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    1) Stop ALL foreign aid. The medine can stand on its own – the rest of them cannot. It will only help make the medine a safer place and perhaps teach it a lesson to start relying on Hashem.

    2) Stop ALL welfare to able-bodied people within 2 years.

    3) Review all scientific grants and make sure they are going only to real science.

    4) End corporate bailouts.

    in reply to: Question about revarnishing old dining room chairs? #811203

    The cloth is called a tack cloth.

    Cheesecloth is the best for applying stain.

    Wood bleach removes the messed-up stain coat.

    I’ll write more after Shabbos – I need to look at the HD or Lowe’s site to see what’s available in the US now and then I can probably give you a step-by-step set of instructions for starting over, which is what I recommend.

    in reply to: Where is Charlie Hall? #809720

    Charlie can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants, but I am sure he is hiding his head in shame now. He disappeared at another point when there was bad news about the left and I am sure he is doing it again.

    He probably grew up in a leftist Jewish environment and doesn’t know any better when he posts his knee-jerk liberal nonsense. When someone can post, as he did on another forum, that Obama honestly earned his millions and insinuate that industrialists and others did not, I cannot but have a good laugh as I do when someone like Scheiss Weiss of the Karta Klan sounds off. Nevertheless, except to scold him as I would a teenager or student who talks without using his brain, I do not engage him in debate as his opinions on many matters are far outside the dalet amois of Torah.

    He and people like him should be honest and identify as con-servative rather than acting as fifth columns at the fringes of MO. His nonsense is confusing to people who know no better and who may ascribe more authority to it than it deserves, especially because he is a professor and might garner respect that he (like many others who hold academic titles) does not deserve.

    However, saying he is suicidal is going way, way too far. I realized the moment I did not see his knee-jerk ramblings on the Turner threads that indeed he did run like a rabbit after seeing his (wrong) side defeated, but at the end of the day he is a squawk box with only limited potential influence. He is not a Jewish traitor like Soros or Chomsky upon whom we wish the “rewards” of velamalshenim.

    in reply to: Yes, we live in America but…… #810253

    If these politicians uphold Torah, unlike Weprin, then it will bring the geula even closer. Yerushalayim habnuya doesn’t exist yet – today’s Y-m of Crack Square, malls full of pritzus, Shabbos desecration, corruption in every sphere including the Charedi community etc etc does not qualify. However, whatever we do wherever we are can bring it closer. If these politicians act as bnei Torah in office, then they are doing their share. If they become Weprins who appear frum but are party hacks first, then out they will go. I just hope they don’t fall to the temptations of corruption.

    in reply to: BOSCH, MAGIC MILL, KITCHEN AID?? #809439

    Robert Bosch tried to help the resistance against the Nazis YMS and helped some of their victims. The firm remains in the hands of a charitable trust that Bosch set up when he passed away. I would davka buy Bosch if Siemens, one of the worst of the abusers during the war, were not involved. If I ever bother to buy good power tools, a waste of money because repairmen charge very little where I am, I would buy only Bosch (no Siemens involvement there).

    BTW you’ve got to see what he looked like…he would not have looked out of place in Boro Park of today!

    in reply to: "borrowing" from a pushka? #808874

    🙂 My situation is not normal. I am in a place where the only way I can remit funds to Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess is via card or PayPal. I can’t even use the currency in my pushka for Koilel Shomrei HaChoimos and it is just a box as I can’t get an official one sent here. The box is really there for the segula; if I’m panicking to find something I don’t have the time or presence of mind to log on and send the money that way. I was born on Rabbi Meir’s yahrtzeit and I give at intervals to Shomrei haChoimos and another Rabbi Meir anyway.

    Besides, I don’t think this has happened to me more than once over the past 4 years – it did happen this summer when I realized I had no bottled water for Shabbos.

