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    You wouldn’t have to actually kill this serial killer. You could stop them from continuing to harm others, by other means.

    There are halachos regarding a Rodeif, and one is supposed to stop them, first trying to maim them, if unable, then one may take the Rodeif’s life in order to stop them from killing someone. The question is does a serial killer have the Din of a Rodeif.

    in reply to: Snow in Jerusalem #994187

    The kids must have had a ball with that amount of snow. igloo’s snowmen, until they came back home all cold with no source of heat.

    They need to start implementing changes to their system so as to not cripple an entire country, especially one that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology.

    in reply to: Why do women get blamed for getting divorced? #994150

    It’s true what you’re saying, “Marriage takes a lot of hard work and compromise.” Kids today are not taught this. Growing up in a world of disposable pans, tablecloths, fancy plastic dishes, lenses, etc..

    I can see why today’s younger generation has a less serious approach to marriage. It doesn’t help that technology has gotten us used to expecting instant results at the press of a button.

    I still restate, although not blaming women for divorce over the men, that women were instilled with an innate ability to draw out positive behavior and results from their spouses. It takes cleverness, not scolding or shouting, or complaining. It takes honest open communication, and giving their husbands respect, which can and usually will show positive results over time. Again, unless the guy is crazy, a really bad person, who cannot or is not willing to change.

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    It could mean soulful, just as beinish, means boney, and fishel is well.. fishy.

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    When at weddings, you avoid the innermost circle. (And for safe measure, the second innermost circle as well.) Cuz’ sometimes it turns into the innermost,(and one can never be too careful)

    And when you just stand on the side and watch the dancing. well.. then you haven’t been a yeshiva guy for a loong time.

    in reply to: Why do women get blamed for getting divorced? #994146

    notlamb; Although one should look at every case individually; however, I will state the following. Unless the husband is a terrible person, the general rule is that ultimately the wife is the key to the Shalom Bayis. The woman possesses the power to steer the relationship in a positive direction, get the husband into it as well. If she has the wisdom to do this is another matter.

    Chachmos Nashim Bansoh Boiso etc… look up the end of the pasuk as well, scary but true.

    in reply to: "Smile, You're On Candid Camera!" #994031

    Just thought I’d blow the dust off this post. Things have really changed over the past 2 years, people seem to have more time on their hands.

    in reply to: Do Your Laundry #886258

    Not just do your laundry before the nine days,

    but pre-wear any freshly laundered shirts,

    pants, and suits before Shkiya (sunset) tomorrow thursday.

    Any undergarments e.g. underwear, undershirts, socks,

    Do NOT need to be tried on, and can be worn freshly laundered L’katchiloh!

    Tzitsis are a Shayloh so it is better to wear them

    for like 5 or 10 minutes on thursday if they’re freshly landered,

    or ask your rov who is a posek.

    The nine days are not something we have to look to get around,

    rather something we have to go through.

    Everyone who mourns (the destruction of) Yerushalayim

    will merit to see it it rebuilt in all its splendor.

    What an awesome sight that will be.

    in reply to: Learning For Rav Elyashiv #886237

    It is said that in Harav Shachs ZT”L will, he requested If anyone would even have a Machshavah Toiva (good thought) for a merit for his Neshama!

    Many make big resolutions not many follow up though, so I would

    suggest for all that mean well to at least make a tiny kabbolah,

    be it in learning, davening, or Chessed, Tikun Hamiddos,

    or a kind word or gesture, that you know you CAN and WILL

    carry out. Better a little done, than a lot undone.

    May Harav Elyashiv ZT”L be a Meilitz Yoisher for our generation,

    and may we speedily be Zoche to the Geulah Shleimah!

    in reply to: Internet Asifah #870416

    It is not just drashas but educating the oilem as to how to be safe online offering the latest in filters and ideas to help the

    ill or unadvised yidden. those who are not technically savvy,

    will be helped.

    in reply to: Schissel challah? #1071897

    Schissel challah? Wow That’s a super idea. Like this you have where to keep your money when you make it.

    in reply to: what's the Torah way of "finding a spouse?" #870340

    Putting up a billboard with ur name, age, height, weight, bank account amount, future plans, and of course facebook page. Duh!

    in reply to: favorite singer #874562

    Barney. He gets all into it.

