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    It is actually an old sad truth, Arabs enjoy more rights often in courts including regarding land issues.

    And police have a softer hand on Arabs than on Jews.

    The recent event of al-Hirasa (al Khirasa) Muslim militia brutal attack –in Arab Town kfar Qassem— on police and nothing serious followed VS police attack on the city of B. B. last year when two boys did something.

    in reply to: Why Does YWN Baselessly Attack Biden? #2016930

    I think the criticism is more about his administration., not on Biden as a person per se.


    Shalom, it’s sad about that boy. Media bias is prevelant But Haaretz is still the worse.


    Here are a few HAARETZISM examples:

    * The purely antisemitic TikTok terror which mostly began mid-April 2021, Arabs attacking those that look Haredi. (Of course they know that most Haredim choose not to serve in the army. There goes the “occupation” or fake-upation excuse). Mostly a few attacking one off guard hitting, humiliating and laughing about it and uploading it on TikTok. It’s still on see @yedidya_epshtei for example.

    According to the thousands of Arabs’ “likes” it translates into thousands of racist Arabs. But no. Haaretz has no time for that, its twisted Nir Chason (not much better than infamous Gideon Levy) prepares an exagerated piece with a screaming false headline – standing by, just as soon as some 2 kids cried out in a protest against these racists en masse – he pops it up.


    * on the May/12/21 several Arabs attacking in Acre a Jew, Mor Janashavili, the same writer Josh Breiner omitted in Haaretz English version – the “racist motive” charge which he quoted from court in his Hebrew version.
    Josh Breiner, June/24/21. (ממניע גזעני.)


    *Y. Weiss, Actualic, June 24, 2021:

    Haaretz refuses to apologize for the antisemitic cartoon – An antisemitic cartoon was published this morning in the Haaretz newspaper in which the heads of the ultra-Orthodox parties Litzman Deri and Gafni are seen with ‘long noses’, with the caption next to the corona …


    *Journalist Haviv Rettig Gur, on Jan 28, 2016, reminded what some say Garraerz’s “facism” (or “racism” for that matfer) terminology use only for bait clicks.

    Which means: Not that it’s related to reality.

    * Palwatch (Feb.26.2020)showed how Haarerz cartoon us being used by PA to promote that libel if organ stealing lie.

    in reply to: will china do our next holocaust #2016071

    This thread should be deleted.


    Haaretzt Was always lefty anti religious Jews, yet, since the 1990s even in any journalistic ethics or truth telling. See also Ben Dror Yemini who exposed the ‘Industry of Lies.’

    Haaretzism is a terrible virus that often infects mainstream.

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    To rational #2001756
    Thanks for making me laugh..


    Excerpt from Herb in JP on Harris’ destructive silence in real time. VS (Sara – rather a liberal) Silverman’s words re Iron dome.
    I personally think Harris is plain stupid. But in this case, her stupidity is dangerous.


    Herb Keinon, “Kamala Harris’ silence vs Sarah Silverman’s noise – comment“, Jerusalem Post , Oct 3, 2021.

    There are some truths that cannot be refuted – Israel not committing genocide is one of them. US Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t fight back at it, but Sarah Silverman did.

    A lie left unchallenged just spreads roots and grows.

    And therein lays the problem with Vice President Kamala Harris’s appearance on Wednesday in front of a political science class at Virginia’s George Mason University when she didn’t object to a student who slandered Israel by accusing it of ethnic genocide and displacement of people.
    ….. said the student, who identified herself as Yemini and Iranian.

    Harris’s response to the student was not to tell her she had her facts dead wrong, was maliciously libeling Israel, or somehow had become confused, but rather to wax on about how her truth must be heard.

    Harris said she was glad the student spoke up, saying, “your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth should not be suppressed.”

    “The point that you are making about policy that relates to Middle East policy, foreign policy, we still have healthy debates in our country about what is the right path, and nobody’s voice should be suppressed on that,” she continued.


    Not every “truth” should be heard or legitimized by the vice president of the United States. Not everyone is entitled to turn lies into their own truths. Not everything is a narrative. Some views should be suppressed, such as the one about Israel committing ethnic genocide. Why? Because it is a lie. There are facts. And one fact is that Israel is not committing ethnic genocide. Period

    How can one prove that fact to those who will only think the worst about Israel? Simple: by looking at the numbers.

    Before the Six Day War in 1967 when Israel won control of Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem, there were some 955,000 Palestinians in those areas; today that number stands at about five million. Say what you will about Israel’s policies in the territories over the last 54 years, but those numbers do not add up to genocide.

