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    my sons favorite is shehakohl pesach brownies very easy to make. if you don’t bake there is always the 3ps popcorn,peanuts,potato chips.

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    2 cups white sugar

    1 cup margarine

    4 eggs

    1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    3 cups all-purpose flour

    1 tablespoon and 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    1 cup juice or parve milk

    mix everything together bake in 2 9×9 pans,if you want to be extra fancy lekovd yom tov, poke holes in the top of one cake spread with defrosted store bought sorbet top with next cake frost with remaining sorbet, freeze till ready to serve

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    Refuah shelaimah, I’m not in your situation now now but have been there in the past and still remember the pain. Heating pads and pelvic tilts area good starting place.Stand with your back against a wall and try to press the small of your back to flat to the wall then slide low bending knees and back up the wall to standing alternately go on your hands and knees in a crawling position then arch your back up then down. (these are kind of hard for the 3rd trimester so maybe have someone around to pull you up if you get stuck.) I’ve found that wearing a maternity belt can really help.If you have access to a pool my midwife suggested not swimming but holding on to the side and doing leg lifts and stretches.Hopefuly the baby fill shift positions soon and it will ease .

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    A hearty soup for starters (that’s all some will have) then I make hamantaschen knish -potato filling, mushrooms filling and this year a spicy ground beef mix,dipping sauces on the side.By this time the kids have disapperaed to play,the men are imbibing heavily so the a few pretty salads and some chicken or roast for the women covers it.Dessert is usually candies or cake that came as shalach manos.

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    When getting dressed in a kiddush skirt( you can’t wear it comfortably all shabbos,you can’t sit down but you think you look great to run into the kiddush for a minute and wish mazel tov…)first think would I be embarrassed if ______ were there.fill in the blank with whomever works for you,your high school principal,rav moshe, your mother in law(or future mother in law).There are alot of long cute skirts out there think if the great shopping chances.

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    “I just keep telling myself,until a person has the nisayon of money they can’t know for sure how well they’d handle it. “

    If anyone wants to give money I’ll try and handle the nissayon of it..

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    Raccoons should be hibernating this time of year,if there is one out in about in winter weather,(I think I heard something about snow in NY)it may be ill.Cal a pest control company they can set traps for it. Generally Raccoons can be destructive nuisance (they will chew their way in to anywhere they want to nest) but are not dangerous they rarely bite or attack.

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    to mikehall12382,they left the space for fathers place of birth blank,I am not sure what they would have done if asked directly.

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    My husband was born in Eretz Yisoel,his parents are Americans.They lived in E”Y for the year he was born only.My children are considered Israeli citizens by the Israeli gov’t.My sons learning in E’Y claimed no knowledge of their fathers birth place on their student visas as recommended by their Roshei Yeshivos,they have come back to the states for Pesach and returned to E’y without problem.My daughter in Sem this year tried the same but her student visa was rejected.It seems that the Israeli gov’t is starting to crack down on this sort of thing and ran my husbands name thru some sort of data bank that came up with the fact that he was born in E’Y. My daughter now needs a Israeli passport and army exclusion if/when she wants to return to the states.

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    order online, they have some nice ones on clearance(final sale) for under $10

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    my daughter is in meohr this year,while it is a trust system there are rules (curfew for one) non-jewish music ,movies and the like are not allowed,although there probably are a few girls who sneak them in.Dress code no denim of any type,no short socks, no writing on any clothing,no floor length skirts.girls in meohr have filtered internet with email address [email protected] no private emails but I’m sure there are some girls that have figured the way around it.Meohrs goal is to further each girl in their personal growth and maturity. It seems like they had a few years of girls who were not as serious about growing in yiddishkite as they would have liked and are now tightening things up a bit.

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    If you really want to chop the old way you need a hand/crank grinder sort of like a baby food grinder but bigger and stronger.Kitchen-aid sells an attachment for the kitchenaid stand mixers,the knife blade of a food processor works too,use a pulse on/off not steady on or you’ll end up with mush. My grandmother always started with a whole fish and said the secret was to first boil the bones with onions and carrots to make a good fish stock.Good luck, hope it’s worth the effort.

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    I am new to this on the parental end but would think talking to friends will give a clearer picture at least personality wise.

    The questions I want answered but probably won’t ask are, if he sees a woman with shopping bags,double stroller and small children trying to get on a bus will he offer to help ?

    Can he change a diaper? a tire ? a light bulb?

    Does he dress up on Purim and if so as ?

    Just wondering to the boys need to have a resume too?

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    My 10 year old and her friends collect pull-apart erasers,the come in a pack of 3 or 4 and are very inexpensive.They like the ones that look like food best (ice cream cone breaks in to 3 parts cone,ice cream and a cherry on top)A bonus they actually do erase.

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    pumper, When my daughter finishes Sem in June I’m hoping not to have 3 in the parsha at once. Why are girls less checking then the boys? Is it less as less dates to check out or less question to ask for boys ? My boys have not lived at home for years now but are more then happy to have my input my daughter on the other hand… I guess the only real answer is davening?

