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    “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible” –

    albert einstein

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    @Ringless- agreed!

    Talking about how much you would rather meet a girl in a casual setting- when we were set up by a shadchan- uncool!

    Also, saying how much you wanted to go out with another girl (she said no, can you imagine?) = total dating-word-vomit

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    This memory definitely makes it to one of the best-

    In second grade, my morah decorated four or five siddurim into breathtaking masterpieces(at least they were to a 7 yr old girl). Every Friday afternoon, she would let each of the few “best daveners” take one home, but you could only get a siddur once. Being called was a serious status symbol. One week, my teacher called the names of four kids- mine was one of them, “talia” was another. When she realized that Talia already got the siddur once before she said “I’m sorry, but you already had it one week, Im going to give it to someone else.” In her frustration, Talia said “But Morah! Bortezomib also got it already!” To which my teacher said “Yeah, but she really deserves it, she REALLY davened beautifully”.

    I love that woman until this day. Always felt bad for Talia though.

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    On their way to shul this morning, my father and brother were walking towards an African American man, who had his hands stretched out, and was shouting, “Out of all of the Jews who passed me this morning, only this one (the man in front of my father) said hello to me! He must be the Savior!”

    My father, inspired, said hello when he passed (after which the man said “he must also be the savior!”) , and used the opportunity to teach my brother about how easy it is to make a kiddush Hashem, or chas veshalom, the opposite.

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    first off- this thread ROCKS.

    I’d love to contribute- just from the other side- aka things that have come out of my mouth on dates that should not have.

    I was on a date with a verrry aidel and sweet boy. We had zero to say to each other, but we tried to maintain conversation valiantly, I assure you. In a feeble attempt to revive conversation, the boy said to me “Oh, so you’re taking chemistry, how is lab, do you do any cool experiments?”

    Of course I answered that we did, and what made it even cooler was the fact that often, we’d be working with toxic chemicals.

    “Yah,” I continued, “One time, a boy in my class spilled sulfuric acid on himself, and since it’s corrosive, my professor made him take off his pants!”


    <me mentally hitting myself>

    And then he says, “Ohh…uhh.. they don’t have a spare set of clothing for these people?”


    Im taking 61-70

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    Sancheirev [melech] Ashur = Sennacherib (pronounced sen-ak-ker-eb) [king of] Assyria

    in reply to: college tomorrow #841841

    The usual i guess- I dislike sitting in class with professors talking about Jews and Judaism in a way that I find offensive; I have a hard time balancing the correct way to act in a coed environment; I cringe at the use of vulgar language by people who think no more of it than they do breathing. It’s not pleasant but it’ s where I am and I just gotta deal with it

    in reply to: college tomorrow #841839

    estrapade- It’s not about the classes I take- I really do enjoy most of my classes (although sometimes, you need to take classes you don’t enjoy to go on to do something you are passionate about i.e. orgo to get into med school..) but mostly it’s because I personallyhave a hard time in secular college.

    in reply to: college tomorrow #841835

    mp- cool classes! ur going into.. interior design?

    I just ended fall semester a week ago, and started winter session today..gosh I hate college

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    Was R’ Elyashiv’s ban on all Mishpacha magazines or only the Israeli one?

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    It’s almost Yom Kippur .. but i could say a mean thing that I’ve done that my victim has (thankfully) forgiven me for- it was recess in 7th grade, and my friend kept on provoking me . I have no idea why, just that i felt so annoyed at her that I poured the remainder of my bag of chips into her curly hair.

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    i agree with MP.

    “on the other hand many dolts find it unreasonable to not want to marry a fat lady.”

    If by ironic you mean that people could believe simultaneously that a man should compliment his date/wife on her physical appearance, and then also believe that a man shouldn’t be so concerned with superficials, you are assigning generalizations superficially.

    No one believes that a man should marry someone he’s not attracted to- obviously.

    But if he appreciates how she looks he should (in the appropriate time for whichever circles you belong to…) tell her so. That’s separate from not wanting to marry someone you’re not attracted to.

