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    DH–You put the same dirty clothes back on after your weekly shower?

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    Ein Kerem

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    I thought this thread was going to be about online MDs. Some of the kupat cholims offer such a service for after hours. You have to have a webcam though so the doctor can see the patient.

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    42, I thought the same.

    I vote e.

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    Neve Ilan

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    What part of the world are you talking about?

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    I can’t provide a source, but I was taught about the deformed malach thing in elementary school.

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    m in Israel:

    Mother in Israel — Do you have the basic mandatory coverage or do you pay for an upgrade to one of the premium plans? As far as I know the basic coverage does not cover 70% of the fee to a private doctor, although many of the upgrades do.

    You’re right, we have the cheaper of the 2 premium plans. When my children got their diagnoses (3 of them have a genetic condition and 1 has something completely unrelated), we met with a doctor and a social worker from the kupah. The doctor went over all the procedures, medication, and equipment he expected our children to need in the future, and the SW told us which plan would be best for us. BH we have been happy with our decision.

    Regarding your other complaints, I can hear how frustrating they must have been for you. I have to say that my experience has not been similar. We have had splints and casts put on even when we came in without an appointment. We have gotten ophthalmology appointments fairly quickly, and when we had an eye “emergency”, we were able to get in on the same day. We have access to all of our children’s medications and pay very little for them. Tipat Chalav here is a pleasure to deal with. They answer their phone, return messages, and actually run on time so I can be in and out in half an hour.

    I do agree with you though on hitpatchut haleyed issues. We’ve had to wait months for an evaluation and then even longer for a treatment slot. Once the doctors and therapists got to know our family, things became easier though. I do think something has to change in their system because kids who need therapy should not have to wait months to begin.

    I have heard that with regard to health coverage, each region of Israel is almost like an entirely different country. The system is really different when you move from one place to another. It seems like the area we live in is pretty different from RBS, and it’s also quite likely that we’re not even on the same kupah.

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    Dr. Pepper, you have me utterly confused! Can you tell me the real reason now?

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    Does this 15.00833333 year old son by any chance have a twin sister?

    May I ask why you want to know?

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    After they got married I very nicely asked for payment. The woman paid me half and the man said he did not have to pay because I was a friend even though I was more of a aquaintence than a friend.

    I think the fact that they each paid (or didn’t pay) separately was already an indication that something wasn’t right in their marriage.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I’m going to look into getting a basket for my son’s bike. He’s pretty sure it’s impossible to attach one, but we’ll find out if that’s true or not. I’m also going to get helmets for my younger kids, as I agree with you all that they should be trained from now to use them.

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    coffee addict – she means ant (I think/hope)

    You think/hope right. Sorry about that.

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    I’m not knew. Or new.

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    I think the better question is what made Mother in Israel think to associate Pepper to Pfeffer.

    The Peppers that I know (Moshe, Avichai, et al) call themselves Pfeffer when they’re in Israel. That was what made me associate Pepper with Pfeffer.

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    Yes, he has only one hat.

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    WOW that was fast.

    Just ==>last month<== he was only 14.5.

    He was 14.5 up to and including the day before his 15th birthday. 🙂 I supposed I should have said that he was 14.9, or something like that.

    Why cant he leave his hat in shul?

    He needs it at home to bentch.

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    Shein, his bike doesn’t have room to put a basket, and we’re not buying him a new bike anytime soon.

    What does your 14.5 year old do?

    How did you know I had one? He actually just turned 15. He doesn’t ride a bike anymore.

    Apushatayid, you’re right that he could walk to shul. But he would prefer to ride his bike so he could leave a few minutes later.

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    He’s 5’7″ and weighs 130 lbs. Which direction is he tall in?

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    Adorable, I have enough to go around. Want a basket? I’ll even take out my husband’s stuff first.

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    I can’t comment on the American system since I know little about it, but I can tell you that I have several children with medical problems and we have always had our needs met by the Israeli medical system. All of their surgeries have always been done at no cost to us and we have had access to the best doctors in the country. There have been times when we chose to go to a private specialist, but even then, the kupah has always covered 70% of the cost. The system is not perfect, but for most people, I think it’s quite good.

