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    Are they permitted by the WADA?

    in reply to: Nero's Conversion to Judaism #1100677

    If he did convert it would have to be close to his death, a number of years after the fire and the accusations against him.

    Alternatively, you can claim that he was a wonderful emperor and everything against him was fabricated by later historians.

    in reply to: Pruzbul, shmitta, debt elimination and theft #1100147

    How early can next year’s pruzbul be done – immediately after Rosh Hashana?

    You can but there’s no point, it only covers existing debts and previous debts are already covered by this year’s pruzbul (if you made one).

    in reply to: Whole Life Insurance #1099136

    Insurance companies have better access to investments than you do.

    But that doesn’t mean they have access to better investments, especially when you think long term.

    in reply to: Laundry detergent needs a hechsher? Why? #1098744

    I’ve never got a good answer to why there are so many laundry detergents but so few hand soaps with a hechsher.

    in reply to: Black and White Cookies #1097831

    When making a bracha on the cookie do you hold it the way it was baked (frosting down) or the way it was frosted? And is it flipped over after the bracha?

    in reply to: Roller Coster Fun #1096574

    YW Fan – The least you could have done was change the wording so it isn’t so obvious you copied it from elsewhere (my guess is Wikipedia).

    in reply to: freezer for morahs #1097268

    Syag – Let me clarify, I’ve worked for less than that but I wouldn’t make a commitment for that amount.

    in reply to: freezer for morahs #1097255

    Where did you get those numbers from?

    To answer your question, I would never sign a contract for $250/wk.

    in reply to: Roller Coster Fun #1096566

    Random trivia time.

    Can you name the six flags without searching on the internet?

    in reply to: Do I pay back double? #1096058

    This isn’t the forum to determine who is the proper owner of the jewelry, It boils down to whether the gift was conditional or not.

    One thing I can say is that double payment is only required in cases which can be best translated as burglary, not robbery or extortion (and only when found guilty by a Beth Din).

    in reply to: That's Outrageous! #1097087

    dash – even in a parking lot which is technically private property?

    Being on private property didn’t exempt them from tickets.

    in reply to: That's Outrageous! #1097084

    catch yourself – ticketed cars don’t normally get towed unless they are specifically in a tow zone.

    In most municipalities, cars blocking traffic can be towed regardless if it is a tow away zone.

    in reply to: That's Outrageous! #1097074

    my Kids school asked me for what style filter my workplace has. This is something I obviously have no control over yet, they asked

    The most common is basket type but some coffeemakers use cone type. Even if you have no control over it, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out.

    in reply to: Limited Time Commission Opportunity – Huh? #1095547

    It doesn’t pass my smell test. Is there any enforcement on the agreement? If they appreciate more than $50 can the straw buyer simply not follow through? And if they don’t appreciate the straw buyer will probably be stuck with the coins.

    The US Mint has a good idea of what the demand for numismatic items are and unless limited by legislation can produce more.

    in reply to: Chalav Yisroel exceptions #1092269

    Another problem with OU “chalav stam” is that the OU allows milk from cows which have had their abomasum pierced. If your posek holds that this makes the cow a treifa, OU chalav stam is just treif (because the cows that get pierced are more than 1/60).

    The “more than 1/60” figure is for the lifetime of the cows. If you hold that once the wound heals the cow is no longer a Treifah the amount is less than 1/60th.

    Modern milking machines are quite sophisticated. For a farm with multiple customers, They can be programmed to divert milk from a specific cow so that it won’t enter the Kosher production.

    in reply to: Chalav Yisroel exceptions #1092262

    I wonder why I don’t see gallon containers of Chalav Yisroel in local stores. Consumers might save money if gallons were sold and this might encourage some to use it.

    It would just make any spoilage issues worse. Most consumers wouldn’t buy the gallons, however WIC beneficiaries would be compelled to get the gallon size driving families that aren’t Makpid on CY to switch their WIC benefits to CS brands.

    in reply to: Chalav Yisroel exceptions #1092259

    Although cheese can be made from other milks. The farmers wouldn’t adulterate milk sold to cheesemakers because any substitution would be apparent during the cheese making process.

    in reply to: Beer #1091736

    Why would you value the recommendation of someone who doesn’t always drink beer?

    in reply to: Cholov Yisroel and Gan Eden #1091565

    Sam: So you disagree with Rav Moshe Feinstein that a baal nefesh should not eat cholov stam, i.e. Haagen Daazs.