    Now if you had asked me what singer wears my favorite glasses,

    I’d have to go with Lipa.

    in reply to: How old are you? #870301

    old enough to be your grand-pappy’s pappy’s grandson’s grandfather.

    in reply to: I'm New! #871137

    MG13 ……are you saying that i’m old????!!!!

    in reply to: What gives you the chills? #870117

    chili peppers not being eaten gives me the chills.

    in reply to: Closing the Streets in Boro Park for Shabbos #871205

    Chutz laraetz is not like E”Y and the idea has the potential for catastrophe. The fact that you even suggest it, reflects the sad fact that we really forget we are in Galus. We actually think we’re in it for the long haul and that is one reason why IMHO, (aside from sinas chinom) that we are still here.

    Think of better ideas to promote achdus that doesn’t give the goyim any ideas like the ones they’ve had in the past.

    Thank you!

    in reply to: what's the Torah way of "finding a spouse?" #870337

    “FALLING” in anything is not good. Nuff said.

    in reply to: Why Are Divorces Usually Initiated by the Wife? #870689

    Usually because the “Shvigger” has an ear (and full control) with her daughter and influences her, one comment at a time, resenting the fact that this nice boy “STOLE” her control puppet away from her and has the audacity to suggest his wife listen to him once in a while as well.

    All these special Shviggers have a special place set aside for them after 120 (or earlier) on account of all the S’char they have accumulated over the years for breaking up Batei Neeman B’yisroel and hurting little hearts and ruining future generations from having healthy marriages due to growing up in broken homes having witnessed under the belt tactics done to their tatty or using “them” the innocent children, in their personal vendetta against an ex or future ex husband.

    I cant speak for all, but for many I can. Disgusting!

    in reply to: Are Heimish Foods Unhealthy? #870007

    It’s actually super healthy and it’s a segulah to eat Hi-Mishe food.

    It cleanses the stomach from all that low fat no fat sugar free

    Sucralose, and other artificially produced rubbish.

    Enjoy hearty all natural chulent, kishka, potato kugel, liver, etc..

    chopped liver, (the fat content is chopped) as well.


    in reply to: Asking for "sign" #870127

    emunagirl; to send you signs… YES

    like as answer to a question? NO

    How do you really know it is his answer to your question,

    or that he answered you? maybe your interpretation

    or imagination is wrong.

    EG; Questions in halacha you should ask daas torah,

    in Mili D’alma a life experienced trustworthy older family member confidant or friend.

    usually I wouldn’t suggest asking young friends questions

    pertaining to shidduchim or marriage as they are inexperienced

    and may lead you astray due to jealousy or maturity.

    Sam2; It depends. It isn’t necessarily an Issur of Nichush.

    Nichush is if i see this(something specific)it is a sign that i should do this, or that this (something will happen.

    What their asking (I believe) is the other way around.

    Davening for a sign or siman lad is a not a problem.

    Especially when NOT asking for any specific sign.

    Just anything to help you feel its the right path.

    Give me a siman if i’m doing the right thing.

    It’s like asking for divine encouragement.

    Though there is a fine line in this area and If one does not understand this difference then they very well may be Oiver

    On Loy Tenachshu.

    HaLeiVi; Where on earth did you get this from?

    Specifically that one cannot daven to HB”H to open there eyes.

    the answer not B&W as the question is not B&W either.

    in reply to: dropped now get me up #867597

    Is he the one that said NO? If so unless you were really rude,

    It’s NOT Bashert!!!

    He has a bechirah and if it wasn’t your direct fault, then it’s just not for you. There is no point in looking for something thats not for you. Like you wouldn’t wear a shoe thats two sizes smaller. (well maybe some women would at least buy it) 🙂

    If however, YOU were the one who said No and you’re having second thoughts, then I really suggest you review the reasons that lead to your decision making sure It wasn’t based on any foolishness.

    Sometimes older girls who are so used to being alone find it hard to commit to a partner who would then have a say in their(her)lives (life). Fear of commitment, sometimes for a very good reason, for instance already opening up to a guy that then went ahead and left her hanging when it got serious or a going through a broken engagement or divorce due to picking the wrong guy, or being mislead by him.

    Be that as it may, the past only teaches us to learn from our mistakes and be more careful, not to give up entirely, or shut out or shut down ones possible chance of happiness.

    So be careful, but don’t let a good thing go, for fear.

    Remember, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Hatzlacha Rabboh!

    in reply to: Where's the snow??? #850092

    koillel101; Shhhh! keep it down!

    in reply to: Why are people still smoking? #845899

    Why do people do stupid things?

