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    Random – miracles happen every second, no doubt. But this rosha is a part of a very corrupt legal team. Slip ups don’t happen often and this one was miraculous!

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    and I believe it! I witnessed a major miracle today – a real powerful rosha who is trying to ruin someones life had a major legal setback today!!!!!!! Moshiach is right at our door!

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    8-10 pm New York time (my down time)

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    Guess I’m the only one who expected coffee when I clicked.

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    smartcookie- once again I agree with you. When he is himself (I think 17-19 boy) he is pleasant and silly. But that bubby thing irks me and I don’t know why either. Chayav, would you consider just being yourself with us? Please?

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    no wolf – sit you in a room and make you watch three stooges movies!

    (come to think of it, I’d probably rather be shot)

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    You should find out if they meant physically (as in likes alot of ‘stuff’) or emotional. If we define it and that is NOT what they meant it could be disasterous!! High maintenance,as I understand it, is someone who you need to always be ‘maintaining’. It’s emotional. You have to really watch your words, be careful to complement and not say anything with double meaning. Don’t steal their spotlight (oh you had a fever? Well I had the flu) because it puts them down. Their stories are long and you need to be empathizing with everything (beyond the ‘respectful listening’ point) because it is usually about how they either saved the day or were victimized. It’s a tiring life and a lot of energy. But I don’t think someone would have meant that if they were just rattling off a descriptive word. That’s why people need to speak more carefully and you shouldn’t assume my definition is what they meant.

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    shticky – I’m waiting to hear your favorite part. I am sure you ran out to the store and bought it by now 😉

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    I can’t thank you enough for this thread!!

    Feif Un -not quite soundtrack but sound effects:

    “There is a certain people in your <star wars ala darth vader voice> EMPIRE…”

    the Sunday morning cartoon sound effects everywhere,

    Torah avenue music when ‘yogi’ says to ‘boo boo’ “I grew up on Torah aaaaaaand mitzvos”

    I’ll have to listen to it another thousand times this weekend to see if I missed any.

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    Lack of sleep is my middle name. Used to make me fun and really goofy, many little kids later it made my fuse shorter (mostly just at bed time), now that I’m older it makes me tired. After two decades without much full nights of sleep, I don’t really expect I’ll ever catch up but it was worth every disrupted night. Now that my kids are growing I’m finding myself with more daytime energy to work off of, though.

    When you are sleepless, do you ever peek in on your kids when they are sleeping? It melts my heart.

    (I should add that sleeplessness has also made me really tangential. Lots of parentheses)

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    how would she know your relatives? I feel like everyone knows who eclipse really is except me :,(

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    wandering – I noticed the exact thing about my posts. They are usually overlooked (not intentionally, I don’t think) or they are the last post. I think it takes a while to be a ‘regular’.

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    yossi – are you sure you aren’t my long lost son? Your posts are some of my favorite quotes, you seem to have the same sister as me, and I even had that sign (handmade)! Really. If I can track you down I’ll have you for Shabbos, my kids would love you. I hope you’re this fun/kind IRL.

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    stamagoy – bravo. Which is why I am working on following eclipse on her way out. I can’t afford another vice.

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    popa – I think those of the 10 cent milk are the same who had no computers or cells. I remember computers coming out after I graduated high school and I couldn’t believe the schools bought their own! And our on-screen entertainment was -(yell it out with me)- pong!

    I wore an asimon and could fit my life story on aerograms. When call waiting came out I was floored that you could know a second call was coming, and caller ID put an end to all my childhood fun (is your refrigerator running?) Weather forcasts were 12 to 24 hours in advance from what I remember, not 5 days, and when I told my kid that he has blue eyes because he belongs to the milkman, he said, “what”? (better he shouldn’t understand, I don’t know why I said it) remember bringing car loads of glass 8 packs of soda to the supermarket to get refunds on the bottles?

    always – I think you may have sat next to my husband at woodstock, he was the one with the long hair! (actually we were a little young then but the lifestyle was familiar 😉 )

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    always – I’m glad to hear you are ‘on of us’ but I have to say I was surprised to hear it. Being ‘always here’online and ‘talking in text’ are so not, well, grey haired behaviors. lol. I thought someone may have hijacked your screen name or you have been hanging out with lots of teenagers. Or you have been drinking from the fountain of youth without sharing…?

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    Eclipse – Well then I guess I was wrong. And reading back I don’t know why I thought that based on your OP, maybe it was something elsewhere. When I was in Israel we called home every 6 weeks, and only if we kept it short! I think my first apartment was $475.

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    I thought you, eclipse oomis and I were all the same age, based on the things we value, and the things that hurt us. Now I think they may be a bit older than me (not sure where you fall) but we are DEFINITELY from the same dor.

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    Don’t make lite of it, smartcookie. First he has to ‘suit up’ in the special oxygen supplemented suit that he wears to descend into the underground tunnel which takes him to the room where the fancy computer code is hidden by a dragon so that he can enter in the password that allows him to enter subtitles while poisonous fumes fill the room. He has to think fast and hurry before time runs out. It’s a big deal and people just don’t appreciate how hard a mods job is!

    Thanks 88, for all your personal sacrifices!

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    Thanks for the mechila! I seem to read things defensively and need to stop! I chose my screen name as a reminder to myself, not as a musser to anyone else. Thanks so much again! Good Shabbos 🙂

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    Mod 80 – Thank you for your posts

    I think the OP was asking if he has to face the reality that to him is sad that involves the world he lives in and did/will raise children in. I don’t think he was judging people who do differently or asking if he should interfere, I think he was just lamenting. Am I right, WIY?

