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    I’ve pondered the same thing, real-brisker.

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    Mother In Israel – keep posting. I’ll miss you if you stop. but i know what you mean. things at my home are put on the back burner too. but you know what – we need some down time to just chill and have fun. btw – how are you feeling?

    Like I was hit by a truck. The pneumonia is definitely on the mend but the fatigue is really hard to deal with. I feel like I could sleep for a month.

    Thanks for asking.

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    Thanks, binah. I’m terrible about going to bed early, but I’m going to make an effort tonight. I missed my nap today. 🙁

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    A few years ago, I was told my the head doctor of a PICU to put my baby to sleep on his stomach. He had severe reflux and did choke on his spit up on his back. This doctor said that the studies aren’t reliable because the criteria for what constitutes SIDS changed around the same time that the back-to-sleep study was conducted. I usually put my babies to sleep on their sides, but I’m less nervous about tummy sleeping now than I was before he told me this.

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    May you always have all your tefillos answered so clearly!

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    Gefen, I could’ve written your post. I used to only check the news. I think I knew there was a coffee room because I saw it on the main page, but it never interested me. Then I started checking it out every now and then, and now it’s several times a day (or several times an hour). It’s a lot of fun, but I’m not happy with how much time I spend here. My house is definitely suffering because of it. I might have to have my filter block it for a while just to break the addiction. (I did that to imamother when it got out of hand, and now I very rarely go there.)

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    May you have a lot of yiddishi nachas from this one and from all your children. There is a vitamin called Glutamax from Maxi-health that is good for bronchitis. It is very expensive, but it works. Refuah Shelaimah.

    Amen and thanks. I have pneumonia, not bronchitis, but I’ll keep Glutamax in mind. Not sure it’s available where I live, but I’ll look out for it next time I’m in the health food store.

    I really didnt want to hijack this thread, Sorry MII! No problem. ?

    My advice as I was reading through the beginning of your thread was to take the baby to bed with you, but I see you’ve done that already! Don’t worry so much about what you will do to her — mothers have been co-sleeping with babies for generations, and for many women it leads to more sleep for both mom and baby. Use your sechel, avoid heavy blankets or excessive pillows, and relax.

    I know we would both sleep better that way, but it really scares me. I used to sleep with my babies in my bed, but I had some close calls so now I try not to. A few days ago, my husband woke me up because he didn’t see the baby in her crib. He looked in my bed and didn’t see her there either. I was completely lying on top of her. I once found one of my babies all the way under my blanket with his head next to my knees. I also pushed one off my bed onto the floor once. I know it’s a controversial topic and I don’t want to start a debate, especially because it’s not something I have a strong opinion on in principle, but for me personally, I am afraid. (Even the medical experts who strongly push co-sleeping say to avoid it if you’re sleep deprived or on medication, and I’m both right now.)

    Also, maybe you can find a metapalet who has “drop off” hours available who can take your 2 year old for a few hours for a few mornings so you can sleep.

    We can’t afford a metapelet right now, but my 2-year-old does usually nap at some point during the day.

    umuchuh H-shem Elok-m dimuh may’al kul ponim.


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    My guess is that I would not. I’m a lazy person who doesn’t like change and I highly doubt that I would do something which would upset my lifestyle so significantly. There’s always the chance that the right people would get their hands on me and influence me otherwise, so I can’t say for sure, but that’s my feeling.

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    I will also leave out those who I think are females since that would be a lack of tznius.

    And I was just starting to get insulted that I wasn’t on your list. 😉

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    What are YOU doing?

    – Learning by yourslf

    -learning random anything lishma

    =learning something there *might* be a test on – with a lishma spin

    = Learning in a chavrusa

    – going to shiur(im)

    – Sleeping

    Going to sleep. But my husband and sons are staying up.

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    Why are we all playing into the attempt of someone who is far to the left side in hashkofo and in bein odom lemakoim to show off what a “tzaddik” he is in bein odom lechavyro? This is a total non-issue and just a way for someone to show off.

    What exactly is bein odom lachaveiro here? Wolf is concerned about chillul Hashem, not about hurting another person. It seems to me that this is bein odom lamakom.

    I really don’t get the feeling that Wolf is trying to show off. He seems like an honest person who is sincerely asking how he should have behaved in this situation. Just because his hashkofos are different from yours, it does not mean that everything he does has an ulterior motive.

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    Health- most moms cannot follow books. We do what WE feel is best for the child. Yes, moms do know best.