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    Swaddling really does help,also something warm and soft as extra gentle pressure on babies tummies your hand or for when you just can’t hold anymore a folded soft blanket, a warmed heating pad(turn it on for low till warm then OFF before putting near baby.

    When all else fails place the baby in a safe place with white noise (static from radio or the like) then remove yourself from the room for 10 minutes put on some music you enjoy to counter the crying (headphones) so you can try to regain your patience then start all over again. most do outgrow this by three months hang in.

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    Oh my gosh,is this for real? I have two sons planning on entering the’parsha” pesach time. 1 every two weeks? I’m guessing it will take me about 2 weeks to investigate (bad word choice but realistic)each girl so if it is 1 every 2 weeks how do you get anything else done? Is it okay to ask to talk to the girls friends rather than teachers I think they;ll give a clearer personality picture but don’t know if this is acceptable.

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    My daughter is there for the year,it seems to be very nice mix of yeshivish(in and out of town) girls.During the week she wears a longish black skirt(junee)sweater top with hoodie type sweat shirt on top(it’s chilly inside) knee socks sneakers or black denim,short socks or shirts with writing allowed.The administration and staff take a deep personal interest in every girls growth.The tiyulim are amazing as are most of the classes.

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    My mother-inlaw makes cholent pie,fry leftover cholent with onion place in frozen pie crust bake..

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    Start early,plan ahead & prepare as much in advance and freeze as possible, for example double your kugel recipe freeze 1 for the next week. I make one huge batch of soup once a month and freeze appropriate sized containers.The only thing that can’t be done ahead of time is the cleaning especially if there a children in the house.Yes,ALL of my kids(girls&boys 2-22) pitch in and we speed clean even a 2yr old can pickup toys or stack books,if you can buy ready made things to take off some burden do it guilt free,the kids don’t care if the shabbos party is homemade or store bought as long as it happens.Story tapes or DVDs to keep little ones busy help,(my 2yr old loves to “make cholent” she takes from the cutting board and puts in the pot. yeah it would be done 5 times faster without her help but this is what life is all about.hatzlacha.

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    I use toothpaste to polish silver,it’s cheaper and almost always on hand.Just squeeze out on to a damp rag or sponge then proceede as would with polish .

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    If you are really curious come check out Denver on your next vacation.Denver has a warm welcoming community,as well as a kollel, Bais yaakov high school,yeshiva high school w/bais hamedrash, elementary school and of course the mountains…

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    Thank you, I am the new cook in a small (by N.Y standards)yeshiva.I have large frying pans but no griddle.B’H the bochrim seem to have healthy appetites so far the rule of thumb seems to be double whatever I would make for adults.

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    Simplify, Your husband and children want a relaxed wife and mother more then they want 3 kugels and 4 kinds of cake.Prepare the absolute basics, and as others have said try to prepare ahead and freeze if possible. I try to make soup only once a month the same for cakes and kugels. Try side dishes that are less time consuming, rice or farfel instead of kugel.

    I know it is easier said then done but really try and regard the mess as a bracha a clean orderly house on shabbos is probably a house without children. Depending on the age of your kids try thinking of games to play together with them rather then toys they play with. Hide and seek and charades require no small pieces and hopefully leave no mess, your kids will love that you are playing too.Special toys that only come out for shabbos can also be help.

    As for menuchas shabbos if at all possible send the kids out for an hour or two so you can get that much deserved shabbos nap in,trade off with a neighbor,ask a bais yakkov girl or as last resort beg your husband..

    Hatzlacha Rabah

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    I do as oomis1105 but put them in the dryer on delicate/low heat only for a few minutes to get out the washer wrinkles rehang while still abit damp.

    in reply to: Free Websites? #738029 you can make a free website or a low cost if it is for a business. I have a retail/business website thru them for almost 2yrs and have been pleased.

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    My husband and I wanted our son (entering the parsha soon) to leave yeshiva and go to work/training so he will be able to support a family but were told by well respected Rabbanim to keep him in the yeshivah until he gets a shidduch.”The type of girl you want for your son only wants a learner (at least for the first year)” Seems like playing games to me this is me eldest and times have changed since I was dating.

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    If you’re beyond the formula stage enriched rice milk (rice dream brand)may be easier to digest than soy milk.I also give my dairy allergic children a calcium supplement,chewable (calci-yum) for the older and a liquid that you add to juice for the littlest.Try to pick calcium enriched products as well as foods that are naturally high in calcium like canned salmon,almonds,figs,broccoli and dark green veggies. The only thing my 6 year old misses out on is pizza soy cheese just doesn’t match up to the real thing.

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    I’m probably in the minority but I would rather my children be taught by someone wearing a snood or tichel (and otherwise dressed neat and clean) then someone in a three thousand dollar custom sheitel.Don’t we want our daughters to learn that covering their hair is a mitzvah not something to be embarrassed of? Yes it is all about image and I have to look nice for my husband but honestly isn’t a human hair custom with skin part just trying hard to look like you are not wearing a sheitel? As long as the snood/scarf/hat/tichel even pretied bandanna is clean and neatI don’t see why is that being a shlump?