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    metrodriver – I was referring to the way you both addressed yitanyingwat, which sounded very condescending when I read it but maybe it did not sound that way to you when you wrote it.

    Either way, you are very right, and I was very sorry I wrote it(shouldn’t have been online that late). I went back to erase it and it was too late. I have been more careful since not to defend people who themselves may not care to be defended. Just a ‘bad’ habit I have.

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    I don’t feel like I can post about issues with siblings or in laws or about raising kids if I think my brother or kids will read it. It’s not ‘secret’, but I wouldn’t have those talks with other adults with them in the room. Especially on threads regarding chinuch or major mess ups by their school system. I certainly would not have those talks in front of my children, (nobody should). If I could have anonymous screen name for ‘adult conversations’ and a different for ‘regular’ coffee breaks, I would do that.

    So the nightmare would be . . . having acquaintances find out things that are better left unsaid unless anonymous. (Like the comments that start -‘One of my sisters hurt me very much yesterday. . .’ That’s fine as long as nobody can figure out who you are talking about)

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    is there a way to have my screen name changed without changing all the previous ones to the new name? I have had too many ‘close calls’and renaming the old ones would give me away. But if I reregister from the same IP with a new email I am afraid I will be accused of trying to have multiple screen names (as has happened already). Suggestions anyone? I couldn’t find the mods? mods? thread or I wouldve posted there.

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    eclipse – as usual, you say exactly what I mean. I too should get a life and let everyone worry about defending themselves. I picked that screen name to warn myself to remember to watch my words. This was my second slip up and I think I need to be proactive. Thanks for being you.

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    eclipse – ?

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    Why are you jumping on me? You seemed impatient that Oomis didn’t know what you do, claiming you have ‘posted it over & over’. I was just telling you that you have NOT posted it over and over so please don’t be impatient. That’s all. I just prefer to hear what you have to say without the little digs into the people you are talking to. I find it painful. But rest assured I will not point it out in the future. I’m sorry you misunderstood.

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    what do you say he gets Wolf? “A slap on the back and a hardy handshake”?

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    I second that, SC. Why were they being rude? It’s not like we were listening in and commenting on a private email.

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    I’m not a doc, but I’m a student in Health Sciences, not necessarily becoming a physician. I keep posting this over & over again.

    Actually that’s the most information you have ever given. You only say “over and over” that you are a student and in the health field but never what in. Either way, I respect you as long as you don’t smoke. (woops, wrong thread)

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    Cuz we’re not in school anymore, dreading life by the minute. . .

    Also, we are taller so we can see over the top of a day and it doesn’t seem as big. (That was poetic but in linear form)

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    mods – Thanks. V’hameivin Yavin

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    We’re here as chaperones.

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    Hey – thanks for noticing! I’m trying to keep my posting to a minimum as an exercise in restraint. Actually it’s also fear of rejection. Working on both at the same time 🙂

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    If it’s your top teeth halfway back and they kill when you tap them then it’s your sinuses!

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    eclipse – thanks for defending me. Sometimes I could swear you are the only one reading my posts. I was wondering who you were addressing though, I didn’t see anyone mention me.

    And yes, I am certainly ‘legit’.

    You have a real gift for chizuk, May you always use it well.

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    Is this another men’s thread?

    in reply to: The Men's thread! #1011284

    Thank you so much! This was the funniest thread I ever read, I could not stop laughing . . .(until I got to the lipstick thread which isn’t very funny)

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    I don’t know if it even matters anymore but the original story is about someone local (to me) and DID happen. As far as the rest, everyone is having a discussion and nobody grabbed the gavel and declared themselves ruler. So if someone throws in their opinion and you disagree, feel free to disagree. But there is no need to knock people down or accuse them of speaking out of turn. Each person is bringing in their say as an anonymous poster and comments should be respected (and accepted) as such. And by the way – at least 3 of my family members have names that would be problematic to R’ Chaim according to this thread so I plan on contacting my Rav and asking him for his psak.

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    a. …who’s coming to town

    b. …the rain (Is that the one you were thinking of?)

    c. …my dear children


    e? don’t sound familiar

    refuah sh’laima

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    Rabbi Krohn’s bris milah book addresses this topic and agrees that Yiddish names are not first choice names – unless you are giving it after someone with that name. I know someone who named her daughter Shira because her father died and she had a girl soon after. The father’s birthday was Shabbos Shira so she chose that name.

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    eclipse – Thanks, I needed that 😀

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    I watched my bachur put on his worn out shoes and I felt him staring at me from the other side of the room.

    And when I drove to school past the new house my friend is having built I almost ran smack into him!

    The soton lurks, sneaks and waits patiently for opportunities to strike. He sees me wishing for better things, for more things, for things that other people have.

    And then I saw him slink away. But not too far away. He left me for the time being, but I saw him settle in close by. Watching. And waiting.

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    It’s only from Shalsheles Junior if you’re under 40. Definitely JEP.

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    1….lost and alone

    2. …by a humble man a real Gd fearing Jew

    3. You got me

    (You must be from my era considering #1)

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    Bed Stuy – BJA?

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    Yet another reason to add to why my presence here is sporadic – Every single point in the OP, and because things I post don’t usually come out the way I wanted them to and then I feel stupid or just sorry I spoke.

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    I know, I was trying to be funny (bad job, I guess)

    “I never knew what those little things were!!

    Look below. It’s underneath the box where you type a post.”

    I was talking about the names for the symbols.

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    wow mod! You may be a doctor, but you’re even smart enough to be a typer! I never knew what those little things were!!

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