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    Nevuah was taken away along with the yetzer hara for avoda zarah. Any message of exact words is coming from your own brain. Talk to your LOR and therapist.

    in reply to: Online classes? #1840590

    Since this can potentially last up to the end of the year I think all schools should call an emergency phone conference and recommend that parents buy kosher tablets for all their kids so that school can resume via zoom or the like.

    in reply to: Corona date ideas? #1840588

    Just sit in front your own laptops over zoom.Β  Β Zoom lets you change your background so choose a nice place to “sit at”. We’re all isolated anyhow.

    in reply to: Corona Parties.. #1840587

    Covid-19 can certainly kill kids. There are kids that die from the flu every year. In addition, since China has so few kids we really don’t know 100% what would happen if many kids actually do get sick. For now, let’s take every reasonable precaution including keeping our kids home and hopefully we will survive this with minimal casualties.

    in reply to: Kosher games for computer #1830676

    You didn’t specify age, so here’s a few

    Freddie Fish
    Pajama Sam
    Purple Place

    in reply to: No more shopping bags! #1828784

    CTLAWYER- according to most environmentalists those reusable plastic bags need to be used 10,000 times in order to make more sense environmentally vs non reusable bags (which most people reuse anyhow either as trash bags or just as bags)

    in reply to: No more shopping bags! #1828483

    CTLawyer- there are no plastic bags available for a fee. It’s only paper bags available for a fee. Paper bags rip very easily. I do believe in protecting the environment but they should be chasing the discarded fishing nets and encouraging reusing bags and recycling them. Not a ban.

    in reply to: I’m engaged! ✨πŸ₯‚πŸ’• #1811206

    Mazel Tov!! I definitely feel like I got to know you a bit from the CR. I’m glad you chose to share your good news here.

    in reply to: Are you related #1802947

    If you want you can say you’re for sure related somehow but you’re not sure how. Chances are you probably are (although you might be 35th cousins). I’m related to practically everyone who shares my surname.

    in reply to: Should Wedding gowns for the extended family be discontinued? #1781315

    Very few people in my circles spend a lot on gowns. Personally the gown I wore to my sister’s wedding cost less than $200. My friend who spent “a lot” spent $600 and wore it to three weddings. Don’t blame your own inability to reign in your spending on other people. Gemachs in my area charge only dry cleaning fee plus minimal donation to cover the secretary.

    in reply to: Should Wedding gowns for the extended family be discontinued? #1781019

    Joseph you seem to think that beautiful and tznius are a contradiction. That is not so. It is clear not just from halacha that women are not only allowed to but should wear beautiful (but tznius) clothing when applicable. You seem to struggle with shmiras einayim issues; understandable . Many men struggle with it. That does not mean that the issue is with the women who are dressed appropriately for the occasion. If you were to say that women attending weddings tend to wear an excessive amount of makeup that’s another discussion altogether and again a discussion for women that men should not be involved in (unless you’re a rav who has a responsibility to the klal which for some reason I highly doubt that’s the case). Wedding gowns are far from a recent invention although limiting gowns to weddings is. Women used to wear gowns to visit their friends on a regular basis.

    in reply to: Happy the Elephant #1764574

    I don’t think she’s thinking about more than her next meal and how interesting it is to watch people looking at her.

    in reply to: Switched At Birth #1737579

    Joseph; I read that story. I don’t know enough details as to the actual birth to know whether or not the women protested or if it was even possible for them to be aware of the switch. If I recall correctly, at that time women were often put to sleep and then given their baby when they woke up, which could easily have been the wrong baby to begin with.

    in reply to: Switched At Birth #1737168

    One common thread in almost all switched at birth stories is the mother almost always is insisting that this is not her baby and her concerns are not taken seriously. I’ve read several such stories and in pretty much every case the mother knew. One such mother had been protesting for days that she was sent home with the wrong baby and when no one was taking her seriously she started staying quiet and not telling anyone. As her daughter got older and it became more obvious that this child looked nothing like her other children, she was certain that this was someone else’s child and started writing letters to the daughter that was being raised by someone else and putting them in a drawer for when she would eventually hopefully meet her daughter again. She never said anything until her dying day because she didn’t want the daughter she was raising to feel “less than” her other children. Unfortunately the switch wasn’t proven until after the mother’s death.

