MORE ACTION: NYC Health Dept Closes ANOTHER Williamsburg School Over Measles


The NYC Health Department today served closure orders to “Simche Kinder” located in Williamsburg at 812 Myrtle Ave. There are 77 children enrolled in this school.

The Health Dept says they did this because “this center repeatedly failed to comply with an Order of the Health Commissioner in response to the current measles outbreak”.

This is the eight school closed in Williamsburg, most of which have been Yeshivas. The previous schools were authorized to reopen under Health Department monitoring after submitting a corrective action plan that was approved by the Department.

The Health Department is working with parents to find alternative care for the children that attended the program, and says that this site will not be allowed to reopen until staff can demonstrate to the Health Department that they can comply with the order.

The Health Department says they will continue to conduct audits of schools to ensure these centers have comprehensive attendance and immunization records, and that they’re properly excluding. The Department says that everyone must do their part to keep children safe and to help us end this outbreak.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I don’t understand, why are these schools not complying? Once the first one was closed, how do the others not understand? It’s not as if there were some religious principle involved. The only reason I can think of for them not to have been in full compliance in the first place is laziness and inertia, but once one school was closed I would think the others would immediately get their paperwork in order.

  2. Paperwork is only temporary. A plan of correction only works if talmidim actually get measles vax. Gonna be interesting how it plays out when yeshivar are closed and parents get fined.

  3. Very powerful op-ed published today in many newspapers and online websites by several members of the We Kennerdy family strongly criticizing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a leader of the anti-vax misinformation campaign that they said was having “heartbreaking—and deadly—consequences”. I don’t recall the Kennedys ever turning on one of their own and this a reflection of this unprecedented tragedy of parents deliberately putting their own children and others at the risk of serious lifelong trauma or death.

  4. Millhouse: as I understand it the requests for paperwork are unpredictable and may change without notice. IOW, the required documentation depends on the whim of the inspector, there’s no set published protocol as this is an unplanned situation.

    And the city must prove they’re trying their best to stop this epidemic so they have to continuously be in the news as fighting the good fight.

    MS: you’re wrong, the schools don’t want the kids to catch the measles and be absent or get in trouble for it. They are doing their best and excluding the unvaccinated. That’s what prompted the “measles parties”, because anti-Vaxx parents were desperate to get their kids back in school and needed to prove measles immunity.

    In this case, my guess would be that they never had these records in place, as it’s not a regular grade school but a babysitting/playgroup place. So compliance would take time as they need to get their act together and the parents must cooperate in quickly forwarding the immunization records.