    The fallout from Harris’s appearance followed a predictable pattern. The Israeli press jumped on the story while, except for Fox News, it did not make that much noise in the non-Jewish media in the US.

    AT LEAST in the beginning.

    Israel supporters then pushed back, the Vice President’s office realized it had a problem on its hands, and then did damage control by reaching out to a few major Jewish organizations. The story then started to gain traction in the general media.

    The message from the VP’s office was simple: she did not mean what her silence implied.

    And surely she didn’t. .. Neither anything she has ever said nor would her voting record on Israel lead one to believe that she actually thinks the Jewish state is committing ethnic genocide.

    Then what’s the problem?

    The problem is that she didn’t challenge the statement in real-time, with the other students in the room. The problem is that her silence could be interpreted by them, and others who might have seen a video clip of the exchange, as implicit consent.

    “Hey” they might think, “someone said Israel is committing genocide, and the vice president just nodded. Maybe it is committing genocide.”

    And that is how a lie unchallenged spreads.

    It’s good that Harris’s office issued a clarification to Jewish groups, which obviously were carried widely in the Jewish press and read by thousands and thousands of Jews.

    But not everyone in the world follows the Anti-Defamation League’s Twitter feed or reads the Jewish Telegraphic Agency where her explanations were spelled out. Harris’s explanations need to be aimed not only at the Jewish public but at the general public. Most of the Jewish public – except for outliers like activists in IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace – know full well that Israel is not committing ethnic genocide.

    It’s the non-Jewish public, which is hearing these lies now with increasing frequency, including from some Jews, which must be addressed and for whom these slanders must be exposed for what they are.

    Why was Harris quiet in the face of this outrageous statement?

    Perhaps … as the author Norman Lebrecht wrote in his 2019 book Genius & Anxiety: How Jews changed the world, 1847-1947, “It is cool to be cruel about Jews (though not about other minorities).”

    BUT NOT all is lost, apparently.

    Last week the in-your-face Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman, who would most definitely place herself among America’s “cool” class, had some critical words on her podcast for the “Squad,” that group of Progressive US representatives whom Silverman has said she adores. Her criticism came because of the Squad’s move to defund the Iron Dome defense system and because of their deafening silence on Hamas.

    Where Harris was silent, Silverman – per her style – was loud….

    After gaining Progressive cred … Silverman – who strongly backed Bernie Sanders in the last two US presidential elections – asked about Hamas, “Why do none of them [the Squad], even mention Hamas, a group that until just a few years ago had a mission statement to kill all Jews. A group that just congratulated the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan. No, Israel is not good for Palestine, but you are kidding yourself if you think Hamas is good for Palestine.

    ‘Please do not defund the Iron Dome,” she said, adding that she was “talking to the Squad here. You know, my family lives there. It just seems to prove the point that I didn’t think existed, which is that some people really only like Jews if they are suffering. Dead Jews get a lot of honor.

    “I want to love them [the Squad],” she continued. “I really do love AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], I love Rashida Tlaib, I love Ilhan Omar. Their domestic policies are completely aligned with mine. And I think they are so cool and kick-ass. But this is really scary. You make it hard. Not having the Iron Dome is going to kill people. A lot of people.

    “You will finally get that higher body count from Israel. I am for a Palestinian state… but I do also believe there should be an Israel, too. There are Muslim states all over the place; we can’t have one Jewish state?”

    There it was: a distinctly uncool comment, coming from someone who is – or at least aspires to be – culturally cool, hip and very with it. And her push back actually matters more than Harris’s clarification to Jewish groups, because what Silverman said she said out loud in her own voice –not through aides or spokespeople – to a general audience, not only a Jewish one.


    I think she is plain ignorant. just as AOC couldn’t explain last year what she meant by “occupation”…


    Since mentioning AP, Matti Friedman reported in 2014 how in Gaza it is under Hamas influence …

    in reply to: Cheilek Eloak Mima’al #2003182

    I believe it is: Cheilek Elokah (rather) Mima’al


    His co author, Nicola Perugini as al Jazeera employee also lied in 2013 about a supposed meeting at UN which never happened. So reported UNwatch at the time.

    in reply to: Eikev – The Tactics of the Yetzer Hara: #1996177

    Remember That the 6 Zechiroth…daily Mitzvah.

    in reply to: Black Lives Mater: Destau Bisset, black Jew murdered by Arab racism #1996176

    Hanak said weeks ago, the two Arabs tried also to ramm into a couple right after that but were unsuccessful.

    in reply to: Are you allowed to give Tzeddakah/charity to Non-Jews #1995275

    I resent the FALSE title. It promotes hatred.

    in reply to: Pushback on Ben and Jerrys #1995271

    No word yet on Ben & Jerry banning all those real human rights violators without any reasoning of survival and security… (which anti Israel bigots dismiss) who sit on “human rights” council at the UN…And get complete silence from AOC and BLM injustice “social justice” hypocrites.


