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    you can take the Monroe bus straight there. its in boro park, then goes to willy and from there goes to woodbury commons and then to monroe. really convienent.

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    i LOVE marc jacob daisy and viva la juicy!

    in reply to: does ur screen name represent a/t bout u? #875733

    im very the stuffedcabbage type….

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    i think you should tell her before she spills her life story out on this site…..and then she’ll be really embarrassed….

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    yep i think its the best

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    a smart friend

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    a person who KNOWS all his faults, understands that he must change them but STILL loves himself and feels good about himself….

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    i would write back please dont email me if your dont know me and then block the persons address…..

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    (wow that reminds me of my washington trip….the rotunda by the capital…)

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    a boy with middos! wealthy or not, good looking or not a top boy is a boy that is a mentch. and a ben torah with his head and priorities straight.

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    a man walked into a bar….. ouch.

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    rednails19- the janitors are desmond and eric in case you were wondering…anyone here from prospect that watched “Shatnez-the movie” by Rabbi Blums class?

    how about the irkometer and irkury? i got such a kick out of that…

    in reply to: Report Card Comments #778168

    wtvr you do dont just write that the kid is “very kind” or “very sweet” HI. EVERY kid is kind and sweet. parents want to hear more of a personalized message and compliment on their kid. and so do the kids….

    in reply to: MBYHSFGO? #1005956

    emlf- nope never!!

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    OH YEAH!!…… i love this thread! but its mbyhbhsfgo….

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    idk i think its crazy it scares me a bit how our janitor almost knows gemara im serious! he reds the girls in school shidduchim and wishes everyone hatzlacha raba on their tests…funny at first but a little weird…

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    phew!! i did the great plains and thought i got it wrong when mik5 said the appalachian mountains…..

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    wow i hated the 1st essay! the second you could’ve done even without knowing a thing on the topic from all those documents…but i really messed up with the 1st essay….oh well….

    in reply to: Im Going Into…. #778516

    well I would be entering Playgroup if you had to get left back for failing finals!! NO JOKE!! LOL

    in reply to: U.S. history regents #778779

    yeah i did that one too….

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    i just took it too..found it a little harder than all the practice ones i did but not bad…anyone know the answer to the multiple choice question about what was lincolns reason why he didnt punish the southern states that seceded? number 2 was that he didnt think the federal gov had the power to punish them and number four was that he wanted the union to heal rather….forgot the other two but anyone know what the answer was?

    in reply to: who do u think has 2 names in cr and wat r they? #780266

    i have this subtle tinge of a feeling that dancingirl has another name….

    in reply to: NYS Regents Examinations #777119

    im taking american history and english….which explains why im sitting at the computer instead of studying…..

    in reply to: Room color-suggestions plz!! #775278

    just whatever you do please DONT DO ANYTING BRIGHT!! my friends room is so bright i get a head ache from being ther3e….my room is light mint green and white i love it….

    in reply to: Desperate Deceptions #769966

    BSD-no because learning about the holocust is different than reading abut mental illness. why are you comparing the two? we learn about the holocust a)so that it will never be forgotten even when the survivors are gone, b) its historia technically so its a mitzva and c)out of respect to the 6 million jews who were murdered. and cud be you missed my point-topics like those scared kids and teens into thinking that this happens regularly (yeah it DOES happen! but not regularly) and that scared them that marrige is nothing but heartache! yeah they shud be aware that these things do happen and it can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME but after that, how much more do you want them to know?

    in reply to: Desperate Deceptions #769956

    i would say its not. why do kids need this scary stuff to read? ok its for awareness purposes. so now the kid knows every detail about it and shes set to go for life since she is aware that a problem like this exists. happy now?

    in reply to: nose jobs #768416

    if you REALLY REALLY dont like your nose than get a nose job and feel better about yourself. all my fathers sisters got nose jobs and there all happy and healthy and frum till today BH. (and pretty)

    in reply to: confusions! #769325

    first you gotta WANNA stop…whose the focus of your life? you or Hashem? who are you living for? you or Hashem?

    in reply to: What's Your Favorite Board Game? #768363

    i still love monopoly…perpetual commotion uses WAY TO MUCH BRAIN POWER i cant handle that game! lol pictonary is great too and im addicted to bananagrams….

    in reply to: Desperate Deceptions #769951

    i read innocent deceptions and am not any more “aware” of Bi-polar since i read it. i knew what bi-polar was before and the book did manage to scare the wits out of me…your kid will probably know what bi-polar is whether she reads this book or not so enough about the “awareness”… dont have to know every little detail to be “aware”! and most of these kinda books about mental illness, abuse, shalom bayis issues and such scare kids into thinking that life becomes miserable after marrige…its not nessecary..

