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    They told me no. That I could not. THey rescheduled the MRI because of it.

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    I was fully aware (when I disclosed my husband is of sephardic background) that I was doing so, despite my OP saying I wouldn’t.

    Gee…I hope that noone knows my name and address now? LOL

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    LOL ! I think MS. Critique and Minyan Gal must be the oldest women in the CR! How old are they????????

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    how does one italicize their font?

    And btw Middlepath I think its bad etiquette and bad middos to accuse and suspect others of anything. What do you care even if he is posing as 2 different members? Its sort of like farshaming people in public, no?

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    I feel for you. I agree its not nice. I know its a burden and uncomfortable and a hard test. But try my daughters’ tactic she uses on me when I am difficult and nagging. She gently says “Ok Mommy”. “Yes mommy”. “Sure mommy” “anything mommy” and its all done sooooo super sincerely you’d have to have a radar to detect fakes, to detect any underlying bad feelings. She really makes herself mean it. She remains silent when being criticized for the most part. I mean, nobody likes it. Its not nice to be nagged.

    I really commend my daughter and her character face lift she’s worked her whole life on to improve. I am actually jealous. I simply let people have a piece of my mind, and then end up regretting it.

    Regretting that I didn’t utilize the window of opportunity Hashem send me to help me grow and perfect my middos.

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    ronrsr u have won my sincere respect 4 ur sense of humour

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    Ha ha records! But my kitchen phone is not cordless, I am still a decade behind with my cord.

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    Wow. mra01385 finally someone understands me!

    Everytime my husband uses his harsh sefardic tone of voice, serious-i-am-not-playing-games I wince because my ashkenaz father was so opposite. My father was always clowning around with us, and being soft and gentle. I guess its not so bad, i always ask and explain nicely that it bothers me.

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    Another example of bad middos I cannot stand, is say for example at our girl’s school at a party, or carnival or a play performance there’ll be when 3 dozen winter coats are piled one ontop of the other on a table and one drops off to the floor, people will walk around it, and sometimes on it, or ignore it. I just bend down and pick it up because its not nice. WOuld you like ppl stepping on your belongings?

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    alive and well this is much more of an intelligent question/thread then ones where people are going back and forth forever stating which avatar photo upload they’d chose.

    I am sorry I opened that thread. You know about photos in the CR. I had to get out of there. I was just trying initially to make a suggestion to the mods. It turned into a game arcade now.

    Who inspired me as a kid was Laura Ingels Wilder the character from “little house on the prarie”. I saw her a real wholesome good honest, little girl who was simple but had better middos than Nelli Olsen.

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    The goyish neighborhood where my folks grew up there was a non jewish family and they were WEIRD. Each child was named after a kitchen utensil like spoon, fork, cup.

    And whats really weird is that this was a couple who were from the older conservative generation and raising their kids in the 1960’s and 70’s, right?, so like (before the scene turned liberal in naming babies). I wonder what their kids named the next generation of their grandchildren. Maybe they went on to the bathroom items. Toilet, faucet?

    Well I have a personal confession, I once wanted to name one of my kids amyetheyst or cloud or rainbow or morning star. But I am thankful that I didn’t. …oh ..and so is she!

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    yeah, me too, and this is all I do all day, as I fold laundry, wash dishes, and change pampers. You’d think I could think up more light sophisticated thoughts.

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    I get the impression that haifagirl mastered 1 thing in this world, and is flaunting it, as apparent by her constant nit picking and corrections.

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    health, you didn’t consider one other option for why I may have waited 10 months…I was pregnant!!! LOL

    You cannot have an MRI when pregnant. So i booked it for the end of the pregnancy.

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    i have no problem with those who are actually living in poverty and need. But….

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    no no i never meant to upload an actual real photo of oneself. Just a kosher image.

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    I go without a lot of things in my home, cupboard and kitchen. And yet we will not take welfare, food stamps or tomche shabbos. Every cent coming in our house is kosher, And BELIEVE Me you can count the money coming in in CENTS. My husband is not a professional. Oh he’s professional alright if you count being a professional a shlepping-blue-collar-worker making a bit above minimum wage.

    And yeah, i Have Tynnis against my neighbors who are receiving tomche shabbos (although its suppose to be delivered discreetly) and yet they go to the country, summer trips and get furniture deliveries.

    I wonder about the other neighbor whose husband is in kollel and its obvious they are not rolling in $ yet they bought a house!

    It is a chillul Hashem like bpt wrote when we flash 1.5 carats and yet are needy.

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    NObody even told me that I might have a problem with being squished in there and freaking out. and thus needing a tranquilizer. I waited 10 months for that bloody appt. I know that I “could have” done it, and remained in there, but it just required way too much mental koyach and really focusing on something and getting on top of my mental state, and I am weak right now as a kimpiturin. physically, mentally, emotionally.

    Besides, in general when we hear a loud noise, it usually implies something to be alerted to, like danger. That is why I couldn’t take that continous BEEP BEEP weird noise. It doesnt lead to any thing, no conclusion or disasterous result. (baruch Hashem) It just kept going. I kept thinking its going somewhere with that noise. But no.