    Gordon was actually arrested in 2002 for interfering with IDF anti-terror when human-shielding butcher-Arafat.

    in reply to: T Halawa: “Hi–r was right.” A journalist at biased BBC #1977252

    The surprise is rather from Sanders. who throws this “it’s racism” label all over the place… almost as bad as Haaretz.

    in reply to: Pro-Palestinians Nearly Killed a Jew today in Manhattan #1974088

    No such thing as “pro palestinian” . No one cares for this group, But it’s a cover for anti Israel bigotry or more often even worse: anti Jewish-racism.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1974087

    כאן חדשות:
    תיעוד: ערבים תקפו חרדי בדרך שכם בירושלים ונמלטו – עוברי אורח הצטרפו ובעטו בו אחרי שנפל. חשודים נעצרו

    (צילום: משטרת ישראל)

    Documentation: Arabs attacked an ultra-Orthodox [Haredi] on the way to Nablus in Jerusalem and fled – passers-by joined and kicked him after he fell. Suspects were arrested

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1973304

    May 11, 2021:
    יאיר שרקי (@yaircherki) Tweeted:
    I watched videos all day from all over the country for an article (which probably won’t air because of the developments).  The picture of them all together is frightening.  Not one-off events but dozens, with the participation of hundreds and thousands, in all the cities involved and on the roads near Arab localities.  Stone throwing, arson, vandalism of property as well as attempted lynching.  In Europe it was called a pogrom.

    Muslims Desecrate Synagogues and Jewish Schools in Pogrom in Ramle-Lod
    By Aryeh Savir, Tazpit News Agency – 29 Iyyar 5781 – May 11, 2021 
    [Israel, Terrorism, Israeli Arabs]

    [Police officers protect a synagogue in Ramle during the Ramadan Riots. May 10, 2021]

    Muslim mobs attacked Jewish targets in the city of Lod on Monday night, in an apparent show of solidarity with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, leaving behind scenes reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

    As part of the attacks, the rioters pillaged synagogues, ransacked the houses of prayer and desecrated the Torah scrolls. In addition, they attacked Jewish schools in the city…

    Mayor of Lod  Yair Revivo stated Tuesday that it was a “sad morning for all of us in Lod, 70 years of coexistence a were trampled on by Arabs in a series of pogroms, vandalism…While it is not at all clear where this came from at all, there was nothing that justified such severe acts of hatred,” he said.

    May 11, 2021:
    atan Kahana מתן כהנא (@MatanKahana) Tweeted:
    Holy books are burned by Arab rioters in the first grade of the Talmud HaTorah in Lod.



    5:16 PM · May 10, 2021
    יאיר שרקי (@yaircherki) Tweeted:
    קיבלתי טלפון מרמלה. תושבים יהודים בשכונה עם רוב ערבי מדווחים בבהלה על מהומות ברחוב. אין משטרה באופק והם לא מצליחים להזעיק. ביקשו שאצייץ אולי מישהו ישמע

    I got a call from Ramla.  Jewish residents in the neighborhood with a majority of Arabs report panic on the street.  There are no police on the horizon and they are unable to call.  Asked me to tweet maybe someone would hear.


    6:40 PM · May 10, 2021
    אריאל דוד כהן (@QBMpo0p1ATv4j8a) Tweeted:
    @yaircherki אני פה בשכונה מעורבת בלוד, וגם כאן טירוף!!! שורפים רכבים של יהודים!
    שרפו תלמוד תורה, מכינה קדם צבאית, תחנת שיטור קהילתי משרדי השוק העירוני.

    ועכשיו הם הולכים לשרוף בית כנסת!!
    הכל מתועד אצלי מתחת לחלון!!!
    Ariel David Cohen tweeted:
    I’m here in a mixed neighborhood in Lod, and here too, madness !!!  Burning Jewish vehicles! Burned Talmud Torah, preparatory school, community policing station and municipal market offices.

    And now they’re going to burn a synagogue !!
    Everything is documented with me under the window !!!

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1972619


    May 4, 2021: Zeev Kam Zeev Kam (@ZeevKam) Tweeted: ‘Tonight, as every evening recently, Arabs are demonstrating (sometimes violently) in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem against a Jewish presence in the neighborhood. Arabs demand a clean area from Jews and to everyone around it it seems reasonable and logical.’


