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    Are all the mods male? Just curious.

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    It has been proven, frumlady. I read an article once about how parents naturally are inclined to speak “motherese” and how important it is for a baby’s development. I don’t remember exactly what the benefits are but it stressed the high pitch. It didn’t say to change the words (i.e. don’t say cribby instead of crib), but the tone is beneficial to babies.

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    “backinaction seems to be abbazabba taking credit for his friend’s song.”

    Then why did abbazabba compliment Dovv on the song, when Dovv hadn’t even posted yet on this thread?

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    Oomis, I’m with you on that one. After what I experienced, I don’t plan on flying again for a long, long time. I travel a lot for work, but I’m going to start using other methods of transportation, even if that means spending many hours on the road.

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    I agree–just talk in front of the mirror.

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    SMS, it wasn’t my stomach they were after. I don’t know how to write this in a way the mods will let it go, so let’s just say they were looking elsewhere.

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    I flew recently and did not go through the scanner because I’m expecting and was afraid of harm to the fetus. I did consent to a pat down and it was a lot worse than I had expected. To be fair, they did warn me before they touched me in places that might make me uncomfortable, but I still found it degrading, especially because they took me into a private room in the middle and made me take off my shirt. You would have thought I was a Muslim with wires coming out of me, not a frum woman pushing a toddler in a baby stroller. My face was burning by the time I ran out of that room.

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    IME, a milk protein allergy isn’t enough to qualify to get breast milk from a milk bank. I had to try once to get donated milk for a tube-fed child with milk and soy allergies, and she didn’t qualify either. There are babies with complex medical issues who will die if they don’t get breast milk, and these banks are usually for kids like them. Milk allergies are pretty common in babies, so there’s no way breast milk banks can provide for all milk-allergic babies when there are substitutes out there.

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    Methinks abbazabba is also one of him.

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    Yankdownunder–I think we can assume that nachas isn’t breastfeeding at this point or she wouldn’t have had this question. Obviously breast milk is the best for the baby, but you can’t buy it in the supermarket.

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    I don’t know much about almond milk, but my friend was told to feed it to her dairy-allergic son, and he ended up hospitalized for malnutrition. He was only 7 months old though.

    Enriched rice milk plus a calcium supplement would cover the calcium needs, but not protein and fat which children under age 2 need for brain development. This can lead to a condition called Kwashiokor’s. I suggest you either use a hypoallergenic formula or see a dietitian to ensure that she’s getting everything she needs.

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    Rice milk doesn’t have the protein or fat that babies need and is not considered an adequate substitute for milk. You could give your baby a hypoallergenic formula such as Alimentum or Nutramigen so that you can rest assured that she’s getting all the nutrition she needs.

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    Wolf, mind if I ask where the name Eees comes from?

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    I never heard of dowling, but my friend had her daughter’s food intolerances diagnosed over the phone by a “doctor” who swing a pendulum around to know what the patient isn’t tolerating. I’ve seen it done in the presence of the patient, but over the phone was a new one to me. Not sure why it’s any worse than face to face though.

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    That’s interesting, Wolf. I think the 2 times I had babies close to Shabbos, my MIL was in my house with my husband and kids so she lit here and I lit in the hospital. Not sure if my husband lit as well.

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    I put it into a plastic bag and press with my fingers on the outside of the bag. I find that it comes out the perfect consistency that way–not too fine, but not chunky either.

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    When I’m in the hospital after having a baby, I light Shabbos candles there.

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    Shawn, I think it’s reasonable to assume that someone has read a topic before posting his opinion on it, don’t you?

    Wolf, you’re not wrong at all. It’s simply chutzpah to take out a sefer and learn while the Rav is speaking. I don’t see how anyone can think it’s not.

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    On this topic, around a week ago I got an urgent message to daven for David ben Leah, a 3-year-old with some bacteria that was “killing him”. The person who sent it to me left in the forward history and it’s been around. A few days ago, I asked her for an update and she said she had no clue since it was sent to her. I emailed the first name in the history and got no response. I checked imamother but it doesn’t seem to be there. Does anyone here perhaps know any information about this child? I don’t know if I should continue davening for him or not.