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    Ebay is the best. I saved so much on a pair of current model walking shoes that they came out to way below the going price in the US even with my international shipping – in the US they would have been well under 1/2 the store price so I came out saving about 40 – 45% even after shipping. Ditto for my 9 Av and YK Crocs.

    in reply to: Havdalah – Putting Wine on Your Eyes and in Your Pocket #808287

    The bone is the etzem luz but I think the idea of havdolo wine for it came much later than the gemoro.

    in reply to: Avodah Zaroh in Nail Salons #810553

    Be careful. In Soviet times, beauty salon personnel amputated the part of the body that needed styling and returned it to you styled in 2 weeks. This was called “remont volosa” (hair repair) in Russian, as opposed to the “parikhmakerskaya” where you needed to wait three weeks for an appointment in those dark times. I do not know if they had that system for nails, but there was a “remont litso” for facials. Many of the stylists there were actually men and today many work for the Russian Mafia, as they really know how to rearrange your face!

    Make sure any Russian stylist you go to did NOT work in a “remont volosa” in Soviet times. The stylists there were very unskilled because few of their clients could afford better so they never complained.

    in reply to: "borrowing" from a pushka? #808872

    My Rabbi Meir pushka is a promise to pay when it gets full as I can only send the funds online.

    Therefore, if I need some gelt, which usually only happens for a rare Friday afternoon emergency because my local grocery doesn’t take MasterCard and I risk an ATM line that can push me past lichtbenschen since erev Shabbos is peak shopping time for non-Jews as well, I pull cash out and write down what I took or if I’m really out of time I shove the change from my purchase and the receipt into the box so I know what I took. Normally I replace it with more that what I pulled out.

    In the end, I usually round whatever is in the pushka way up anyway when I count it so it hardly matters.

    My local pushka does go to the shul/shul chessed as cash. I don’t use it for myself except to make “Chelm change” where I’ll take a big bill and change it for far less in smaller ones because I need change and I’d rather give tzedoko than buy something I don’t need just to break a big bill.

    in reply to: What happened to flatbush scoop???? #808332

    A Flatbush Scoop? Is that what they serve at Ice Palace or whatever the ice cream joint on Coney Island Ave is called where Snicler Miklos bacsi recently posed for a picture?

    in reply to: Atilla the Hun #808210

    The Vandals successfully conquered much of Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and Harlem until gentrification swept in during the end of the last century CE. Their conquest of NY subway cars ended when the MTA found a new paint that repelled them.

    in reply to: Havdalah – Putting Wine on Your Eyes and in Your Pocket #808284

    To put it in your pocket is a segulah for your dry cleaner’s parnossa.

    in reply to: Free Prescription Glasses – VERY Limited Time #807000

    The Coastal site is full of great promos and sales. I’ve bookmarked it for after Tishrei when I want to get a more thorough exam and replace my present RX that I do not think is quite correct.

    in reply to: Story of Larry- A moshal (guess the nimshal) #807357

    “Would you buy a used painting from this man?”

    Who is this dealer anyway? Solomon D-ek moved from counterfeit Guccis on to fake Mona Lisas for his next sting?

    in reply to: Your Dream-Ticket for 2012 #903396

    Only viable ticket: Moshiach.

    Unless Perry really is another potential Reagan, I would seriously like to see Obama win again. If Obama does win, he and everything he stands for will finally be discredited after he really brings the US to the edge of the abyss. Then, there will be a shift back to real American values that will last for 10 terms, rather than just politics as usual from election to election.

    Otherwise, we will see constant shifts back and forth in every American election based on sound bites and good marketing, while China, which does not have to worry about elections, walks all over the US.

    in reply to: Chassidish Minhagim and which Chassidus does it #972642

    Also, Chabad chassidim wear tzitzis that are tied differently.

    Is whisky or vodka for Shabbos morning kiddush Chassidish only? The Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA was actually very opposed to it but many Chabad chassidim still do it. (I use wine most Shabbosim because I make kiddush more than once, although if I feel up to it on Shabbos Mevorchim I use “96.”)

    in reply to: Does Anyone Else Find This Short Story Disturbing? #840653

    Sorry to say this, but we all know that Kensington residents in particular may have reason to feel suspicious about newcomers of any origin.