    Sheikh Jarrah dispute reflects Arab-Israeli conflict

    Shimon HaTzadik is a neighborhood where Jews and Arab could have lived side by side peacefully – had Arabs not tried to ethnically cleanse all of the Jews living there.

     By  Micha Danzig. Published on  05-10-2021. Israel Hayom

    Last week, anti-Israel forces went into overdrive regarding the Jerusalem District Court’s decision authorizing the eviction of certain Arab families from homes in the “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood of Jerusalem. These critics have aggressively railed against Israel on social media and even started a trending hashtag, “SaveSheikhJarrah,” all while claiming that what is happening in this Jerusalem neighborhood exemplifies the entire Arab-Israeli conflict.

    And they are right. The dispute over “Sheikh Jarrah” does illustrate many of the principal features of the entire Arab-Israeli conflict.

    But first, some history about this neighborhood is needed. “Sheik Jarrah” is an Arab neighborhood that was established in 1865. And before 1949, there was a separate Jewish neighborhood within it. For about 2,000 years before that, this area was known by the name “Shimon HaTzadik” (Simon the Righteous), named after the famous rabbinical sage whose tomb is located there.

    For centuries, the Jewish presence in the area revolved around the tomb of Shimon HaTzadik, who was famously one of the last members of the Great Assembly (HaKnesset HaGedolah), the governing body of the Jewish people during the Second Jewish Commonwealth (after the Babylonian Exile). Shimon HaTzadik, whose full name is Shimon ben Yohanan, was so impactful that practically every Jewish kid going back 2,000 years learned his most famous verse in Pirkei Avot (“Sayings of the Fathers”), which was incorporated millennia ago into the Jewish morning prayers: “The world stands on three things: Torah, the service of God, and deeds of kindness.”

    Because of the tomb and its significance to the Jewish people, the Sephardic Community Committee and the Ashkenazi Assembly of Israel purchased the tomb and its surrounding land (about 4.5 acres) in 1875. Shortly thereafter, it, along with the neighborhood of Kfar Hashiloah in the Silwan area of Jerusalem, became home to many, mostly Yemenite, Jews who had migrated to Jerusalem (Zion) back in 1881. Notably, by 1844, Jews were the largest ethnic population in Jerusalem.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1972430


    Cop saves Jerusalem driver from near lynching as violence spirals in capital

    Driver comes under hail of stones near Old City as capital roils on Jerusalem Day, crashes into attackers who then try to drag him from vehicle; police officer nearby repels attackers, firing his gun into the air; driver and passenger lightly hurt


    Published: 05.10.21 , 12:45

    An Israeli driver came close to being lynched in Jerusalem on Monday as tensions spiraled in the capital and Palestinian protesters and police repeatedly clashed on the Temple Mount.

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    The driver’s car was battered by stones and rocks hurled by at least 10 Arab rioters near the Old City, wounding him and causing him to crash into the sidewalk and strike one of his assailants.

    The rioters then tried to drag the driver from his car but he was rescued by a nearby police officer who repelled the attackers.

    The driver sustained minor wounds and was evacuated along with his passenger to Hadassah University Hospital on Mount Scopus…

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1972020

    May 4, 2021

    זאב קם Zeev Kam (@ZeevKam) Tweeted:
    גם הערב, כמו בכל ערב בזמן האחרון, ערבים מפגינים (לפעמים גם באלימות) בשכונת שייח ג’ראח בירושלים נגד נוכחות יהודית בשכונה. ערבים דורשים אזור נקי מיהודים ולכולם מסביב זה נראה סביר והגיוני.

    May 4, 2021: Zeev Kam Zeev Kam (@ZeevKam) Tweeted:
    Tonight, as every evening recently, Arabs are demonstrating (sometimes violently) in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem against a Jewish presence in the neighborhood. Arabs demand a clean area from Jews and to everyone around it it seems reasonable and logical.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1971784

    בעל הרכב שהוצת בשייח ג’ראח ל’בחדרי’: “היינו בסכנת חיים”.
    על רקע גל האלימות בשכונת שייח ג’ראח, בימים האחרונים, רכבו של טל יושובייב, הוצת אתמול על ידי ערבים, והוא טוען כי לצד זאת הם השליכו אבנים לעבר ביתו, בו הוא מתגורר עם אשתו וילדו בן ה-8 חודשים | בשיחה עם ‘בחדרי’ הוא טוען: “לקח למשטרה לפחות 40 דקות להגיע”

    יאיר כלפה, ישי ירושלמי, כ”ה אייר תשפ”א 07/05/2021 07:48

    The owner of the vehicle that was set on fire in Sheikh Jarrah told Behadrei: “We were in danger of death.”

