asked Rav Scheinberg if there’s any problem with giving nicknames. His answer was “What’s wrong with nicknames? My wife calls me Pinky!”

    in reply to: Tubes in Babies Ears #727810

    Tubes are justified in many cases of kids with recurrent ear infections, but some doctors run to do them too quickly. I’m not a big believer in alternative medicine, but I have personally seen multiple cases of babies whose ear infections suddenly disappeared when they were taken off dairy. (For nursing babies, the mother also has to go off milk.) Have you tried that?

    in reply to: How Do I get the oil cups clean? #716006

    A healthier method is to soak it in container of hot water and laundry soap overnight. Just give them a quick rinse in the morning and they should be sparkling clean.

    in reply to: A Letter I Sent To Hadassa Chapters in US & UK #714905

    Msseeker, I don’t think this is the place to go into detail, but you sadly have the facts very wrong. I can’t say how I know this without identifying myself, but as sad as I was to realize this, the story is not at all as you report it. Meeting the mom and seeing a sweet, ill woman is no indication of the truth.

    in reply to: Fire in Israel!! #715604

    Ronsr, this fire was started intentionally and was not due to the lack of rain. Perhaps the lack of rain caused it to spread as quickly as it did.

    in reply to: Computers and Yiddishkeit #714689

    Bezalel, I’m aware of that, but didn’t all babies nurse? They didn’t have formula then either.

    in reply to: When an infant is niftar R"L… #714806

    As someone who lost a child, I can tell you that there was nothing anyone could tell me at that time that would make me feel better. I needed people around me for support, but I was not interested in what anyone had to say. Not that I had to be a tzadekes if Hashem chose me for this nisayon, not that my other kids will be my nechama, nothing. It took some time before I was actually able to listen and find comfort in what people told me. Even then there were those who said things that were somewhat insensitive (unintentionally, of course), but I was able to reach out and hold onto other people’s words for chizuk. But as I said, that took some time. When it’s still so fresh, all you can do is be there for them.

    in reply to: internet filter?what to buy? #714541

    We use K9–you can download it for free. Like any filter, it doesn’t block everything inappropriate, but it does give you a choice of levels of filtering. You can have a “white list” or a “black list” or just use the default setting.

    in reply to: Computers and Yiddishkeit #714686

    I’m stuck on the babies drinking milk from ox horns. What’s that all about?

    in reply to: Mixed-Up Minhagim #713310

    “Sure, you may not end up fitting neatly into one of the “labels” but who cares? People don’t (or shouldn’t) live their lives to fit into a label — they should live their lives according to the values, ideals and mores that they hold dear and wish to live by.”

    Wolf, while I agree and identify with your post, in Eretz Yisroel this does not work. People who don’t fit themselves into a certain mold do not make it there. This is why many Americans have a hard time when they make aliyah. In America they did just fine being who they were and not fitting exactly into any specific group, while in EY they’re completely lost if they can’t slap a label onto themselves. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

    in reply to: A Need For Plus Size Clothing Stores #712516

    Minyan Gal–I feel your pain. I’m not short, but I wear a very small size and often have trouble finding clothing that fits. I have a tiny waist so children’s clothing often fits me better than ladies’, but like you said, there’s often not enough room in the chest. (I’m rather well endowed on top, so I need the room up there, but not down in the waist.) Recently I’ve been having everything altered to fit me properly. It’s not cheap, but I find it’s the only solution.

    in reply to: How To Avoid Handshakes #714720

    I heard about someone who sneezed into her hand when a man stretched his hand out to shake hers. That was a quick escape!

    in reply to: How To Avoid Handshakes #714705

    My husband says politely, “I’m sorry, my religion doesn’t allow me.”

    Hatzlacha finding a job!

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    I just wanted to point out that many women have a harder time losing weight than men because of multiple pregnancies which have left their mark. It’s not always from overeating.

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