    That is a very valid question from an intelligent persons point of view.

    the answer is, not all crazy people are stupid, but all stupid people do crazy things.

    in reply to: 5 Most Favorite Healthy Foods #843200

    grilled chicken sub with vegetables, MUST be whole wheat

    unsalted pretzels, MUST be oven baked

    honey glazed pecans, MUST say all natural

    double fudge sundae with cherries and nuts MUST be dark chocolate

    grilled pastrami sandwich, MUST be eaten with pickles, mustard,

    diet coleslaw and diet coke to count as healthy.

    but seriously

    avocado salad.

    vine ripe tomatoes,






    medjool dates,

    red grapefruit, or Pamela

    in reply to: Frustrated Mothers of Girls: Can we hear your ideas #845452

    Hi guys! long time no read!

    The real answers is advertising and networking.

    Not harassing or Dreing people A Kup!

    Instead of being ashamed and walking out your house with your head down hoping not to get that look you feel you’re getting, like “Oy Nebach that Yentle has two older girls nebach”

    Just kindly mention to people you meet, after exchanging small talk of course, that you have a wonderful child that’s single and available, if they would by any chance know of a nice suitable match?

    For Instance.. you’re shopping at Pomegranate (they better pay me for this plug) and you pick up a certain cut of meat and this nice woman comes over to you

    Stranger; “Excuse me” sorry to bother you but I was wondering, what is that cut of meat called? is it good?

    You; Oh it’s called ***** It’s absolutely delicious!!

    Stranger; really?

    You; Yup, I make it all the time, I have this wonderful recipe I got from my SIL, its very easy, really,….

    potential friend (previous stranger)can I have it?

    You; sure!!

    where you from etc.. yada-yada babble-babble etc..

    you; btw have a wonderful child that’s single and available,

    by any chance do you know of a nice suitable match?

    Potential shadchan/previously stranger; “it’s so funny you asked cuz I have this wonderful neighbor who has this wonderful, kind,

    boy who’s looking for a girl like your daughter.

    Weddings, grocery, airplane, train, bus, wherever, at shul, (before or after davening.

    You never really know, but it’s the best way.

    Just please don’t harass, or force it, just be cool.

    You can thank me later, or don’t. Just try it.


    P.S. If I actually though Pomegranate would send me some,

    I’d list the cut of meat along with the recipe. 🙂

    in reply to: 8 year old gets spit on by chassidim #840046

    Toit Meshiga!

    Nazis YS”V spit at Jews.

    I’d like to meet this individual that acts worse than an animal, in a dark alley and leave him with a positive impression of my knuckles as a keepsake.

    The huge Chilul Hshm he caused with his false kana’us which equals pure evil and achzarius is chilling.

    Any of those insane people who act in this way or similarly are so far from Judaism, if they only knew.

    My dear fellow Yidden, Don’t let their garbs fool you!

    Yiddishkeit is not the sum of what you wear, but mostly how you behave.

    in reply to: Light it up :-) #838657

    EI, Good stuff! Thanks! Keep up the good work!


    Derech Chaim.

    in reply to: Let’s Get Spiritually Ready for Chanukah! #838385

    It’s that wonderful time of year again.

    Chap Arein! (seize the day!!!)

    in reply to: Shidduchim #838618

    R U Kidding Me? The BEST SHADCHANIM are the single ppl, they

    have no Negius. Not really doing it for money,

    they understand what it is means to help someone find their Basherte.

    I even know a friend of mine who his original Shadchan was a 14yo girl. (she told her parents this boy wud be good for …)

    Single shadchanim of the world, “keep up the good work!” 🙂

    in reply to: new around here #825521

    I’d like to welcome you lieb, but first a few questions….

    Do you collect your plates from the table on Shabbos clockwise

    or counterclockwise?

    On Shabbos do you eat on




    d) fancy plastic, (that costs more than china),[but made in China]

    If you answered a) then check the CR rules you might be in violation.


    in reply to: What is the difference between a seminary girl and a cell phone? #825928

    popa…. wasn’t it that a cell has an off button.

    or one fills your pocket while the other empties it.

    or when you leave a cell phone in the restaurant its a reason to panic. 😉

    Thanks for the applause, I’ll be here all week!


    in reply to: Whats worse? #1045265

    GumBall; if you shed a few tears to your father and sincerely tried

    pleading with ur father, Im sure you’d win him over.