    Against the background of the wave of violence in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in recent days, Tal Yushubiev’s car was set on fire by Arabs yesterday, and he claims that at the same time they threw stones at his house, where he lives with his wife and 8-month-old child. In a conversation with “In My Room” he claims: “It took the police at least 40 minutes to arrive”

    Yair Kalpa, Yishai Yerushalmi, 25 Iyar 5781. 07/05/2021 07:48

    Tags: Sheikh Jarrah

    .. the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is escalating: Yesterday (Thursday) Arab rioters set fire to the car of one of the residents of the quarrelsome neighborhood, which has become turbulent in recent days.

    “I have lived here for over a year and a half, with my wife and my 8-month-old son,” he shared, recounting the chain of events. “I suddenly got a lot of stones. I called the police 4-5 times, and after ten minutes I called my friends to come and save me.”

    He went on to describe to me ‘in the Haredi rooms’: “I see the vehicle on fire, and stones being thrown at the house. I am just trying to imagine what would have happened if they had set fire not only to the vehicle but to the house where my son slept.”

    “It took the police at least 40 minutes to get there. I called the station commander, who I have his personal number, he does not answer. He knows I live here – does not answer me,” he added.

    He calls on the police to check themselves: “I think the police should do an introspection here. 40 minutes after she comes here, pushes all the Jews in, and it takes her time to take care of the Arabs.”

    “You can see Arabs outside and Jews who are afraid to go here. We are in the center of Jerusalem, in the capital of the State of Israel, do we have sovereignty or do we not have sovereignty?”, He concluded in a question.

    As stated in recent days, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem is heating up, due to the state’s desire to evict Arabs from their homes, legally, in favor of Jews who own the place. The young Arabs have been confronting the police in recent days, but the Jews in the area claim that they are suffering and fear for their lives.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1970615

    A young man arrested for documenting his friend humiliating graves The resume

    May 3, 2021 – Documentation of a young man running and humiliating graves in the Mount of Olives cemetery going viral, after an investigation, an 18-year-old man from East Jerusalem [Arab] was arrested yesterday on suspicion of photographing the act.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1970275

    May 2, 2021:
    Liran Tamari tweeted:

    Two Arab workers of the Jerusalem municipality were arrested over the weekend on suspicion of assaulting a number of Jewish boys on a racial background in the Old City area.

    [Liran Tamari Police and Law Reporter • mynet • ‘Yedioth Jerusalem’]

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1967270

    גלעד כהן | Gilad Cohen:
    ניסיון הלינץ’ הלילה בירושלים.
    יהודי שנסע באזור מוזיאון רוקפלר נרגם באבנים, ניסה לברוח ונתפס. בעטו בכל חלקי גופו כשהוא שרוע על האדמה ולבסוף שרפו את רכבו

    Attempted lynching tonight in Jerusalem.
    A Jew traveling in the Rockefeller Museum area was stoned, tried to escape and was apprehended. Kicked all parts of his body while lying on the ground and finally burned his vehicle.

    ערבים בועטים ביהודי שרוע כל הקרקע
    Arabs kick a Jew lying all over the ground at the Nablus Gate.
    April 22. 2021


    MDA teams provide medical treatment for stabbing on the foot on Jaffa Street. According to eyewitnesses at the scene, the stabber is a minority member (Arab) who escaped.


    בני רוזנטל Benni Rozental @bnyiroz:
    כשערבי תוקף זה “אדם נראה” כשזה יהודי תוקף הם יודעים לכתוב “יהודי”. תקשורת פושעת!!
    When Arabs attack it, “a man is seen”, when it is a Jew attacking, they know how to write “Jew”. Criminal media !!


    יוסי טייב Yossi Taieb @yossitaieb
    Apr 20.21:
    An unrestrained attack by an Arab inspector against a student from Beit Shemesh is the result of incitement in recent weeks against the ultra-Orthodox public in the State of Israel. I call on the police to bring to justice the lawbreakers who attack the ultra-Orthodox public without restraint. We live in the Jewish state and we will continue to live here proudly because the people of Israel live and exist in their faith on their land.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1967010

    Dozens arrested on suspicion of attacking Jews, documenting and uploading to Tiktok: “Advertising increases ‘trend'”

    Police arrested about 50 young people, mostly Arabs, on suspicion of assaulting Jews. Some documented and uploaded the videos to Tiktok. The main centers: the light rail and the Nablus Gate – .. Sami Marciano: “Publishing the videos creates motivation in young people”

    Gilad Cohen Posted 21:11, 20/04/2021 YEDIOT ACHRONOT

    [Documentation: An act of violence on the light rail in Jerusalem

    The first documentation that was distributed: an Arab youth beating an ultra-Orthodox on a light rail]

    A particularly violent week in the capital: with the beginning of the month of Ramadan and the closing of the stairs at the Nablus Gate, riots take place in Jerusalem almost every evening. Focus: Nablus Gate. Young Arabs … throwing stones and bottles, firing fireworks at the security forces and causing damage to vehicles – civilian and police … The events usually take place at the end of the evening prayer time on the Temple Mount. To date, 50 suspects have been arrested or detained for questioning.

