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  • in reply to: Purim Shtick #927016

    i can’t post too much of the shtick i did, for fear ppl will find out who i am…

    sticky string the car of a teacher (no, we didn’t know his next destination was to see a gadol!)

    like someone mentioned b4, change names on attendance

    buy fish heads and place them around randomly

    switch around the rooms at school (make classroom a lounge, and lounge a classroom, switch all furniture)

    and if ur dorming, and you dorm in the same building that ur classes are in, wake up early and and put tape or tons of string by all entrances (at least to the dorming area) so madrichot/aim bayits can’t get in to wake you up (and if they do get in, everyone in the room should spray them at the same time with like mousse, deoderant, perfume, room spray….)

    must admit, i did all this with my friends, but we knew we could get away with it….. gosh, were we trouble makers!!!!!!! but everyone loved us and got a kick out of us!!!!!!!!

    hope n/o can figure me out by this! ssssssshhhhhhhhh! if you do, don’t say!

    in reply to: Thread For Perfect People Only #735331

    sorry to get all spiritual over this, but just a little food for thought: think about it, if we were perfect we’d be dead.

    sorry for ruining the fun……;)

    in reply to: Chicagos blizzard NOT A CHAT ROOM! #1056992

    awesome! looking out the window, everything is covered! totally white out conditions. i would say tho, it was worse earlier this morning. now its just flurrying and def not as windy as last night, but they say this blizzard won’t end till 3. altho, i wouldn’t call it a blizzard anymore (then again, what do i know) there’s a lot of snow on the ground already, not so much falling.


    in reply to: Chicago's blizzard #734827

    oh my!!!!! we’re really getting it bad! the wind is crazy, you can’t see when driving (i mean, you could maybe see the lights right in front of you) it’s terrible! yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! school was out 1/2 hour early (smile e face- i’m not even jealous)no work for me tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

    as i am writing this, i hear a city guy plowing the snow with a little plow. CRAZY GUY, why do it now if we’re expecting another twenty inches???????????????????????

    in reply to: engagements #734025

    i mostly agree with oomis on this one. i don’t wanna get screamed at, but come on! ur gonna live with this person for the rest of ur life (iy’h)! as much as you think you know the person by the time you get engaged, there is so much more to find out. an engagement period is time to get to know each other better, and come on there are just certain things you need to discuss like finding a place to live …………(i don’t feel like going thru a whole list)

    so while i agree it must, without a doubt be in a tzniusdik fashion, you gotta talk to each other!

    in reply to: Books #733324

    the harp, deep blue, and morning star- by meir uri gottesman

    hearts of gold 1&2- by devorah weiner

    in reply to: curly???!! #734737

    i actually think that when girls blow their hair to make it curly/wavy/bouncy, it looks gorgeous. very elegant. sophisticated. if ur talking about that u have really curly hair, do to it what makes you feel good. yes, ultimately you should love ur hair as is. and i’m not saying you don’t. i love my hair B”H. but i blow and iron it all the time. for work, for shabbos…. so do what makes you feel good about urself. don’t you wanna be confident and happy about ur appearance?and not only on a date, but all the time.

    in reply to: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn,A Watermelon in Flatbush… #731524

    Hey, will wonders never cease! i’m also from the midwest, whaddaya know! i was actually born in manhattan and lived in the holy neighborhood of boro park!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gefen and smiley face, do you know me?

    in reply to: tznius to wear skirts that just hit the knee or are above the knee? #730932

    i’ve noticed this a lot. it’s so upsetting. i’ve seen some really good girls from my high school who got married, and all of a sudden their tznius went bye-bye, flew right out the window. and it’s not just the newly marrieds. it’s so many ppl. and it’s sad. really sad.

    in reply to: Screen Names #1176121

    cuz this is one of my most important requests to Hashem. if your heart is open to torah, what can go wrong?

    in reply to: The term "am ha'aretz" #729474

    Truth be told and Sam2 just reinforced my feelings. If an Am Ha’aretz is either a boor or someone anti-religious, IT CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT BE USED THE WAY IT IS IN CONVERSATION. People use the term so loosely. One must be very careful of how they speak.

    Eclipse – Based on what I just said, NO – I do NOT have to watch the whole thing. The title itself is demeaning.

    in reply to: Shaindel Antelis- music #729184

    oh yeah smiley face! and before i clicked on the thread i was wondering if you noticed!!!!!!!!!! (but in the title they forgot the REAL last name;)

    in reply to: If This Is The Answer, What Was The Question #732057

    New Answer: Food

    in reply to: If This Is The Answer, What Was The Question #732054

    where does all of boro park go for the summer?

    in reply to: The term "am ha'aretz" #729470

    WIY – Exaggeration and comedy???? Sorry that doesn’t hold water. It’s not a funny situation. I say this is a horrible influence on children!!! Period!!! How would you feel if it were you or your child who were being laughed at?