    If not try the puppy face, with a PUH-LEEZE!!!!!

    in reply to: Need charity recommendations #826281

    Bonei Olam.

    in reply to: Sleep Talking #958595

    It’s an Eis Ratzon, to ask them to lend you money.

    in reply to: This Place Is Addictive #825848

    GumBall; you can bring coffee as well as other nosh.

    maybe a bag of gumballs? we’ll have cupcakes bring cupcakes,

    hmmm, any other nosh related screen names?

    in reply to: makes me sick #825585

    Tab; ‘???

    Stay away, try making it obvious with your body language that you disapprove of his behavior, if it doesn’t help, try regular language.

    College is a place where ehliche people get tested sometimes to the limit, and end up doing things later that they would’ve never dreamed of when first entering.

    So you have to keep your boundaries, don’t become accustomed to thing you feel are not ok. Don’t ever be bullied my your classmates or professors for what you believe in.

    Don’t become desensitized. Sometime a joke from someone

    especially made in public were other blockheads might laugh at it

    will cause a person especially a young woman to question her behavior.

    Don’t let a guy call you a frummy, meaning if he does, it should make you feel proud, don’t ever let anyone play mind games having you second guess your Hashkafah!

    Don’t worry, tab; it not just advice for you,

    it’s general advice coming from some experience and negative experience of others girls in college.

    Hatzlacha Rabboh!

    in reply to: Whats worse? #1045262

    It’s basically a Ruchnius danger vs. a Gashmius one.

    There are positive things that can be done online.

    and someone can actually learn Torah all day online.

    There is however no upside to Smoking.

    The only Shaychus smoking has to Torah is the Issur D’oraysoh

    one is oiver when smoking.

    in reply to: Sleep Talking #958593

    Have you ever tried to put two sleep talkers in a room, to see if they’d have a conversation while sleeping?

    You should try it, It’s hysterical.

    (sometimes you need an intermediary)

    in reply to: You know you're not a yeshiva guy anymore when… #1197515

    When you find words like


    “Al kol Ponim”


    and “Fest,” as well as questions like “what’s the Matzav?”

    have become extinct from your vocabulary.

    Also when you start being makpid on what brand soap or shampoo you use.(or even notice it has a name other than “soap” or “Shampoo”)

    When you won’t skip a a day or two (ok, week) of shaving just because you didn’t get around to it.

    and Finally when you stop taking haircuts by your friend Getzel, and learn that Jewish barbers exist outside Yeshiva as well as Jewish prices.

    in reply to: How do you know when its time? #825801

    when you feel there’s no way to fix it cause there really is nobody to talk to, your spouse is incapable of remorse, or change, or admitting any faults. Does not want to compromise at all!

    If they cant or won’t compromise, you give in on some stuff, they’ll give in, then it’s over.It takes two to keep a marriage going.

    Maybe more compromise on the man’s part, but at least some on the woman’s part as well.

    in reply to: You know you're not a yeshiva guy anymore when… #1197501

    When your jeans aren’t pleated. Your cap isn’t black,

    your tzitzis find their way inside your jeans, and your hand motions

    when learning consist of constantly twisting your wrist to see the time.

    Or when you walk into any yeshiva beis medrash and instead of breaking out in a smile and feeling at home you check your exit route apprehensively.

    Some are humorous but some are true.

    in reply to: Favorite breakfast #825348

    Western cheese omelet,

    avocado salad, with olives and cucumbers and red onions,

    Toasted whole wheat bread,

    and ruby red grapefruit juice.

    Pancakes with REAL maple syrup,and a coffee milkshake for dessert.

    in reply to: Moran Rosh Hayeshiv ????"? ????? ??"? #899321

    Whenever I think about it, all I can muster is a painful sigh.

    As a Mir Talmid, I can honestly tell you, that his warmth and love for every yid emanated from within his essence pouring over whoever was near him. His radiant smile exuded sheer joy and calmness.

    It is astounding when one thinks back at his physical suffering as well as the frustration tied up with being ill, and in pain,

    hard to communicate or stay still all the while being in the spotlight of the public eye as a Choshuveh Rosh Yeshiva.

    A person worried about their own kavod, would take some medication, if not for the pain then the for the symptoms.

    Anyone who knew the Rosh Yeshiva ZT”L would say What personal Kavod?

    The Rosh Yeshivas ZT”L only concern with Kavod, was Kavod Hoboire,

    Kavod Hatorah, and the welfare of Klal Yiroel. To be marbeh Torah. All his talmidim were truly loved as children, and all who met him he greeted and treated like his Talmidim.