    in reply to: Did Hillary really win the popular vote #1733776

    I think the reason Hillary won the popular vote is because of the electoral college system. Republicans in blue states don’t bother voting. If it would be the popular vote that mattered it’s possible there would be a lot more trump votes.

    in reply to: WARNING : Shemita wines being sold in NY/NJ #1720313

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. How does wine made from grapes grown during shmitta need to be handled?

    in reply to: Chabad Nigunim #1709384

    There are a lot of nice ones. Hard to pick a favorite.

    in reply to: How Shidduchim became a beauty pageant contest. #1707894

    ZionGate- I’m a big believer in asking lots of questions prior to first meeting. Can I hear what questions you felt were too intrusive/crazy?

    in reply to: πŸ–¨οΈ? #1697869

    I like the Brother HL-L6200DW. It’s not a color printer but works very quickly.

    in reply to: Worst life hacks #1663414

    there are a whole bunch of car ones that are literally the worst- don’t try any of these at home:

    Use hot water to quickly de-ice a windshield

    To keep your brakes from sticking oil the rotors

    Add some nails to each tire for better traction on ice

    Put a warm wet towel on your windshield overnight to keep it warm

    Keep your headlights on overnight to keep them from freezing over

    Put sandpaper on your windshield wipers to assist in ice removal

    Loosen your lug nuts in advance in case you end up getting a flat tire

    Block the exhaust pipe with a tennis ball to keep the car warmer (this one is extremely dangerous; for anyone not aware every year there are people who die from not shoveling snow away from the exhaust pipe prior to turning the engine on)

    in reply to: Illegal School Bus Parking #1662076

    It’s not illegal for busses to park on the streets. If you want the law changed many bus drivers will get quite upset. Each bus is using between two to three spots though so I do understand why you’re upset. Bus drivers always complain about how hard it is for them to find parking spots. The problem is though that because space is at a premium for everyone it is too expensive for most yeshivos to afford parking lots for the busses.

    in reply to: Scones are bad for birds. #1648721

    These people at PETA are idiots. Don’t spook the horse you’re riding. Don’t they realize the more ridiculous they get the more likely they’ll end up sleeping with the fishes? Actually that’s a bit extreme. More likely they’ll just be taken as seriously as words spoken by a parrot. That’s mostly the case already now though.

    in reply to: Illegal curb cuts and NO PARKING signs in Boro Park #1648549

    Takes2-2tango – just go to google maps and “drive” up and down the streets of Boro Park and Bensonhurst. You’ll see plenty of curb cuts that may or may not be legal. It’s complicated to verify though

    in reply to: Illegal curb cuts and NO PARKING signs in Boro Park #1648530

    Joseph- just wasted a whole bunch of time on the DOB website to verify before responding. On my block there are a whole bunch of double driveways leading to spots in front of houses (with garage if they care to use it). I found permits on file for every single one on the dept. of buildings website. I also found permits on file for other curb cuts leading to spots in front of houses (again these technically have garages; the fact that the garage is being used for storage doesn’t change it’s legality). According to NYC regulations you must assume that a curb cut is legal unless you can prove otherwise. With these old grandfathered garages you can often only find mention of it on the original C of O. If you want to look up your own block it may be worthwhile for you to verify where you may or may not park. Don’t jump to conclusions though because as you see your own “hints” are inaccurate.

    in reply to: Illegal curb cuts and NO PARKING signs in Boro Park #1648299

    Joseph- some people renovate old homes instead of knocking them down and building a new one in order to grandfather in such things. Unless you were watching the construction you would think it’s a new home. It still counts as the old house if the house was fully gutted, extended and given brand new exterior. Unless you know for sure that something is legal don’t jump to conclusions.

    Personally I get annoyed over legal driveways as well sometimes but there’s nothing I can do about those so I just swallow it. There are some blocks that have hardly any parkings spots at all between all the driveways, fire hydrants and bus stops. I don’t know why they require more than 1′ on either side of a fire hydrant being as I have never ever seen a fire truck pull into the spot. Ever. They just don’t do it. All they really need is space for their hose. Just changing that law would open up so many more legal spots.

    in reply to: Illegal curb cuts and NO PARKING signs in Boro Park #1647802

    Your post is full of assumptions. How are you ascertaining whether or not a curb cut is legal or not? Is it possible that you are perhaps blocking someone’s parking spot that they paid nice money to legalize? If they’re sitting by the window and waiting to make sure their driveway is clear it’s probably an active driveway. They are probably sick and tired of getting parking tickets due to not being able to park in their own driveway.