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    Quinoa is also great for those on a gluten free diet.I saute chopped veggies,mix of peepers,onions & mushrooms or use whatever you have on hand in olive oil add a cup of quinoa and 2 cups water season with salt and ground black pepper. Great as a side or add lots more veggies and crusty rolls as a light parve meal.Quinoa unlike most grains is a complete protein

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    Try Colorado,we may not have the kosher restaurant scene but the mountains can’t be beat..

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    B’H in this day and age it is not as necessary to give a secular name, I’ve tried to make my childrens lives a bit easier by not using any “ch” names. Living out of town my children often have the distinction of being the only frum patients at the dentist or doctors,names are a great springboard discussion for kiruv.

    “oh,your name is jewish…. my mother is jewish….” we really do hear that one often.

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    Tryingtoimprove, Hatzlacha Raba! Speaking from my perspective as a mother of a teenage girl I would encourage you to be upfront with all your family members, yes your sisters might call you “frummie” for a while but then they might just join you.

    Try to take it one step at a time – socks(even short ones)or knee highs under long skirts.Being from out of town I don’t really get the “opaque” part all the girls and women know(not chassidush) wear regular sheer pantyhose/knee highs. Check out the resale/thrift shops you might have to travel out of your neighborhood & they won’t be “frum” stores but for a few of dollars you can buy some nice skirts.

    in reply to: Good Websites #698213

    I’m not sure if this is what was meant by,”a website that you can ask a halacha question which cannot be asked publicly” but for women try Nishmat-women’s health and halacha here is the link of course it’s always best to ask your Rav.

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    any tips for getting teenagers to sleep ? they have no problems with morning or afternoon naps it’s just from 11pm till …

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    As long as the fabric remains sturdy looking,no thin/worn spots and obviously no tears,it’s safe(mine is made of heavy duty denim.) I prefer one that has a padded shoulder area and plastic rings that the fabric doubles back thru so there is no fear of slippage.Yes you can just “tie one on” but there is more of a slippage issue till you practice the knots.

    in reply to: Why don't heimeishe ladies use baby slings to schlep babies? #696193

    I don’t live in the N.y area but have used a sling with all of my children as do most of my friends. They are great for soothing kvetchy little ones( I’ve also used it hiking with a 3yr old).If you’ve tried it and have not been comfortable ask someone with experience if you were wearing correctly. My NOJO baby sling is 20 yrs old and still in use.

    in reply to: Secrets for Cheapest Tix To Israel……… #695471

    I’ve had good results using travel websites like vayama &, they generally have cheaper prices then direct from the airlines.

    in reply to: Most Uncommon Frum Names #740991

    to bh18,if you would like to post your sons full name I(and I’m sure many others) will daven for him.

    in reply to: Help! #674082

    Rubbing alcohol or hair spray usually help,you need to test in a inconspicuous area first they may remove more of the finish from furniture then you would like. Good luck.

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    Any knowledge of Bais Yaakov Mezuraz seminary?

    in reply to: Choosing a Seminary #852795

    Does anyone have information on Bais Yaakov Mezuraz ? I know they are not a full year sem but that is all I know.

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    I have 2 sons in E’Y , one in a dormitory yeshiva tuition is less then what we payed in the states to allow for him to come home for Pesach.He buys some food but mostly makes due with yeshiva food.It is that yeshivas policy that unless staying with family members for the entire off time all bochrim come home.He has some minor expenses less than $50 a month. The other is in a shared dira $150 a month plus phone,laundry,utilities and some food and misc about $300 a month total.

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    Denver is a wonderful warm community,yes it has a mikvah(actually 3 one in each neighborhood)yeshivah,bais yaakov & kollel. Housing is very affordable and as for the weather if you don’t like it wait 10 minutes and it will change. If you want to be part of a “community” Denver is the place.

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    My doctor advised dabbing Benadryle (a little on a clean fingertip) directly onto the canker sore a few times a day redoing after meals. There is also an over the counter liquid that you “paint” over the sore before eating for more comfort, lots of vitamin c is a good preventative. Refuah Shelamah

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    quick applesauce ; adjust amounts as per how many people your feeding

    peel and chop 8 apples place in large microwave safe dish with 1/4 cup water ,

    1/2t cinnamon,1/4 t ginger optional 3T sugar cover microwave on high 5 minutes stir well microwave additional 3-5 minutes till done, this is chunky style makes approx 4 cups

    in reply to: Finding the Right Seminary #1101634

    Being an ex-Detroiter I know many of the staff members of the Detroit sem, they are all great but it is very small approx 10 girls.So not for someone wanting a major sem experience experience.There is a dorm/shared house and the community is wonderful.

    in reply to: Last Girl In Class SINGLE! #669650

    To smileyface, would you please share with us some comments that you would like to hear or that don’t make you uncomfortable at a simcha or other gathering. I try hard not to be one of those wishing “IYH BY YOU”, but I don’t always know what is a safe conversation. I am sure those avoiding you just don’t know what to say.

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