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    it isn’t feeling lowly,

    it isn’t insecure,

    its to be happy with who you are,

    of themselves to be assure.

    It isn’t to feel inferior,

    its not to be afraid,

    its to be brave and step it up,

    positive motives are conveyed.

    its not to be so shy,

    its not to hide away,

    its to come forth with what you have,

    its what you must portray.

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    Come with me,



    lets join together,

    let us begin anew,

    allow us to create a movement,

    let us unite as one,

    see each others joy,

    fill each other’s void,

    color in the bleak,

    illuminate the dark,

    let us create a puzzle,

    a masterpiece,

    and gather,

    from four corners,

    and join

    as one


    a masterpiece.


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    The mist of the storm overtakes me,

    whirling wind,



    foam and waves,

    I’m drowning,

    gasping for air,

    desperate for another breath,

    I don’t want to die,

    I need to see the world,

    I can’t go under,

    struggling to stay afloat,

    its confusing,

    its a whirlpool I’m in,

    its violent turbulence is shaking me up,

    its thrashing my tormented body up and down,

    its ruthless waves come crashing down onto my aching sores,

    its sharp mist slaps my face like a razor,

    so sharp,

    so painful,

    so confusing.

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    i no one girl whos totally normal who went but then the crowd this year that is applying is very rebellious so find out who else is applying from what you know first

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    I actually heard from girls who are there now that there are many girls who spend their nights listening to non-jewish music and movies. Don’t know about boys but if they’re doing movies and things, its also very likely their tznius will look about the same. I’m not saying mini skirts I mean skirts at or a drop above the knee would be my guess.

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    I’m trying to find out the same thing about Nachlas! But as for mesores rochel, based on what I hear the girls are from very “in the box” homes and are not thinking girls. Like the type that they were raised yeshivish and so will always be yeshivish without thinking on their own of a path that’s for them. It could be I’m wrong but I’ve been strongly getting that impression.

    Meohr is much less academic than Machon Ra’aya but that’s about all I know about those two.

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    For whoever asked if seminar is going back down in size for next year they said they are that this year was more than they’d like

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    MOre info on the seminarey ateres anyone? is it out of towny? yeshivish?

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    BY girl ur ressuring me thank you! but someone just told me that they cram a lot in and there is never free time because theyre packing a years worth of material into a few months. is this true? also whats the deal with staying til pesach?

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    btw we are all totally ending up in the same seminaries lol

    when i get there I’ll make a grand announcement looking for all YWN poster who asked about seminary and we’ll compare notes πŸ™‚

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    from what i hear, a good comparison is yeshiva. Its SUPER academic like very very very intense. Most of the girls are very yeshivish or more towards that side. It sounds like a seminary for very “in the box” girls who grew up yeshivish and continued that way. This is all my impression of what I heard but I could be wrong so anyone can say if its different. Personally, I think if you’re going for academic, do BJJ. And yes, lots of girls who apply to masores rochel also apply to BJJ and bnos sara. They are pretty similar in terms of academics.

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    thanks a ton bygirl! also will i like feel stupid if I have only jewish music on my ipod? are they jappy girls? is it out of towny or more brooklyn? thanks!

    also anymore info on ateres? is it yeshivish?

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    One more question Bygirl93-when you came home, you signed up for college? is it bad timing to make it into a program like smack in middle of the year? and thanks soooo much for all the information really sounds good!

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    It doesn’t seem like a BJJ type now but anyone know more info? how academic it is? is it hard to get in? does it have a decent reputation or is it a seminary for girls who don’t get accepted anywhere else? thanks

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    YES! I need major information on lahav! seriously thinking about it. Got a lot of recommendations to go there. What type are the girls? When do you come home? IS it that by the time you get adjusted and start enjoying it you come home and then its worthless? is it yeshivish? modern? in between? out of towny? as much information as you could PLEASE!!

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    I’m also looking into seminaries now. I don’t want something very out of towny. and not academic.

    Ideas I have:





    Bnos Chava




    Machon Raya

    But a lot of these places I don’t know much about so this is just ideas.

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    My question to guys is do you like a lot of makeup?

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    Thank you and I’m really sorry if what I said came out too harsh.

    Thanks syag-I can always use a compliment πŸ˜‰

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    syag-You are correct. I’m sorry yehudah tzvi -but your last post was unnerving and pushed my buttons.

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    yehuda tzvi-I’m sorry you feel that way. I haven’t posted in a while but when I read the disgusting way you viewed the boy, it hit home and I had to say something. I’m glad I don’t have to meet you IRL. And I hope I don’t know you

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    Whoever said they’re speaking up for the victim not the abuser…I’m not speaking up for the abuser. I was a victim myself. I know what the pains like. I know what the life-long effects are. Been there. Done that. Still in treatment. But I do know that the 11 year old boys who did it to me didn’t do it for not good reason. They must’ve had something happen to them.

    aries and PBA I’m in full agreement with you.