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    my friend went out on a date today. She wore rainboots and brought her shoes in a bag, but never changed into them. She told me tonight that the shadchan said that the boy specifically noted that he liked that she wore rainboots and appreciated her excitement of jumping into the puddles. maybe dating in the rain isn’t so bad after all… 😉

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    I was once on a date and we were outside and it was REALLY hot, and I was super self-conscious about my expanding hair, and the boy made fun of it. I took it as a compliment ‘cuz that was as far as he’d go in discussing my physical appearance…;)

    in reply to: Children : The Challenge #796246

    aries- I wanna save your very well-written post for when I have children iyH!! till then, I’ll try to implement your sage advice on my impossibly stubborn 3 year old brother 😉

    in reply to: does ur screen name represent a/t bout u? #875821

    bortezomib doesn’t reflect anything about me except for that at the time when I made my screen name, I was involved in researching it night and day!

    Briefly , Bortezomib is a drug which has been proven to inhibit proteins known as proteasomes, which are required for cancer cell activity. Besides for being a proteasome inhibitor, Bortezomib has also been implicated in activating pro-apoptotic (programmed cell death) protein Noxa, which produces a significant overall response rate in multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma, and has been approved by the FDA for treatment of those cancers.

    So there’s that, and.. there’s such a cool ring to it;)

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    eeeeeeeeekk!!!! coool!!!!!

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Questions Asked About a Boy/Girl/Family #914105

    bpt- If you can figure out a normal way to email my seminary teacher “please let me tell the story you told over last year in the name of ____ on yeshiva world news cr” ”ll be happy to do so.

    Until then, I could probably say that it was in a non-bais yaakov seminary, though he teaches in bais yaakov seminaries as well.

    in reply to: Meataphobic??? #793956

    yes but it affects more than .02% of the population of frum Jews. I’d say that percentage is reserved for those who DON’T have the phobia. I’m a Yek and the fear of fleish haunts me day and night. Kal v’Chomer someone who waits 6 hours!

    in reply to: addicted to cr #794149

    i find its a great way to push off studying. I can thank cr for my AWESOME grade on my math test!

    in reply to: Truisms and guidelines that only we know #890785

    Never said there was a problem with keeping on makeup after a wedding. I do it all the time

    in reply to: Truisms and guidelines that only we know #890783

    this thread is REALLY confusing! Why are guys so into their weird subconcsious, subtle fashion statements which are, btw, COMPLETELY lost on any girl?!

    Here’s something maybe more girls can relate to, about makeup

    a- If you’re wearing too much makeup (easily identifiable) you either

    1. went on a date last night

    2. had a wedding last night and didnt want to take it off because it looked so good

    3. told everybody you had a wedding last night but really you went on a date

    4. WANT a date.

    b- If you’re wearing light makeup (blush, eyeliner, some mascara) you’re trying to look good without looking like you put too much effort into looking good

    c- If you’re not wearing makeup you either

    1. are making a statement about your opinion on how untzniusdike makeup is

    2. had 3 minutes from the time you woke up (late) till you had to run out of the house

    3. are suffering through a 3 day yomtov

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    In seminary for one of those fluff classes, we had to act out some scene .. I was playing someone getting very emotional, so when my partners and I were practicing I started SCREAMING MY LINES VERY LOUDLY. My back was towards the door so it took me a few minutes to realize that the head of my school (a Rabbi) was standing by the doorway, and had been, for a few minutes.

    in reply to: Most embarrasing moment outside #1041958


    it’s an FDA approved drug for second-line treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma. 🙂

    in reply to: Breakfast Before Davening 🍞🍳☕🥛📖 #792727

    wait- you’re not allowed to eat anything before kiddush on Shabbos day? Really?

    in reply to: Most embarrasing moment outside #1041956

    ktc- wow. that is soooo bad it’s HYSTERICAL!!!! ohmygosh!

    Embarassing stories gravitate to me.

    Last week i got an email from my the head of the lab where I work ,that he was giving a lecture on Friday. When I arrived, not everyone had gotten there yet, and my (non-Jewish) boss turned to me casually and asked “What music do you listen to? I’m always looking for new music”. I was so taken aback by the question and who it was coming from, that I had to ask him to repeat 2or 3 times before I understood what he meant. I sure wasnt going to say “The Miami Boys Choir”, so I quietly suggested “The Maccabeats”, hoping he’d just nod and smile.

    Nope! To my mortification, he whipped out his iphone, and typed in “the maccabeats”.

    Baruch Hashem the internet wasnt working, so it didn’t go through.

