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    LOL, Shticky! I got 3 and 4 right immediately. I goofed on the others though.

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    Most ppl are also born with crooked teeth

    Most people I know were born with no teeth.

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    So now what? Should this now be the “Good Husband’s Guide” since now in most marriages the wives work also?

    I wouldn’t want my husband to have a ribbon in his hair when I come home from work.

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    Oh, you meant 2 SNs? And here I thought you were asking who we think has 2 real names, such as Sara Leah or Moshe Dovid, and I couldn’t understand how you expected anyone to be able to guess that.

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    Anyone who comes anywhere near you will be able to smell that it’s parve cheese.

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    “You can that again. :-)”

    Obviously everyone can make a mistake every once in a while (as avident from your post)…

    You’re right. I deserved that. 🙂

    FYI, there are spellcheckers which can check the spelling of everything you post.

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    Don’t forget a change of pants. That’s a must for every kindergartner.

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    others are better with spelling and grammer

    You can that again. 🙂

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    In a former job, I had to go on quite a few business trips. I didn’t need a minyan, but for me the biggest challenge was traveling with my male boss. We flew together and stayed in the same hotel and I was never comfortable with it. It was one of the reasons I quit my job.

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    Health, I believe cum laude is a psychiatrist.

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    To: Mother in Israel. Marrying your (former) brother-in-law is quite common and 100% Halachicly permissible.

    I didn’t know it was common, but I had no doubt that it was halachically permissible.

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    Ronsr, I don’t think you have to worry much about bragging. 😉

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    Not to be discouraging, but don’t think it’s much better those first few weeks after birth. Just take one day at a time.

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    I know someone who did a sort-of reverse yibum. A young woman who was expecting her first child had some kind of complication which left her comatose for a few months until she was niftar. The baby was delivered safely via C-section. After the woman was niftar, her sister married the widower.

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    Shlumiel, check out

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    I play the guitar and the piano too. We have a few other musicians in the house who play other instruments though. My daughter plays the oboe, my son plays the saxophone, another daughter plays the violin, another son plays the clarinet, and the 2-year-old plays the pots and pans. The 1-month-old is the vocalist.

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    Yup. Do you still have family there?

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    mother in israel’s husband is from the les – anyone else?

    My aunt and uncle also live there. They made our shidduch. And I have quite a few cousins and other relatives there. Definitely more than a minyan. 🙂

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    Interesting how not one man here seems to disagree with the theory. I guess that should say something.

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    I wouldn’t date a guy who drives a Mustang. My husband wouldn’t let me.

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    Mods, can you get rid of the apostrophe in the thread title? It makes me cry every time I see it.

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    DY–I had a dream last night that I woke up in the morning and logged on to the CR and discovered that you had Joseph written under your screen name. I was really disappointed because I had always enjoyed your posts and it was a big letdown to find out that you were Joseph all along.

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    Read up on dysphoric milk ejection reflex & see if it sounds like what you have!

    I read a little and it sounds fascinating! I’m pretty sure that’s not what I have though because I’ve never noticed a connection between my crying and nursing. I don’t notice a feeling of relief when I have a letdown. (I’ve been having pretty painful letdowns, actually.)

    MII- glad to hear you’re doing better! You better get to rest on YOM TOV! No getting up to serve!

    Thanks! I’m afraid my days of sitting through the seuda are long gone, but my husband does help me so I’m not going back and forth to the kitchen too much. And I do hope to rest.

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    Thanks for asking. I’m doing better than I was. I still cry but not as much as I was last week. My pneumonia is better BH–I just had a recheck today and my lungs are clear. I’m still extremely tired all the time, but I guess that’s not unexpected. My baby is delicious but she hasn’t read the girls on Shavuos thread so she doesn’t know that it’s pikuach nefesh for me not to sleep through the night.

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    What does heicha timtza mean?

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    You can even get a touch screen phone with popular jewish tunes for ring tones!

    I have a kosher phone which is touch screen and has Jewish tunes for ringtones. My ringtone is Shwekey singing Harachaman.

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    I don’t know what a haicha timtza is, but I could tell from the OP that it was joke. Maybe I’ve been reading popa for too long.

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    When I was a teenager, I sometimes went to shiurim on Shavuos night. Now that I’m a busy mommy of quite a few, I sleep. I think it’s the most ruchniyus thing for me to do because it gives me koach to take care of my children the following day.