    Even when I moved to my very welcoming community abroad a few summers ago, I hardly met anyone until mid-Elul because everyone was away – here people go to EY for the summer but in Brooklyn the summer trips to the mountains have a lot to do with it.

    On the other hand, a very yeshivish friend of mine from out of town said that he doesn’t know most of his neighbors after 2 years in ‘da hood (some part of Midwood-Flatbush).

    in reply to: Who believes the Talking Fish Story from 2003? #805814

    I have 2 talking fish. One is a Zali and one is an Aroini. I was up all night last night because of all the fighting in my aquarium.

    in reply to: Heels on Dates #1126004

    LOL did anyone fall for this?

    Foot binding and stilts are in over at Creedmoor this year.

    in reply to: Chassidish Minhagim and which Chassidus does it #972631

    LOL yep – but you can’t hear the shofar between all the emergency vehicles!

    Chabad – gebrokts on the 8th day only (but it seems Belz does the same). Shmini Atzeres in the sukkah regardless of weather (probably also most Chassidim). No dairy on Pesach (not everyone; seems to be adhered to more in large communities like NY); kiddush on mashke Shmini Atzeres night (the Rebbe ZYA did NOT hold by this and I don’t either – I use a very, very large glass of wine). And no sleeping in the sukkah.

    in reply to: interesting minhagim #842810

    Has anyone heard of the segula/minhag for putting havdala wine in your pockets for a segula for parnassa?!!

    While I think it is an American minhag that started as a semi-joke, many Lubavitchers do it. I don’t touch the wine at all – it gets all over everything and it is just a segula for running up dry cleaning bills.

    in reply to: Chassidish Minhagim and which Chassidus does it #972629

    Creedmoorer Chassidim drink a glass of bleach every day after the shofar (which in Creedmoor is a Civil War era bugle) is blown. Bleach of course symbolizes cleansing the neshomo of all avyrois. Machmirim mix Ajax with their bleach to scour their neshomos.

    in reply to: Going to Future In Laws for Shabbos #805148


    And don’t forget the bleach (ekonomika in Tzioinish) for that soiled white Shabbos tablecloth!

    in reply to: When will Friedman's Supermarket (BP) reopen? #804810

    Try Federal Kollel Supermarket – From the Back of Our Suppliers’ Trucks to Your Pantry at Prices that are a Real Steal! Boro Park convenience at Otisville prices! Prices so low that we risk going to the slammer if we advertised them here!

    Call us now – if we don’t have it, we’ll do everything including highway robbery to get it for you!

    in reply to: Not canceled #805089

    I thought that it was only among unstable newer BT’s that a chassune has become just an engagement party, with the “engagement” ending within three months.

    Something has gone VERY wrong; this is not the first I heard of these poorly thought out shidduchim ending in disaster.

    in reply to: Going to Future In Laws for Shabbos #805139

    Seriously, if anyone in the house has a particular interest, get them something they can use. I’d be much more impressed with a Vise-Grip than another bottle of wine for Shabbos myself (besides, anyone who knows me knows you need a vise-grip to open any soda bottle cap I close so it isn’t even muktze on my Shabbos table!) :)). Everyone nowadays has enough mashke and wine in the house.

    Baking yourself is another good idea, especially if you’re in a small community or a world where everyone goes to the same bakery anyway and you can assume that your in-laws have tasted what you would buy for them there.

    Music albums are always a good gift for teenagers.

    in reply to: Text of mekubal's dream of ???? #805510

    I laughed just as I am laughing now.

    I had a dream the other night that I was in Otisville starting a three-year sentence – and I am not kidding either. As I live in a place from which they can’t extradite me even if I did belong in Otisville, I took the dream about as seriously as I take all of this chain letter nonsense.

