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    @DaasYochid, stawberries not kosher?

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    How much money are we talking about?

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    I thought there was prohibition on intermarriage outside the land?

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    Beware; @mobico, capacitors in appliances may hold lethal charge even when not connected to a power source.

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    “Politics of experience.”

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    A psych is a priest of Greek thought.

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    If you out think the men in your life on matters of halacha; you may think them out of your life.

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    Thank you for not making me a fungi.

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    European football is avoda zora for most Americans. But American Football is not an Olympic sport.

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    Should I be proud if I am a non-Jew?

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    One might say, if you work under the commands of someone who is not your father (or older brother) you are a slave.

    I’m a goy who sparks with antisemetic rage now and again. Hate for the secular Jews; particularly the godless arrogant famous ones. The poor religious Jews are the ones who prevent my rage from completely boiling over and repeating daily: ?????? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ?????

    And the way I see it. The money the secular use to support the Charedi was stolen from me.

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    I was a prospective ger and my motives were complicated.

    1) Bible study like a typical guy in the South.

    2) Internet search on Bible terms yields Aish haTorah which I regular read and which continues for years even now a little bit.

    3) I leave the south and interact with Jews in business and social scenarios unlike my experience in the south.

    2) and 3) get twisted and mixed up. Though I’m a goy; notions Jew directed memes like ‘marry Jewish’ creep into my thinking.

    4) I meet a Jewish girl I start crushing on.

    5) I start weighing the Bible, Aish, etc., ‘believe in ridiculous or go to hell meme’ v. Judaism.

    6) I renounce ridiculous.

    7) I look to convert; but I’m confused myself what my motives are: is it for social ramification like possible employment and marriage prospects? Or is it because of the Torah?

    8) Was I sincere about wanting to marry a nice Jewish girl. Probably. Was I sincere about kiddush haShem. Probably not.

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    Eric Holder ate it all.

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    I think you should be careful with prospective convert so you are not seducing him into your favorite minhag, as if your synagogue is the holy one; and that other shul is not so good; unless you are really sure of this minhag then you should be careful to warn him. @SpiderJerusalem: Its good to know that people who call themselves Haredim really follow passul minhag because an outsider might think they are kosher.

    I would warn someone who was interested in being mgayer to my minhag: “I pretend to follow the righteousness of my forefathers which I’ve inherited from them; but frankly I am not so righteous as the earlier generations; because well, this religion is really hard and I’m lazy. You would get closer to haShem by going elsewhere.”

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    @squeek – The Rabbonim beat you to it.

    Ok, I seem to have forgotten. I think the School of Hillel based on a system of qualified votes. You get admitted to the court based on a recommendation from your teacher (a member of the court) and then your vote counts. The community respects the decisions of the court. Allowing anyone to vote would be too far left; and not voting would be too far right?

    Korach’s rebellion against Moses is the prime example of the importance of respecting authority and knowing your place.

    Counter examples have been known to exist. Particularly in the goyishe world; some people like power. And these are the people who obtain power because it is what guides every judgment they make. What decision will maximize my (risk adjusted) power expectation? Many leaders answer this before every decision; because this is the thought process for getting to the powerful position in the first place.

    Often when an entity obtains power they build defenses against any potential challenger. “I jumped into the volcano when i was a young man to prove my worthiness for leadership: It is an accepted law; anyone who would become leader must jump into the volcano too.”

    While it is perceptibly advantageous to minimize social uncertainty by having consistent leadership; and minimize challenges to leadership because they invariably divide a community and leave it vulnerable to third party attacks. The problem of entrenchment still exists.

    An incumbent can measure the cost of social uncertainty caused by a change in leadership, e.g. the price premium of acquiring enough outstanding shares to organize a hostile takeover, and weigh this cost against the level of leer jet country club, or nubile sex, or sadistic whatever they might enjoy.

    In this line of thinking; it would seem socially advantageous to minimize the cost of changing leadership. Note that the cost of changing leadership are explicitly different from the cost of challenging leadership. The cost of changing leadership is quite low if the cost of challenging leadership is ‘jumping into a volcano’ because the expectation of any change is very low.

    On the other hand; it seems there must be some minimum acceptable uncertainty; orthodox Jews I suspect would let this be a validated sign from heaven. The Goyishe might take a vote periodically.

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    So no one would start studying the noachide laws?

    in reply to: A Complaint About The Terms 'Frei' & 'Shiksa' #1049081

    er cough; so if the children of a rav go otd, they are like tinokot shenishbu. what happened to the kvod ha rav?

    Admitting bad judgment will allow you to partially recover some credibility with the people who have already decided that your judgment was bad. On the other hand, admitting bad judgment will cause you to lose credibility with people who have held faith in your judgment.

    haShem sees that your judgment is deficient; hence admitting your bad judgment increases your credibility with haShem. Don’t Jews get together and go on and on abut what %$! ups they are on a regular basis? I thought this was called selichos or something. Or do Rabbonim say something different?

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    You shall obey the law of physics!

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    Thanks for your helpful explanation akuperma.

    in reply to: Poor Baal Tzedaka vs. Rich Baal Tzedaka #951850

    If you give me your money, you get lots of Olam haba; but you give that other guy; don’t count on it.

    in reply to: Law v. chain of command. #951895

    Well, I guess Jews know what halacha is; and dumb goyyim like me are perplexed; so we are inclined to do what a superior says rather than try to understand whatever it is they think up in congress.