    Some of the recent attacks

    For example, one of them shows Arabs harassing and beating an ultra-Orthodox cyclist who passed by. At the same time, in the past week, Jerusalem has also witnessed harassment, mainly against the ultra-Orthodox in the city. Among other things, there is a new phenomenon in which young Arabs document themselves harassing ultra-Orthodox youths and uploading the videos to Tiktok.
    {GOOGLE: עשרות נעצרו בחשד שתקפו יהודים, תיעדו והעלו לטיקטוק: “הפרסום מגביר את ה’טרנד'”}

    Arab youths harass Haredim in Jerusalem in new TikTok craze

    Police claim they have made dozens of arrests following attacks on Jews by young Palestinians in what appears to be a social media phenomenon; ‘In competition for likes and views, slapping an ultra-orthodox will get you both,’ says one victim

    Nir Cohen,Alexandra Lukash|
    Published: 04.21.21 , 23:12

    A new worrying trend appears to be gaining momentum among Arab youths in Jerusalem, who videotape themselves harassing ultra-Orthodox Jews in the capital as a “challenge”, which they then upload to the social media platform TikTok.

    Violence in the Arab sector in Jerusalem has escalated since the start of the holy month of Ramadan. On a daily basis, young Palestinians clash with police and harass Jewish bypassers, the latter becoming a social media phenomenon of its own.

    One of the victims is 15-year-old Yedidia Epstein, who said he was pushed, beaten and slapped in the middle of a busy street in Jerusalem, in front of several police officers.

    “I was filming near the Damascus Gate and at some point, Arab youth came up me and hit me,” Epstein told Ynet. “He slammed me hard into the ground and my camera fell. I started running away … it all happened in front of the eyes of the cops, who were there.”

    he did not provoke the attack in any way – as was the case with other similar incidents in recent days. ..

    The first known video of the disturbing trend shows a young Arab man slapping a yeshiva student on the light rail.

    Three people have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident – two of them on Tuesday – including the main suspect, a 17-year-old teen from the Shuafat neighborhood in Jerusalem.

    Other videos show Arabs throwing stones and spraying tear gas at ultra-Orthodox people. Some videos also show a group of young Arabs harassing and threatening two ultra-Orthodox youths.

    Since the start of disturbances last week, at least 50 Palestinians have been arrested.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1966550

    שוב: תלמיד ישיבה הותקף באלימות קשה ע”י ערבים • תיעוד

    הגזרה הירושלמית מבעבעת: מאז החלו לזרום התיעודים הקשים בהם נראים נערים ערבים מתעללים בעוברי אורח תמימים נראה כי התופעה הופכת אט אט לדבר שבשגרה | בתיעוד שמתפרסם הבוקר נראה תלמיד ישיבה שרכב על אופניו בסמוך לער יפו בבירה – מותקף ע”י מספר צעירים ערבים | צפו

    10אבי גדלוביץ’, ח’ אייר תשפ”א 20/04/2021 07:26
    Again: A yeshiva student was violently attacked by Arabs • Documentation

    The Jerusalem sector is bubbling: Since the difficult documentation began to flow in which Arab boys are seen abusing innocent passers-by, it seems that the phenomenon is slowly becoming routine | A documentary published this morning shows a yeshiva student riding his bicycle near the city of Jaffa in the capital – attacked by a number of young Arabs | Watch

    10 Avi Gadlowitz, 8 Iyar 5781 20/04/2021

    {Google: שוב: תלמיד ישיבה הותקף באלימות קשה ע”י ערבים}

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1966340

    * 2021

    ‘Tiktok Terror’

    Arabs poured boiling coffee on a passing Jew • Watch

    Three young Arabs were arrested on suspicion of involvement in another attack on a Jew on the street, as part of what became known as ‘Tiktok terror’, when they documented pouring a cup of boiling coffee on a Jew (in Israel)

    Haim Goldberg. 7, Iyar, 5781. 19.04.21 17:24. Kikar haShabbat.

    Quick arrest: A young Arab man who today (Monday) poured a cup of boiling coffee on a passing Jew, in the Old City of Jerusalem, was arrested by border police.