    OP I’m disgusted by your attitude. You can protect children all you want but what kind of person labels the poor boy a monster??!!

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    But through therapy or some kind of treatment he’ll be able to stop doing that and not be a danger to others

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    I didn’t read through the entire thread because I was too sickened by the first few longer posts that I read here. I’ve been to BOTH sides of the coin so trust me on this one. There are offenders who have the “disease” to molest children. Then there are children who have been molested and don’t know how to deal with the trauma other than to do what’s been done to them, to others. Usually, a 15 year old boy who molests children was molested himself. The poor boy is suffering inside and needs to get help. Not shunned by people who don’t understand the pain of someone who was molested and only want to protect themselves. This boy does not deserve to be locked up anywhere or killed or whatever you say. He needs to get the proper help so that he can overcome what he’s been through and stop offending others. And another thing-it depends how old the boy was when he did the offense. A young boy not necessarily is able to understand that replaying what he’s been through onto other children is wrong. I’m not saying for sure that this is the case but it is very likely since he is so young. Speak to Rabbi Goldwasser before hanging up this boys picture and ruining his life even more.

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    # P T

    nickels x 5 5x

    dimes 37-(x+x+4) 10 10(37-x+x+4)

    quarters x+4 25 25(x+4)


    I hope that helps…that’s about all I remember πŸ™‚

    I don’t know why its not staying in chart form, sorry!

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    Its pretty yeshivish as far as I know. Supposed to be a good yeshiva though. You gotta ask the guys πŸ™‚

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    klein-well duuuuuuuuuuh :0

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    I’m not very comfortable calling a rav and therefore asking here. Is there a place online I can get an answer?

    As sof davar said, a half and step brother are COMPLETELY different! I was wondering-are real brothers aloud to touch? Yichud? And no, I was not raised with him but am pretty close to him.

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    When life hands you lemons, demand chocolate πŸ˜‰

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    YWN should post this on the home page-seriously! Its so true! I think everyone needs a reality check. Unfortunately it happens all the time.

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    I didn’t read the whole thread but I want to mention that comparing ourselves to princesses can be very real. Just take a look at Kate Middleton-no, she’s not the ideal but she definitely dresses a lot more modestly than most people would love to but can’t. She is mostly seen wearing dresses and they’re usually pretty full. Yes, her arms and legs and knees, etc. are showing but in general she is dressed like a English princess. We have halachos so we take it to the next level.

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    First thing I’d do is update the CR more often…sorry I just had to say that πŸ™‚ and also I’d be the nightime mod cuz there’s never anyone on at night.

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    Its a real thing that needs to be worked on. Yeah, I’ll say the same thing as many people say-she should go for therapy. Based on what I know, addictions have an underlying issue. It can be used as a means of coping or getting distracted or simply making them feel better TEMPORARILY. That’s why drugs are so addicting as well as many other things. Realize that she is NOT a bad person (I’m not saying that you think she is) and has a hard time battling herself with the internet. Honestly, I really have pity on people with addictions.

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    Adorable-I can totally identify with you! I am EXACTLY the same way! What I find works for me is that I tell myself that I know whatever decision I make I’ll end up regretting so just take any and it doesn’t matter. it makes me realize why I’m regretting my decision-simply because I ALWAYS regret my decision at some point. Dunno-just what works for me but I have self-confidence issues so that’s another point to take into account as someone else said.

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    I’m talking about being hired by a daycamp to lifeguard them while they swim-NOT sleepaway camp where its sometimes all day.

    in reply to: What's the going rate for… #785297

    yeah I’m referring to a teen but does anyone know how much per hour?

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    YAY! Mazel Tov! So excited!

    in reply to: Tznius Threads #785619


    Firstly, you asked me to find you a thread where I asked a question and got an answer. That DOESN’T mean that “I” have to ask it. I can get an answer from another person’s post. And no, I’m not searching the entire CR to satisfy YOU. And for where I said that I don’t care about what boys and men think-I’m referring to the style in which I dress. I remember walking out and asking someone how I looked and they said “do you really think the boys know the difference” and that is what I mean. I was not asking how I looked to make sure I looked good for the boys, I wanted to look good for the GIRLS. That has NOTHING to do with tznius!!! That has to do with the fact that I don’t dress “in style” for men! As for tznius, I can see what men say and as I can according to how strong against my Y”H is that day whether I can conquer it and listen to what they say isn’t tznius. Not every day am I capable of dressing perfectly!

    And I said you can’t change my thoughts because you CAN’T! Its my thoughts and I’m adding them the same way you’re adding yours! That DOES NOT mean that I don’t care what’s right! Yes, I DO care what is right. I am a teenage girl for heaven’s sake! Do you think I am Rav Moshe Feinstein?! I am not perfect-far from it! I know that! It doesn’t mean I can’t try my best to serve Hashem properly!

