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  • in reply to: Yeshivish Good Learners Who Want to go to College #862127

    PBA – either or. In which program does the learning suffer least, what programs are most realistic for such a boy, etc.

    RSRH: That was the first option we thought of. The problem is that you basically have to learn in their yeshiva. What if the boy is perfectly happy in his yeshiva but wants a good degree?

    Zahavasdad – take it for granted that a yeshivish boy won’t go to a place that has girls.

    Seeallsides – where can more information be gotten? what is the program called?

    Ender: A bit out of the way.

    Bowwow: Why not?

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    I don’t think there’s a correlation

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    Sorry for bumping. Maybe I should start a new thread on yeshivish boys who are serious learners who want to go to college?

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    Nope, never felt that way.

    What about clouds one through eight?

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    Thank you thecuriousone!!

    That’s exactly what we needed to know. How did you get practical experience?

    Were the professors good?

    Did you get scholarships?

    Anything you can tell us will be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you, Yenting Yenta. Were you trying to transfer to Touro? Does anyone have experience transferring to Touro?

    in reply to: Sixth Sense #862352

    Yep but I have really strong intuition and that’s what it really is. Like if someone near me has a toothache, I’ll start to feel it too. The more strongly connected I am emotionally to that person, the stronger it is.

    I’ll have to marry someone who is mostly happy and takes care of themselves – I can’t seem to ignore minor things like headaches the way others do.

    Sometimes it works in my favor, because I try to make people comfortable and have an advantage if I can intuit what’s bothering them.

    in reply to: Bein Hazmanim College #862024

    Squeak – reread your post. It’s FDU not FRU.

    No on mourns – It’s not about finishing it quickly, but about having minimum distractions from learning. So a Bein Hazmanim program would be better than a place that has classes at night, and it seems FDU is the only one.

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    Does anyone know anything?

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    Squeak – you need to go to college to learn how acronyms work.

    Listen, this is a serious topic that we need to know about now. Could someone please be generous enough to share some information?

    in reply to: The Wizard of Oz #862058

    Dorothy is not dressed tznius. Otherwise nothing bad with it, nothing good either, a waste of time.

    in reply to: Bein Hazmanim College #862018

    PBA – thanks. Do you know anything about scholarships?

    Squeak – What makes you say that? This information is needed l’toeles.

    in reply to: shidduchim and weight….. #906729

    Wear makeup and find out what looks good on you, have confidence in the way you look!

    Don’t worry about it too much. The right person will love you as you are.

    in reply to: Why I'm never giving blood again. By popa. #1157793

    If you’re O+ you can’t give blood to anyone with Rh- blood.

    in reply to: help me #860448

    Go to a dating coach

    in reply to: Crowdsourcing dating #914352

    He’s not married. Therefore, it failed.

    And please, 200+ girls?! I doubt he wants to get married, and after that number has any idea what he’s looking for.

    Just goes to show how desperate some girls are.

    in reply to: PSATs and SATs #956443

    My Totty is taller than yours…

    I did very well on the PSAT, SAT and almost perfect on the GRE. I practiced a lot before hand. There is no substitute for working hard! Anyone can learn these tests.

    in reply to: This is not a seminary question #850691

    Ok, thanks for clarifying. What is your background and what do you want to know about seminaries? Do you already know about the application process, the reasons girls go to seminary, parents’ attitudes? If you give me some idea what you’re looking for I’ll be happy to explain.

    in reply to: Random Questions #850450

    Baal Habooze – Actually its a lot more complicated.

    in reply to: Random Questions #850447

    Why did the cow jump over the moon?

    What does Guinea mean and why is it an insult?

    in reply to: BMG FReezer opens today!!!! #850493

    The race is on! Who can grab the good boys first?

    Please girls, Let’s have some self respect.

    in reply to: Are you superstitious #850485

    No, I’m not superstitious.

    I find that atheists tend to be superstitious. I want to study that one day,when I have a bit of extra grant money.

    in reply to: This is not a seminary question #850689

    Don’t write a book about something you know nothing about.

    No offense.

    in reply to: make-up #853202

    I like wearing makeup, people tell me it looks natural and seem surprised that I wear makeup. It’s part of my daily routine.

    Makeup is tznius! It’s existed for centuries and is meant to enhance your looks, not attract attention. In fact, I’ll argue that we need to give tznius makeup classes so girls can know apply makeup properly.

    Is it Tznius to walk around wearing a golden crown saying “Yerushalayim shel Zahav”?

    in reply to: Those bumper stickers that say "My Kid Is An Honor Student…? #847238

    If it makes them happy what do you care?

    So they want to show off about their kids – this is actually one of the better bumper stickers out there!

    in reply to: allergies #849024

    I’m also severely allergic and have been experiencing flare-ups. I use Benadryl when my symptoms get out of control, it really helps in knocking out the allergy and you don’t get the side effects as much when you have an active allergic reaction. Just use it alone as it is very powerful. Once it knocks out the allergy you should make sure to continue taking all your other medicines.

    So for example, tomorrow PM, take Benadryl, your inhaler, and eye drops.

    12 hours later, continue with all your regular medications.

    This has always helped me get the symptoms back under control.

    Refua Shleima~

    in reply to: How would you rate Machon Bais Yaakov Seminary? #859404

    Cinderella, if I’m not mistaken, Popa’s referring to a joke about a certain MO seminary.