    This kind of nonsense leads kids OTD.

    in reply to: Going to Future In Laws for Shabbos #805123

    A jug of Drano, or muriatic acid if you’re going to have milchigs :).

    in reply to: Finally Defining Modern and Ultra Orthodoxy #804417

    Pointing out the truth about Linzer and YCT is not an insult.

    in reply to: Who is your favorite member, responding to threads? #807104

    The mods, of course :)))))))

    in reply to: U.S. really the first to send man to the moon? #804529

    The Neturei Karta have a whole shul up there – the Lunatic Shul.

    in reply to: Yente?!?! You gotta be kidding me! #805576

    I wish 200 parents a year would decide to call their daughters Yenta (assuming there are 200 a year who have that name in their families or name at random) so we could show we do not care what secularists think and so that we can restore a perfectly legitimate name that was good enough for many a girl or woman who died al kiddush Hashem to bear.

    Yachne has too coarse a sound to it; I don’t think we could ever restore it.

    in reply to: Yente?!?! You gotta be kidding me! #805572

    Actually there was never a Yenta who misbehaved – I thought that was the case until I looked into it. There was a miserable Yiddish “playwright” or “novelist” who used that name for a negative character in a play that unfortunately became popular during the days of the Yiddish theater. A menuval of a “columnist” at the Yiddish “Forward” of old picked up on it and used it as the pen name for his gossip column because he was male and had to pretend to be female. That is what ruined the name.

    If those names don’t work, the only suggestion I have left is Tova Gitta. Good is close enough to the original meaning of Yente and if you want to retain the Yiddish Gitta is the closest variant sound-wise to Yenta. Eden is from the same root as Adina (I think – I cannot spell in loshon hakodesh and I could be mistaken) but as a name it doesn’t sound too great and Edna is very dated.

    You can also try to pull the wool over your mother’s eyes and use an incorrect etymology for Yenta, which is to define it as the feminine for Yom-Tov, and then use the name Chagit. I have seen this – I did not make it up – but it is incorrect and contrived.

    Juanita – LOL – the Yiddish feminine name that corresponds to Juanita, which derives from Yochanan, is actually Yachne!!!!

    in reply to: Yente?!?! You gotta be kidding me! #805559

    The people who ruined the name Yenta came from the short-lived secular Yiddish world (der Bund un der shund) and it is a pity we can’t reclaim it – but don’t try to do so at your daughter’s expense.

    Yitta, Yetta – both exist and I wonder if they come from the same source as Yenta as letters and sounds arbitrarily dropped and were added in different parts of the Germanic speaking Jewish world.

    Gentille in French could be Adina or Eidel (not an exact translation because gentille isn’t really gentle in that sense – but these are the only 2 semi-translations I can think of that are actually names – Chasuda is not really a name and that is the exact translation of how the word gentille is used in French today.) so that Adina Yitta or Eidel Yitta (depending on which is more accepted in your circles) is a good solution.

    in reply to: OTD sibling #805054

    I hate to say it, but remember that Avraham Avinu sent Yitzchok’s brother packing.

    If there are drugs or antisocial behavior involved, you need to do just that – send him packing – tell your parents and others who can get him help exactly what he is up to.

    Other circumstances are very different and I don’t have much to add to the advice given here.

    in reply to: Where to buy furniture in Lakewood? #805499

    Sorry, but if you want furniture from Monsey you have to wait until my famous “Emmesdige Chavyrim” crew sorts through it and issues insurance receipts to its former owners. Then, we’ll be selling it to benefit the N’shei Otisville Prada Tichel Fund.

    in reply to: Life as the son of a Child Molester: My story #819727

    Maybe it is just your own “yikel” and “yukel” that is pulling you in two different directions.