    Another point; in order to pull into a driveway a driver needs enough space to turn. Would you rather take the chance of them nicking your car on the way in? I think it’s nice for them to tell you where you can safely park. I suggest that when your neighbor greets you with a smile you should return the gesture. You may very well be judging him for no reason at all.

    in reply to: Lev Tahor and other frum cults- and don’t misunderstand me #1628353

    For me one of the strongest indicators of a cult is whether or not members of the group are financially independent. Do they own their own homes or do they live in apartments/houses owned by the community? Are they required to give part or all of the money they earn to the leaders? How much control do they have over their personal lives? Lev Tahor checks off every single box that would indicate that it’s a cult.

    in reply to: Tipping Camp Waiters #1602255

    Bump. I worked as a counselor in a day camp. The parents on the second to last day of day camp were given a letter letting them know that the only wages we as counselors would be getting is whatever tips they send in. Only half of the kids gave anything at all. I appreciated the $5 and a card and I think I may still have the card somewhere. Some people gave checks which was nice as a thought but I didn’t have a bank account yet so it made things slightly complicated (I was a young teenager at the time). My campers weren’t particularly wealthy so I didn’t expect a lot but I would have liked a letter even if they couldn’t include any money along with it. One parent actually did that (didn’t say they had no money; the mother just wrote that she appreciated all I did for her daughter that summer) and I thought it was really nice.

    LIghtbright; they can analyze the mitochondrial dna which only comes from the mother.

    in reply to: Why do anarchist movements have leaders? #1568804

    Oh, yes for sure. If you look up anarchist movements they all had leaders even though they did not formally recognize them. There was always the same few people getting up and leading meetings and most had one person who would give the final word for all group decisions.

    What about those who only buy on an occasional basis? Are those more likely to succeed?

    in reply to: What gives police the right to impound the car? #1561637

    Joseph- speeding is a misdemeanor, hardly a major crime.

    iacisrmma- listen to the conversation in the video

    yitzchokm- she wanted her friend (who had not been speeding) to come get the car. Police did not allow that.

    in reply to: Info About Swan Lake Farm #1560926

    You’re probably referring to Beaverwood Farm. They have a website.

    in reply to: Kosher fur #1558639

    icemelter- animals are not skinned alive as that would decrease quality of fur, not improve it. PETA commissioned a video of an animal being skinned alive in order to have graphic footage to get people to stop buying fur products. In actuality animals are usually killed using carbon dioxide for a quick death without the animal fighting back in any way at all. They don’t want the fur getting damaged.

    Elon sent ground-penetrating radar to see if they can locate a short route through the cave

    Maybe they can dig a tunnel down to the cave from the ground.

    in reply to: krav maga mandatory in all yeshivoth #1550945

    If you want the boys to learn krav maga make sure the girls know it first so they can defend themselves.

    in reply to: Is it muttar to block illegal driveways? #1550924

    A curb cut with no driveway is not legally considered a driveway.

    Exception to that is curb cut to mini driveway that leads to basement garage. There are a few of those in my neighborhood, all perfectly legal.

    in reply to: Smoking affects others. #1544564


    Who says drinking alcohol is bad for the baby? There has yet to be even one study that has found that drinking light alcohol such as wine or beer in normal amounts is harmful to babies. Women avoid alcohol in order to be on the safe side.

    Where did I say anything about smoking for recreational purposes? I’m talking about using marijuana (not by smoking) for its medicinal properties such as pain relief and anti-nausea.

    It seems like you’re of the opinion that women need to be “on the safe side” yet men can do what they want as long as it’s not 100% proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they are doing is harmful. Am I wrong? What would you say to the idea of women smoking in general?

    in reply to: Smoking affects others. #1544538

    yitzchok m- what is your opinion on pregnant women drinking alcohol? How about taking marijuana?

    in reply to: Smoking affects others. #1544017

    yitzchokm – not only low counts but also damage to the genetic material. There were genetic abnormalities found as well. From what I’ve read the more abnormalities you can see on a microscope, the more actual genetic damage there is.

    in reply to: Smoking affects others. #1543941

    please cite an actual scientific study you can prove us. Hint: You won’t find any.