    45 minutes later, my boss was deeply involved in giving over his lecture, with 10 other brilliant important-looking scientists seriously engrossed. When, all of a sudden, my boss’s phone started ringing

    Except nobody was calling him. The Maccabeat’s “Al Hanisim” was blasting out of my Indian boss’s pants pocket in front of 12 other non-Jews.

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that he won’t be asking my advice on music anytime soon.

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Questions Asked About a Boy/Girl/Family #914081


    i just had a 40 minute conversation with a yeshivish-sounding man about my friend. My friend is VERY frum, but is not looking for a full-time learner. After I had expounded on her many maalos, the man asked, “Well, if she is so passionate about Torah, as you describe, then why isn’t she looking for a full-time learner? Wouldn’t you say that somebody who’s working would not be as passionate for Torah as someone in kolel? Unless they don’t have the education of course..”

    Well EXCUSE me! I actually disagree!!! (though i give him credit for not asking anything about her outward appearance)

    My Rov in seminary told us about the time that he was called about a girl he once taught, and was answering their questions, until they asked “Is she pretty?” Uncomfortable, he answered non-commitedly, “She..looks like a girl..” The caller persisted, undaunted, “What size would you say she is?” To which my now-disgusted Rabbi answered “Excuse me, you must have the wrong number. I am a Rabbi, not a modeling agency.” and promptly hung up the phone.

    in reply to: ALL ABOARD- PROJECT IMPROVE #1045511


    You totally got me. I’m still wondering why you would want people to assume that your misleading statement meant what it sounded like.

    in reply to: CR POSTERS #793283

    haha i think just about every post of mine gives away all of that info: young, interning / school (summer semester), i think it’s pretty clear from the way people post and they topics they write about, what age range they’re in

    in reply to: Kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira Stabbed To Death #792361

    I wish a Gadol would stand up and tell us- what exactly it is that we need to fix! Baruch Dayan Haemes!

    in reply to: Singles Support Group #791769


    It’s a matter of perspective. Of course, as frum Jews, we believe that Hashem has our zivug, and has had him/her since 40 days before we were born. Practically though, it can be hard to transform that theoretical emunah into day-to-day bitachon, when a person can have dated for years without finding him/her. You are “without many shidduch suggestions” because Hashem has decided that it’s not time for you to meet your zivug yet. end of story. iyH, at the right time, He will send him right to your doorstep;)

    in reply to: Do you watch movies? #800539

    quark- dont worry, It was an extra credit assignment from college. I had to watch a movie that had something to do with anthropology..she recommended one rated pg13, so my friend picked a nice PG one, and we had a kosher movie night.

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    I started dating a few months ago.

    i was forced to go on my first- I remember, the first shabbos I was home from seminary I had my cousin’s shabbos sheva brachos. My uncle came over to me and said “Nu, so you’ll start after tishah be’av or after succos? I had washed for hamotzi, and couldn’t answer, but i think the look on my face made him laugh.

    When I did go on my first date- After chanukah- i still did NOT feel ready. I was doing it purely out of pressure from my parents, who dismissed my claims of not “being ready” as an excuse to push off dating.

    Talk about a turn-off!

    I got dates bH, but for me to get excited to go on a date took a long time, and I’m really happy it did happen.

    So in answer to you- I completely empathize with your struggle, and maybe you’re just not ready to start dating. when you are, you’re gonna want to go out on a (yes, even a shidduch!) date

    But deeeefinitely agreed, the shidduch system is BRUTAL!

    in reply to: Do you watch movies? #800516

    I shouldn’t say I don’t watch movies anymore..

    In the past two years, I watched 3, one was for extra credit for a class, and the other two were animated (Toys Story3 and Alice in Wonderland if you were curious).

    So i SHOULDN’T say i don’t watch movies, but i do, because I don’t actively go to watch. (both times my brothers were watching and i sat down and joined)

    Missing two HP movies hurt, that much I can tell you, and sometimes i ache to watch, but at the end of the day, staring blankly at a highly entertaining, numbingly stupid-ifying screen is not what I want to spend my time doing, so that’s that!

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    To a beautiful vort I did just go!

    And the kallah’s face was much aglow!