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    to the 3rd and 4th generation … means complete.

    in reply to: One way trip to the red planet. #949857

    Yeah; when would you keep Shabbos?

    I’m guessing you would have to use a reference clock and base it off of earth time.

    in reply to: UNREAL: Obama Refuses To Call Boston Bombings 'Terror Attack' #946073

    I think ‘terrorist attack’ implies that the attack had political motives rather than personal or delusional motives.

    in reply to: Objecting to a prayer. #945590

    Maybe its a matter of interpretation of ‘Amen’ to be like ‘So be it’ : which for a bogus prayer is kind of like a false prophecy; but I’m not clear myself but have been rethinking prayer entirely.

    in reply to: Objecting to a prayer. #945586

    For example, I go to a sporting event and someone is invited to offer a public prayer; and it makes no sense to me; but its its not like obviously chillul haShem. But I don’t want to be a party to it.

    Maybe my secular legal education regarding certain situations which require one to state an objection or consent will be implied; I don’t know if this has any grounding in Torah or not.

    Or say the student is simply praying that they don’t have to take a final; but you are intent that they do…

    Ani’ o’vey kut ?

    in reply to: Objecting to a prayer. #945582

    Ok when I look this up I read something like ‘sacrilege, profanation, desecration’ which is not really what I might mean.

    If someone prays for something particular that is good for them, but bad for me; its not necessarily bad in view of haShem; but I might want to respectfully disagree …

    in reply to: PHOTO: Orthodox Jewish Man Covers Himself In Plastic Bag On Plane #945893

    1. genius and holy. extremely respectable.

    2. aluminum could theoretically be hierarchically classified tin.

    in reply to: If this is what we've been waiting 2000 years for… #1073653

    What is ‘this’? why would someone think now is ‘yemos haMashiach?’

    in reply to: Smart people and the marketplace of ideas #943143

    More like the “battlefield of ideas.”

    in reply to: Drinking Wine with an Evolution Believer #942019

    Do we count years by the number of time the Earth has circled around the Sun, or is that Gallilean heresy the source of the problem?

    in reply to: Rome and Eisav #939147

    Livy: the History of Early Rome translated by Aubrey de Selincourt mentions a marriage treaty between Aeneas and Latinus (p. 6) but I don’t see anything about Numitor of Alba Longa.

    in reply to: Will Orthodox Jews Ever Control the Knesset #936180

    Thing about power. When you get it; you are responsible for what you do with it. I think this is a novel problem of halacha for religious jews. (or at least a problem over 2000 years old in reference to Death Penalty power.)

    in reply to: Internet's Effects on Talmud Torah #936653

    Online education is starting to obviate secular teachers too. Why spend an hour attwending a live lecture from an average local schmoe professor when you can download lectures all day from the best professors at most prestigious universities.

    To answer this question myself:

    The internet might have the answers for you; but the internet does not know you well … yet.

    The real question might be; when learning: how important is it that the source of my knowledge know me?

    A second question: Why go to a shoftim, … for an answer that is not an incredibly difficult and life critical question?

    in reply to: Turning 13, 20, 30, 40, etc.Shas Ratzon? #961037

    30 definitely marked a major turning point in my view of the world, coincidence maybe.

    in reply to: "The Kavona of the Haters of Israel…" #930352

    I think its simply a matter of superiority. Do the secular rule over the religious or do the religious rule over the secular. Coequal status is not acceptable. So long as the secular serve those who sit and study; they are acceptable. But if they deny their servile position and try to overrule the Sages, then it follows.

    in reply to: A Rabbi In His Own Mind Only #930723

    The same argument could be made of just about any Rabbi; a smicha line from Moshe is not credible; that is why almost all Rabbonim are chicken about executing or lashing anyone. If you have real smicha, you would be bringing Dayan Emet to Amalekites; not relying on the prophesy of Thomas Jefferson to declare war and raise armies.

    On the other hand, you can learn from just about anyone if the Torah is a third part to the conversation.

    in reply to: Calling people with questionable smicha Rabbi #995579

    I made a donation of $4000 and got smicha within 6 months; from someone who was also a Medical Doctor, btw.

    He was wrong to double her bond for her saying ‘Adios’ in response to his ‘bye-bye.’

    She was wrong the say a filthy word in response to him doubling the bond.

    As they say in kindergarten; two wrongs don’t make a right.

    in reply to: Royal Jordanian Airlines #925318

    I had a terrible time getting a refund from them, but it eventually happened.

    in reply to: Inspiring Non-Jewish Music #924150

    Gangnam Style.

    But I presume the Beastie Boys are considered Jewish music.

    in reply to: scared to date… #919854

    I think dating can be the good part, the wedding and honeymoon even better. But then there is this getting older part that requires more maturity.

    in reply to: Jacob Lew, Orthodox Jew? #918942

    Mayby making a $trillion platinum idol would qualify?

    in reply to: Hagel and Obama #917708

    Some people might see it as Judah and Levi teamed up with Ishmael to overrule Ephraim and Menashe; now Ishmael is turning back on Judah and Levi and conspiring with Esav. But I guess its ultimately always Ephraims responsibility.

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