    Sacrilege – ok – so it’s used in Pirkei Avos and came to mean an unlearned man. Fine. But why is it used in such a negative way? Not everyone was born to be a Talmid Chacham.

    in reply to: Beware #768478

    who ever confirmed that everything on snopes is true?

    in reply to: Bauch Dayan Ha'emes #726495

    tomim tihye, i couldn’t have said it better myself. it is really hard. we got back from the burial not long ago- that was painful.

    thanks everyone for all the brachos!

    in reply to: Face to Face- Not in the CR #725830

    im much more tone down in cr

    in reply to: Favorite Simcha Drummer #1117773

    estherhamalka- i know, i realized that after i posted the second time!

    1day- quite not! what made u think so? if i were a drummer, i would have picked me!!!!!! 🙂 altho, music and singing do run in my family B”H

    in reply to: Most Moving Jewish Song In Your View #1096999

    i didn’t realize that, mg613. i thought i heard a much older tape with that song. dunno.

    window in heaven (shea rubinstein) and forever (shwekey)

    oh yeah i also love shwekey’s na al tatzricheinu (might be called something else, not sure. it’s the last words of rachem) from 2nd cd

    in reply to: Best Songs For 2nd Dance #725571

    shwekey’s v’ohavta, asher bara, ad bli dai

    that niggun that e/o sings. don’t know what its called. it goes something like nanananananananananananananananananana….. u know? 😉 i know it’s on “2nd dance” and lipa’s project x or next or whatever its called.

    wmbb: its the dance after the 1st, before the 3rd

    in reply to: Sensible Shoes And A Beautiful Mind… #782305

    my favorite is when someone says “oh my goodness! i didn’t recognize you! you look so good!”

    um, yeah thanks. when u usually see me do i look THAT bad????????

    in reply to: Favorite Simcha Drummer #1117769

    why didn’t any of my posts from yesterday go up? my answer to this is – no doubt about it- YOCHI BRISKMAN!

    in reply to: Most Moving Jewish Song In Your View #1096996

    how could i forget shwekey’s meheira, and boruch levines birkas habayis (not originally his, but i know he sang it on one of his cd’s and i don’t know original singer)

    eishes chayil (vahavienu)

    in reply to: Most Moving Jewish Song In Your View #1096995

    Hashem yimloch (dovid stein with ymg)

    it’s up there on top of my list with another million songs that are also my favorite. i don’t think anyone truly wants me to write every song that i consider the most beautiful, hartzig… so just to name a few:

    shwekey: eishes chayil, sameach, mi adir, mi von siach, im eshkochech (not from yedid, but from his wedding album), birshus,bo’ee bshalom

    carlebach: kedusha

    yehuda: v’haer eineinu, lechu neranena,

    tuns of baruch levine and gabay songs too

    that’s enough for now

    in reply to: Nail Polish colors #1188585

    dunno why my post didn’t go up, but anyway, my fave nail polish is french manicure. clear, with white on top

    in reply to: Red Flags–What to look out for while dating #725580

    if he walks into a place and doesn’t hold open the door for you, but instead lets it slam in ur face. my mother said someone did that to her. and no, it was not my father;)

    in reply to: Would you marry a smoker? #726054

    no way!!!!!!!! why would i marry someone who was killing himself and putting me and my kids in potential danger???????????????????????

    in reply to: The Math of the Age Gap #723786

    az, will anyone publicize it, or will they be scared to be the first to take the leap, thereby leaving it to “someone else”

    in reply to: Sister's husband keeps her away from family #723952

    i think that if you two are so close, then you should be able to tell her what’s bothering you. if you don’t, how will she know there is something wrong? apparently she is not figuring it out on her own, or if she is, maybe she just doesn’t know how to open the subject?

    in reply to: top 5 character traits #723211

    oh yeah, i forgot something else really important: knows when to be serious,and when to have fun

    in reply to: People with Yichus #724151

    agree with metrodriver

    mchemtob, i know u didn’t make up that piece, but still when u write it be careful that u don’t write by BT that they are not our type. if there are any in the coffee room, although i think they will understand and know that you mean no harm, it can still be hurtful. and then again, some really might think u are being serious, and it could turn them away, c’v.

    just try to be careful.thanks

    in reply to: My Voice Will Not Be Heard Any More… #724193

    scared me there! with that title i thought you were leaving the coffee room! but when i saw it was from you, i was hoping i was wrong cuz i enjoy reading ur posts

    in reply to: top 5 character traits #723209

    five??????i can list a few more than that than r really important to me.




