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Israel Marks National Day Of Mourning For Meron Victims

Israel observed a national day of mourning on Sunday for the 45 victims of the Meron disaster, who were killed overnight Thursday on Lag B’Omer in the deadliest civilian disaster in Israeli history.

Last week, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared a day of mourning after visiting the site of the disaster on Har Meron and government ministers voted in favor of the day via a telephone vote on Friday

State flags were lowed to half-mast at the Knesset, the President’s Residence, IDF bases, public buildings, and Israeli embassies and consulates abroad.

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The cabinet meeting scheduled for Sunday was canceled and Knesset members were invited to light candles in the lobby of the Knesset in memory of the victims. On Monday, a special Knesset session will be held during which all MKs will have the opportunity to speak about the disaster.

Concerts and sports events scheduled for Sunday were canceled and schools throughout Israel designated the first hour of the day on Sunday to discuss the tragedy.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. Shame they did not ask the families. They don’t care about half mast. They don’t want a minute of silence. They don’t need guards or gunshots.
    They would have rather that the Knesset has a ceremony of Kabalat Malchut Shamayim. That the schools devote one hour to saying a tefilla, or Shma, or Tehillim, or Pirkei Avot.
    Create a national Tefillin Day / Neirot Shabbat week.
    Maybe a Yom Tzedaka l’aniyim.
    If anything like that would be implemented, i guarantee that the families would truly find a measure of solace.
    Don’t trust me. Ask them.

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