WATCH: Gingrich Says Health Care Bill An Extraordinary Achievement

Former House speaker reacts on 'Hannity' after House passes GOP legislation.

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says ‘Republicans Have This Vote Tattooed On Them’

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks out on the GOP health care bill, claiming that members of the House that vote for the bill will be "forever identified with the worst aspects of the bill...

FULL SPEECH: President Trump Hails Historic House Obamacare Repeal [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump is celebrating the passage of the House Republican health care bill, saying he is confident it will get through the Senate. Flanked by Republican lawmakers in the Rose Garden, Trump called President...

WATCH: Tucker vs. Ben Smith: Can The Media Be Fair?

Many journalists come from counties that vote liberal and are openly anti-Trump on social media. Can the media cover news fairly? A debate between Tucker and Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith.

WATCH: Hannity: How Stupid Does Comey Think We All Are?

The FBI director dropped a huge bombshell Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin.

WATCH: Spicer Speaks Out About Broken Fences Along Southern Border

White House press secretary talks existing border security measures.

WATCH: Why GOP Lawmakers Are Beginning To Support The New Health Care Bill

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) on whether the GOP will be able to agree on the new GOP health care bill.

WATCH: Can Trump Bridge The Gap Between Israel, The Palestinians?

The president demands that the Palestinian Authority stop payments to Palestinians held in Israeli prisons and their families and to rein in anti-Israel incitement by the media; John Roberts has the roundup for 'Special...

WATCH: Rep. Trey Gowdy Confident Comey Is Stable, Trustworthy

Congressman sounds off upcoming closed-door House Intel hearing on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

WATCH: President Trump Gives a Joint Statement with President Abbas

President Donald Trump and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issue a statement at the White House.

BREAKING VIDEO: Comey Answers WHY He Announced Hillary Clinton Email Investigation 11 Days Before...

FBI Director James Comey is strongly defending his decision to alert Congress that agents were revisiting the Hillary Clinton email investigation less than two weeks before the November election. Comey tells the Senate Judiciary Committee...

VIDEO: Security Incident At Harel Tunnel On The Jerusalem Highway

Police during the night of 6 Iyar (Monday to Tuesday) responded to a security incident in the new Harel Tunnel on Route 1, the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway. The incident involved a number of illegal...

WATCH: Karl Rove On The GOP Divide

Fox News Contributor Karl Rove weighs in on the division within the Republican Party.

WATCH: Trump Puts ‘MS-13’ On Notice; We’re Coming After You

President Trump puts MS-13 and other gangs on notice during a speech at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum in Atlanta.

WATCH: Raw Video – The ‘MOAB’ Aftermath In Afghanistan

A look at the aftermath from the detonation of the 'Mother of all Bombs', the largest non-nuclear munition the U.S military has ever used in combat

Airline Gives Frum Passengers Priority To Prevent Chilul Shabbos [VIDEO]

On last Erev Shabbos, a flight traveling from New York City to Toronto got delayed, leading to concern among the many chareidi passengers. They were not just heading to Toronto for Shabbos, but planning to...

VIDEOS: Police Prevent Muslim Protest At Shar Shechem In Support Of Terrorist Hunger-Strikers

A group of Muslims arrived at Shar Shechem on Memorial Day afternoon requesting to hold an illegal event in support of striking imprisoned Arab terrorists, a police spokesman reported. Police officials on the scene declared...

WATCH: Chuck Schmuer Grilled By Chris Wallace To Explain His ‘War on Words’ Against...

Chris Wallace sits down for an exclusive interview with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for a compelling discussion regarding the effectiveness of the first 100 days of the Donald Trump presidency.

WATCH: President Trump’s Entire Speech On 100th Day

President Trump marked his 100th day in office by holding a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.