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    Does retzicha only include intentional murder? My very frum, extremely nice neighbor accidentally hit someone while driving and killed him. Maybe something similar happened to TheChevra.

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    Eggplant flavored ice cream. Ick.

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    Personally, if I would have been taken to a football game on a date, that would have been my last date with that guy. But that’s only me.

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    We all could have been Israeli technically, if you go back far enough. 🙂

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    I’m a mother who’s lived in lots of places (born in London, lived in EY for some time and been in lots of places in the US), but most importantly, I’m a mother in Klal Yisroel, no matter where I live.

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    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;

    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens;

    Brown paper packages tied up with strings;

    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels;

    Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles;

    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings;

    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes;

    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes;

    Silver-white winters that melt into spring;

    These are a few of my favorite things.

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    What town is that in?


    in reply to: Wedding Food #707909

    “how do you say “smorgasbord” in Hebrew?”

    Officially miznon but it’s more commonly referred to as a “bar” (bet raish).

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    BPT–Thanks for the advice. We’re not afraid of a little (or a lot of) snow so that won’t keep us away. As far as the grounds go, that’s one thing we don’t care about much. The type of crowd is much more important to us than the grounds. I will ask people for pictures–that’s a great idea.

    So…still no recommendations? Anyone?

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    Thanks, BPT. We would definitely research a place and meet some of the families before making a final decision. We would also drive up and look at the bungalows to make sure it meets our (fairly low) standards.

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    I did realize that, but it doesn’t have to be davka the bungalow colony that they go to. Sometimes people know enough about other colonies to recommend.

    Besides, more than one family attends each colony so most of us still wouldn’t know who they are if they recommend their own colony!

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    Never mind, it’s here now. 🙂

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    Why am I only seeing this post in the Decaffeinated Coffee section but not up in the Latest Discussions section?

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    While flying from New York to London (my home town), my plane ran out of fuel and we had to stop to refuel. We weren’t allowed off the plane, but when it was time to takeoff, one passenger was unaccounted for. We had to sit and wait for 3 hours while they tried to solve the mystery of the missing passenger. It turned out that the passenger was in the bathroom the entire 3 hours–doing what, I’m not sure, but he was found in the end. He didn’t even seem embarrassed.

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    My parents are both smokers and they are definitely not morons. It’s wrong that they smoke and they’ve tried to stop, but this is just one fault which is outweighed by many incredible maalos. I don’t think the word “moron” is appropriate here.

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    My BIL and his friend own the same car. They were once walking down the street together talking about some feature of the car. BIL said he couldn’t figure something out so his friend said that he’d show it to him when they got to his car. Two minutes later, they arrived at the car and at the sound of the door unlocking (keyless entry), BIL opened it and got in. His friend followed him in and they started discussing this feature that BIL couldn’t understand. Not a minute later, a guy sticks his head in the car and asks, “What are you doing in my car?” BIL turns to his friend and says, “Isn’t this your car?” His friend answers, “I thought it was yours!” Well, they got themselves out of that car faster than lightning!

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    I usually wait until they were a little older (8-10 months) before starting sleep training, and at that point it usually goes very quickly. I do let them cry it out, but I go into the room every few minutes to calm them down. The first night, it will be every 5 minutes or so, next night every 10 minutes, etc. etc. When I go in, I lay them down, pat their back, talk to them, but DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CRIB. We just did it with baby #8 and it took all of 3 nights before he finally started falling asleep on his own with minimal to no crying.

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    “Hamodia, but boy do I miss the comics from my Jpress days!”

    BPT, I’ll fill you in.

    The Golem:

    Frame 1: Boom!

    Frame 2: Crash!

    Frame 3: Bam!

    Frame 4: Whack!

    Frame 5: Bang!

    Frame 6: To be continued…..

    (I haven’t seen a JP in 20 years or so, but I’m sure some things never change.)