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    Squeak, thanks. That was enlightening and entertaining as well.

    But I see recently in the CR someone named Joseph ( over the right) posted. Is he the Joseph who was banned?

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    Kensington market, if they like hippies.

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    Regarding the Sticky for old posts, is that on the CR main page, in blue? I tried clicking that once but just found a dialogue of conversation like a thread. THere was nothing to search .

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    I think doing fun nice enjoyable things together is smart. There is Toronto Island. A ferry takes you across Lake Ontario and then when you get to the Island, there is a beautiful scene to see, swan rides, gardens etc.

    The ride to the top of the CN tower is cool. Or check out the Royal Ontario Museum. Unless he’s a cohen cause they have a real Mummy from Egypt in there.

    Umm…what about the art museum? What about the lake front just going for a walk ? Its not like NY. Its so clean, and a pleasure to walk around. If the shidduch is in late august then you can go to the Exibition, which comes once a year.

    in reply to: Could someone please explain the Joseph story to me? #798887

    i want to know why everyone in this thread is making fun of my question, when you KNOW what I am ASKING? Just tell me !!!

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    I thought a bit over shabbos on this thread. And I think it is entirely naive and silly of ANYONE in the CR to think that they can actually put a name to a screen user name of a CR member.

    Its impossible. I think its just like wishful thinking , you know?

    Its like you think you can be one up on another person so you start imaginging oh yeah, its my neighbor or that lady from shul.

    Absolutely impossible. How many yidden live in NY? How many are leading in general similar lifestyles? In short how is someone going to figure out somebody when the answer to those 2 questions is A LOT!

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    the only thing kapusta could do now to freak ppl out even more would be to throw out names at members, like hey you hinda ploni.

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    Here is just one sample of a recent article freshly posted today:

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Third North Carolina homebirth death so far this year

    The homebirth deaths just keep on coming.

    There have been 3 deaths (and one brain damaged baby) in the state of North Carolina so far this year.

    The first death, and the brain damaged baby, occurred at the hands of the infamous Amy Medwin, CPM (Homebirth advocates ignore baby, rally for midwife).

    You might think that this would be an opportunity for soul searching in the North Carolina homebirth community, but you’d be wrong. The North Carolina Friends of Midwives and the Charlotte chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) view this as an opportunity to promote the interests of CPMs. No one knows whether the baby will live or die, but homebirth advocates have already “moved on” to the really important issue, the fate of the midwife.

    I am sorry but its hard for me to have a complete respect for midwives after having read Ina May Gaskin’s “Guide to Natural CHildbirth”. What a complete crock of garbage. She doesn’t present the reader with enlightening or refreshing information to empower you to face birth with courage. She scares the hell out of you painting a favorable light only on the farm midwives and their birth clinic and statisitics, which charges about $4,500 per birth by the way.

    She also discourages women from gestational diabetes screening as according to her “The best evidence we have says that the outcomes for women who received treatment for diabetes do not fare much better then women who recieve no treatment”. WHat a crock of garbage. Everyone knows that high sugars lead to a big baby, and put a women at high risk for placental abpruption and CPD and that diabetes that goes untreated and unrecognized damages organs and the eyes of the diabetic. She is encouraging pregnant women not to take insulin!

    in reply to: midwifery career advice needed #796536

    I highly recommend becomning a frequent reader and visitor to the website THe Skeptical OB before committing or making any decisions. Dr. Amy Tuteur has utilized the web to educate people about birth, and homebirth and senseless needless deaths caused by Homebirth.

    I was once an aspiring Midwife.

    But fortunately I woke up. Midwives have somehow turned necessity into virtue as if “Catching a baby” makes you a birth warrior. Even a taxi driver can tell you there is nothing to catching a baby, out of necessity, in order to prevent a baby from hitting the floor.

    Natural birth advocates are dangerous people.

    Become educated and see that MANA (Midwives of North America) refuses to release their own homebirth death rates. That should be a red flag.

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    We’ll see.

    I am trying to gather other people’s input and methods until I see results with mine. It takes time. You have to be persistant with my method for quite a while.

    in reply to: What would you like to be when you grow up? #1044987

    Oh I haven’t grown up yet. LOL kidding.

    Well its just not a lifestyle i am willing to pay the price to do. I dream of becoming a doctor and studying medicine, but I am too old, and too heimishe, and have too many kids and lots of brachas which I can’t trade in for marrying a medical career.

    in reply to: One Orthodoxy, Two Worlds #797176

    Sorry, comprehension is not my best subject at 1 am something in the morning.

    in reply to: Children : The Challenge #796244

    Haifa girl, how many times did you edit, spell check and proof read what you just wrote so I couldn’t find one mistake on you?

    in reply to: One Orthodoxy, Two Worlds #797172

    Observantteen I don’t think you’re wrong. Authentic Judaism has always been about debates. Debates get the truth out. Men argue points in their learning in Yeshiva to arrive at points.

