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    I got certified in CPR and would try to do it, but honestly I’m not the most muscular person and pity the one who would have to rely on me.

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    I wish we could do polls in the CR.

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    (Depends on my mood – 100% Intuitive though.)

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    LOL PBA! You must be very bored.

    1. This is fascinating and enlightening. It does not bother me at all in and of itself.

    2. Men are definitely more intellectual than women – as a whole. Even emotional men, are more intellectual than emotional women. In addition, the monthly cycles force even the most intellectual women to deal with their emotions at times. This reminds us that our job in life is to be an Ezer Knegdo.

    3. Men might take this to mean that being an Ezer K’negdo means that a woman’s job is to serve them hand and foot. Is the Ralbag actually saying that? As a woman, I think the Ralbag is saying that a man has to be considerate of a woman. She does not feel fulfilled unless she is married, and also has to deal with different things that make her feel not so well at times. A husband cannot expect his wife to always serve him, even though, deep down, she wants to feel fulfilled by doing so. I wonder if this was an issue in the Ralbag’s time.

    4. As for the Sechel issue – I once commented in real life that women shouldn’t be judges, because hormonal fluctuations can affect a person’s perception of the case. Everyone got angry at me, so I won’t pursue that line of reasoning here.

    5. As for Hashem not caring, the way you put it makes it sound like Hashem doesn’t care about women, as much as He cares about men. In my ignorant opinion, this doesn’t mean our Tefilos and Mitzvos are any less valuable. Hashem is perfect and so are all His creations – we were made imperfect, because we always want to be fulfilled by men. This is our perfection.

    Men don’t have much motivation unless there is a women encouraging them. Without men, women are lonely and imperfect, but still accomplish. Without women, men are just struggling through the day. The Ralbag was not trying to degrade women, he was writing for men. (Proof: I’d never heard of that Ralbag, until you brought it up.)

    OK now back to the paper I’ve been working on!

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    Yes. Every day.

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    aries: to be honest, I was just trying to stimulate discussion. I have 5 assignments due over the next few days, i reward myself by checking YWN – CR.

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    I completely agree that women, men, yeshivish, chassisdish, MO even HUC are all perfectly Jewish (ok, the last depending on conversions). But we don’t all dress the same or listen to the same music unfortunately. Hence is maccabeats appropriate for yeshivish people to listen to?

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    Is there a way to do it without being messy? Because it sounds like a beautiful minhag to me.

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    OK, I have the definitive answer:

    Women are not Jew-ish. We are Jew – Isha.

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    Trigonometry will also help you trying to figure out how to put together a new peice of furniture, if you want to save money.

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    My sister says it is modern… referring to songs like One Day. (Oddly, my extremely yeshivish brother’s favorite song, ever.)

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    Thanks WolfishMusings.

    Would it be paranoid to buy them?

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    ???? ?????’?? ?? ??? ?????’?

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    snopes is not a bible, it is just a website run by humans who make mistakes just like all other humans.

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    I have a lot of experience in this area.

    First, go to an Allergist. Dr. Bernard Silverman in Flatbush is EXCELLENT and will be able to help you in no time. He takes insurance.

    Second, since I personally am allergic to just about everything airborne (I was tested for 20 common airborne allergies… allergic to 19/20), sometimes I just take Benadryl to knock out the allergies when they’re really bad, it doesn’t make me too drowsy. It works for about 12 hours, so it’s not a long term solution, but it will knock out the current reaction. However, if you take Benadryl too often, it stops working as well. So you can use this as a temporary measure until you can get to an allergist.

    Thirdly, in my experience, allergies that are untreated get worse and worse until the winter. So don’t ignore it – get treatment now, so your son can live a normal life. It is not worth the wait, if he has allergy – induced asthma it can also get dangerous. If his throat is hurting or he has a cough or wheeze – get him to the doctor quicker. He may need steroid inhalers.

    Refuah Shleima! I hope he feels better soon!

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    The Gematriya of ????

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    Never took it, know someone who did. It worked.

    It’s more important for boys than girls. Even at a very low dose, it can help the boy gain the 2 inches necessary to be anormal height. Better to do it younger than later.

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    Boys are much more difficult than girls. They do more dangerous things and while they are less naggy, in order to grow up emotionally normal they need just as much attention as girls do. Unfortunately they don’t always get it.

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    You never know where your shidduch will come from.

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    You may wish to go to an allergist.

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    Yes Hashgacha Pratis plays a big role, but we also have to do hishtadlus.

    It’s our fault if someone looking for the truth, doesn’t find it, because we never reached out to them and let them see even a single ray of it.

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    I agree with Obama that it’s a waste of time to make a big deal about this. People remember him being born in Hawaii.

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    Wolfish: Same here! Re-reading this thread, it does look like trying to get people to say something, but honestly I would do the same. Like wanderingchana mentioned, we did sell all the chometz and there’s no need to react to a missed La-Hit wrapper like a small atom bomb went off in the kitchen!*

    edit: story is from when my home had many young children and has not happened for over 10 years… don’t judge our cleaning ability.