    “Yes, every time I go against halacha knowingly I feel mighty guilty but there is a major pressure in today’s society that many girls (myself included) can’t always fight.”

    Now, check that out. You yourself proved that I DO care what is right and wrong where I wrote …I feel mighty guilty… and where I wrote …that we can’t always fight. I know what’s right and wrong but I can’t always fight my Y”H! And guess what-you can’t either! Nobody is perfect!

    And for what you said about tznius appliying in men and women’s presence-Did I ever say not?! It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help to get a man’s opinion on things!

    “mdd: read mischiefmaker’s contradictory posts and you will see that it’s all bubba meisis.”

    And yes, I am very hurt by the way you feel you need to put down another’s posts. What I am saying is not bubba meisis; it’s my personal thoughts and you don’t need to agree with them. There were other posters who agreed with my point of view yet you selected MINE and said it in a disgusting way. There is something VERY wrong with that.

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    Yes too many ppl abuse it and it isn’t fair. Calling them to find out stupid medical questions that you can look up or find out from a friend isn’t right. Sometimes when you hurt yourself like a fracture it can be dangerous to move it so I wouldn’t say that’s abusing it. Any hatzalah members here?

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    Yeah mods can be a little um…strict but they also are rly funny sometimes πŸ™‚ And w/out the restricting this CR would be totally inappropriate!

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    IMHO it is a great place to discuss tznius where you can find out what attracts men and what they couldn’t care less about but are obsessions in tznius. No, I’m not comfortable asking these quesions to my brothers or father and I wouldn’t trust my mother or sister because they are not men. Not everyone has someone they can trust. fSince this is anonymous, nobody is talking “face to face” and so you can ask what you need and get a reliable answer from the men which is who tznius is for (at least what I was taught). I dunno-just my thoughts and you can’t change them. And nobody has peer pressure here so you can say what you really want to dress like and how peer pressure changes that.

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    observanteen-yeah I guess you were also there but you seem to have a very different experience. I was very depressed and still am. I won’t say e/t cuz ppl here know me but I’ll just say that its not always the teens fault! I had a lot of issues that I’m dealing w/ now that caused it. Also, it came a lot from my surroundings (wont go into it)It was my way of crying out for help. I’m glad you’re fine now-dunno how u did it cuz as soon as I was back on track I got severely depressed (which I was the whole time just didn’t rly come out so much) and now I have an ED too. These things don’t come from nothing. No, its not a blame game but I’m saying that MANY times there is an external cause to it.

    And to those who think this topic is L”H you are wrong! I asked a rav and he said it is NOT! For some reason when it comes to this ppl think its L”H but talking bout ur neighbor isn’t. This is an important topic that needs to be brought to the surface because ppl are in DENIAL and it can be prevented!

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    observanteen-I’m not directing this against u just in general about what you were saying. I want to say about OTD teens: nobody can judge them!!! You don’t and can’t and never will understand until you’re in their situation!!! Nobody can understand the excruciating pain they are in!!!! they don’t want to be where they are! they wish they can do what’s good and they can’t! No, I’m not excusing it but I feel that people tend to undermine the pain of these teens and pity their family more than they deserve! I was there and can tell you -IT ISN’T FUN! Don’t judge. Again, this is not at anyone specifically! just my rant πŸ™‚

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    Shlishi-whether it happens rarely or not, it is covered up. Even one case is too many. (and if you were referring to me specifically, I didn’t not use the word rampant even once in my post so there;/)

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    Unfortunately, in today’s corrupt society, everything is covered up for a fear of “stigma”. Mental illness, abuse, etc. The problem is that these things can sometimes be prevented and when everyone’s hiding it, nobody can help. Children should be warned about it in a delicate manner. And additionally, the people who are struck by one of these hidden things end up suffering alone because they can’t reveal their true pain. It is a tremendous problem that people are simply in DENIAL of or just too ashamed to admit that it exists.

    And for all those of you who think there are too many minors here-(Out of curiousity) how old do you consider minors?

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    The day I made my screen name my friend figured me out and shortly after my sister made herself a screen name and she reads it all the time and posts every so often. Maybe some other siblings post that I don’t know about but whatever.

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    I will try emailing the mod then but yeah its a great site if it would work πŸ™‚

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    I tried a million times to sign up w/ and didn’t work-dunno what’s wrong with it or my computer but anyways it barely gets updated (I read it) so whatever but thanx anyways!

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    I don’t know why people make it so bad. If you have homemade its for sure healthier but its the same as eating bread, tomato sauce, cheese and spices. Yes, its high in calories though.

    in reply to: Whats your favorite Chalav Yisroel ice cream? #782055

    Anything that’s low in calories πŸ™‚

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    Although it isn’t the ideal day for some, for others it is wonderful. Kinda hard to please everyone. I never have visitors which sorta makes it hard but I understand that others enjoy it. Everyone needs a taste of home every so often. Its great for parents to see what the camp that they’re sending their kid to is like.

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