    (Though it was somewhat of a fashion show

    And heels made for quite painful toes)

    in reply to: rhyme game #886564

    And it’s giving me the chicken pox.

    in reply to: invited to a treif restaurant ! #790870

    anothername, popa_bar_abba, aries, – thanks for the chizuk, I really needed it 🙂

    in reply to: which city/borough/area do you live in??? #790032

    Am the ONLY poster from 5T/Farock?

    To all you flatbush/boropark ‘ers, you have my deepest sympathies

    in reply to: invited to a treif restaurant ! #790860

    So.. the aftermath..

    I told my PI that I would not be able to come because I eat kosher food only, and the restaurant is not kosher. First he asked if I could eat “non”-not-kosher foods (like salad..) and I said no. Then he checked up any kosher restaurants in the area, and there are none. Finally, he asked if I could bring my own food. By this time, all of his attempts to get me to come was making it exceedingly uncomfortable to refuse. I said I was not sure about that, and left the room to call my father. Who didn’t answer. When I got back to the lab, everyone had left. My P.I left the address of the restaurant on a post-it on my desk, but, as per the psak I got earlier this morning, and my own level of comfort, I did not go, even to drink a coke.

    I just hope I did the right thing, because right now I feel awful!

    in reply to: invited to a treif restaurant ! #790851

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I was a little surprised by my Rov’s answer “… That you are sorry you cannot attend. If you feel you absolutely must show your face- then say that due to religious reasons you cannot eat there, but that you will stop by for a few moments. Then do not sit down and do not even drink a coke.” but this is how he p’askin’d for me in my situation, and I’m going to abide by it. Hopefully it won’t get too awkward…

    in reply to: invited to a treif restaurant ! #790839

    Chanie- Isn’t entering a non-kosher restaurant maaras ayin?

    chein- if only i could!

    mikehall-I just emailed my Rov, but I doubt I’ll hear from him until tomorrow morning so…

    in reply to: Opposite Gender Friendships #795920

    Okay, here’s another story to illustrate that being “friends” with a guy/girl if you’re a girl/guy does NOT exist !

    My friend is very frum. I wouldn’t classify her as “yeshivish” but still doesnt-talk-to-guys frum.

    In one of her classes this semester, was a yeshivish (looking) boy. (And very good looking unfortunately.) He would sit down next to her in class, come over after class and ask questions, and was, in general, making this girl think (with good reason!) than he wanted to date her. Eventually. At first my friend’s theory was that he first had to take the LSATS, and then he’d formally ask her out. I had misgivings because she was not the only girl he talked to, but didn’t want to ruin any high hopes for my friend – he was REALLY playing her emotions.

    One day, they started emailing back and forth- it started off innocuous enough- about an upcoming test bla bla bla.. and ended up being used as an excuse to flirt outrageously.

    My seriously shtark friend was sitting at her computer for hours on end trying to come up with funny responses to his funny responses.

    One night, he ended his email with “Okay, I’m tired and cant be on my a-game anymore, layla tov!”

    And he never emailed or contacted my friend again.

    Who was heartbroken obviously.

    And 2 months later, he’s dating someone seriously.

    Honestly, generalizations across the board are difficult, but in this case- it’s just NOT worth it to start up with a a guy/girl unless you’re dating her/him.


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    Mods, can i pretty please have a subtitle?

    (Should i pretend to have some shame?;)



    in reply to: ATT POETRY PEOPLE #1167142

    okay, my friend wrote this, she is actually AMAZING . It’s really pure entertainment to read.

    the garret girl

    And I always listen politely

    And make the expected comments

    After all, the story brings people pleasure

    And the truth brings pain to all who know it,

    At least,

    It tears me apart,

    It was hardly a tower

    More a little house with an attic

    But to the mind of a little girl

    That garret was the most wondrous site-

    A place for all sorts of games,

    That her story

    Is set in a tower

    She was such an ordinary child

    I still wonder at the story-

    And I am scarcely a cruel hag

    For the sake of some herbs-

    As her aunt

    I took her in and raised her

    Along with my own brood

    After the early death of her mother

    As I study it along

    The history and the tale

    I must say it was her father

    The foolish fellow in the story

    Who cut bargains with evil women

    After stealing from their gardens

    And the negligent father in the gaudy hat

    Who left the girl-

    Clothing, feeding, raising-

    To me

    When the crowds at the fair

    Tugged at his ribbon-selling wallet

    Oh and then he would come

    And disappear with her for a day or two

    While my motherly heart

    Turned my grey head whiter;

