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    Touro is just as good as YU academically, so long as you research which professors to take classes with.

    YU has more apikorsus floating around. Touro is more yeshivish while YU is more MO. However you will find both kinds in both places.

    Touro is thousands of dollars cheaper, but YU can give you slightly more of a starting point (in YU – owned businesses, so this only applies to finance.)

    Most YU students dorm, while most Touro students live at home.

    YU has professors with tenure teaching, while Touro uses a lot of adjuncts.

    YU and Lander colleges for men and women of Touro both require taking many Judaic studies courses. Touro’s tend to be lighter in terms of content.

    YU is only in Wash Heights whereas there are many locations for both men and women to attend Touro.

    YU gives fewer and more limited scholarships than does Touro.

    YU is set in its ways and can be inflexible for individual student needs while people in Touro can’t always give proper guidance as the rules are always changing.

    I think that covers it.

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    Yes, I’m an oldest (though not old) and happy for my sibs to date before me.

    But everyone is different. Don’t be quick to judge. In fact, don’t judge at all.

    in reply to: Email to: Mom #817306

    From a psychological perspective: It sounds like a lot more is going on here than the usual mother-daughter friction, especially when you mention cursing, poor communication skills, and an unstable relationship. I would recommend you speak to a professional – most insurances cover a few such visits and it may help you to understand what the problem is.

    You should try to find healthy role models and mentors who understand where you are coming from and can model healthy relationship behaviors so you won’t ch”v end up repeating the cycle.

    in reply to: why are they freeing gilad?? #817400

    Exactly. The mind worries and the heart rejoices,as an Israeli aptly stated.

    I worry about the consequences, but he could CH”V die if we do not at least make our best efforts to free him. Hamas has to take care of him now that everyone knows we are negotiating for him, and they will try to keep him in better health.

    in reply to: Gilad shalit release #816870

    If it was your son? I feel like he is my brother. What wouldn’t I do to get my brother back?

    As an Israeli put it – the heart is happy, the mind worries about the freeing of terrorists. But he will die if we don’t get him back.

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    600 Kilo Bear – I’m not trying anything chemically close to Vioxx, whatever that is. I don’t consume meds not prescribed by a Dr.

    I know what Immodium is, though, and that sounds quite dangerous as it can totally stop your digestive systems! You really need to check the safety of what you’re doing.

    bein_hasdorim – Thanks. I’ll try the 2 tbsp honey, can’t hurt.

    gezuntheit: a general example would be: C6-H10-O5

    adorable :drink some powerade!

    in reply to: Advice for fasting YK #882598

    Chanie: Thanks I actually am going to ask a Rav. I didn’t realize this was that unusual, I thought the responses would be “Sure my sister fasts like that, she does xyz”. BH I don’t have any major health issues but I guess I should tell my Dr.

    happiest: You’re right. I daven at home anyway 🙂 The same to you!

    YW Moderator-42 – the posts didn’t go up in order, I was responding to you.

    commonsense: I will, I’ll call my Dr. I do eat protein, I eat a lot of stuff before the fast. I’m slim but don’t think it has to do with not eating/ drinking enough or too much.

    truthsharer: I will, thanks.

    mommamia22 Thanks but the problem is not pain, and I get headaches from caffeine, I don’t drink coffee.

    Re Kali Tzom – I looked at the ingredients, some seem quite dangerous!

    Health – thanks.

    in reply to: Advice for fasting YK #882585

    YW-42 – Yep well my father always tells me that. Nevertheless, I feel let down that everyone else is in shul and I never have the YK experience.

    I’d just like to know if anyone else has heard of this problem, and if there are any solutions?

    in reply to: Advice for fasting YK #882581

    Thanks Shmoel. I guess that would be the positive side to this. 🙂 I would love to hear Yonah and Neilah even if I don’t have to.

    BTW, would it be permissible, halachically, to put up your feet in shul? Not that I would do it, just curious.

    in reply to: Older Picky Girls #813968

    There are many things you have to look out for:

    1. Blue or green eyes. Anything else dooms your sons to lacking Torah – after all, “Einei Talmidei Chachamim C’cholos” (Real Midrash, in Devarim, I think)

    2. Naturally straight hair. Will save you thousands over the years in bringing up girls.

    3. Ear infections in childhood. Frequent childhood ear infections are correlated with auditory processing disorders, ADHD and autism.