    When we asked Rabbi Miller Z”L from Gateshead Sem to give us some extra classes for Shavuos,He explained to us that it is Pikuah nefesh to a girl not to sleep through the night.

    Can you kindly tell that to my baby? <yawn>

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    DY–Looks normal to me. I use FF too.

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    Iconcur, where in the Galil are you?

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    “So what is ?? ???? called? “

    my son’s birthday!

    But I think you meant yom hameyuchas.

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    Thanks, DH, I got it now.

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    I’m here. Does that make me #2?

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    Actually, one should never drink more than a “m’lo lugmov”

    Can you explain this? I remember the rabbi in camp finishing the whole cup every week by havdalah. He claimed it was to avoid a shaila about bracha achrona. I knew that it wasn’t necessary to drink it all, but why is there a problem if someone does?

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    You don’t even know if I’m married.

    But we know that your daughter’s teacher mistook her Queen Esther costume for Vashti. (Maybe you were still under the influence when you posted that.)

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    You’re not a kid, so why did you leave them?

    Didn’t you see my previous post? I’m only 9.

    But even if I were an adult, I don’t think it would make any difference. There are some things which I feel should not be discussed even in a female-only forum. People there discuss intimate details of their married lives with no qualms just because it’s anonymous. I do understand that some people have a need to get help, but there are professionals for that. Asking advice in these matters from anonymous posters in a forum is not appropriate. I was uncomfortable reading about these issues and felt that it was wrong for it to be as public as it was, so I left. I do miss some aspects of it, but I feel like I’m better off not going there.

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    Since IAM’s site was mentioned by name, from what my Mrs tells me, the things discussed on that site really should have a serious password protection, not just a questionare.

    The topics are serious, but some are very not suitable for kids.

    Absolutely. Which is why I left imamother.

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    for the ‘imamother’ site, you havta be a Jewish female & married to join their site.. you are asked to fill out a questionnaire at registration so that they can ‘verify’ (?) that you are so. I would imagine it’s not foolproof, but…

    It’s not foolproof at all. Any married man who knows hilchos taharas hamishpacha could answer those questions, and anyone else could use google to figure it out.

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    I chose to do nothing about it because it was very obvious (black pants with white showing through the open zipper) and I knew that she would see it on her own. I saw it before her because she got into the car before he came out to help me, but I knew that as soon as they would both get out together, she would see and tell him.

    in reply to: Who would you rather consult??? #779607

    I think it depends on what the issue is.

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    Mod 20 is a lady.

    in reply to: HEADLINES Mod-80 has a sense of humour #774060

    To understand it better, you have to read the thread. Dovid S asked “Whom?” when he should have asked “Who?” (He was asking who said something.) I think that was why Mr. 80 answered “Youm” instead of “You.”

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    How did the mods know my age? I just turned 9 this week.

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    “health- he said that now he knows what type you are (joking).”

    I don’t know what he/you are talking about, I haven’t made any jokes on this thread.

    He meant that he was joking when he said he knows now what type you are.

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    so is pacman joseph? mods can you spill the beans pls!

    Look at his subtitle. It’s not a secret. The bigger question is if Master is Joseph too.

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    I had a similar situation to this today. I went out with a friend and her husband came to drive us home. When he got out of the car to help me with the stroller, I saw that his pants zipper was open. There was no way I was going to say anything to him, but I briefly entertained the thought of telling my friend so she could tell her husband. I didn’t end up saying anything because I thought she might be embarrassed if I would point it out to her too.

    in reply to: IS IT OK TOO?? #774221

    Basically you are saying that the only level on which you can connect with a female is physical . Intellectual level? Na. Wit? Who needs it. Hashkafa? Not important.

    Sac, I didn’t write the post but here’s how I understand DY. In real life, the problem with interacting with a female on any level is that it can lead to connection on a physical level as well which is improper. If a male and a female could connect on an intellectual or other level without it potentially leading to physical connection, it would not be as problematic. Here in the CY, men and women can “connect” on an intellectual level without it leading to physical connection due to the fact that we don’t see each other or know what each other look like. This makes the connection somewhat more “kosher” since it eliminates the problems associated with male-female interactions in real life.

    Hope that made some sense.

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    Coffee Rooom addiction can do that to you. Do you perhaps feel that you are not being productive during the day because you are constantly in the Coffee Room?

    That would be me.

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    IANAL= If Anyone Nags A Lord


    I Am Not A Lawyer.

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