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    I went to Bnos Chava and loved it. The teachers are AMAZING. The girls are a big mix–some more yeshivish and some less, mostly from Bais Yaakovs, plenty from out of town. The staff really cares about their students. I graduated more than 15 years ago and they still keep in touch with me and my classmates.

    I don’t know much about Bnos Sara but I know the em bayis well and she is wonderful. I can’t add anything else.

    The proximity to the dining room is not relevant. BC is in buildings 5 and 6 and BS is in building 7, right next door. The difference is insignificant.

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    How does shaving chest hair improve speed? (And I always though those Olympic swimmers were just naturally hairless.)

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    Most women with facial hair remove it–that’s a completely different issue.

    I have no idea what the halacha is regarding chest hair (I would assume that armpit hair may not be removed since women generally shave their armpits, but halacha isn’t based on my assumptions, so AYLOR), but why on earth would a man want to shave his chest? I can’t imagine any woman wanting her husband to shave his chest hair.

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    Totty did not win

    Because his final line

    Has six and not five

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    I’ve been to an awful lot of pizza shops in my lifetime, and the best pizza I ever tasted was in Shalom Chai Pizza on the Lower East Side (Grand Street). I have yet to taste pizza that compares to theirs.

    Mmmm, I’m getting hungry.

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    BP Totty–Thanks so much for sharing that story. It’s so true that we can really learn the best from experiencing something on our own. Looking on from the side doesn’t have the same effect at all.

    Aries–BH most of the people who came to us during the shiva said appropriate things, but there was one woman who said, “Now your life will be much easier.” I almost punched her in the face. Sure, not being in the hospital and dealing with illness makes things easier technically, but I have yet to see that my life is easier now than it was then. It’s infinitely harder now.

    And it’s so true that nobody really knows exactly how anyone else is feeling. Every person is unique and each one deals with tzaros differently.

    Yanky55–I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. May you have only good news from now on.

    Reb Doniel–All I can say is, WOW. I envy your gan eden. May Hashem send you a refuah sheleima and may your situation improve in all ways. You’re truly an inspiration.

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    “But boy, nothing changes a person like tzaros.”

    Ain’t that the truth? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all learn from each other’s tzaros so we don’t have to go through them ourselves?

    in reply to: How did your tzaros change you? #713351

    Thanks for pointing that out. I discovered that blog way after choosing my user name. How did you know that though?

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    I guess I’m a little crunchy because I have natural births (in hospital) and exclusively nurse, but I have had no success with a sling. I got one as a gift for my 7th and tried it several times but was so uncomfortable in it that I gave up. Anyone who wants to buy a very slightly used uncomfortable sling can let me know.

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    One gift I really liked from my bas mitzvah was a small leatherbound chamisha chumshei Torah with shacharis for Shabbos. It was great to take to shul on Shabbos because it had davening and parsha.

    A tehillim is also typical but you don’t mention that so I’m throwing that out here. It’s a very nice gift too.

    If she’s a reader, books make great gifts as well.

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    Guess they just went poof into cyberspace then.

    in reply to: Help Yedei Chesed win the Pepsi Refresh Project! #695807

    Mod–Are you serious? Almost every time I post, it gets deleted. This goes for posts in the CR and comments on news articles. It can be as simple as “Refuah sheleima” or “Boruch Dayan HaEmes”, and it gets deleted. I’m actually surprised that this went through.

    I don’t see any such deleted posts in the CR.

    in reply to: Help Yedei Chesed win the Pepsi Refresh Project! #695806

    (Note to mod: Please let this post go through. For some reason, all my posts are deleted despite being completely clean and neutral. I’m posting this for the benefit of Yedei Chesed so please make an exception this time.) [Mod’s note – I don’t see deleted posts from you. Keep posting.]

    I just want everyone to know that Yedei Chesed has been extremely helpful to my family over the years. My son z”l was severely disabled for most of his life and the support and technical help we got from Yedei Chesed cannot be put into words. This worthy organization deserves all of our votes so that it can continue to help other families with their special needs children. Keep up the great work, Yedei Chesed!

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