    Who ever said we are discussing a Baal Nefesh?

    in reply to: Ricola Candies #1091267

    The ones with the stickers are from ???? ??? ????? ?????, which sounds like there’s a special production which is personally supervised.

    But is anything done differently? He already stated that they are Kosher Lemehadrin. Do the stickers have any additional claims that are absent in the letter?

    To me his claim “They are Kosher” is as trustworthy as “I was there and they are Kosher”.

    in reply to: youtube download #1090627

    when a person composes a video and puts it onto youtube, he is fully aware that he is going public & taking a chance of people downloading it.

    When a person sells a CD, he is fully aware that he is taking a chance of someone copying it.

    When a store sells a product, they are fully aware that they are taking a chance of someone shoplifting.

    in reply to: youtube download #1090626

    there’s no problem of dina d’malchusa in the above situations where the law exempts fair use copying, as previously described.

    Fair use is to help determine if what you are doing with the work is primarily using or primarily copying. All of this is irrelevant if you don’t have the rights to use it.

    in reply to: Chabad minhagim #1088482

    I don’t see any merit to this thread whatsoever. Why mention 6 Minhagim that appear contrary to Halacha without context?

    Every group has Minhagim that appear contrary to Halacha and Chabad also has many Minhagim that are in line with Halacha.

    in reply to: Will American money be treif? #1088190

    There is a specific law that washington needs to be on the $1 bill. All the other bills could be changed

    I couldn’t find such a law. Although there are quite detailed laws when it comes to coins, all I found on paper money design is the following:

    in reply to: the apple sign… #1088124

    How do you quantify that?

    Because clearly, no one in their right mind would use a 24″ desktop monitor when they could use a 5″ phone screen.


    I do not think it’s true that people have the right to their own pictures. A picture of yourself isn’t you. I have the right to take a picture of what I see. If what I see is you, I can take a picture.

    There is no right to take a photo in a private venue.

    It’s hard to argue privacy when there over 500 guests

    Most concerts and sports events are also private venues regardless of the number in attendance.

    in reply to: Is this a good business idea? – Board (etc.) game rental #1086987

    Do a web search on “Toygaroo”

    in reply to: Does the Hecsher Company have to look out for the consumer #1086545

    My big question is regarding restaurants that will not allow any outside food due to kashruth concerns but the bottled drinks they serve aren’t covered by the establishment’s hechsher.

    1) Can another guest’s outside non-kosher food affect the kosher status of my food?

    2) Can another guest’s non-supervised drink affect the supervised status of my food?

    in reply to: American Pharoah: Kiddush Hashem or Not #1093382

    I was told he got around the prize money by selling it to a Goy somehow.

    So why was he in the owners section?

    in reply to: 'Halachic Dinner" – What do you think about it? #1083274

    I never said I wanted to eat it, I actually refuse to eat Foie Gros and I have no desire to eat locusts. But who am I to tell someone else to eat

    I’m surprised that veal was discussed quite early in this thread but it took so long for foie gras to be mentioned.

    in reply to: Disproving the Famous Story #1076191

    The Chofetz Chaim was orphaned before his Bar Mitzvah. And before Bar Mitzvah he could have simply quoted the Alshich.

    Or is that a reason to say it’s more likely to have happened before Bar Mitzvah?

    in reply to: KOSHER-SWITCH #1075198

    What use is the random-factor, if it is a certainty that one pulse will connect? It must be mathematically guaranteed to turn the light on, or else it wouldn’t sell. If so, does it make any difference at all that some pulses won’t go through?

    My answer for this question is going to be based more on electronics than the halacha.

    It seems to me that the randomness issue is simply a red herring. Computers don’t act randomly they simply follow instructions, you can see this in just about any programming language’s random function if you generate random numbers starting with the same initial seed value. What computers can do is simulate randomness to a user that doesn’t have access to the seed value. Therefore if you write a program to generate a series of random numbers those numbers are predetermined and not truly random. The next logical step is that if the switch’s wait cycle actually ends, it was predetermined to end, just that the mathematical formula to determine if and when is too complex for a mere human to know if and when it would in fact end.