    4. Large English vocabulary. Consistent with reading English books in their spare time, and lack of Seforim in the home.

    Anyone who doesn’t ask about these, needs to raise their standards, and their havdala candle.

    in reply to: Sefardic fathers vs. Ashkenazi fathers #800100

    This is a personality thing, not a Sephardic – Ashkenazic thing. I know several Ashkenazi and Sephardi fathers of both types.

    in reply to: In honor of Tisha B'av. What you respect about… #1165138

    I respect whoever started this thread.

    I respect chassidim for their joy in serving Hashem, litvaks for their dedication to Torah, only Torah, the BY system for really trying to inculcate Yiras shamayim, Lubavitchers for reminding us about Moshiach, MO for their interfacing with the culture out there and staying frum, Sephardim for their warmth and hospitableness, Russians for their hakaras Hatov and everyone who serves Hashem.

    in reply to: What would you like to be when you grow up? #1045027

    If time and stress was not a consideration, I’d want to be a doctor.

    Right now I want to be a professor.

    in reply to: Tips to Fast Easy #1211336

    Not eating the day before might work if you are overweight. If you are already skinny, it is dangerous. There is a reason it is a mitzva to eat the day before.

    in reply to: Watch Online for Tisha B'av #888109

    Google ohr Naava TIsha B’av

    The OU is also doing something online

    Project Inspire

    in reply to: Tips to Fast Easy #1211330

    Any more tips?


    “BTW, why in the world should the less frum boys agree? And if they would be interested, why shouldn’t they be the ones to “compromise” and be willing to have a home with higher standards of kashrus, chinuch, and shmiras Shabbos?”

    Well stated. Worth a repeat.

    in reply to: Smoking in Shidduchim #786679

    I would not date a boy who smokes. (b”n)

    in reply to: Infringing on my freedom of association #782571

    I think PBA just wants attention from a particular source. My brother does this sort of thing in the same way.

    Here, you got some.

    Now, get over your bad mood in peace. You are smart enough to know that she didn’t care and was just being polite to a regular customer.

    in reply to: Singles Support Group #791664

    individual – give yourself space between dating people. Also, it’s better to let a person grow on you, then to go into every date expecting to meet “the one”.

    in reply to: Singles Support Group #791663

    May we all find our zivug quickly at the right time!

    BTW why is there so much stigma to being in therapy, but not to having a support group?

    in reply to: Why we are not married! #782287

    Because Hashem decided that it’s not the right time yet.

    I am seriously concerned by the lack of bitachon in this thread.

    in reply to: Girls are from Venus #781756

    adorable – re read the Q u asked – I’m agreeing with u 🙂

    in reply to: Girls are from Venus #781753

    adorable – yes that is the way I would ask the question, hence Hashem made girls want to marry more than men do.

    in reply to: Girls are from Venus #781739

    shein. i totally didn’t mean it like that. I was trying to hint that the OP was hating on women and it was annoying me. But I deleted a sentence I felt was too inflammatory and now the post doesn’t make sense.

    in reply to: Girls are from Venus #781737

    Klatch: A person in their right mind must find the right person for them. women are generally better than men.

    in reply to: Everyone Should see a Therapist #781123

    klach: dangerous to joke about that

    in reply to: Machshava #1029291

    Machshava is such a general term, it is ridiculous. Critical thinking: why don’t we teach it? Because teachers are lazy.

    in reply to: Single parents. #781023

    I am not one to judge those who have to make such choices. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

    The purpose of life is NOT to get married, it’s to serve Hashem, and EVERYTHING is in Hashem’s hands.

    Maybe a million Chinese will convert to Judaism and we’ll have too many older boys to choose from! Yes it’s a ridiculous idea, but it’s equally ridiculous to state that an entire generation has no chance of getting married. Who are you to say – are you G-d???

    in reply to: Everyone Should see a Therapist #781109

    I agree with that. Who wouldn’t benefit from having a person they can confide in and who can help them work on themselves?

    in reply to: Girls are from Venus #781733

    What is the alternative?

    in reply to: Do you know your IQ? #1054360

    Pac-Man, let’s just say I met them in highly intellectual occupations. I can vouch that they also do not believe that IQ means anything.

    in reply to: Do you know your IQ? #1054356

    Pac-man, BH I have a few smart friends. (Every one of my friends is smart, in a different way.)

    daiyezooger, 1/70 Ashkenazi Jews score above 145 IQ, vs. 1/700 white Americans.

    in reply to: Doing really well, b''H #776878

    Glad to hear. Keep it up!!

    in reply to: Do you know your IQ? #1054353

    6HZ1W3J – you may not be that unusual. Look up the book “Children above 180 IQ” by L. Hollingworth. Since that time, it has been found that children of 170-200 IQ exist far out of the proportion one would expect from the bell curve in the population.

