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[sticky] Hey, I just found something weird on the CR. 9 Randomex 1 year
Should a doctors prescription be required for chewing gum? 5 lightbrite 1 week
America First 15 It is Time for Truth 3 weeks
Deport the Illegals 42 lightbrite 3 weeks
ויקם מלך חדש על אמריקה 11 coffee addict 4 weeks
Presidential Inaguration 4 mik5 1 month
Obama's Legacy 21 CTLAWYER 1 month
What are the chances of the Obamas being mekareved? 13 WinnieThePooh 1 month
California Warnings 5 RebYidd23 2 months
Who should be Secretary of State? 26 mw13 2 months
Pearl Harbor Day 29 Lilmod Ulelamaid 2 months
Return to 1803 borders 69 It is Time for Truth 2 months
Who was the worst President of your lifetime? 103 CTLAWYER 2 months
Is the right to bear arms all about guns? 28 It is Time for Truth 2 months
Burning flags is bad for the environment 2 lightbrite 2 months
Presidential candidates - poll 21 RebYidd23 2 months
Orthodox Jews Overwhelmingly Voted for Trump 51 It is Time for Truth 3 months
Gary Johnson 39 politicalhocker 3 months
When we do have a female president one day 22 Lilmod Ulelamaid 3 months
President-Elect Donald J. Trump 47 huju 3 months
Watching the country fall 29 DaasYochid 3 months
Justice Antonin Scalia 19 147 3 months
Will he at least change his hair? 4 Lilmod Ulelamaid 3 months
If Trump becomes president, I'm moving to Canada... 91 Lilmod Ulelamaid 3 months
Is Hillary too weak and fragile to survive the rigors of the presidency? 71 147 3 months
The real Republicans and Democrats are crazy 6 RebYidd23 3 months
CONFUSED: Orthodox Jews MUST Vote Trump..And MUST Vote Hillary?! 9 DaasYochid 3 months
In the eyes of the government, there is no such entity as "muslim immigration" 2 Neville ChaimBerlin 3 months
Trumps Emails 2 147 3 months
"Lock Her Up" say Sanders Supporters 14 147 3 months
George Washington was right about political parties 1 RebYidd23 3 months
A libertarian federal government is best 24 RebYidd23 4 months
Mike Pence 2016 43 It is Time for Truth 4 months
If you would vote for any CR poster for president... 32 Lilmod Ulelamaid 4 months
Obama vs. Putin: Who is the better president for his country? 16 Health 4 months
Political correctness is a Reflublican Myth 9 RebYidd23 4 months
The Evil Crown Princess vs The Evil JESTER 4 RebYidd23 5 months
Israeli Politics 12 It is Time for Truth 5 months
How many political favors did Trump buy from Clinton? 3 TheMiddleOf 5 months
Kumzitz on the Hudson - 2016 - Kosher or Disgusting? 36 WolfishMusings 5 months
Your Congressperson & the Iran deal 14 charliehall 5 months
What was Cruz thinking 55 ubiquitin 7 months
Was women's suffrage a mistake? 52 It is Time for Truth 7 months
Should Traffic Fine Money Be Given Out as Prizes to Good Drivers? 4 RebYidd23 7 months
YWN UK Euro referendum poll 20 popa_bar_abba 8 months
UN resolution 22 charliehall 8 months
Why does the United States of America like to elect blue-eyed presidents? 16 Phil 8 months
Taxes should be only to collect money that the government needs to run 12 charliehall 8 months
Who Would You Rather Have in the Knesset? 6 mw13 9 months
Here's My Appreciation 13 Utah 9 months
Have a question for Trump's Israel adviser? 1 Avi K 9 months

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