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    Thats my thought on this topic. I’m a doctor. Thats my policy.

    What does being a doctor have to do with anything?

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    I can give you a big basket of laundry to fold.

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    What did the aunt say when a camel stepped on it?

    ? ????? ??’ ?? ??? ????

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    I can take out the old record player and listen to it and write down the words. Would that help?

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    I do multitask but not at other people’s expense like that. I often talk on the phone while folding laundry and rocking the baby with my foot. My kids remind me that even the malachim couldn’t do 2 jobs at once, but I just answer that that’s because they weren’t women.

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    I would pay off our mortgage. Then I’d quit my job and hire a cleaning lady. I would give some to my parents and in-laws and open a savings account for each of my kids. I don’t think there’s much I would buy though-I can’t even think of anything I need right now.

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    I do know Pfeffers who are kohanim though. Could that have been the same name once?

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    I’m pretty sure he’s not.

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    All our furniture is secondhand. We’ve never bought anything new. You’d never guess by looking though. We only buy things in excellent condition and they always get a thorough cleaning before use. Saves us a pretty penny.

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    The Moshe Pepper I know has an older brother Avichai, so I guess I don’t know your brother.

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    Make that potassium chloride.

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    The op was talking about the opinion if the KCL, one of the most respected kashrus agencies in Lakewood and the entire frum world

    I keep reading it as potassium.

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    Urgent, Please deliver to Moshe Pepper Immediately.

    Hey, I know Moshe Pepper! Is that your brother’s real name?

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    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

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    My original post contains an error.

    “my second letter will be represented by 20.” should be “my third letter will be represented by 20.”

    Well, THAT explains it. Now it all makes sense. But of course.

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    I think I burst a blood vessel in my brain reading that post.

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    I have no idea. It just happened by itself. My guess is that I just matured. I don’t recall any particular factor causing me to get over it.

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    this is kind of hard to do, but i think i did it. am i correct?

    Yes, but if you make it “am I right?” it would be perfect to the end.

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    I got it, flowers. But I won’t ruin it for everyone else.

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    We once asked a shaila to a gadol by phone. A few months later, he mailed us a printed copy of the shaila and his answer which he later put into his sefer.

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    Shouldn’t they be called ponytail sheitels? Pony sheitel actually does sound like the sheitel is made from young horsehair.

    Actually, it made me picture a pony wearing a sheitel.

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    I used to be very uncomfortable eating in public. And I was severely underweight so it had nothing to do with an overweight problem. I’ve long since gotten over it though.

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    I think it’s on Hallel. Definitely not MBD.

    I don’t know too much of it but here’s some.

    My sefer tehillim,

    I’ve always held you so dear,

    You help me express my deepest thoughts,

    You taught me not to fear.

    Your words are engrained upon my heart,

    Your pages have felt my tears,

    You help me express me deepest thoughts (I think?)

    ……..(not sure what’s next)

    Maybe if each poster adds another line, you’ll end up with the whole song.

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    I just remembered a great milchig mushroom soup I used to make.

    Saute an onion in butter. Add a can of mushroom pieces without the liquid. Add 2 T flour and a container of shamenet. Stir. Add 3 cups water, 3 cups milk, and 6 T mushroom soup mix. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes. It’s heavenly.

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    Here’s a good zucchini soup recipe. Saute 2 onions but not until brown (don’t want the soup turning brown). Add 8 large unpeeled zucchinis, 2 potatoes, water, salt, and pepper. Cook for 1 hour and then blend with an immersion blender. Cook for at least another hour. Soup will be thick and yummy.

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    Haifagirl, were these elementary school girls or high school students? My daughters’ high school doesn’t have a logo on their uniform at all. The elementary school does but it’s less of an issue.

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    I actually did post something on Luach as an experienced and skilled QB person

    You’re a quarterback?!

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    Goq, that one took me a minute! Maybe she’s here and just being quiet.

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