    The most reliable tests today only go up to 165, unless the child is tested at a very young age. I personally believe that while the same difference exists between 130 to 160 IQ, above that level academic accomplishment is more about personality and the tests get less and less accurate at differentiation between 170 and 200.

    And in case you’re really feeling lonely, I know more than one person above 175 IQ.

    in reply to: Bulka Seminary #922075

    Hmmm I just can’t imagine why 🙂

    in reply to: Would You Date a Guy Who Drives a Mustang? #776842

    I did, turned out he had rented it.

    But I wouldn’t want to buy a mustard.

    in reply to: Opposite Gender Friendships #795914

    I’m a girl and enjoyed the ladder theory idea very much.

    It’s true, for the most part, although in the frum community people will generally try to avoid such situations so it doesn’t come up as much. A lot of girls are in denial about it and end up shooting themselves in the foot.

    in reply to: Do you know your IQ? #1054334

    I tell people that my IQ is in the 2 digits. That way everyone can feel good about themselves, since I max out the test so any number I get is pointless.

    Newsflash: people care about what you can do for them. Why don’t we all rate ourselves for attractiveness next.

    in reply to: Bulka Seminary #922073

    It’s a decent college program, but very intense. Rebbetzin Bulka is an amazing person.

    I’m an older sister in a similar situation (except she’s 2 years younger) and I firmly believe that each of us will find our shidduch in the right time, and there is no point in rushing it or holding back.

    In your case, since the younger one went to college, they are probably already in different tracks in life and looking for different things. It’s good to nip in the bud the feeling of keeping up with the joneses, everyone gets what’s meant for them.

    But of course, ask your Rabbi / Chacham.

    in reply to: Tehillim for Chaya Sara bas Chava Breindel #803129

    How is she doing? We have been davening for her.

    in reply to: Need people to make my wedding B'simcha #768935

    PS I would like to know the exact date.

    in reply to: Need people to make my wedding B'simcha #768934

    I will be happy to come. Mods could I please have the info?

    I love dancing at Chasunas and can possibly bring a few friends.

    in reply to: ???? on women. Not trolling this time. #766051

    “That may no longer be the case; women now outnumber men in all levels of higher education enrollment.”

    Yes, but that level drops once you reach actual achievement in the field. Those at the top of any scientific field are generally male.

    “It doesn’t seem to have hurt Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, or Elana Kagan. They may all be postmenopausal, though. In any case, in a universally accepted tshuvah, Rav Uziel z’tz’l pointed out that a woman CAN be a Dayan on a beit din for a property dispute as long as both parties to the case accept here. That has not happened since no woman has earned yadin yadin semichah but it might at some point in the future.”

    OK, but for life and death and things that are morally reprehensible, a person who MAY be emotionally affected shouldn’t be judging the case.

    “All the rishonim were writing for men, as women didn’t have opportunity to learn Torah back then. Baruch HaShem that has changed! In any case, medieval Christian and Muslim attitudes towards women were far more negative.”

    If his wife had been reading it, I have a feeling it would have been worded somewhat differently. That doesn’t mean it’s not essentially true.

    in reply to: Maccabeats #764977

    Thanks Aries. I’ll try to use fewer proper nouns in titles.

    in reply to: Lying on YWN #1105312

    Good to know.

    in full disclosure: I occasionally stretch facts so as to make myself less recognizable.

    in reply to: Do You Show Gratitude To Your Parents? If Yes, How? How Often? #765366


    1. Thank them for something they did for you

    2. Tell them about your accomplishments, even the little ones (My mother LOVES hearing about when I got a compliment or award – even if it’s not that important, it makes her feel so happy. I figure, I share with her all my problems, why not also tell her the good stuff?)

    3. If it’s too hard to talk, do it by email. But do it.

    4. Offer to go with them some place.

    5. Tell them what you’re doing. I try to call my parents every day at 5pm just to let them know where I am and when I’ll be coming home. They really love it.

    6. When you can, ask them for advice (about things you can really listen to them in.) Then after u use the advice, tell them you used it and appreciated it.

    7. It really is a challenge. I struggle in other ways in Kibud Av Va’Eim. But remember, it’s one of the biggest mitzvos!

    in reply to: Interesting random Q #920551

    I think most people who post online are INFP, INTJ or INTP.

    ENFJs come for the laughs when they’re feeling introverted.

    INFJs’ feelings get hurt and then they leave.

    S’s are bored after a while.

    ENTJs are too busy.

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