    I found quite a few. If links would be allowed I’d post them here but there were many studies proving this. Do a little research and you’ll see. For starters check out article #27113031 from pubmed.

    in reply to: Petition for the CR to hide pending topics #1542330


    in reply to: Smoking affects others. #1542282

    And even the studies that have been performed, it was done in households in which the pregnant woman was constantly exposed to secondhand smoke. Occasional second hand smoke has no known side effects.

    Where did I ever say it was due to secondhand smoke? I saw studies that looked at the father’s health at time of conception affecting miscarriage and birth defect rates. If the father is an alcoholic that causes the miscarriage rates to go up as well. I don’t think anyone believes in second hand alcohol effects.

    Anything affecting a father’s health can impact his children’s future health. Not going into too much details as to the hows and whys but it is now believed that future fathers should be taking care of themselves in the same way future mothers do now. This includes no smoking, minimal drinking if at all, and healthy eating habits as well.

    in reply to: Smoking affects others. #1541653

    yitzchokm- why are you only raising the point re lung cancer? That’s not the only smoking related illness. There’s a long list of illnesses as well as other conditions which are worsened by exposure to secondhand smoke. Asthmatic people often have attacks triggered by passing someone smoking on the street.

    Even worse- miscarriage and birth defect rates for babies whose fathers are smokers are more than twice the rate of babies whose fathers are non smokers. Smoking kills thousands of unborn children every year. Many men laugh it off but it’s an absolute fact that a father’s health will affect their future children’s health.

    in reply to: Should serial killers be held responsible? (T) #1541606

    Whether or not it is their fault we as a society need to protect ourselves which includes making sure that this person is no longer a threat to others. Due to the nature of their crimes there is no way for us to adequately punish them. They took more than one life away from others yet we can only take one life away from them. The closest we can do is to bring them close to death multiple times but that is forbidden by the constitution.

    in reply to: Inventions that Matter #1538946

    The ones I wonder about the most are the really really old ones. For example how did people live without a hammer, rope, or bucket? How did they make clothes without needle, thread or woven cloth?

    in reply to: List of things that should be legal #1534895

    Putting posters up on lamp posts. There should be licensing and fees required, and no inappropriate images but being that elected officials use lamp posts for their own campaign advertisements it should be considered appropriate for that purpose. The city can even use this as a source of revenue.

    in reply to: Vitamins: Ever noticed a difference? #1534512

    From wikipedia (which may or may not have been submitted by a cr poster)

    In the United States, overdose exposure to all formulations of “vitamins” (which includes multi-vitamin/mineral products) was reported by 62,562 individuals in 2004 with nearly 80% of these exposures in children under the age of 6, leading to 53 “major” life-threatening outcomes and 3 deaths (2 from vitamins D and E; 1 from polyvitaminic type formula, with iron and no fluoride).[3] This may be compared to the 19,250 people who died of unintentional poisoning of all kinds in the U.S. in the same year (2004).[4] In 2010, 71,000 exposures to various vitamins and multivitamin-mineral formulations were reported to poison control centers, which resulted in 15 major reactions but no deaths.[5]

    Personally I believe that if you eat a varied diet and spend some time outdoors you shouldn’t take any vitamins (unless bloodwork shows that for some reason you’re still missing some)

    in reply to: How do you keep your children interested @ the Shabbos Seuda #1532114

    Here’s how we work our Shabbos Seuda. We spend approximately half the time just listening to what our kids have to say. They all have something to share, even if it’s not related to the parsha. Of course we’re excited when they do say something related to the parsha but they can talk about other topics of interest as well.

    in reply to: Neurolinks Brooklyn #1528979

    keej123; sorry to be so blunt but that sounds like a lovely sales pitch for an awful lot of popcorn. If it’s real it can be described normally. For example if someone has a blocked artery the procedure to open it isn’t that everything is hidden and balloon needles work magic. Doctor explains that balloon is inserted deflated and then inflated , etc. So how exactly does this program improve neural pathways? What is it doing?

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