    -thoughtful (may go along with sensitive, but i also mean this as thinking things through carefully before taking action)


    -strong (not as in physically, although that’s good too, but i mean as in he will be strong in his convictions, a strong and good father figure to my children…)

    well u said only five, that’s six, so i’ll leave it at that for now

    in reply to: Question Regarding Dating #723887

    ooh, good one, memo! i don’t have an answer to that one!

    in reply to: The Math of the Age Gap #723781

    yb123, very smart;)

    AZ, can u please name those roshei yeshiva and gedolim who are trying to enforce this “boys marrying earlier” situation. i keep saying that they will never do that, but if u’d be able to name some (or at least say which yeshivos are trying to get their boys married earlier,) i’d be interested to know!

    i always here that 20/21 yr old guys are too immature to date. (btw, i already started another thread about this, i’ll havta find it) if parents would get their sons ready earlier, than maybe they could get em married earlier. parents can’t just look at there son and say oh he’s only 20/21- not ready yet. did you even try? did you ask him if he is interested in even starting to think about it? do you know what his views are, have you even discussed the topic of marriage with him? or is it taboo until he goes to Israel for three yrs and then comes back three yrs older? i happen to know of a boy and girl who just got married, not chassidish, but totally frum AND THEY ARE BOTH 19!

    also what makes anyone think that girls wouldn’t mind pushing off marriage a little? (i mean in general. i know some wouldn’t mind, but at least they are well prepared, for the most part) truth is, i don’t see why any boy would agree to date earlier, although that disagrees with what i wrote in my first paragraph.

    ultimately, while i agree with hudi and shtarky, i still believe we must do our hishtadlus, which is different for everyone depending on their level of emunah. like, of course i’m looking, but i’m young and not pressuring myself over it, and if anyone asks (besides for the fact that it’s not their business) i just tell them seriously that Hashem knows my address.

    if i’m wrong about something, criticism is welcome. it could just be a learning experience for me.

    in reply to: Question Regarding Dating #723877

    pba i don’t get ur last line. mind explaining?

    in reply to: New Word Game #1041551


    in reply to: DATE NIGHT #720155

    my mother once went to a speech and the rebbitzen speaking said “why is it that ppl aren’t scared to argue (and even fight) in front of their children, but they absolutely will not show affection toward their spouse in front of the children or spend time alone together….” why let the kids see the negative, and make the positive taboo? isn’t that a little backwards? are ppl “so holy” these days that a little affection is deemed not tznius?

    in reply to: OUCH!!! #1097605

    i double with on the ball! just got a paper cut the other day! still hurts when under water!

    in reply to: Did anyone ever hear of this story…….? #719307

    @Trying to be helpful – let’s just ignore the joker(s)

    in reply to: Did anyone ever hear of this story…….? #719297

    @oomis1105 – I totally agree. Never underestimate the power of a tzaddik!! The Kennedy family has suffered many tragedies since that curse.

    I notice a lot of you are joking about this topic, but nobody is coming up with any answers.

    We did ask another Rav today and he metioned that he heard something about the Ridvaz whom “trying to be helpful” mentioned. But again it doesn’t sound like much of a curse unless there is more to what he said than what is written here.

    in reply to: A Radical Solution to the Shidduch Crisis? #719454

    i don’t feel like going back to reread the posts i’m responding to, but anyway:

    first of all, in order to implement this idea of boys dating younger, you would have to have rabbonim and roshei yeshiva drilling this into the boys, and u’d have to get them to come out and tell the velt that this is how its gonna go from now on. which rov or r’y is gonna do that? they want the bachurim to sit and learn!

    also, the crisis is not coming from the way we date IMHO. i think its coming from a deeper “priorities crisis” if you will. i think that the priorities of many ppl are messed up and we are looking first at the superficial, rather than what’s really important. now there’s a problem that needs fixing.

    in reply to: Did anyone ever hear of this story…….? #719292

    @TheGog – and the kennedy curse

    in reply to: Did anyone ever hear of this story…….? #719288

    Thank you TTBH, but as you said – what the Rav you are referring to said is far from a curse. Apparently there was a Rav who did actually curse the city.

    I hope someone else can come up with the information.

    in reply to: Where are you posting from? #718647

    from home, after work.

    and before supper

    and after supper

    and before i go to bed

    in reply to: what would you do #718698

    totally agree with aries. i would’ve written it, then i read exactly what i was thinking!

    in reply to: How Long Have You Been Part of the YWN Coffee Room? #719276

    been snooping around for about two/three yrs, just recently decided to join. i still don’t always post, but, man, i bring up the most random discussions from the cr when i’m with fam and friends!

    in reply to: Changing The Tone On Looks In Dating #718935

    how come when i tried opening a cr shidduchim thread, it got taken off? i think this is so cute!!!!!

    in reply to: New Members? #900677

    i’m pretty new! hi everyone!

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