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    It’s the number above Teva According to the mahara”l

    It’s the time I have to get up tomorrow morning… gnite!

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    Oh whoops! Thanks for a number that’s pretty much my age!

    How are you? I am proud to announce that my family is turned over!

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    Wolfish: It is, but i guess I didn’t make it clear.

    I was thinking about radiation in the same amount as Chometz – ie not the initial blast (equivalent to finding a loaf of bread in the fridge on Pesach), but let’s say finding crumbs in a corner or something.

    A level 7 Chometz Accident would be a equivalent to a Major Accident, IE having crumbs in the air conditioner that goes off in a Pesach Hotel, while a level 1 would be thinking that there might have been kitniyos in the medicine you just took.

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    OK am I #18?

    Hi HIE!

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    The Wolf: Those were exceptional cases.

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    There are lots of people still living in Chernobyl who haven’t suffered cancer. Just noting for all those who are sure that radiation kills no matter what. Some are quite old and refuse to move out because they do not believe in radiation, as they cannot see it.

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    Yes, you missed finding out that at least half the CR doesn’t post on Pesach either!

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    While I don’t have a “dream Chosson”, I don’t plan to ‘settle’ either – that’s not a formula to admiring your husband and being a happy wife. BH, I know what is really important to me and am sure that, IYH, the rest will settle itself.

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    #106, I think

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    Wolf: but if exposed to radiation, one does not die immediately, while chometz immediately destroys a person’s neshama (kares)

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    BasYisrael94 – In Fukushima, one of the newspapers (Hamodia??) had an article about the Chabad Shliach to Tokyo, and I was wondering if I was in Tokyo, which would honestly be more worrying?

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    Stash them.

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    PBA: Interesting theories. One gets the feeling you have sisters.

    Let’s all dance around using the term, “evolutionary theory”, shall we. However, that is essentially what we’re discussing. In Torah terms, we could say that Hashem gave us a Yetzer that tries to make for the healthiest next generation possible.

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    I have heard that some people do get hives from sun exposure, and have to be careful to not expose too much skin to sun, but it is rare.

    I have also read about people who get hives from being in water.

    It should be obvious, but if you have a bad reaction to something, stop doing it until you’re sure it’s safe!!

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    yeshivaguy1 – are u being sarcastic?

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    I love the holy land: As TruthBTold mentioned, it was indeed said in jest, by a young man who is not looking for a minus two.

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    THanks everyone!

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    Actual quote:

    Young Man: She’s a size minus 2.

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    To serve Hashem no matter what the situation happily.

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    eclipse, as for the source – there’s no source that I know of, but the Kli Yakar on Rivka says that Eliezer saw she had good eyes, of chesed. Some say it comes from there but he never uses the phrase eyes are the windows to the soul.

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    I used to look in a mirror to try to see the sparkle in my eye, – but didn’t see out what people were talking about. Also, apparently my eyes “flash” when I’m upset (my siblings love to see it) but I’ve never been able to figure out what they’re describing.

    eclipse, about the pure neshama thing- I think that people who feel things intensely tend to have it more, and who have vivid imaginations. When someone is truly happy, their eyes shine much more. It’s a personality thing.

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    As a naturally extremely skinny girl who has been in shidduchim for 2 years now, I can assure you that we do NOT have it easier in shidduchim. I was told at least twice that “many boys are not looking for a girl that is too skinny”.

    I have never had eating problems and am very healthy. Many of my friends have gotten engaged and very few were a size 0-4.

    So I don’t know if this is as widespread as you are all assuming it is. OTOH I assume that most girls who are engaged, are too busy to post on YWN, so that could make it harder to hear from the girls who were overweight and engaged.

    Hatzlacha Rabba and remember, we each have our peckl in shidduchim… IYH we should all find the right one quickly in the right time and greet Moshiach together!

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    Can you ask a Rav? This sounds like a very complicated situation.

    Also, can you get a more natural looking sheitel?

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    I generally avoid being around men on Purim.

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    I’ve told my siblings to get married at the right time for them. I have a few younger then me. I believe Hashem has a person and time and every person is unique but we have to do hishtadlus and cannot risk hurting others.

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    shadshad898: Thank you, what you wrote was beautiful and very true and certainly worth reading at least once!

    This thread wasn’t aimed at anyone, it was just a general observation and I’m glad it was taken so well.

    My mother always told me that the worst thing in a marriage is being critical. I personally have had to work on it and being more positive has really improved every part of my life and friendships. If you practice being a positive person it really pays off!!

    There’s an amazing book called “POSITIVE WORD POWER” that teaches exactly how to talk using concrete examples. PLEASE get this book – it is like a personal how-to for people who need help in this area!

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    Same way you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice, Practice, Practice.

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