    And the lass would return

    Festooned with ribbons

    And dreamy eyed with the compliments and looks

    From the customers

    Her hair was pretty-

    Not wondrous as the minstrels paint it

    But pretty with the soft brown

    Of a kitten I once found on my doorstep

    And her father would sell his scraps

    By winding the prettiest through

    The soft locks

    To milk big gold coins

    From reluctant pockets

    Every season after he left

    I would reaffirm

    My commitment

    To refuse the next time;

    I would look at the red rimmed eyes

    Of the tender-hearted daughter

    Who believed his promises every time

    Promises to take his princess with him

    Love her

    Cherish her

    And every time

    He left the weeping eyes and took the clinking coins

    My soul broke

    At the thought of my wholesome little niece

    At the ribbon market

    Selling rags for her rascal of a father

    With such love beaming from her eyes-

    The warm love

    That drawing the cold coins-

    And my girl

    Was seeing sights, meeting people, hearing language

    I wanted her innocent little heart far away from

    And so

    One fine autumn

    I think it was the year she turned sixteen

    When he came along

    With satchels bleeding a rainbow of ribbons

    I stood at my threshold

    And refused to let him pass

    He blustered and bellowed

    That I stole the only daughter of a loving father

    Swore revenge

    But I stood my solid ground

    And my girth filled the doorway

    So he left disappointed;

    I thought the child was unaware

    Of the scene

    And returned to my hearth and spiced the stew

    Without a thought for the girl in the garret

    And as the moth flutters desperately to the lethal light

    Her little fingers gathered the long sacred ribbons

    She kissed each evening

    And she braided them tightly

    Bound them to the window frame

    And climbed down-

    Leaving everything I had even given her behind-

    Tender little heart

    Feeling she no longer deserved my love-

    And I knew not a thing

    Until I called for her aid

    In the task she treasured-

    Crushing the herb she loved-

    Releasing the pungent odor

    And perfuming the cottage

    With the scent of rapunzel-

    Oh- that scoundrel!

    She was last seen having rejoined him

    And the lout took her far from my embrace

    Knowing that I would come with a vengeance

    And rescue her

    With the support of the neighbors

    So he took her far

    Bedecked with ribbons

    And when he reappeared

    Years later

    With more ribbons

    And no girl in tow

    And a gleam of victory in his eye

    I burned the braided ribbons

    Consecrated by her kisses

    In full confidence

    That she would not return

    And so I wonder at the tale

    Of a princess captive in a tower

    Long tresses

    And a loving prince

    Sung by festooned minstrels

    When I think of my little niece

    Hopefully safely ensconced

    In the embrace of a decent grave

    But probably wandering in dark alleys

    On a loving aunt

    in reply to: Moshe Rose #789192


    I appreciate

    your explanation, spot on

    but please do refrain

    in reply to: Moshe Rose #789190

    is there such a thing as loshon hora on anonymous blogs?

    in reply to: I CANT FALL ASLEEP!!! #798184

    Force yourself to breathe really deeply, in and out at even intervals. That always helps me…Im pretty sure that’s the idea behind counting sheep- because it gets you to breathe evenly and deeply, but whenever I try, I always get distracted by the sheep;)

    in reply to: A Interesting (hopefully) Experiment #788064

    What in the world was the point of that experiment?

    One look at that question and my brain started to hurt.

    Good thing you gave the answer or I would’ve been nervous all day.

    in reply to: A Complaint……. #785268

    hahahahahhaaa coke!

    i just read your thread now, but i TOTALLY get where you’re coming from, last year I did chessed by my cousin’s house- and that meant folding ALL of her and her kids and her husbands clothes.. there was nothing really I could do about it. My cousin was actually very considerate and asked me if it made me uncomfortable to fold her husband’s clothes. I said no, even though it did, because I was there to do her a chessed after all. Whenever i got to an unsavory article of clothing, I’d quickly fold whilst looking away- sort of like how you react to having to take disgusting medicine- gulp it down quickly and get it over with..

    That was a monologue- really i just wanted to let you know that i definitely know the feeling, it’s a hard-knock life for us 😉

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