    Well said, smartcookie.

    Goldenkint, thanks so much for your offer. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Yerushalayim and there’s not that much help available here. My friends and neighbors are doing their best though.

    I think I was a little better today. I slept 3.5 hours straight at night for the first time since the baby was born. That’s because I fell asleep with her in my bed and she sleeps much better with me. I don’t like sleeping that way (it scares me because I’m so sleep deprived that I don’t know what I might do to her in my sleep), but there’s no question that she and I both slept better last night. I also have pretty much stopped wheezing, so hopefully there’s an end in sight to this infection.

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    cottage cheese with olives? really?

    Really truly. It’s about as standard here as low-fat milk.

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    My husband ended up taking me out to a show last night, so I did do something other than feed the baby. (Of course I had to feed the baby during the show also, but it was nice to get out.)

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    mbachur changed his name to coffee addict.

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    Your kid is way too young to be only demanding to have you.

    You’ll have to tell her that.

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    St. Moritz is great for removing stains, but I did manage to ruin a jumper of my daughter’s that way. You should test the inside first to make sure it doesn’t damage the sweater.

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    When fathers come home from the kiddush stone drunk, what do you expect?

    Don’t you mean when bochurim come home from a date after having too much beer?

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    What I’m doing? Nursing my baby. Not much else.

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    Dish soap works for oil paint. For latex paint, I think alcohol is supposed to work, but I’ve never tried it.

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    Okay, go ahead. I’m curious.


    Guess I’m here more than I thought I was. I wonder how many of those 15 posts were deleted per my request and how many were offensive.

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    Okay, go ahead. I’m curious.


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    am yisrael chai:


    it seems that you are doing everything that you could be doing.

    Perhaps you were feeling the ??? ??? stress.

    Oh, this was not only on Erev Shabbos. It’s been going on since the birth.

    Just one thing – reassure your husband that this is both normal and temporary. This kind of thing can get husbands nervous – they worry that it might be the ‘new you’.

    If he knows that it will soon pass, it will be easier for him to patiently wait it out.

    Thanks, choc. BH my husband has been very encouraging and keeps reminding me that this is temporary. He knows it’s normal and so do I, but it’s still not an easy situation.

    Smartcookie, I think you about summed it up. Thanks for understanding.

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    Not sure. Do I? ?

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    Wow, you people have a lot of posts! I don’t think I have more than 100 or so. I know I have a few deleted posts because I’ve asked to have a few deleted, but I don’t think I have too many.

    do you want to know?

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    AYC–I am drinking plenty of water. My doctor is really pushing fluids because of my pneumonia.

    Health–The hospital is not to blame for the infection. They didn’t do anything to me to cause it. I was just lucky enough to pick it up there.

    I’ve been pumping quite a bit since she was born and have a nice stash of milk in the freezer, but my baby hasn’t mastered drinking from a bottle. My husband and my mother have both tried a few times but my stubborn little girl will eat only from me right now. So sleep will have to wait.

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    I have 2 friends who do medical transcription online. One works for a company called Transmed and the other works for DocuMed. They did have to take a course for a few months before starting though.

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    Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate the support. I do know that it’s normal to some extent so I’m not really worried, but I am frustrated with myself and really want it to stop. As I said, I’ve never had it to this extent after my other births. I guess I’ll just have to be patient and hope it goes away somehow.

    I did have help right after the birth when I was really sick. I stayed at my mother’s house and she spoiled me rotten while I just lied in bed. I had high fever then and everything hurt and breathing took a lot of effort, so I couldn’t do anything else. I couldn’t stay there too long though because I have other kids at home and it was too hard on everyone. My husband is extremely helpful and supportive and took off quite a few days to man the fort, but I wasn’t calm being away from home and knowing how much he was struggling back here. As soon as my fever broke and I stopped feeling completely lousy, I came home. At this point, I’m still coughing and wheezing and it hurts to breathe deeply, but I don’t have that general feeling of yuckiness that comes along with fever. So I am on the mend and trying to get into some kind of routine to keep my house running somewhat smoothly. I do have some help from friends and neighbors–they’re still sending me meals and I had a chessed girl come over a few times at bedtime to help me out.

    I try to sleep when the baby sleeps but I have a 2-year-old at home in the morning and some of my kids finish school at 1:30. I manage to get in some kind of a nap most days when my 2-year-old naps and the other kids aren’t home yet, but it’s usually not enough. I’m hoping the baby will get onto a better schedule eventually and have longer breaks between feeding so that at least my nights will be a little easier.