    [[Related: Phenomenon: Abuse of the ultra-Orthodox and uploading to the Internet; A young Arab slaps : ‘Tomorrow it will be shooting’]]

    In the incident, which the attacker’s friends documented for publication in Tiktok, he was seen passing by a Jew at the Nablus Gate, sat back, clung to him and poured on him a cup of coffee.

    Immediately afterwards, the pourer and his two friends burst out laughing, and flee the area.

    The police recently updated: “Border Police fighters of the Israel Police and Jerusalem District Police arrested the suspect in the act, while he was at his grandmother’s house in the Issawiya neighborhood in the east of the city.”

    Moreover: “Immediately after the incident, border guards stationed in the Nablus Gate sector arrested two of the suspects, who apparently took part in the incident and documented it, and thus the circle was closed today and the main suspect was arrested.”

    ערבי שפך קפה רותח על יהודי עובר אורח }

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1965844

    From Yudi igali :
    I have already seen five videos of Arab violence against ultra-Orthodox within a few days. I do not understand, the police will only come to their senses when the ultra-Orthodox walk around with pepper spray, batons and more …?
    יודי יגאלי :
    כבר ראיתי חמישה סירטוני אלימות של ערבים נגד חרדים תוך ימים ספורים. אני לא מבין, המשטרה תתעשת רק כשהחרדים יסתובבו עם גז פלפל אלות ארגופנים ועוד…?

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1965600

    * Apr. 2021

    צפו: ערבי סטר לבחור חרדי ותיעד זאת.
    כמו ברחבי הועלם גם במדינת היהודים בחור חרדי הוכה ע”י ערבי רק בשל היותו יהודי, בשעה שנסע ברכבת הקלה בירושלים. הערבי תיעד והעלה זאת לרשתות החברתיות.
    ד’ אייר התשפ”א|ירוחם שמואלביץ

    Watch: Arab slapped an ultra-Orthodox guy and documented it

     As in the rest of the world, in the Jewish state, an ultra-Orthodox young man was beaten by an Arab only because he was a Jew, while riding the light rail in Jerusalem. The Arab documented and uploaded this to social media.

     D. Iyar 5771 | Yeruham Shmuelevich. Ladaat.

    המשטרה חוקרת.
    ערבי תיעד את עצמו סוטר לנער חרדי; “אחר כך זה יהיה ירי”.
    מעשה אנטישמי, שתועד בגאווה, מעורר כעת סערה: צעיר ערבי שנסע ברכבת הקלה בירושלים, סטר בעוצמה, ללא סיבה, על לחיו של נער חרדי; הפוליטיקאים מזועזעים, והמשטרה חוקרת • צפו (חרדים)
    חיים גולדברג | ג’ באייר תשפ”א 15.04.21 16

    …ח”כ עופר כסיף (הרשימה המשותפת) אמר: “זו ‏אלימות מעוררת חלחלה על רקע גזעני. אני מבקש לשלוח חיזוקים לבחור שהותקף, ודורש כי המדינה הזאת תילחם סוף סוף נגד כל סוגי הגזענות ותבטיח לכולם מרחב בטוח ונקי מאלימות.

    Police are investigating.
     An Arab documented himself slapping an ultra-Orthodox boy;  “Then it’s going to be a shooting.”
     An antisemitic act, proudly documented, is now causing a stir: a young Arab man riding the light rail in Jerusalem, slapped hard, for no reason, on the cheek of an ultra-Orthodox boy;  Politicians shocked, police investigate •

     Haim Goldberg  J. Bayer 5741 15.04.21 16. KIkar HaShabat.

     … MK Ofer Kasif (joint list) said: “This is pervasive violence against a racist background.  I want to send reinforcements to the guy who was attacked, and demand that this country finally fight against all forms of racism and ensure everyone a safe and non-violent space.


    Kidush Hashem. It shows mesiruth nefesh self sacrifice to save fellow civilians.

    in reply to: Federico German Klein = NOT Jewish appears #1955815

    …and Bruno Kreisky, Austria’s president.

    in reply to: Federico German Klein = NOT Jewish appears #1955748

    ujm if Albright’s mom is a yid, so is she. Regardless how she was brought up. ישראל אע”פ שחטא, ישראל הוא.

    in reply to: Shaming Others In Public #1955204

    If some know who goes by a certain screen nane, then there is HalbonasPonim…”ozilSumkeVeOtheiChivro”..

    in reply to: Federico German Klein = NOT Jewish appears #1954392

    Barry Goldwater and John Kerry (through grandfather) …had only paternal Jewish links…

    in reply to: Federico German Klein = NOT Jewish appears #1954353

    Soeaking of surnames…

    BTW, the opposite name in meaning of Klein, is surname Gross. Just as surnames Weiss/Schwartz.