    We lost a true shepherd.

    in reply to: Any frum Beatle fans? #982427

    GumBall; LOL! I don’t know if you intended the humor, that makes it even funnier!!!

    in reply to: Oy Vey!!!:0 #824197

    GumBall; The best way to show your appreciation is to Redt her a good Shidduch! That will show her you hold highly of her and you really care too.

    in reply to: If you've read "NASI Project Responds", have you changed your mind? #847760

    Since B”H some other people in Klal Yisroel have Sechal, I’ll save myself the heartache of typing a huge post against this new “Madoff/Nasi Ponzi Scheme, and post my favorite posts which are worth repeating, and reading.

    artchill wrote;

    The response is sillier than the idea itself.

    (I know right?!)(being naive and desperate are a bad combination.)

    1] Even the greatest Ponzi schemers had the guts to put their names and reputations on the line. With NASI, only e-mails speak! Then they are delusional to compare themselves to Eliyahu Hanavi?

    2] The original statistics were later admitted were a fabrication to draw attention to their cause. Do you have more faith in the fictitious numbers posted here?

    3] If the girls can afford to put such cash upfront, it almost guarantees that the boys will start their bidding sessions for support with higher numbers in mind. Another surefire way to ensure that the divorce rate continues to rise.

    4] No mention was made which law firm, auditors, etc. will secure the escrow accounts to ensure that when a person wants to pull out of this scam, the money will be there. Madoff also said, “Trust Me”.

    GIRLS: Have self respect and DON’T allow anonymous e-mails and their supposed rabbinic enablers place a bounty on your heads. DON’T go for this scam. (Listen to this guy)

    Kshmo Kein Hu wrote;

    So let me ask you this, Nasi…

    (I like your tone already)

    Why are you insisting on collecting the thousands before any list is even compiled, even after hearing the community outrage? Why can’t you just request $500 from every single which should more than cover start-up costs, and request the rest upon completing a shidduch… You don’t trust us Nasi? You don’t trust that the parents of an older single girl will pay due shadchanus when their beloved kid meets her bashert? Oh, ok but we should trust you, without a name behind your cause, without mention of the “prominent Rabbanim” you claim are behind you, without mention of where the money will be kept and who will oversee its financial handling. Oh. Ok.

    So you chastise us Nasi. You are quite condescending when you tell us our money would not be that much better off accruing .025% interest in a savings account. So why exactly do you need this money? To invest? So you can earn the interest your telling us we don’t need? Quite interesting that you will not start the program without 50 respondents. Does the hedge fund require a minimum amount of capital?

    Nasi, you have defenders. You have those who come out and say “well at least they are trying to help our yiddishe kinderlach.” Yes Nasi, trying to help. Through degrading ads, through an insane request for money that is not necessary to compile a list, through half-baked defense letters with embarrassing comparisons of a ponzi scheme to Eliyahu Hanavi.

    I don’t know which is sadder at this point. If we found out you were crooks or if you really ehrlichely believe this is the way to go about helping.

    I shudder to think what a chilul Hashem it would cause if the secular world caught wind of this and saw us treating our beloved daughters like cattle for market. If they saw an anonymous group of “helpers” demanding thousands upon thousands of dollars and making you feel guilty for even questioning. C’mon people wake up!

    Uch and Vey to our society if this is what our shidduch initiatives need to look like. Uch and Vey that Nasi’s ad was even somewhat plausible to our messed up psyches.

    (This one also smells the VERY unsubtle reek of fishiness)

    bein_hasdorim humbly adds;

    If any analogy should be made in reference to Eliyahu Hanavi, It should be that don’t EXPECT your money to be refunded until Eliyahu Hanavi comes.

    “!??? ???? ?? ???? ?????” 😉

    in reply to: FOOOODDD!!!! #824248

    It’s the best time to eat, nobody to mooch off you, no rush to make

    mincha or maariv, just time to appreciate the delicious food HB”H

    granted us all. B”H! Ess Geziterheit!

    You can always come join me.

    between shnitzi’s, subsational, and burgers bar, you have an 70%

    chance of finding me Sun-thurs.

    Sometimes I get Toi-ahhh-meh-huh at a famous Deli in the bklyn area. Hint, I’m the one that orders the Chulent, not the Cholent.

    in reply to: What's Your Pet Peeve? #982830

    SuperG613; I always make sure there is 3 inches of soda left.

    I follow the 3 inch rule. With cookies and chips I follow the 5 cookie rule. Eat at least five cookies.

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