    I am here pretty much summed it up. It’s not particularly agenda-driven, which may lead some people to call it modern.

    in reply to: dreams #840578

    they are what you want them to be.

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841628

    Thanks, the curious one.

    What about Poisson and dopamine?

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841604

    OneofMany – now you have me curious.

    in reply to: Does such a guy have a chance of getting happily married? #840623

    I’m a girl, and I think many boys just don’t know how to carry on a regular conversation. Especially if they have no sisters. I am on the quiet side (for a girl) and usually have to draw the boy out on a date.

    Most boys who are described as quiet are woefully lacking in social skills.

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841600

    And to provide an answer – Koillel101 are you thinking of irrational #s?

    I don’t believe that’s possible with real integers.

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841599

    Just one more – does Math include statistics?

    If so can you please explain to me Poisson equations? I actually have to program it for work and can’t quite get it.

    (PS all the above are stuff I’m currently working on)

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841598

    Oh, and what are the physical symptoms of dopamine antagonism? What are the different types of dopamine inhibition and how do they affect behavior?

    in reply to: Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Biochemistry/Math #841597

    Studying for the MCAT?

    OK I’ve got one for you – what is the role of hexokinase in energy synthesis?

    in reply to: Touro or YU? #837041

    Datura – thanks for quoting me. I felt that point had been lost in this thread.

    Sorry, I refuse to consider myself a second-class citizen.

    in reply to: What's the Idea with College? #835519

    Mike Hall:that sounded like your Mission Statement. 🙂

    in reply to: What's the Idea with College? #835518

    You go to college to get a job. I happen to love college and want to work in that environment… to each their own. My very close friend went to a Chasidish program; that was what she needed.

    Don’t compare yourself to others, Hashem wants you to do a job that makes you happy. “tiferes lo vtiferes lo min haadam”

    in reply to: Is every other Woman on Zoloft? #837923

    To the OP: No, that’s crazy.

    If anything, our community suffers from people denying mental illness and refusing to treat it.

    in reply to: Touro or YU? #837001

    With all due respect to the wonderful points everyone is making, it may be time to close this thread.

    in reply to: Touro or YU? #836957

    KFB – I’m in an extremely competitive field and have not had any problems due to my Touro degree; even Harvard has Touro listed!

    It’s just that most frum people don’t know anything about colleges – many Ivy League professors, for example, (including several I am acquainted with) send their kids to the College of William and Mary for a quality education – a college which you’ve probably never heard of.

    YU is no better than Touro, in the larger world, both are not well known and diverse experiences, high GPAs and GREs will get you anywhere regardless of where they came from.

    in reply to: Touro or YU? #836941

    Optimus prime: that is a very good argument for going to a frum college, whether YU, Touro, IDT, or Maalot.

    in reply to: Touro or YU? #836940

    KFB: Once we’re using anecdotal evidence: all my Touro friends who worked hard, did internships, and were realistic in terms of career, are reasonably satisfied with their jobs. (Except me, but that’s due to life choices which will delay my job seeking for a while to get more education.)

    If you major in psychology, are going for speech, and don’t instantly get a high-paying job, that has to do with your mazal.

    Touro has been around since 1972. YU connections are useful for YU-owned businesses, and Touro connections are useful for businesses run by Touro graduates.

    In the real world, where you got the degree just doesn’t matter. People care about your experience, intelligence, knowledge, flexibility, confidence, and reliability; even going to Harvard isn’t going to make up for a lack in those areas.

    PS A pet peeve of mine is when people blame an institution for the results of their life choices. If you did your best, that’s what Hashem wants, He doesn’t care where you got your degree either.

    in reply to: Eating at peoples houses with teenage daughters? #984055

    My poor brother, always has to eat at our house with teenaged daughters…

    We try not to have friends over when he’s home, but if it happens, frum boys should know basic politeness and tznius. You don’t get into deep conversations, but it’s polite to say Good Shabbos and Thank you to the mother and family in general.

    I’m always shocked when boys don’t do that. We’re girls, not aliens from Mars.

    in reply to: Touro or YU? #836937

    Let me emphasize that going to Touro is NOT a less respected degree. My experience in applying to schools on the doctoral level has been that I am not at a disadvantage.

    HOWEVER, Touro is very much what you make of it. If you are self-motivated, you can receive an excellent education and a great deal of personal attention. Do your research, find out who is in your field, and whose politics you agree with. For some reason, my equally motivated friends in Stern did not easily develop close relationships to the professors they admired. In Touro, it may be easier to stand out and this is important if you intend to go to graduate school and rise in your field.

    For a yeshivish / chasidish person I would recommend Touro, because it is thousands of dollars cheaper and you can receive a comparable education. The degree is just as good as YU’s and in some areas better. Socially you will find easily find friends who equally want to avoid the morally repugnant aspects of college life.

    For a more modern person or someone who wants to be a little less frum and can afford it, I would recommend YU as you will be less comfortable in Touro. Touro students are from poorer, frummer families, overall.

    Again, you will find all types in both colleges. However, they are currently equally good degrees and you should do what is best for you.

    in reply to: No Men in NY #829737

    Real Men ™ Leave NY On Thanksgiving.

    in reply to: Question #829786

    More descriptive thread titles would be nice.

    in reply to: Why are they making us into boys? #829827

    I love Navi!

    I recommend Rabbi Yigal Ariel’s Seforim on Navi – so beautiful and explain it so well.

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