    They say, the Bardichever (‘מליץ יושר, בעל ה’קדושת לוי ) when the official came to hom, asking him for a surname to be established, he was בדבקות repeating דערבארימדיקער ‘the Compassionate’ towards Hashem. And the official wrote it down as a surname …That is the origin of this particular last name.

    in reply to: Federico German Klein = NOT Jewish appears #1954352

    Yes. Ujm. I just wanted to make clear about that Klein…

    in reply to: Dr Seuss: anti-Jewish and anti-Black racism #1954306

    I intentionally did not quote his anti Jewish themes quoted in CNN…

    in reply to: Downfall of Cuomo #1953538

    Just read in politico that:
    “De Blasio’s payback: New York mayor unloads on wounded Cuomo”.

    For this we can say:

    על דאטפך אטפוך, וסוף מטיפיך יטופון…,

    in reply to: att mod 29 #1953474

    Re Moshiach and social-media. I’m not sure but it’s very possible, before all socialM will get blank, all shall receive simultaneously the message:



    Re: mods deletion, I never pay any attention, I post, if I don’t see it, I repost at times, or not and just move on. Next…

    in reply to: Downfall of Cuomo #1953431

    After YWN published weeks ago his racist anti Jewish rant on radio…i’d say, אם מזרע היהודים…לא תוכל…כי נפול תפול לפניו.

    in reply to: Anti Semitism Within #1953057

    I respect you, but the 6th line (“more than…”) is inaccurate and a false ‘kategoria’ on yiden. No need to dramatize by shifting away from accuracy.
    We do need to improve in ahavas- Chinom which R. Shoul of Motzitz and Ahavas-Yisroel of Viznitz has stated as the necessaty being the cure to the exact opposite of Sinas-Chinom (of Yoma9b…)
    This is not to say that non-Jews behave any better even in this aspect. But that is no consolation, nevertheless.

    in reply to: Those guilty in SNL bloodlibel “joke” #1950977

    NOYB, the issue isn’t even that much if Che is a racist.. it is about the dangerous push for old despicable tropes. Anti Jewish bigoted fantasies is especially sensitive, given history.

    in reply to: Those guilty in SNL bloodlibel “joke” #1950933

    Sadly so.

    Regarding preferential treatment for Arabs, I suggest searching at:



    Imra, Israel

    Mida, Israel

    in reply to: Ted Cruz – Hyporcite par excellence #1950936

    I admit, optics are bad… but when compared to Cuomo? give me a break.

    in reply to: Anti-Face Mask YWNCR #1949858

    PRO-Face Mask YWNCR… Just making sure.

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1949279

    * 2015

    חדשות ישראל‎
    November 5, 2015 at 7:51 PM. Hadashot Israel.

    גזענות נגד יהודים בחברת אגד – נהג ערבי עובד אגד בקו 71 ושונא יהודים, עשה בכוונה ליהודי צדיק שבס״כ רצה לרדת בתחנה שלו.
    הנהג הערבי סירב להוריד את הנוסע בתחנה שלו ודרש מהיהודי הצדיק להוריד את הכיפה.
    צפו בתיעוד המזעזע.

    Racism against Jews in the Egged company – an Arab driver working for Egged on line 71 and hating Jews, deliberately committed a righteous Jew who just wanted to get off at his station.
    The Arab driver refused to drop off the passenger at his station and demanded that the Jew take off his yarmulka… shocking documentation…

    in reply to: Some “random” anti-Jewish racist attacks by Arabs #1949174


    * An attack on a racist background Arabs brutally attacked with a glass bottle, a Jew walking near the Nablus Gate … There is twice as much racism here. Once on the part of the attacking Arabs, and a second time on the part of the media, which hides and does not report in the headlines about the racist attack by the Arabs against innocent Jews.

    Elad Levy, Ynet, June 17, 2013



    * Arab youth tries to knife Jewish man in Jerusalem | The Times of Israel
    Feb 4, 2013 — An Arab youth tried to stab an ultra- Orthodox Jewish man in Jerusalem on Monday, but the victim managed to escape without injury.



    * Oct 8, 2015, JewishPress — Attack On Yeshiva Students Goes Unreported Two 18-year old …



    * “Palestinian” attacker tries to stab ultra-Orthodox man but misses, police …
    Times of Israel, Aug.12.17


    * An urgent appeal was sent to the Jerusalem District Police Chief demanding a disciplinary inquiry against a police officer who expressed racism towards Jewish detainees wearing kippahs.

    Jan 18, 2021, News 0404. Eldar Maman.

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