    Aries just has an over active imagination visualizing knock outs and “drag down fights” as she put it.

    in reply to: bicyclists #796140

    Aries are you really an aries in horoscope world? Because you are really full of fire and energy tonight no?

    in reply to: One Orthodoxy, Two Worlds #797169

    msseeker, at first I thought your idea was cute and innocent. I even would vote you as the UO rep. However, although I myself am a Satmar lady I am questioning why you would insult MO by offering them to represent the Reform side of the debate?

    Only a reform type should be offered such a position as it would coincide with his beliefs, no?

    WHy should a shomer shabbos, torah observant Modern orthodox jew be interested to defend and pronounce Reform Judaism as valid?

    Reform is like a church.

    in reply to: Stoping a cremation… #796274

    I think according to halacha, that you do not have to carry out the wishes of a person wanting to be creamated. In fact, you SHOULD ask a shaila.

    in reply to: Children : The Challenge #796242

    wow. Ok. thanks

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    Absolutely Getzel1. Do you know how tough the French Riot Police are. People run and shiver when they see them coming. I think Britian has its good points, as its very diplomatic, but its gone too far, when it comes to taking a stand when drama and action are called for.

    in reply to: Children : The Challenge #796240

    Thanks everyone. I also enjoyed the good laugh, re-reading my humorus life experiences, and then everybody elses. Ursula mommish, you made me laugh out loud at your son tying you to a street lamp. Hilarious.

    I forgot to mention the child I have who pulled off her dirty pamper and then stepped in it, and we had to investigate where the trail led and disinfect. Oy.

    in reply to: Does anyone here workout, go the gym…? Laundry related question #863218

    WIY I hardly have any dry piece of soiled laundry which is going into the dirty hamper! Everything is wet and gross from children, spills , sweat etc.

    But I wash so often it makes little difference, unless you dont like bad smells eminating from the hamper…

    In anycase, I have a neighbor who does dry out her dirty laundry before throwing it in the hamper.

    in reply to: In honor of Tisha B'av. What you respect about… #1165115

    Mamish I have tears in my eyes over this post! Real beautiful, no?

    I respect chassidim in their strong emunah in Hashem; and that goes for all frum Yidden. Blindly following our mesorah without questioning the BOSS.

    Please don’t attack my use of the word blindly anyone. I mean, blind as when we don’t have the full picture and we anyways don’t always understand the rationale behind some mitzvos but we do them anyways.

    in reply to: #796171

    I only had one idea. And that was the monitor gadget to alert a parent.

    The idea of not leaving children in cars or care of fathers can not be invented nor patented.

    in reply to: #796168

    yeah, whatever go use my idea. I don’t care.

    in reply to: bicyclists #796135

    Mewho, wow!

    You have a good idea. I like it. I really do. I would vote for that idea.

    in reply to: bicyclists #796131

    The funny thing is that when the irrate bicyclist explained to you that she cannot ride in the bike lane because people stand in the bike lane, or throw garbage there, she could have screamed and threatened THEM with throwing her bike lock at THEM.

    But it all came out at your BECAUSE you challenenged her by intelligently confronting her with the question.People do not like that. They become animal very quickly.

    Only when I first became frum did I find there was finally a nation of people (us yidden) who could ask and answer safely in a non threatening atmosphere.

    in reply to: Should I sue? #1097776

    How can you even consider losing peace between yourself and a neighbor over a few dollars? Especially when it wasn’t even their fault your kid hurt herself. I mean kids fall all the time playing. It could have happened at your house. So just because it happened at their house you should sue them for compensation and money? ha ha.

    If you go to Court, it is always possible you would win, but what you would lose is much more. People/neighbors community would lose respect for you and maybe not be very compassionate towards you and your story. and how you will hurt that family is too much.

    Big deal. You kid fell while playing at their house. Did they push her down? Someone hit her? So don’t send her there anymore.

    But most likely she just hurt herself naturally playing.

    in reply to: A Lack Of Sensitivity #795209

    i applaud msseker for the articulate way in which they said it all

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    Its actually a problem to take kids into a park where there are goyim half dressed in these sprinklers in the first place.

    in reply to: How Often Do You Eat Meat? #1088165

    ha ha. The 9 days don’t bother us at all, since we only eat chicken on shabbos/rosh chodesh/yom tov!

    We are accustomed to a vegetarian style of diet.

    You have to realize we have become very spoiled in America, as Jews. Our ancestors in Europe and beyond never ate like this. (chicken every night of the week)

    And even today in Eretz Israel you’ll see families eating vegetarian style all week and then just afford a bit of chicken to be yotze on shabbos.

    It is not necessary nor is it healthy!

    in reply to: How Well Do You Know Your Own Body? #794964

    ha ha ha. You are a Prophet! What else do you know?

    in reply to: Another Perspective #796478

    I believe you Sister Bear! Re: this ladies competition with celebrities.

    I was just watching a news clip on line from Fox TV. And the lady news cast reporting was dressed in a way that I often see MO ladies trying to emulate. Long fancy styled hair, a tight fitting dress as so to reveal her shape, and lipstick and white white teeth. More and more I am seeing this in public and in parties and in chasunas, that MO ladies are going for this look. I feel its really cheap and sad. THey actually look like women who do something for money, which I cannot write the name of the profession here because it is not fitting, since its so cheap and low. Get it?

    starts with the letter P.

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