    in reply to: Growth Hormones in Children #770699

    hey! i already started a thread on this… yeah i took growing shots and i have friends and siblings who also did and it worked wonders! nowadays its artificial growth hormone so its not dangerous as it was when it was taken from humans and it really helps! i didnt grow for like 4 years and went on shots from 8th to 10th grade i grew 8 inches in 2 and a half years-(and i wasnt to religious about it…oops :)) i think that if its available and needed it should be taken…..its not a big deal-there are basically no side affects (i had joint pain in the mornings but that was it) and also dont get fooled by kids who are average to tall when their little because chances are-if the genetics of the family is short-the kid will stop growing early and end up really short….

    yep and when teachers and principals cantadmit even when their wrong but confuse the kid till he/she doesnt even know what shes……and their the ones being mechanech…..good one.

    in reply to: Menahel's Decision To Expel A ?Good? Boy #767383

    Pac-Man-kids dont think that way! if their friend is punished no matter if the friend is wrong or not their gonna stick up for their friends cuz thats what kids do! if anything the school just encourages resentment in the kids,…

    “Unfortunately some Mechanchim are dangerously impulsive/explosive/hurtful.”

    and some bring their own personal insercurities into their jobs and their reasons why they would punish a kid. some cant fagin kids who have what the principals wish they could have had…..its sad….

    in reply to: Introverts thread #1193402

    Pac-Man- why? one of them is gonna end up really frustrated…..

    in reply to: REGENTS studying #767191

    im taking english and american history! ah isnt that bad but im nervous for english…..i cant handle those stupid poems we learn…..

    in reply to: Robes and Vitamins #766985

    act 7 on coney for robes……..

    in reply to: Menahel's Decision To Expel A ?Good? Boy #767376

    there are some really wacko adults that need real serious help. to expell a kid like that is a crime. i dont care. give him a warning, suspend him wtvr but EXPELL? withour prior warning? without delving into it like real real real deep?

    in reply to: Im sooo Excited for lag baomer!!!! #1075919

    Stickynote-Listen 2 TONZ of Music!! And get a haircut….!!!

    in reply to: A Serious Situation #766363

    RSRH-so your saying that learning Torah is not so important rather its more important to use your talents? so then why does it say “VeTalmud Torah Keneged Kulam”? for nothing?

    “We exist not for ourselves, or to satisfy our own desire to learn by sitting in kollel and learning without offering any tangible contribution to our communities and the larger world around us.”

    by sitting and learning your offering the world ALOT MORE-more than anything tangible you might be able to contribute….

    “The simple truth is, we are not all suited to be rabbonim, poskim, dayanim, and teachers of Torah.”

    we would have had a LOT less Gedolim and Tzaddikim in this world had they all said that they “weren’t cut out for learning” who is anyone to decide that their not “cut out” for it?? how do you know that if an average person of average inteligence would sit and toil in Torah he wouldnt become the next Gadol Hador?

    “For you, the act of learning Torah is the best thing one can ever do, and it takes precedence over all other obligations. For me, learning is a never-ending journey to discover how God wants us to conduct our earthly lives;”

    do we follow diferent Torahs? just curious…..

    in reply to: gift for wife #1000385

    if you have a cleaning lady maybe as a gift to you wife lengthen you cleaning womens hours…..i know my mother would appriciate that!!

    in reply to: Women's Clothes #766207

    dunno-forever 21 has tonz of jewelry really cheap but cute stuff….

    what color? i cud use a cream gown……

    in reply to: What makes your blood pressure go up on a scale of 1-10? #765878

    difficult, annoying, overly sensitive people (specifically teachers….)

    in reply to: A Serious Situation #766353

    itsys that torah learning IS the best thing you can do. better than having a “proffessional life” and “showing your coworkers what a torah life looks like” and torah life is sitting a learning torah too. and btw its better to use your talents then to learn torah? like if someone can play a instrument he should do that rather than leanr torah? explain please….

    in reply to: Things to do (NYC) #765800

    go biking!

    in reply to: A Serious Situation #766350

    AniOd-“Yes, if one is an ilui, if one is that guy who is maybe one in a thousand who has it in him to possibly REALLY be a gadol ha’dor, then YES, definitely go learn full time.

    If not – be kovay’ah eeteem for learning, and go to work.”

    and by this you mean if you wont become something major in learning than dont “waste your time”-go out and work?? ilui or not Talmud Torah is for EVERYONE. why shouldnt someone learn full time even if hes not an ilui? he’ll be doing alot more good for this world by learning the whole day than by going out to work…

    in reply to: Signs in BP regarding Tznius (Skirts that fall 4" below the knee). #767682

    girlsarb-when you cover your knees and are tznius its a protection for yourself. its not ONLY so that no men see.

    in reply to: I want to work in a kiruv camp…. #975838

    nageela, seed and sprark are here in the us but theres a kiruv camp in moscow that alot of girls go on…..

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