    BTW, I did read the patent.

    in reply to: Parking Tickets- Innocent Until Proven Guilty? #1073020

    in states in which all traffic offenses are criminal

    A parking violations is not a traffic offence?

    in reply to: EVERYBODY READ THIS!!!!!! #1072668

    Almost every city in America has local speed limits around 35 mph.

    This is no longer the case, The larger cities have mostly lowered their default speed limits to 30 and some (like NYC) to 25.

    in reply to: KOSHER-SWITCH #1075132

    I don’t know how the scooter works.

    In Shabbos mode there is a resistor across the throttle so it never goes down to 0. A full stop is done by turning the steering wheel sideways. Switching between forward reverse and off uses a groma switch.

    in reply to: Bracha on challa #1071234

    Now, is any pizza made with oil and eggs? No, it is not. It is made with probably a tablespoon and half of oil per cup of water. And no eggs.

    Normally pizza does not contain eggs, but eggs can be used to make the dough ready quicker. Maybe they were using eggs last night.

    I still don’t see what difference eggs would make that the toppings wouldn’t

    in reply to: Lying about games involving cholov stam #1132639

    Don’t rely on me when I say that Rav Dovid shlit”a holds chalav stam is mutar mikar hadin. Contact him directly (or a close talmid).

    Not everything that R’ Dovid holds of is the same as his father held.

    in reply to: German products that aren't cars #1067181

    How do you determine the nationality of a car? I can easily make the case that Saab and Volvo are Chinese and Jaguar is Indian. If you insist that you are correct than you’d have to agree that the BMW SUVs are American (and the Lexus RX is Canadian).

    in reply to: Rechnitz #1066662

    Why would he have an email address beginning with “yis”? I think that’s Freddy (Yisroel) Friedman’s address.

    in reply to: Who pays? #1065448

    (is the calculation about the age based on when the CD player was invented, or when it first became popular?)

    When it became available for purchase.

    in reply to: Bartenura'le #1065266

    I heard the blue Bartenura’le goes over very well with non jews as well.

    I’ve never seen the 375ml bottle advertised in that market.

    in reply to: Kashrus Question #1065577

    My rav told he that Rav Soloveitchik z’tz’l ate such cheese.

    No, what R’ Soloveitchik allegedly ate was a new variety that had never been manufactured with animal rennet.

    in reply to: Who pays? #1065441

    The plumber, what kind of zeide is Gamanit to have had a CD player as a teen?

    Someone who had a CD player as a teen could be as old as 53 (if my math is correct).

    in reply to: Wearing an Apple Watch on Shabbos #1063539

    The accelerometer (or more likely the gyroscope) is used to predict when the user is about to look at the screen allowing it to conserve energy when it’s not being looked at.

    I haven’t done enough research into fitness trackers to discuss that aspect.

    in reply to: Wearing an Apple Watch on Shabbos #1063537

    When you’re home, your motion detector isn’t doing anything for you. At least this is the case with burglar alarms.

    in reply to: The Demise of Jewish Music #1063480

    This is a conversation we can have any time past, present, or future. The vast majority of songs are what I’d call fun songs, songs that aren’t meant to and won’t pass the test of time. When we think of old songs, we primarily think of the good ones because the bad ones have mostly been forgotten. Even today’s songs most will eventually be forgotten and a few quality ones will be remembered for future generations to talk of the good songs of the 2010s.

    in reply to: Wearing an Apple Watch on Shabbos #1063535

    With its accelerometer as a basic input, I don’t see how it can be worn.

    in reply to: #EWR 2 Brooklyn #1060364

    If you hashtagposter can wait until 2023 to get from EWR to Brooklyn, you’ll have a simpler time, as they are commencing to build extension for the Path train to Newark Airport in 2018, and hope to have it running by 2023.

    By that time, the fares will have increased.

    in reply to: #EWR 2 Brooklyn #1060361

    NJT Bus route 62 or 67 to Newark Penn Station $2.35

    PATH to Manhattan $2.75

    MTA Subway to Brooklyn $2.50

    Total $7.60

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