    As far as eating well goes, I have no appetite whatsoever and have to forcefeed myself. I assume it has to do with the pneumonia because I’ve never had an appetite issue before. I know I have to eat to get my strength back and to be able to nurse my baby, so I try to at least have 3 small meals every day. I feel full very quickly though so I can’t do much more than that.

    Thanks again for all the advice. I have to run to feed my little princess again–she’s right on schedule.

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    Goq, I entertained that thought but I really don’t think so. I did a little reading up on it and filled out a questionnaire and don’t seem to have any signs of it. I’m not depressed, I’m just a crybaby. Yeah, that sounds weird even to me.

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    You haven’t offended me, Mod. I also cry when I get a sentimental greeting card, but at least then I know why. I’ve been crying now for no reason whatsoever. I’m not usually like this.

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    I had a similar situation recently and I handled it similarly to the way asyyeger said. I had accidentally taken a cottage cheese with olives to the checkout, and as she was ringing it up, I noticed that it was the wrong one. (I had meant to buy one without olives.) I told the cashier and she said that I should just go back and take the one I wanted and she would meanwhile ring it up so I didn’t have to go through the line again. I went back, took the cheese, and on my way out, held it up to the cashier and said, “Thanks, I got it.” Better not to take chances of chillul Hashem.

    (That said, had I already left the store, I wouldn’t have gone back to explain. I think that would have made you look really strange.)

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    I remember my preschool from when I was 2.5. My parents have confirmed that some of the stories I told them really did take place. I also remember sitting in a stroller and drinking a bottle, and I was weaned from the bottle at age 3.

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    Parameds has extremely difficult hours. You have to work erev YT until hadlokas neiros, motzei YT from right after havdala (forget about putting away your Pesach dishes), etc. I think the transcription companies have much more flexible hours and the pay is comparable.

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    As a woman, I would have been mortified if a man would point it out to me. I think you did the right thing by turning away.

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    Editing/proofreading, medical billing/transcription.

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    I just wasted time I didn’t have watching Iprod, the Hockers, the Shvitzer, and the Stalker. They were all great!

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    ok, so what’s about the year 1961 that’s so special that it will never happen again? and,no, it’s not that 1961 won’t occur again!

    It reads the same upside down. But that will happen again in 6009, won’t it?

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    am yisrael chai nice try but the remaining letters of startling must be in the correct order. You almost got it.

    It goes like this:










    Hey, I was supposed to post that! You didn’t remind me! 🙁

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    AEF’s blog.

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    Hey, that’s Son of a Posek!

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    Funny, our Moxypen is white. Maybe it’s a different brand?

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    My son sang Avraham Fried’s song, “Father Don’t Cry”: “Only You who created tears, your wife went away forever.”

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    I was a SAHM for years and loved it. Now I’m a WAHM and still love being home with my kids.

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    Didn’t you pay them enough? I’ve never heard of tipping them in addition to their regular fees.

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    Mother in Israel – HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU KNOW I’M FROM THE LES???? i don’t think i ever mentioned it in the cr. SO THIS I GOTTA HEAR.

    Actually, you’ve mentioned it at least once or twice. Check the pizza threads.

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    Is the Belzer shteibel on East Broadway on the same block as Young Israel? Not sure which one that is. I know the Boyaner shul, Mizrachi, Tzemach Tzedek, the Polishe shteibel, and a couple of others all on the same block. I don’t think I’ve heard of the Belzer shteibel though.

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    My wife I believe is the ultimate eishes chaiyil.

    I can believe that since she’s from the LES. So is my husband. ?

    As to who she is. If we told you who we were i would have to put you so far in the witness protection program, H-Shem wouldn’t be able to find you. us fed are just like that sometimes 🙂

    Oh, believe me, I had no intention if trying to figure out her identity. I was just curious what stzc stood for, not realizing that it was something personal.

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    In Israel, amoxicillin is white and dye-free. In the US, most types of antibiotic can be compounded without dye. You just have to find a compounding pharmacy.

    We did Rocephin shots a few times, but that was for pneumonia which was sensitive only to ceftriaxone. I wouldn’t give it to my child for strep.

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    Gefen, I had a suspicion when reading the graduation thread, but I wasn’t sure. Glad he finally proposed, but why did he call you stzc?

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    Gefen, is Chaplain Tzvi your husband?

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