    The original oriental words that I changed are terms from avoida zoro.

    in reply to: NO YALILI IN POMEGRANATE! #868011

    hatihat hara – zo sefaradi

    a shtick dreck – ashkenazi

    Solomon Dwek hu sefaradi

    Shereshevsky – Ashkenazi

    That song is so bad that it is good.

    in reply to: Finally Defining Modern and Ultra Orthodoxy #804400

    I’m as UO as you can get while still using the Internet and not being a member of any faction of NK. My toothbrush is green; I just buy the first one I see on the rack that is not overpriced and of good quality whenever I need a new one and I don’t pay attention to what color it is.

    in reply to: what words can u find in this word? #827817

    Ich bin a greduite fin Yeshivas Hakanoim Mesivta so I only ken to find everlast – det’s what wears dem boxers det I am watchink on ESPN when kyner is lookink!

    in reply to: Uman Rosh Hashana #815916

    The sad thing is that Uman has become a complete free-for-all. The few real Breslovers who go for the right reasons are overshadowed by an erev rav of menuvelach getting away from their wives and family for a quick break in a country known for pritzus, profiteers who sell food at four to ten times the going rate in other parts of Ukraine, segula sellers, freak Breslov breakaway leaders, wannabes, and everything else including drug dealers.

    The rabbonim here in Ukraine always have to deal with one or more lawbreakers who otherwise would end up in the Ukrainian prison system – for crimes that would land them in prison anywhere else, too.

    in reply to: NO YALILI IN POMEGRANATE! #868001

    When I lived in Brooklyn, the only way I ever got service at the frum banks on 13th Avenue was by singing “Habt of danne hentelakh….”

    in reply to: Not trying to offend anybody but are you for real?! #802446

    Yes I am for real. I weigh 600 kilos which works out to over 1300 pounds. I live in Alaska and I work three jobs and get triple food stamps to keep myself well fed. I have thick, white fur and huge paws with sharp claws.

    in reply to: How Are We Going to Post in the Hurricane? #802130

    I think and hope it is going to end up being nothing but a big rainstorm. I’m abroad but I am from the NY area originally and I do remember a few alerts that passed the area by.

    Keep safe, and remember that even if it all blows over, Hymie the Hymish Adjuster is ready to help you cash in by adjusting your house to make it look like there was a real hurricane.

    in reply to: Why do people still wear black hats? #803642

    its out of style now and nobody wears them so why are we continuing to wear them…

    Because we are SUPPOSED to stand out! In 20 – 25 years man to woman marriage will be out of style, and we will still be doing it. Kashrus is unfortunately out of style for 80 plus percent of Jews – we are still doing it. Shabbos – make it 90% etc etc etc. The hat is a symbol now, wherever it came from in the past, it makes a statement that our tafkid is to do a lot of things that stand out and are not in style.

    in reply to: chofetz chaim of texas??? #803163

    the patriot – Texans of a few generations standing are very patriotic Americans and very self-reliant – very Republican. Texas fries more criminals than Kentucky fries chicken :))). Those who walked over the border from Mexico are umm..problematic.

    If you eat CY only, you may have difficulties in Dallas; I know that was the case 5-10 years ago. Otherwise, you should find the OU certified brands of ice cream there. Dallas has top-class football games from what I remember – the Dallas Cowboys.

    in reply to: Berkshires for shabbos #802299

    You may be heading AWAY from danger. The only thing – if you are going, go fast and take everything you need with you. Prepare your home if there is anything you can do to prevent damage when you are away.

    Where are you from? I’m blanking out on where the Berkshires are.

    in reply to: sunglasses are not tznius?! #802645

    I stopped wearing them and started to wear a hat with a wider brim because I look like a gangster in sunglasses. I’d never think of driving without them though, especially in winter – practically pikuach nefesh.

    in reply to: Give it another shot or not #802579

    It did not work in my case either. The shadchanis involved was no good and we should never have gone out because of differences in hashkafah. Most probably the shadchanis wanted gelt badly as unfortunately there was illness in her family at the time so she took a chance and passed off the girl’s hashkafa to me as similar to my own. Well, she quoted Rav Kook….I turn my eyes as I do from pritzus when I see the flag of the medine.

    I was ambivalent about a second date and she said no. All of a sudden she was interested again. I went along because I was in EY anyway and not busy – a total waste of time.

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